Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, December 16, 1926, CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS' EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Published Weekly by the Student) of Heppner High School
Editor-in-Chief Joy Erwin
Assistant Editor . Kenneth Oviat
Girls' SporU Mae Groshens
Boys' Sports Gene Doherty
Social Louise Thomson
Personals Reta Crawford
Activities Mae Doherty
Grades , Letha Hiatt
Jokes Ellis Thomson
People are usually judged by their
actions which like everything else
may be good or bad. Although each
one of us is different from the other,
everyone has his or her own pecul
iarities, there are some rules or
customs that we should follow if
we wish to be respected. There are
manners or rules of politeness and
whether we are polite when we grow
older depends on how we start in life.
If we are taught when we are but
small children to say "thank you"
and "please" and the many other
small words and phrases that we
thould use or if we are taught to
give up our chair when an older per
son comes into the room, these little
actions will soon become habits that
we will not outgrow. Do you not
admire a child who does these things?
A child who is courteous is usually
noticed and many remarks are made
to his credit.
Among the other things that we
gain as we increase our habits of
politeness is an ease and grace in
bearing invaluable to us, no matter
what our life's work may be. Every
one enjoys the company of one who
is polite and who seems to know how
to say the right thing at the right
time, and this kind of person is
usually successful in business.
Friday the junior class was invited
to spend the evening at the. home of
Harold .Erwin. The purpose of the
-party was to celebrate the success of
the junior play.
They met at Vaughn's at saven o'
clock, whence they embarked in cars
provided by the junior boys.
Singing and dancing were the main
events of the evening, accompanied by
the excellent music played by the
Erwin orchestra. The class wai sur
prised and pleased to have with them
Miss Miller, Miss Wright, Miss Fishel
and Miss Murray, and considered
themselves very fortunate to have
ao many of the teachers present.
At midngiht an excellent supper
was devoured by the hungry guests.
Shortly afterward the party broke up
and the guests departed for their re
spective homes.
Every Wednesday at 1:46 an as
sembly is held, devoted to singing
old time songs. .The officer of each
class in turn to pick out the songs.
Last week the seniors had charge of
the fest. This week the juniors will
be the leaders.
Mildred Green was absent from
school Monday and Tuesday because
of tonsilitis and rheumatism.
The Booster club girls gave a few
demonstrations of their school spirit
by putting on a program before the
student body, Friday. Several girls
were selected as members of the fac
ulty, and girls in the club were given
parts of different students in the high
school. Each teacher held her class
and questions were asked the differ
ent students. It's really surprising
how much girls know. Velton Owen,
Eva Hiatt, and Joy Erwin gave read
ings, after which the Booster club
orchestra entertained, with Gertrude
Doherty as director. Mlidred Green
showed the assembly what Mr. John
son would be like ten years from
now, Velma Fell and Reta Crawford
impersonated Miss Murray and Miss
Pearson, and Mae and Rosella Doher
ty were Miss Miller and Miss Fishel.
Mr. Burgess was impersonated by
Elizabeth Elder and Joy Erwin imper
sonated Miss Wright.
In all, the girls created a new feel
ing of school spirit with which to pep
up the basketball games coming off
soon. ,
Christmas holidays will begin next
Thursday, and a lot is being planned
by way of program throughout the
grades. As usual they will have a
tree and gifts. In the high school
cantata will be given,
direction of Miss Wright.
under the
There will
also be a tree, and gifts will be given
out after the program. The teachers
will depart for their homes on Thurs
day to spend their vacation.
Up the steps limped Freda Akers,
Hazel McDaid, and Ruth Furlong. Up
the steps crawled Mae Groshens, Mary
Ritchie and Miss Miller. Next came
Cathrine Bisbee, Evelyn Swindig,
Mary Beamer, and others. A series of
groans were audible because of bruis
es, black and blue spots and stiff mus
cles. Why? Because basketball prac
tice has started.
The girls' turnout was better than
it has been for years and maybe it's
because of the coach, Miss Miller, who
is the best they have had in a good
long while. The girls expect to run
off a series of games in the same man
ner as the boys. They will have their
interclass games, and from these the
coach expects to pick the main team.
The faculty is also planning a team
that will be composed of the Misses
Miller, Fischel, Wright, Murray
high school teachers and the Misses
Thorpe and Fredreckson, grade teach
ers. The high school girls will have the
hall Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday
evenings, while the faculty hat it
Friday nights after dinner.
Miss Dustin from the Oregon state
library held a meeting of all the
high school librariana. She instruct
ed them upon mending and renum
ing books. She also gave a few points
cn how to keep a library.
There is a happy bunch of -trosn-'
and it isn't because of the snow and
the surety of Santa Claua' arrival;
but they have something like the
other classes, something that will des
ignate that they are "freshies" in
Heppner High. That thing is a beau
tiful coral and tan pennant, just like
the seniors'. This pennant will soon
be gracing the assembly walls of
Heppner High.
Fletcher Walker is getting so fast
that he signs his name Fletcher Run
ner now.
Last Monday at the student body
meeting one student wanted to know
who would be Santa Claus at the an
nual Christmas program in the as
sembly. Miss Pearson: "Don't tell
who Santa is going to be because you
might surprise some of the fresh
men." The civics class have completed
their text and they are now making
a detailed study of Heppner's type
of government. Last Friday they
elected city officers. The officers are
as follows: Mayor, Paul Hisler;
Councilmen, Marjorie Clark, Reta
Crawford, Anna Wightman, Ruth Fur
long, Velma Fell and Gene Doherty;
Treasurer, Orrin Bisbee; Recorder,
Earl Ayres; Marshal, Miss Fishel.
Mayor Hisler appointed the remain
ing officers. They are going to study
different bills that are to be discussed
and there is also to be an impeach
ment case.
John Conder had the misfortune
of injuring his foot by stepping on a
nail a week ago last Wednesday eve
ning. John missed a week of school
and although his foot has not yet en
tirely healed he returned to school
last Wednesday.
Heppner High school basketball
teams are working under a handicap,
but they hav enot yet lost their de
termination to make a winning team.
Coach Johnson has been doing his
best to get some semblence of a team
from the material that has been
turning out. The old Swindig ware
house has been fixed up for a place
in which to play basketball. There
is as much room as there was in the
old basketball hall and when the
stoves are set up in it, it will not be
quite so frigid.
Preaching at 11:00 a. m., Christ
mas sermon. Evangelistic service in
the evening at 7:30. Sunday school
9:45 a. m. Epworth League 6:30 p.
m. All are cordially invited.
I. V. PARKER, Pastor.
Make Your Xmas Present
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Pat McDeavitt, formerly of Pendle
ton, who died in Vallejo, Cal., Decem
ber 6, was buried this morning from
the Catholic church here, states Mon
day's East Oregonian. Immediate
relatives were in attendance. He is
survived by his mother, Mrs.- Dennis
McDeavitt, two brothers, . Dan and
Joseph in Ireland, Charles McDeavitt
of Gurdane, Mrs. J. Daly of Heppner,
Miss Lizzie McDeavitt of Pendleton,
Mrs. E. Daugherty of Walla Walla
and Mrs. T. Crossin of Idaho. Mr.
McDeavitt was born In Donegal, Ireland.
The newly elected officers of Amer
ican Legion Auxiliary wjll be install
ed at their meeting to be held at
Legion headquarters in the McMurdo
building on next Tuesday evening, at
the regular hour of meeting.- Hoi-,
tesses for tlus evening ill be Mes- s
dames Olson and Kane. ' i
The members of Heppner Commer
cial' club and others making up . the
party that met Governor Pierce and
other members of the board of con
trol and their party at Heppner Junc
tion on Sunday afternoon and accom
panied them to Heppner were W. E.
Pruyn, Mayor E. G. Noble, Dr, A. D.
McMurdo, Dean T. Goodman, V. Craw
ford, P. M. Gemmell, Gay M. Ander
son, Dr. A. H. Johnston, C. L. Sweet,
S, E. Notson and L. E. Van Marter,
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