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MRS. A. T. HBREIM. Correspondent
The Cash Mercantile store was en
tered some time Saturday night and
robbed of a number of small articles,
flashlight, $5 in change, a number of
cigarettes, pocket knives, etc. En
trance was made by breaking the win
dow of the back door. It is believed
to be the work of local boys and sus
picion points strongly toward the sus
pected ones. Mr. Gorham, manager,
has offered a reward of $25 for infor
mation leading to the arrest and con
viction of the guilty parties. We are
hoping that it is not the work of
home boys. If so Boardman is in
need of a general moral cleanup, as
we have had grief enough with the
younger set of late without burglary
added to the list,
Walter Knauff and" Chas. Dillon
shipped 600 young cockerels to Port
land Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Macomber, Sybil
Grace and Wallace Matthews motored
to Olez on Saturday for a visit at the
home of Albert Macomber. Sunday
was Al's birthday and a delicious din
ner was given for the celebration.
Frank Marlow, a brother of Mrs.
Dan Ransier, came Friday for a visit
at the Ransier home. Mr. Marlow was
so seriously ill recently that his life
was despaired of but is greatly im
proved although very thin.
The store at Castle Rock was robbed
of a number of things last week. Since
the tragedy at Castle the store has
been closed. It was thought the rob
bery was the work of young lads.
Johnny Partlow, the 9-year-old son
of Paul Partlow, was brought home
Sunday from Hermiston where he has
been for two weeks at the hospital
with a severe attack of pneumonia
complicated with whooping cough. He
was a very sick boy but is improving.
Celia has been ill, threatened yith
&. McCarter, who rents the Harry
Crawford ranch has about 100 young
pigs which he is raising for market.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nizer motored
to Hermiston Thursday on business.
They visited at the Saling home at
Irrigon on their way home. Mr. Ni
zer's nephew who visited here recent
ly has enlisted in the army and will
be sent to Honolulu shortly.
Mrs. Laura Davis of Care Springs,
Ark., has gone to Hood River and Cas
cade Locks for a visit with relatives.
Mrs. Davis is the mother of Mrs. R.
McCarter and has been visiting here
for several months.
Deck Dillabough had to have a toe
amputated recently. He visited here
this spring and after returning to his
Todays Useful Hint On
Jam and Jelly Making
By Elizabeth Palmer
home in Portland he had to undergo
this operation.
Mrs. John Brice wlil return shortly
from Ridgefteld, ?n after an ex
tended visit with relatives. t
Mike Marshall, daughter Kathleen
and Pete Slavin motored to Seattle
last week. Pete Slavin purchased
Frank Otto's Buick after losing his
fine Oldsmobile by fire this spring.
Mrs. M. K. Flickinger was an over
night guest at the Messenger home
Pearl Bullcok of Pendleton is visit
ing her aunt Mrs. Sam Shell.
Claude Stanper has gone to North
Powder. His family will follow soon.
Elmer Harnden of La Grande has been
transfered here as helper to the local
patrolman E. T. Messenger.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Lalumondier enter
tained Tuesday evening at a sumptu
ous dinner, the occasion being Mr.
Lalumondier's birthday. Flowers and
a huge birthday cake formed the dec
oration. Music and dancing were the
evenings diversions and at a late hour
the hostess served a delicious lunch.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Vieder, Walter and Arthur Vied
er, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cooney and Mr.
Hango, who furnished the music.
A number of Boardman people at
tended the ball game at Heppner
Sunday. The game ended with a 9
to 0 score and a scrap.
L. C. Cooney motored to Heppner
Saturday, returning Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Goodwin, Bob
Nethercott and Edna Broyles attend
ed the dance Tuesday at Umatilla.
Fletcher's orchestra furnished the mu
sic. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Warner motored
to Pendleton Tuesday.
Owing to a misunderstanding about
the location of the picnic on Monday
July 5th, a meeting was called Mon
day night, to settle the matter. After
much discussion and controversy it
was decided to have the picnic at
Mitchell's grove. Bring your lunch
basket and have a good time. Music,
sports and a general good time is the
The Boardman garage has been
painted by the General Oil Co., in
the colors of that company, green and
Rev. Wilbur of Hood River was
here Friday visiting the people on the
project on his annual trip obtaining
Once you have tried the new short
boil method of making jams and
jellies with Certo you will discard
the old, uncertain way as an out of
date piece of kitchen drudgery.
Certo is a pure fruit product
the jellying substance of fruit re
fined and bottled.
Certo jams and jellies jell per
fectlyjust tenderly firm every
time never a failure. They taste
better, because" the delicate, de
licious, fresh flavor of your fruit is
not boiled away. They look pret
tier, because you preserve their
bright, natural color. You get half
again more jam or jelly from your
fruit because you save the juice
which used to boil away. .
A book of nearly one hundred ;
recipes for delicious jams, jellies'
and marmalades comes with each
bottle of Certo. Even if you are
nnf tin a-vrnrnrnat incite ion '
make perfect jams and jellies every
time the Certo way.
four grocer carries Certo, or you
can send 10c (for postage) and get
8 trial half-size bottle which will
make from 6 to 10 glasses of jam
or jelly, depending upon the recipe
used. Write Douglas-Pectin Corp.,
138D Granite Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.
Go to
for your binder twine.
for your oil and axle grease.
for McCormick and Deering
for drapers and belting for
any kind of a machine.
for single trees, lead bars,
clevises, etc.
for hay forks, Jackson forks,
hay carriers, wire cable, etc.
for any kind of sheet iron or
metal; metal work such as
repairing, etc.
for any extras or parts for
old" or obsolete machinery of
any kind.
We have it, will get it, or it is
not made.
subscriptions for the local church.
Frank Otto and Elmer Westerfelt
were guests at a chicken dinner Sun
day at the John Pruter home. '
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Attebury enter
tained at a delightful dinner on Sun
day. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Price and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ves
Attebury, Ben Attebury and Cal Er-
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allen of Olex
were week end visitors at the paren
tal home.
Boardman friends extend sympathy
to Mr. and Mrs. Glen lladloy in the
death of the former's mother, Mrs.
Hadley of Hardman who passed away
very suddenly at her home. Mother
Hadley had been a Boardman visitor
frequently and the past two years she
and her husband made their home
with their son Glen during the winter
so had made many friends here. Death
came unexpectedly and was a great
shock to all who are left. Frank
Cramer is a brother of the deceased
and he and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cramer
accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Eck War
ren to Hardman Saturday to attend
the funeral services. Mr. and Mrs.
Glen Hadley stayed at Hardman until
Monday when they returned bringing
the elder Mr. Hadley home with them.
A pleasant gathering was that Sun
day evening at the Lee Mead home
when Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brown and
family and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cooney
were guests for the evening. Delic
ious ice cream was served.
Nick Faler is the proud possessor
of nine Sepringer Spaniel puppies.
These came from pedigreed stock but
cannot be registered as the papers
were lost some years ago. Mr. Faler
plans to sell them at $5 to $10 each
John Pruter has purchased a new
Chevrolet truck through Jack Gor
ham. Bud Chaffee came home last week
for a visit with his parents. He has
been in Wendling, Ore., near Eugene
for a long time. He is on his way to
the Palouse country to the harvest
Mr. W W M.f.J ntl
M rd N. A. Knnwltnn MrritfArl PrlaJ
from a pleasant visit to Portland.
Mrs. unowiion consulted several phy
sicians there but received no encour
agement. She is practically naralv-
Mr and Mr C. H Tlarlr nnJ .
children of Lane, Ida., have decided
to stay here foT a time and Mr, Clark
win run tne pump at juessner. Mrs.
Clark is a sister of Mrs. Nick Gaglia
and has been visiting hra fn. ..,
time. They will live at Messner.
How is this? Bob Rayburn had
roastine ears from his nnl.n Mn
June 22. Who can beat it?
V DENVER $67.20
V3 OMAHA 75.60
V KANSAS CITY... 75.60
I ST. LOUIS 85.60
! DETROIT 109.92
f4 CINCINNATI .... 110.40
I TORONTO 118.05
f ATLANTA 121.65 ,
;-yp WASHINGTON... 145.86
life PHILADELPHIA . 149.22
im NEW YORK 151.70
BOSTON 157.76
Alton Klitz is employed with the
construction crew on the railroad.
He plans to go to the harvest fields
- Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Woodard and
daughter Verrel of The Dalles were
Boardman visitors a few days last
week. : On Friday they were guests at
the Claude Myers home and- on Sat
urday at the Flickinger home. They
are former Boardman residents.
Boardman growers shipped some
early potatoes last week with the
Three Rivers association. Hermis
ton and Boardman shipped together.
Boardman potatoes are especially fine
this year and there are a number of
acres of the early variety,
T. W. Cutsforth of Lexington and
a brother-in-law from Saskatchewan,
Canada, were visitors at the Klits
home recently.
R. C, Mitchell who is the bee in
spector for this county, has been vsi
iting apiaries at Irrigon recently.
"t cc c n 1 r
and the Union Pacific makes your
journey economical by low round-trip
excursion fares to all important points
in the East, Middle West and South.
enable you to visit the big eastern
cities or America's greatest wonder
lands Zion National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
all reached via the scenic and historic
Union Pacific. DeLuxetrains. Superior
service. Descriptive booklet on request.
Heppner, Ore.
Now is the Time
to buy your Summer needs
Men's reg. Work Shirts 75c, up. Cloth Hats ....... 50c and up
Jiffy Work Shirts, without All Wool Bathing Suits:
buttons $1.50
Jiffy Suits or Coveralls $4 and $5
Athletic Underwear. 75c and up
Straw Hats . . .
Children's . . . $1.50 and up
Girls' and Boys' $4.00 and up
Ladies'-Men's $5.00 and up
.25c and up
Our Grocery Stock is complete .
and the prices are right
Thomson Brothers
Combine Harvester
I have the agency for this popular and
efficient machine, and would like pros
pective buyers of harvesting machinery
to look this combine over before making
a decision.
Frank Shively
He examines the hives to aee about
the general condition, if it is in san
itary shape and watcjiei especially for
ioui orooa whicn nar oeen discovered
near the county line to the east. Per
sonally, where it comes to opening
hives the position of bee inspector
has no appeal to us. Boardman iast
winter had approximately 1100 col
onies of bees and much honey ia
shipped out. Of course there will be
many more colonies at the present
Leo Root's have traded in their
Ford for a Chevrolet touring ear.
Mrs. Nick Gaglia and daughter
Frances visited in The Dalles two
days last week.
LOST On the streets of Heppner,
a ladies' gold fountain pen, initials
D. S. C. Valued s a keepsake. Find
er leave at this office.
Wanted Woman or girl to assist
with chamber work during 4th of
July week. Hotel Heppner. 13-14.
FOB SALE Deering combine, mo
tor and machine In good condition.
Cecil Sargent, lone, Ore.
Billy Padberg was in town Tuesday
and states that he will be a busy
man in the harvest fields of his big
ranch shortly after the 4th begin
ning operations with his big outfit
about the 7th.
' J
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1 1 1 Hilt