Heppner weekly gazette. (Heppner, Umatilla County, Or.) 1883-1890, December 13, 1883, Image 2

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i . .
A Step Towards Restoring Unearned
Odd Sections 'o !he People.
At last there in some stir begin
ning to be made in regard to who
owns pr. '.is, to own the immense
urea of lands in-E8tern Oregon
which have been fur years errone
ously termed "railroad lands.''
Congress has met, and among it
first proceedings were the intro
duction, of bills restoring to their
rightful owners, the settlers, , vast
tracts of unearned railroad grants.
Among the many bills introduced,
that of Senator Slater is of the
motet importance .to this country.
It confirms to the Northern Pa
cific Railroad Company all lands
earned by construction of any por
tion of the road, but restores to
settlement or sale several millions
of acres in "Washington Territory
and Oregon, being applicable to
that portion wesof Wallula junc
tion. The right of settlers on odd
sections is preserved,- by allowing
them to' enter "upon liomestead or
pre-emption laws, or purchase, not
more than ICO acres at $1.25 per
8 ere.
Twenty years ago the odd sec
,tio;is for 20 miles a this side of
the Columbia river : were condi
tionally granted to the Northern
Pacific Co., and 20 more miles of
odd 1 sections back towards , the
Blue mountains were reserved to
indemnify the company for what
odd sections had been already
taken by settlers in the first 20
miles. The first 20 miles has nev
er been earned, and although it-is
n notorious fact that almost none
of "the first odd sections had been
taken by-settlers at the time the
grant was ' made, the , farce was
htill continued of reserving the
isecond 20 miles to replac'e what
had never been lost in the first 20
miles. Through the Heppner
Hills to-day, the best land is in
variably found on these odd sec
tions, to which no title can lie ob
tained from either the poverinnent
or railroad company. The former
has conditionally given away the
title, and the latter has condition
ally never earned it.
' This uncertain condition of
things ban . greatly retarded the
wttlement of the ; country, and
caused confusion and annoyance to
the people. If a man settles upon
an odd section the courts look up
on hiin a3 a trespasser, entitled to
no protection in his estate. If
Mr. Slater's bill passes, as it ought,
it will have the effect of opening to
settlement the millions of acres
of land in Umatilla r.nd Wasco
counties, to which at present no :
title can be obtained by settlers.
Lust spring the land oflica at
The Dalles received filings on odd
sections in those indemnity limits,
and one settler will prove up on
each a claim on Dec. 31st, in Hepp
ner. There is no good reason why
he should not obtain his patent in
the usual manner, and other set
tler who made homestead and
pre-emption tilings on indemnity
odd sections six mohths ago should
now take steps to prove , up, and
thus thoroughly test the matter as
to whether the railroad company
can longer wrongfully hold these
An unusually important case h is
been recently decided by Judge
McCreary in the Uuited States Cir
cuit Court of Colorado. The
United States brought suit to can
cel 01 patents to lauds held by the
Colorado Coal and Iron Co. and
others, in lias Animas county.
The patents were obtained through
the pre-emption laws between 1S70
and 1871, and issued from the Pu
eblo lr.nd office. A f terwards it was
found that the patents were irreg
ularly obtained, the patentees be
ing fictitious persons. Testimony
was introduced that the register
and receiver of the land office were
jMirties to the fraud. The defence
churned the deeds were now good,
granting they wer3 ftaidulently
obtained, because they are in the
hands of innoceat parties. The
court held adversely, and rendered
, a decision in favor of the eom
plajnaut, which cancels the title t)
."OO ncres of valuable land.
The McEenzie Cattle Co., 'of
Montana, has incorporated with a
capital of $150,000.
At Portland last Monday a little
daughter of H. A. "Wimans fell in
to the river and was drowned.
Thirty-two Hereford cows re
cently sold at auction in England
at an average of 431 per head.
The vote on speaker of the hou: e
of representatives was: Carlisle
191; Keifer 112, Robinson 2; scat
tering 0.
At Portland last Sunday night,
Edward Ryan, a steamboat man,
slipped from a gang-plank and was
On the 8th the Mexican veterans
called at the White house, in a
body, and paid their respects to
the president.
Edmunds has resigned the pro
tern, presidency of the Senate, and
it is supposed that Anthony will be
his succ essor.
At Waitsburg, while Simon Tay
lor ' wo" s doing some carjwnter
w ik, a nail flew into his right eye,
completely destroying the sight.
There are three sheep to every
four acres of laud in England, and
it is said that but for theep the
fertility of the soil could not be
kept up.
At Sauvies Island last Thursday,
Old Man Cloninger fatally shot a
young man named Frank Pierce on
account of some trouble about a
dairy lease.
A fatal accident occurred last
week at a Hood river , sawmill, by
which a young man named David
Davis was caught in a belt and in
stantly, crushed.
An Albany man has arrived from
the Eat with three young Short
horns purchased at Kansas City,
Mo. They cost him live cents ter
pound as freight 1
At Portland last Friday night a
cultus coward named Frank John
son shot, probably fatally, a wom
an who had been acting as his wife
for Borne time past. 1
At' Ronton, WT. T., three men
have been arrested, for cutting
timber on government land, and in
default of bail, were put in jail
until the April term of court.
. Ou the 7th inst Mrs. T. 11. Har
rison, of -Yamhill county, died ct
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She went
east with the pioneers' excursion,
was taken ill at Ceder Rapids, and
could proceed no further.
At Bisbee, Arizona, last Satur
day oveuino, a iiarty of tle-tpprd-
duee rode into town, murdered G. O.
Tappenier, D. T. Smith, J. N.
Nolly and Mrs. Roberts, robbed
a store of $1200, and then lied.
In Tonquin last Friday night a
Chinese attack on II ai Phong was
frustrated by the French. The
Chinese advanced close to Thong
and burned a village. French
gunboats and troops were dispatch
ed to the scene and the enemy
At "Walla Walla the money to
purchase and equip the new fair
grounds and race course has all
been made up, the . land bought
and before the end of next summer
there will be . n grand fair. The
location is at the old grounds be
low the city.
In Egypt on the 9th a great
force of hill tribes attacked five
companies of Egyptian troopers,
who were reconnoitering outside
of Suakoni. Severe fighting ensued,
in which the Egyptians were
completely annihilated, and their
artillery captured.
At Leavonwoith the Missouri
river is forsaking the path ofc rec
titudewhich leads close by the
town and turn to the path of er
ror which it is constructing for it
self at some distance from the
town. The people there are trying
to restrain the river's inclination
to roam. '
A rumor is current that the Un
ion Pacific people have leased jche
linker City l.rnnoli of the O. It&
N. line for a long term of years, to
lie used ns a link in the extension
of the Oregon Short Line to the
Sound, via the Yakima country,
and that work on the project i n,
which is to start from Wallula,
will be liegun in the spring. The
lease is said to le the concession
which the Oregon Transconti
nental company made to the Jay
(Tould party in consideration of the
cessation of the war on O. T.
The pojle of lower Willow erppk.
Wells Spring nnl throughout th.it
section can now obtain nil the lumber
they want from Mes-irs. Danish & He ion,
who have openeo! a yard at Cattle Rwk.
Seethe advertisement of this ntw nn.l
enterprising firm.
Kaflte for an Orgar.
An opportunity if now fferfd for
eomelxKly t) get a TiJualile W. V. Kim
lall Organ for a'nvist mttiiini;. It will
lie raffled off on Christina at the Belve
dere Saloon, Heppner. There are 115
rhanoea, at only 2 a ebanee.
W. E. TtmnpoaB.
A Lively Letter from Lively Writer.
bev ral new buddings will shortly be :
erected here.
T:ie sehoolhouse matter
push sd as fast as possible.
i being
Ea uels & Herren have lately received
a lare aad complete Btock of Erst-class
Mes-irs. W . II. Herren, J. H. Forsyth.
I. B. tihippey and others report trade.s
particularly flattering.
Upwards of 200,000 pounds of nmr.
cbanditie were received at the . station
during the mont.li of November.
Mr. J. D. Locknano, the gentlemanly
proprietor of "The Arcade,", received
this week a fane invoice of
liuttOI'3, .
wines and
Thanksgiving was properly observed
by all. A supply of turkeys whs brought
into town by some enterprising farmer,
and the city rejoiced.
Heppner, or other suburb desiring an
invo.ee of tr imps, Jerrys, bums orotiiers
of that ilk, can procure a large supply by
sending requisitions turoah the proper
channel i.
Capt. Lombard, of the Pv-tland Jce
Co., was here last week with a view of
erectiug a large ice-house and establish
ing au ioe-depot at this place. Thisvill
trive,em:I yniut to a lure nui
The first marriage ceremony perl jrnied
in our town took plaoe last week. Jlr.
i'hos. Martin and Miss Ida Carlyle, both
of Coyote, were the contracting piirties.
A long and happy life of weddod blia is
conceded to theia.
Boom! b.uig! ! ' The boom La struck
our town. Business is rushing, the fiver
haa risen two feet, Shippey has battled
his house, and Castle ltock, rising sub
limely tr im among her fallen aud bank
rupt sister towns, come proudly to the
The citizens of this place recently
graded a substantial road from the
mouth of Island Canyon to a point op
posite that tow n, on the Territory side ot
the river. Thc-y now talk of "brushing"
the Heppner road with sgo brush aud
grease wood.
A real, live St. Louis "Slim," the new
larciy-dar term applied to the uow Hourly
extinct raoe of "dudes," passod tiirougu
our hamlet ou Saturday lust, lie
claimed to be direct from Milwaukee.
and said he felt rather slim; coming
west for his health. 8 iid he subsisted
on the gum of the new two-cent postage
stamps, which had been his only food fur
neven months. Had a bad attack e.f
Beck's Milwaukee Sun. Bccksyh
Aycr's Newspaper Auuual.
The above book lias been received
here, and tliere is no otuer single publi
cation within our knowledge which con
tains information of such varied use and
value fur geueral business purposes.
Complete in all its departments, thor
ough iu it details, giving just the infor
mation needed, and only that, simply ar
ranged, easily referred t , carefully
compiled, it is, in fact, a model work of
its kind.
New Tost Office.
A nctv postofflce has been established
on Butter oreek, 15 miles from Echo. It
will be known as At wood, and Mr. II. O.
TtiompHon, a genial nnd entorpriainir eit
izen, wlio oau raise the bigx ihkI bst
wutermeloiis in the country, has kindly
consented t perform the thankless
duties of postmaster. Temporary pack
saddle service lias been put on from
Foster's New Schnolhonse.
There Las just been finished at Foster
a handsome school building1 24x16 feet.
In its construction 2r,oV0 feet of lumber
was used, which was purchased from
mills near Portland. Lumber coats de
livered in Foster $23 per thousand feet.
The people of school district No. 61 de
serve much credit for their interest
shown in school matters. The entire
structure aud furniture will cast about
52,000. . .. . .
In ITeppnnr, Dec. 11. at the residence
of the bride's parents, Dill Garrignesatid
Miss lianma Uoweii.
In Heppner by A. Mallory, Esq., R
V. ilarbin and 2,1th. John Uinton.
Notic .--Denistrr.
Dr. J. L. Adkms, dentiet, will be in
Heppner I)ecemler 1st, and remain ten
days to practice his profession.
Heppner Narvfry.
The erent demand for honie-Krown troea adapt
ed to this dry cliuialo lias induced me to estab
lish n nursery here. 1 have heen in nursery and
tree planting business for 22 years, and hope to
succeed in raisiiiu trees to sell al moderate
prices, I will be able to fill any order for next
fiinnir delivery noide. u-ar anil cherry. Oreiion
grown, small fruit and ornamontiU l'a-itern stix k.
Next full I cau f urmsh chieny of hump-grown
stock. Also hope to have forest trees grown
without irrigation, and verv ehean in lanre iiusn
tilies. Five hundred pout d of tree seeds fur
timber cultuivs, warranted this year's growth, to
arrive about Nov. 10. Price lit spnt to npi li
oaiite. Chas. K. Fell.
Choice AVines. Liquors & Ciga'f
Gastlc Rock Lurater Co.
All kinds of
kept constantly on hand.
We hare recently received a large
and complete stock of
Which we will sell at lowest pos
sible figures.
Give us a call.
Cnstle Ro:-.
Duty on Wool.
L Representative Converse of Ohio Las
I introduced a bin providing fest'irfitiun
! ,F tlio Hntv fin olrtthin, ...,.1. ..-.. 1 ....
wis and carpet and other similar
w.kiis to wjuai tney were prior to- the
e.iactment of the present tariff law, ' The
wool growing industry, he said, is
closely allied to agriculture, and the
farming class are interested in the res
toration of the old rates on wool, and this
circumstance will give the bill strength
before the representatives of the people.
His state had suffered most severely
from the reduction male in the present
tariff law. There were in 4,0)O wool
growers, and their loss on sales of wools
of the la t annual dipping amounted to
more than a million dollars. The first
reduction of the tariff on the wool pro
duct has been felt so keenly in Ohio that
both political parties there have pledged
themselves to work for the restoration
of the old rates.
Seriously Cot.
While Wm. MoAtee was butchering a
hog last Monday, he made a quick up
ward stroke, aud the meat being Very
tender and the knife very sharp, the for 'e
of the movement was not checked until
the blade came in oontact with Mr. Mc
A tee's face near the right eye, waking a
very severe cut. The eye itself is not in
jured, but it had a very close call.
N OTICE in hereby siven that the uuclprHinnod
administrator or the entr.t9 of Junirn t'ur
tier, d'K-eHRed, has this dny filed with the county
court of I mnullii county, btuto of Oregon, hie
final account an administrator of said estate, and
that IfndHy, the :llh day of January. A. V. IN,
the suns lieii'd during the next m,-ular aesHion of
said court, t the hour of 10 o'elock A. M. of wiid
d iy, in tha court hou in Pendleton, has been p
poit.tod by tho Jmlk'p of anid court the time
''4 place for hiwring objections to mid account,
aril for the nliowiuK of cause, if any there be,
why an order be not made, diucharging said ad
ministrator from fui-ther duty a" such, and re
luming hie mtretieti from further liability on thr
ui'drtaWine. F.I.LIM Minob, Administrator.
Philip L. Pain, Attorney.
. Heppner, Oregon, Dec. S, IR1. . M!
VjTjTIOK is hereby grTen,UiRt the ui'dareigned
X haH this d:iy been iinl"iiiUd administrator
uf the ealate of Edward H. Waite, di-eoaned. .ll
nersonH hnin claims atrninat said estate are
hereby required to present the same in writivg to
me. or to my attorney, P. L. Piiine, at his oftice
in Heppner, Oregon, within six months from the
date hereof. ('has. S. Waitk. Administrator.
Heppner, Or., Dec. 6, 18hS.
I have on hand a Choice Line of
And am Constantly receiving New
and Fashionable Good;;, which
I am prepared to sell fit
San Francisco Prices,
As the preater part of my goods
are Direct irora the .Last.
Please give me p cull, and I will
guarantee prices satisfactory.
SMm Alkali, Oregon.
A new nt.ook of overcoats mid olottiing
of all kinds at J. L. Morrow A Son's. '
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Or., )
November 10, 1MH3. J
Complaint having been entered at this office bv
David J. Kelley against H. F. Hliarp for failure to
eomTly with law as to tiiubor-culture entry No.
4'iS, duted Oct. 2ti, 1881, upon the See 18,
Tp 2 north, Hange 2tl E, in Umatilla county. Or.,
with a view to Uie cancellation ot sam entry;
contestant allesiiia that said 8. F. Sharp has
lulled to plow or plant any part of said tract from
date uf en cry to the present time, as required by
law. The said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at the ottire of T. E. Hramel, Notury at
Klla, Or., ou the 27th day of December, lhsa, at
10 o'clock A. M., to respuid and furnish testi
mony concerning said aliened 'nilure.
.. Ii. SMiru, Iledister.
C. N. Thobnbcby Receiver. 84-39
Grocery arid Variety Store,
. . .. . (o i -
.We Keep in Stocfc a Full Line of
Goceries, Provisions, Stitionery, Fancy Goods,
h rench and American Candies.
other I mite in season, Nuts, Cigars and 'fobneco, Meerchaum
Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cutlery; Fishing
Tackle, , Guns, Pistols and Cartridges.
vini-K. , THE BEST
J. B,
Main Street,
- -
Lager Beer, Ale and Porter.
Families Furnished with Bottled
Lunches of All
California, Limburger axd Swiss Cheese.
Parties in the country must return empty kegs, or $10 apiece
will he charged.
The Alkali Liver', Feed and Sale Stable,
My Terms are Reasonable.
Stock Left in My Care
Will be Well Attended To.
Hay nd Grin of th Bmt QnaJity Kept in Full SfocV nnd For Rale.
t.-J. BAf.TLL.
General Commission Merchants!
Bell on Commumou
-: , Dealers in '
;:... .
Liberal Cash Advances made on Con
signments. Correspondence and OonmRnmenta solicited.
IG Forth Frovt Street, Portland, Ogn.
Jas. A. Gerwick, Proprietor.
Xext to OdJ Fellovf Hall, Main St.
, --.
Frebh Bread, Cakes and Ties
Every Day.
A tnll supply of Fresh Cmlie, Nuts
Canned Goods, elw., oustanily om hmi.
He rilcs one
Sanford Canyon. M
mil bad a half up
May Sheet, ... Heppner,
)dbalir vz( .
Drugs and Medicines
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glftsa and
Cigars a&d Tobacco.
Orances, Lemons, Bananas and
B R IS W m 11 Y,
NATTER, Prop'r,
- Heppner, Oregon.
Beer on Short Notice.
New Liver Feed and
Sale Stable,
- K B. HOOD, Prop'rv
Horses fought and Sold on Com-'
mission.1 v
C1IAKGE. , .
Terms Uwwon.ible.
Sfosk Sliipped to any part of the Conn-
, . ... try. as. Ordered. ....
N'OTICE u hereby (riven that I will meet th
tux-payer- at tlie uennl votinc plucee, of the'
several precinetH of Unmlilla oonnty, Oregon, on
the days lieraiimfter mentioned,' for the purpose
of collecting b!te and County taxes, for the veer
im: .
Grease wood, Mundiiy nnd Taeedny, Nov. 8 And I,
im. .., , . . .
Juniper, Wednewlay, Nov. 7, IK'S.
Vansycle. Thuretlay, Nov. H, lS.t.
Milton, Friday, Saturday tuid Monduy, Nov. (, 19
and 12. 1Hh:i.
Cottonwood Tuesdny. Nov. 13. tS.
Klumeville, VVedneMtay, Nov. 14, lbdS.
Mountain. Kriduv. Nov. 1. 1SM8.
Weeton. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. IT,
19 and 2U, JxKt.
Centerville, Wedneerlay, Thursday nnd Fr)djr.
Nov. .21. -a and 2. 1H.S3.
Per.dleton, from and after Nov. 24, 18SS.
A ta. Wednesday. Nov 'is. IHX.
Willow Surrnifp. 'J hnrsdny, Nov. 29. 1WS.-
Camns, Haturrlay, Dec. 1, 13.
Upper Huttov t reek, Monday Dee. S, lf.
Lena, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1HH3.
lleppner, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dee-
, 7 and 8, lse3. ' '
Willow Creek, (lieinirflr'sl, Monday. Dec. 10, 1W.
Willow Crook, (C'ecil'M). Tuesday. Dec. 11, 1W4.
Well Hprinsm, Wednewtay, Doc. 12. 18.H3.
Lower Ur.ttor I reek, V ridny, l'ec. 11, ltK.
MondowH. NnturdH', Uw. id,
I'maiilla, Monday, Dec. 17, 1KS.H,
All nersons who have not lieen aweeaed for thp
imr ls-J are renuesttd to attend at the same tiro
and place, and (rive in their aseeaamciit.
rune ror atienuiUR 10 oueiaesH eacn uay; rrora
A. M. till P. .
Dated October 11), 1HS3. Wk. MaKTIS,
Sl-tf Sheriff of Umatilla County.
Land Office at LaUrend", Or., Nov. 2, '8.
Notice is hereby given that the fillowiE
named settler has hied notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of hia claim, and
that said proof will be made before the iSounty
Judge of Umatilla Co., at Pendleton, Or., on
Dec. 21, im, tU:
Edward Bristoir,
ITomettead No. 4. for the KF. V NE S E li BK
L r'C. in, SW ! NW )t Sec. 11, Ip i H, It St F,
W. M. Ho names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon, ai,d culti
vation of, said land viz: J. H. Clifford. Win.
Howard, Peter Jorguson, .T. P. Viebrock, all of
Alba, Or. 85-40 H. W. Dwioht, Kegister.
Land Office al L (jrando. Or., Nov.MS, Ct..
Notice is liereby given that F.dwin H. 13ishopr
has this day made application to purchase under
the Act of Congress, approved June S, 1-7B, en
titled an Act for the sale of timber and stor
lands in California, Oregon, Nevadu and Wash
ington Territory, for the BE h Sec. 11, Tp 5 8. R
27 E, W. M.. containing pill acres. Final proof
herein will be made after sixty days publication,
anil within ninety days from date hereof.
S.V44 . - H. W. Pwioht liecistev.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., Nov. 18. 'M
Notice in hereby given that the follow iu.narnad
settler haa lded noticeof his intention to maka
tiimi proof in supirt of hit) rlnini. and that .t
proof will be nuide lefore Philip h. riii.
. U"pm.i, r. , ,mi 1..... t-'f4, via:
Pre-emntion No. for the HE W
See. , Tpi
S, H 'Zti t. He namOB the followiiiK witnevnes to
prove Iuh continuous residence upon, and C'llti
vntion of. said lard, viz: Stephen Lular.d, A. J
Rreeiiinjr, Solomon Mayfield, MiUheli Peaiiian
all of Heppner, Or.
35-40 E. L. Shitd, Register.
I-and Office at La Grande. Or., Nov. 1. 'SS
Notice is hereby (riven that the followinjt
named settler has bled notice of his intention to
make tifiial proof in support of his claim,, ai d
that said priHf will be made Iwiforo A. Mallory,
Notary Public at Heppner, Or., ou tree, i, lti,
vii: . ' . .. .
Angus Hale,
D. 8. No. 4.IS5, for the E 4 NW 8W i NP! U
Bee. 26, Tp 8, K Ti E. W. H. lie nauies the fol
lowinK witnesses to prove his contiguous resi
dence upon, and cultivation of, said laud, viz: A,
H. Burch, Win. V rank, Robert Watkins, Joseph
frank, all of Heppner, Or.
85-tn H. W.TWIOHT. Ueister.
Land Office at Ln (iran do, Or.. Nov. 1" , 'K.
Notice is hereby given that the follawin
named settler has'liled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will he made before A. MaJlorjr, No
tary Public at Heppner, Or., on Dec. 2U, IshS, vie:
. Alexander Glen,
I). 8. No. 4742, for the fcSK H NW U NE HW V
and W H SK bee. 13, Tp 4 8, 11 21 K, W. M, ll
names the followintr witnesses to pmve his con
tinuous residence upon, aud cultivation of, said
land, viz: Geo. It. Jtl. Hurd. A. J. McKinzie, Dan
iel K. Htalter, Wm. L. Mallory, all of Heppner,
Umatilla Co.. Or. . .
. XV) H. W. PwrrtHT. Register.
Ind Office at The Dalles, Or., Dec. 4. 'M.
romilaint haviu ben entered at this office by
flun on N. Peck, against Jams l.uckcisn. for
fsilure to comply with law as to timber-cullnre
entry No. !S67, dalad Msrch 11, W2. upon the! NW
Ki Bee. 4, Tp 2H. h ! K. in Lmatiila county. Or
egon, with a view to the cancellation of seid en
try; c intestant allecinir that said J ami's Lurk
man ha failed to break or e:uise to bo broken
five acres of aaid tract from date of entry to pres
ent time. The said parties are hereby summoned
to appear al the office of O. W. Bishop, Notary at
Heppner, on the 2Mb dav of January, 1H84. at U
o'clock A. M., to respond and furnish testimony
conoeruing said allefted failnre.
E. L. HmTH, Register.
C. N. TnoitNBtmT, Receiver. 8MS
V. 8. Land Office at La Grand", Or., )
NovcmborW. 1HH3. (
Notice is hereby (tivi'n that Timothy 11. riis(k
has tiiis day made application to enter nnder the
Act of Coiiifress, approved June 3, 1K7S, entitled
an Act for the sale of timber and stone lands in
the suites of California, Oreron, Nevada and in
Washington Territory, for the 8W H Hic. 1H, T S
8, H 27 K, W. M., containing 6i 2S-UW acres
Final proof herein will be made after 10 weeks
publication, and within Wm days from the data
hereof. 36-45 H. W. Dwioht, Register.
iAr.dOfflce at The Dalles, Or., Nov. , 'KS.
Notice is hereby riven that the followiiiK
named settler has bled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support ef Mb claim, and
tliat said proof will la made before H. Con
don. Notary at Alkali, Or., on Jan. 10. 1H4, viz:
James B. Titus,
Pre-emption No. 2131. for the H'i NE Bee. X,
TpH8. K 20 S. He names the followinc wiu
nesses to rirve his continuous r's'ih'Tic npon,
and cultivation of, siud land, vir: W. W. Oxbby,
(i. Hkinner, of Fossil, Wasco Co., Or., John tauy.
J. ('. Baird, of Alkali, Wusco Co., Or. .
S8-41 E. U hm rH, Keirfster.
Ind Office at The Dalles, Or., Nor. 21 , '88.
Notice is hereby nven that the following
named settler bus hied notice of his inanition to
make final proof in eui Kirt of his i hum, and
that said proof will be mnde before i. W. Pish,
op, Notary at J(ppner. Or., on Jan. 10, 111, via;
Thomas J. Smith,
Pre-emption No. 14. f the K 'i NW 4 K ', HW
H fec. 2I. Tp i H, K K. He names the follow,
1H4C witnesses to prove his continuous residence
nifin, and cultivation of, said lard, vii: W. It,
Cunningham, Kola. Johnson, f'remon Oreen, J
Ball, all of Heppner. Or. ,
W O t. P.W'Tm Reyi-rrv