Heppner times. (Heppner, Or.) 1???-1912, November 24, 1904, Image 7

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set at Chef oo.
Tbrre'e lot a' folkt tb.y Mr tbet't a-held-
in up In flay
Several merr-lee tbet they snly Just have
Russians Sink Tlielr Own Ves-
Thare'e river full o thanks tbnt'i a-buet-
in r in nanae.
And' i Iniiixlal In' all da smintry round.
Par's M o' folks I fasr that's ettraettd
li n rtieer.
An' fa thauklu' Hat day aevsr thanked
An' tlim-'a Ma n' fervent pra're Itkt da
Tlrat'le mi (l. ra
Ootid fur dla yer out day only an' no
I'm .firing to maks dla day aort of op an'
ii p nu waa
Fur a reg lar thank procession thro" da
TltMll !
Bo I'll aort o' set ma down 'for da odder
folks a roun , , .
An'll uiidi'iiak to view my mercies clean,
Japanese Vessels Seen Off Coast
and Commander reared Capture
Carried Important Message
Here's dla bullet In my kn 'twan't by do
rripieat o me.
Hut It cured from da nights I nsed to
An' 1 think In that affair, dat dt Uwd
wna aiirflv lliarel
Fur I111 retain' all my chlrkene now to
Cheefno, Nov. 18. Fearing capture
1y the Japanese, whoae boats were nfl
tlio port., the Russians today blew up
the tortiedo boot destroyer Rastoiopny, Here's ilia rhemnstls'i I t'posa It'a a bless-
1 1 1 I 1 - ft..... 1 I In' In rattoaa.
-Wincn eecspeo. ir-J.ii 1 on n.u.ur Kiir I'm hi..rir whan It lan't to bo foon'l
cover 01 a severe aioini aim eincreu una iiuet've k-t-)i d It from da moon In da ana
I - I -I..I.4 I ttf.ll l.t ill. (MlH
u.rm.r last ...go. Al(. ' , oTi da Uwd waa watch.
Press Warm authoritatively that Hie
JUetoropny had scaled orders provld
inn thai uniting there raiue highly
favorable opportunity to escape, the
vessel should be blown ud. Bullkient
powder for the purpoae waa secreted
tu.firu tliM iluaLrovnr loll l'urt Arthur.
Small charges ol ordinary powder Vl ten rhirr.ii J suppose good as offspring
placed in each of the Ova water tight nut delr evarUistla' trlcka won't lot ma
the destroyer, and the Russians experl- An' dat a wLar da Uwd baa got a Joke
Sliced considerable difficulty in netting ou
Mm off without arousing hil suspicion. t)ea yer enemies I've got, can be 'stroyed
Tl.u .l.i.v.i'i i-ntli.r iiinriiiMil bv two aa wall aa not,
Ef , mi)Jf
nun. u tviiiir near, and the olllclal fmii'a-
waa pttraoaded to Uko a 1 Lie around the An' datah anjjal day gib nnd.rnaath
Kantoropny in order that he itiltiht w-e u Cbaatiain' dnt 'da Uwd Almighty aan'a.
the In uiieaibe waa alU giHJ to have ie-
. .' 0 I Wbra dire rnma a mlon famlna, an
'IVW. I vli.m la nil a alininmlll'.
N-l KiKinnt had 1 he otlHtotua ofHcer fa luiandfil I wlrt grntllud ahonld think
rraitd.nt .Tbaodora Kooaoratt
CTtary o( I,. 1 n .W. R. !
Horralary of Trrrf ........ I.yman J. Gaca
HrnreUrf ol In trior.....E. A. Mltchrock
Pcrir7 of " K. R. Koftt
r)rrtar7 of Smwj .John D. Long
rimipr-,piif rai....m..tnari' t.mnrj nmitn
AUurnT'ieneral John W.ftrtfM
IPocretary of AfrlioHiira. Jamc Wllaon
Com Oanaral Und Offlc.....BIngr Uarmaa
a tat fad arm I Orllelala.
...John H. Mltrhall
....( hal W. Fulton
i. N. Winiamaon
.Tbomaa H. Tonruo
Internal Rnrenua Collector-....-... l. M. Iniuna
LiUtrlot Jndra f H. Htlllnaar
Ireult JndK... W. B. Gilbert
V tr i:t Attorney 1. H. Hall
V. a. Marahail.. . W. V. Jdathawf
i Senators. 1
Cougreaaroen.. J """" "
Cnltatt Mtatea Land Oflleors.
"t1"- 1 JT P. Lneaa
.............0tlj fatteraon
la eaiKDs, oaioo.
,,,,, in,,, K. W. Bartlett
............ ........ - 0. Bwaekhslmw
When the cltiiena will ba lnlevaident of market
prices. Chicago Daily
Stat of Oregoa.
I Oorarnor... - 0o. E. Chamharlala
Fecretarr of Btata 1. 1. Dunbar
I Traaiurar . C. 8. Moor a
Attorner-fieneral .A. M. Crawford
Bupt. ol FobUe Instruction. J. H. Ackerman
h our ...J. K. wnitney
t B, 8. Bean
Supreme Judges X .. ..F. A. Moors
1 , j. c numrwu
Clark Board School Land Com minion
Mart Chamberlain
Gams Warden Alpha Qulmbr
rih Commissioner F. C. Reld. Aetoria
Vttarinarr Burgeon..Wm, McLean, Fortlaod
Ef I only count ds wbolt mankln1
Iloy plnrliwl Bob and they both crept
op tbe bill nod Into the pumpkin field.
HenlriK the twin pumpklna gleaming lu
the moonlight, both sat down on them.
"I aay, ltoy," anld Hob, "that's pr
t linrd not ta have anr TbanksKlving
atr-mied Into the cutl.ir than a putty ur !:.""''?.Jur',, '""wn"n w"u 1 dinner, and that boy's a brick. Did you
olllcer drew hia waU-h and urged the of dt beubeuly fruit contalnlu' food an' bear htm comforting hla mother? I Uke
rowera to make all aKied awav. When """7 V""
l,.n tl.anflif ul ... a. a..,,. t a A.t aa; ... Iran un.n. i inoiuv.
.IIO UVVI ' J V ae' BS4't w vias " I 4k U U V U'Mlit I St M '-" V era una auw
vraauki-non ebon.. I . ,. '."J " onM a.t
The HusHiana. with the exception of
I'va lost
one man, left the dcattoyer during the All to t li.ja dnt I'm bereft makes mi
. in 1 1 , 11, !... thankful fur whut s left:
body all a ''7
afternoon. Thia lant man lit alow
fiiwe ami blew up the veHl. There
were three dull exploeiona which were
aiaicoly audible 100 yards away from
the place where they occurred. Alnioet
eiuiultaneouMy the Kastornpny sank to
the bottom. A single apar maikt her
An' la worth to soul an
An' a million Joys dnr sre, from da dalay
to ili' atar,
Dat la worth da tlms of countln' o'er
and oVrs
But of all thank tlintier ret. It's tbs things
I atO lit girt,
That I think 1 hey to bs ds thsnkfuleat
for. .
Will Carleton In "Songs of Two cen
Thirty-Eighth Annual Opened with
Sixth-Degree Ceremony.
Portland, Nov. 17. National Maater
Aaron Joint oiienm! the 3Hih annual
convention of the National Grange at
Aiiuory hall yeaterday morning at 11
i'clKk analMed by the other oflicera of
the national body. The ceremony was
... ;
1 liliWBlK
"Oh, Hob, Juat look at theaa two pump-
contluct! In the i i'li degree, prelaced gi.lg; Arti't they monaterst They are
tv a declaration by the national inaater .,. uUe. too. I'll bet they're twlus.
annoniitinK Its alma and piirnoaea. A I never saw such Ug ones, did youT'
1 i.ri a 1 choir furnished the opening "My eyes, ltoy, but they are whop
aonga, thoae among the audience who pw! 1 wonder If we can have them
"Mother'." called Hob and ltoy from
the buck yard, "can wa have those two
pumpkins for lunternsT"
'Oh. whut large ones. lea. Dors, you
niny have them. They are too big for
plea." answered Mis. I'hilupa from U10
The boys continued their work, of gath
ering pumpklna, and only one was found
to Hint eh "the twins" In site.
"We'll make a lantern to-night out of
this one, Bol, and sare tbe twins till
Tlmnkaglvlng eve. Then we'll have some
fun," shM Hoy.
"I say, IUiy, let s go and scare those
people down In the hollow. Hold It up
to the window and then run. Tim boy
were aingeia asniaiing in the c horus
The opening aeaaion was nereaaarily
brief, owing to the lack ol complete
preparations. The only buaiiieaa Iran
ended waa the appointment of the com
mittee on credentials, upon which I be
convention took a recent to meet again
at 1:30 P. M.
Promptly t 1:30 P. M. the master's
Kavel fell and the afternoon session lie
van wiih a eong by the choir, followed
by the report of the committee on ere
tlcntials. Imiing a ahoit apace of time, while
the committee) on credentials waa mak
ing ita report, upon the invitation ol
the master, the assemblage lietend to
abort addressee by Hon. illiam Hil
leary, Hon. Augustus High and Hon
Jacob Voorheea.
It. U makes ma squirm, though, to
think what she'll aay about ua acarlng
people. I'm glad wa didn't do K anyway."
But Roy did not answer. He was
thinking. Suddenly he Jumped two feet
in the air and said:
"Hurrah. Hob. hurrah! I have it
now I"
"What have yon. RojT Tall me
The boy resumed Wa eeat 00 the pump
kin and unfolded his plan.
"We'll tell mother all about H, ha
begau, "and ask br to sell as a lot of
Dies, cakes. Jelly, tarts and a turkey,
and we can pay for them with our chick
en money. Then we'll scoop ont all the
lnsldea of these twin pumpkins and fill
'em with the nice thlnga, and the night
before Thanksgiving we'll carry them
down to that old house and kick the
door and run. Won't that ba funt A
hundred tlmea better than making a lan.
Hob heartily agreed to the plan, and
both boys hurried boms.
"Mother! motherl we've got eomething
to tell you," called Dob, breathlessly.
Mrs. Phillips sat down and listened
while the boys shamefacedly told about
thtlr Intention of souring the people lu
the hollow, at which she looked very
grave. Then they excitedly told her their
"Take all our chicken money, mother,
and give us piles of good things," aald
"And If there Isn't enough money you
can have some of our chickens to pay for
the stuff," added Hob.
Sixth Judicial Dlstrle.
Circuit Judge Vf. R. E11U
Froaaoutlng Attorney T. U. ti alley
Morrow County Officiate.
Joint Senator ..................Walter Pierce
keprftnwtlTa.... O. V. Phelpa
Cou n tv J u due A. 0. Bartholomew
County Commiaaioners Jl-iVaAhbTug"
t ouniy tieri . awier crawiora
County Sheriff. E. M. BhuM
County Treaarer........M. Llchtenthal
County Afwior.. ,.... .,W. L. Baling
County Surveyor J. Kelthly
County School SuparinWnaent Jay w. bhipiey
County rnmnvr , , nr. Kiatner
block I nipector J8. C Kirk
To and tron aS
Through Palacs and Tourist Sleepersi Dtniag
ana saaei smosisg iaotij tan
For rates, folders and fall Information regaraV
log tickets, routes, etc, call on or addreaa
City Ticket Agent, Portland, Om,
i. W. PHALON, T. P. A.,
m Third tit., Portland, Oav
A. B. C. DKNM8TON. O. W. P. A,
12 t int Aye- SeatUs, Waakw
"The Milwaukee
Beppner Town Off! ears
Mayor .. Frank Ollllam
And now.
Bow Washington's Proclamation Dif
fered from Thoss of Later Days.
Nowadnye, the Thanksgiving proclama
tion of the State and national executives
era brief compared to what they were in
the early daye of our republic, aaya a
writer in the Boston Herald. In the oast
of the latter he doesnt foreshadow hla
forthcoming annual message aa waa
somewhat the rogue In President Wah
iugton'a time. Tbia la aeen In the Thanks
giving proclaoMtiotia Issued by our great
and good first President in the early part
of the year 1705, lu which ha appointed
Beppner School Dlatrlst.
Director.-T. J. Matlock, E. M. Shutt, J. M.
Hagar. cisra u w. ungga.
Precinct Officers.
Jnatlce of tba Peace. ..
turntable.. .. ...
A familiar name for the Chicago, MiV
waukee & St. Paul Railway, known all
over the Union aa the Great Railway
running the "Pioneer Limited" traiaa
j. Bobeita every day and night between St. Paul
Geo. Noble I , ro.;o nl,. TV,!
E. w. Khea iv6u, uu vu.uU. -" ..0,
PbllCohn iitv. 1- n nrM 99
Tom Quaid I winy poti.. . ici.iia "v ..v..v.
.0. K. Farnaworth Understand : Connections are made with
l. w.Brigga 141 Tranacontmentai lines, aaaunng to
passengers the best service known.
Luxurious coaches, electric lights, steam
heat, of a verity equaled by no othet
line. 1
See that your ticket reads via The
Milwaukee" when going to any point la
p. Williams the United States or Canada. All ticket
u, a. 11 an ,. .
agents Bell mem.
Ksb. 1 s "a day of publle thanksgiv
ing and prayer." The "Father of ills Office, Opposite First National Bank. Beppner.
Country waa then 03 years of age and
waa serving his sixth year aa President
Lt waa a long document and covered (J
quite a nuntoer 01 pouiis. ui uieae, 1
will advert very briefly to only three or
four which are peculiarly algnncant.
In .Ka r,..mt,l. Iia mahH.II. . eKa 1
Mrs. Phillips entered gladly Into the ... ... " A. J,kii
scheme and pronUsed to have everything Untlon on t'nU ,olomn ,1 ,x.
ready by lliaiikagiving eve. Hht "ow-LmW)(ra from a foredgn war" and next
Office In Odd Fellows New Building.
Heppner. Oregon.
For rates, pamphlets or other infor
mation, address, ' y'"r'"r-r'
J.W.Caset. H. S. Rows,
Tray. Pass. Agent General Agsal
Dr. M. B. Metzler
Roosevelt Takes Initial Step Toward
Purging Alaska Service.
Washington, Nov. 1H. Convinced
that the Alaska judiciary is mote or
less undermined with rottenness, and
that all the courts sre resting tinders
'loud of iiispicioti hecauHe of innumer
able rhargct preferred aguinxt tliu vuri
iua jmlgea and their subordinates,
President Roosevelt today took the ini
tial atep toward purging the tetvice of
tindoHliable elements by snmniarily
removing Frank II. Richards, of Alas
ka, marshal of Nome district, and re
iiesting the resignation of Melville C.
Itrown, of Wyoming, Judge of the Ju
neau district.
Japan Appreciated Trance's Position
lokio, Nov 1H The negotiations be
tween Tokio and Paris, concerning the
alleged violation by Fiance of neutral
ity in permitting ships of the Russian
accoud squadron to use French harbors,
continue. Pending ttieir conclusion,
the Japanese government is silent.
Unctions of the press and public are in
dulging In somewhat severe criticisms
of the action of the French, hut the
feeling ia distinctly more temperate
among the bettei informed Japanese
who sympathise with the delicate po
sition of France M Runsitt's ally.
Liberty Dell Sent Home.
Ht. Louis, Nov. 18. Hpeclal farewell
exercises In honor of the Liberty bell,
which had been on exhibition in the
Pennsylvania building at the Woild's
fair, were held today, at tho conclusion
of which tne honored relic waa startod
on ita trip back to Philadelphia. An
immense throng attended tbe exercises,
crowding the apace around the hell In
tho rotunda of the Pennsylvania build
ing. The ceremony olosud with pro
longed cheers.
Russia Has New Toe.
London, Nov. 18. A dispatch to the
Pall Mall Giuette from Moscow aaya
that a telegram received there fiom
Haku announces that trouble has oc
currod botween Russians and Afghans
at Kushk. The Afghans, it ia added,
exploded a Russian magaaine, and
many soldiers were killed. .
ed the boys to pay for part of the feast, propoBM( obJect of
as sue tuougin n. wou.u i a wu .a.uu th ..lucrea(llll- pro1p,et 0f the coutlnu-
lor mem. nf aiii .Tnint am f rnm a fnrMffit
The iKiyt were muc excited and early w. which Droooaitlona evidently re-
w ho lives there hit me with a snowimll I on the appointed night brought hi the iate tt,e settlement, through apecial
and Hourly knocked out my front tisKh, twin pumpkins, nicely cieaneu insiue, anu eny0y, John Jay, of our serious trou
each witn a small cap cut on at tue top. iuie. Great Britain, growing out of
It was a very Important part of the plan tm, continued occupation by the British
that tne pumpkins snoum 100a as 11 just o( the western forts on Laks Erie, con
trary to the treaty of 1783; and the aeli-
nre of American vessels bound for
French ports by British ships and the
Imprisonment of American seamen.
Another cause for thanksgiving, ac
cording to the same high authority, Is
"the great degree of Internal tranquillity
we have enjoyed. To which is added
'our cause for thankfulness for the re
cent confirmation of that tranquillity by
the suppression of an Insurrection which
to wantonly threatened It."
And In auother place the President re
pents this Idea, asking hla people "to
render a tribute of praise and gratitude
to the Great Disposer of all events, for
the aeasonable control which haa been
given lu a spirit of disorder In the sup
pression of the late Insurrection." What
the President had In mind In this allu
sion was the "great whisky Insurrection"
In Pensylvanla In 171)4, caused by the
passage by Congress of acta imposing
duties upon spirits distilled and upon
stills. It waa finally suppressed by Gov.
I.ee of Maryland, with 15,000 troopa,
acting under orders of the President.
end I've never bad a chance to pay him
"All right. Boh. we'll do It."
Knrly In the evening the boys worked
Industriously at their lsntern, cutting
ryes, iioae and mouth. Then little pieces
of caudle were placed liisl.ie, and It was
truly a hideous-looking thing. Mrs.
Phillips, who was busy preparing the
Thanksgiving dainties for that glad day,
did not notice the hoys atialthlly leave
the house. She despised a menu action,
and Hob and Roy knew she would not
approve of their unkind sport. They
qiiirkly crossed the fields and walked
down a hill Into a lonely, damp hollow.
Right before them stood a small, tumble
down house with a feeble light shining
from one tiny window. The boys crept
tn this side and crouched beneath It.
Just as Boh was about to raise the Inn-
Office. Patterson's Drug Store.
Kenideuce with J. A Patterson
m wMmm
FU.l.l.Mi TIIK J-l Ml'KlNa.
tern after he had lighted the caudles, a
child's voice asked, anxiously:
'Mother, aren't we going to hare any
pumpkin pies or turkey or anytlilng nlct
on Thanksgiving? We had such a lovely
dinner last time. Ia it because we aren't
thankful that we can't have any Thanks
giving dinner?"
There was a pane of glass broken nut
of the window, and the boys could hear
every word. Bob softly lowered the Ian
tern and put out the candles, and both
waited to hear the anawer.
"No, darling, the reason ia that wa
haven t any money to buy such tilings
Blues father died, deary, It has been very
hard for mother to even buy bread for
Then a boyish voles with a brave note
In It apokai
"Never nilud, mother. Wa'll get along.
I don't Ilka pumpkin plea very well, my
self, because they're so spicy. But I'm
going to buy Best a bag of sugar cookies
with that ten cents 1 earned. Won't
that bs idea, Betels V
carried from the field. Mrs. Phillips
carefully filled them with tarts, Jell!
cakes, celery and delicious nil nee pies, a
great pat of fresh buttor shaped like a
pumpkin, two loaves of currant bread
and a pair of chickens. The boys added
a big bag of .oranges and a box of candy
especially for Bessie. Then the pump
kins were so full that not auother thing
could be crammed Into them. Mr. Phil.
lips now appeared to assist with hearty
good will and brought a great basket of
tHitntoea, turnips, apples, and, last but
not least, a huge turkey, all ready for
roasting. These things, together with
the pumpkins, were curried with much
smothered laughter to the door of the
little old tumble-down house. The golden
balls filled with goodies held the place
of honor and were stationed directly be
fore the door. The boys had the pleas
ure of kicking on the door and then dived
Into the darkness.
The door flew open and a young voice
called, "Mother, oh, come and tee theae
mmense pumpkins! And oh, there's a
turkey and a big basket of tilings.
The surprised uttle woman hurried to
the door and, after gazing at the gifts
n astonishment, said, "Let a carry them
lu. I wonder who has been so kind to
They dragged the basket and pumpkins
Into the houao, and suddenly the hoy
cried ont, "Oh! oh! these big pumpkins
are full of lovely things. lon't cry,
mother, dear. I know who loft these
things. It was those Phillips boys, Bob
and Roy. I'm sure It was, because I
beard them ask their mother If they
could have those big pumpkins. Twins,
they called 'em. To-morrow I'll go and
ask Boh Phllllpt' forgiveness for hitting
him and tell him I didu t mean to."
Bob and Roy walked slowly home.
kissed their parents good night and went
to bed. The last thing Bob said was,
"The boy't a brick. He needn't beg my
forgiveness. And we'll be friends after
Then he sank Into a sound and happy
aleep. Detroit Fret Press.
Office In Odd Fellows' New Building.
Call and See Me.
R. A. E. EIGG3
t.eclal a tention given to diseases of the
sr, nose and throat. Olaaaea properly
Beppner, Oregon.
C. B. CommlMlnncr. Homestead Clings and an
nuai pruoia uiaue.
OU.ce one door eaal P. O., Borg'a Jewelry Store.
Turkey Gobbler lime.
Q fy$M t
"Are you going to have Aunt Peevish
for Thanksgiving, mamma?" asked little
Ruth, who waa laboriously Jotting down
the things for wiiich she thought she
should bs thankful.
"Not thia year, dear," and the young
hopeful Joyfully mnds another entry.
A song Is bornt upon the breest
That doth mint ear delight,
When note are ripening on the trees
And thlatle pode tre white.
No cadence clear of ringing bells,
. No music set In rhyme.
But Just a sytuphouy that telle
'Tie turkey-gobbler time.
WTiat vlatsa open to my view!
What glcnmit aresme aneei
A row of pumpkin Dies,
The giaa 'i nnnkegiving a
A mug of rider, awaet and new,
This year Is at Its prime.
golden store
"Have you much to bs thankful (or
this year. UrumpyT"
"Well, something, i n thankful that
Hurra hi hurrsbl.hnrrnh once morel
'Tie turkey-gobbler time.
it. I, Drum.
"Going to observe Thanksgiving ait
hev ean't maks it any tougher for me tout homes. Johnnie J"
than they have during the Last twelve "Ton boil Mamma gave the 000k $0
montW' I extra to stay at home that Oa,
Office In Palace Hotel, Beppner, Oregon.
llmiB aki ft 1 ai Aft mm-wrm.
akai uMim FAiairiii
Only Line East tIa
Salt Lake and Denver
Fine Bath Rooim In connection.
Ehop two doom north oi Palace Hotel.
Dinars Ilarrxta, Oa. Aaaivaa
Pant Mall
tor East and Wtat
:00 a. ao.
Fast Mall
Frora Kaat and Watt lilt . aa.
For East and Weal
1:00 a. aa.
From East and Wtat lilt a. a.
tails from Portland I p. aa. every I day
Shaving Parlors
Three Doort South ot Poatoffloa,
Dally Boat etrvtes between Portland. Astoria.
Oregon City, Dayton, Bales. Independence,
Corvallls and all Colombia and WUlsaaetM
River points,
ghavlas, SBe
balreaiUu, SBe.
Bathroom in Connection.
Steamtn betwtsa Klparta aal Uwlftaai
leave Rlparla dally at aito a. at. reHuarog
tseve Lawialoa daily atliKe.sk. -
I. B. Hwadlistoay
Hasyasa, Of t seal