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Our Pet Peeve
Sweet Clover Is
Great as Manure
Felix Controls the Featherhead Vote
Te8t3 Show Crop of Big
Value in Rotation to Be
Plowed Under.
Rnther astonishing result a to the
iiluo of sweet clover n a nitrogen
furnishing immure are announced by
the Ohio agricultural experiment illa
tion. After three yearn' eat It wa
found that not leu than 100 pound of
nitrogen wort contained In an acre of
sweet clover on May 10 In any of the
tent year. An application of 300
pound of any high analysts fertilizer,
nch an 8-12-4, would add lew than
nine pound of nitrogen to the noil.
Plow Under Clover.
These figure were developed In
tent to determine the best time of
the year to plow under sweet clover.
'It wa discovered that the plant had
the greatest nitrogen content ahout
the middle of May, May 10 being the
Dcak accumulation In the experiment.
The white iweet clover wa used In
the experiment station. Since the
value of sweet clover a a manure ha
been demonstrated aeed bonne are
handling larger and larger quantities
of the aeed, carefully tented for germi
nation qunllty and cleaned and re
cleaned to free It from weed aeed and
other foreign substances.
Time to Plow Under,
The outstanding practical lesson of
the experiment-1 that for economic
' Boll Improvement It I best to plow
i under the growth of weet clover from
April 15 to May 10, no that the full
growing season may be utilized by the
crop of corn. Sweet clover left to
stand over for the full second year
produced more organic matter, It was
! found, but not much more nitrogen
j than when plowed under May 10.
The experiment demonstrated that
an acre of sweet clover on May 10
; contained sufficient nitrogen for the
entire nitrogen requirement of 80
bushel of corn and the stalks to pro
duce It and that the sweet clover ws
of extreme value as a rotation crop to
be plowed under In the spring.
V V suppose ?- J 5fff J
lil'V1iMV VOTE FOtt Ta CM&
' GOV, AKi' SU&' LL
) Tj j w. Vuote Foa Macs J
i Si i i '
la AfiA
C Wnt.n NiwapaparCaloa y ' j -j H 'Y H J pfeg.
Salt Poisoning Among
Chickens Not Common
It I a well known fact that the
chicken, like other farm animal, ha
nred of a certain amount of salt In Its
ration. The fact that there have been
reported a great many Instance In
year gone by of chickens being killed
by eating feed that contained a con
siderable amount of snlt. seems to
have led to a very general belief
among poultrymen that chicken are
very easily poisoned by common table
Certain experiment have been car
ried out hich Indicate that under the
right condition chicken can tolerate
i a much tarter amount of salt than
has generally been supposed. It hns
j been shown, for example, that chick
ens elj:ht or nine weeks old could he
restricted to a ration containing as
high as 8 per cent of common suit
without serious results.
c just
n i
TS utterly unfair, of course.
But if a man ' smoke an oui
rageously itrong pipe, nobody ii
going to get close enough to him
to appreciate his heart of golJ.
Don't keep potential friends at a
distance. Sir Walter Raleigh's
favorite blend is incomparably rich
md fragrant jet so mild as to
be acceptable to the most fastidious
pipe-sniffer. Nor does Sir Walter
tack body and real flavor. They're
all there in Sir Walter Raleigh
as youH discover when you try it.
Garfield Tea
Was Your
Grandmother's Remedy
Vor every stom
ach and Intentlnal
III. This good old
fashioned herb
home remedy for
c o n s 1 1 pa tlon,
Htomtich 111 and
t b e r derange
ment of the sys
tem so prevalent these days Is in
ejven greater favor us a fumily med
icine than In your grandmother's
MM o
f,,r.. vl i -w
OaadrsfT M!m iUir t Uiaa
Imparts Co or ud
8mut la Gray and FadaJ Hair!
yy$Hm (:im, Win , pt"h...V,W T
am nrtionwitM'arkr'Hair Balaam. MakM tha
bair mifi and fluffy. lt ranla bf mail or at dm-.
(lata, liiacox CbamieaJ Work. I'aUboua, ti.X.
Mr- -"3 Jtw ' U l H
IT'S I5iand milder
She "I nm ttcttlntf dlsgiistd with
myself. Kvory time 1 open my mouth
1 put my foot In It" Ho (taking a
chance) "Not n remarkiihlo fent for
one with so small a foot, Miss May."
On a Dial
Shank weller Well, old mnn, you
certainly have fnllen off since I last
saw you. How did you manngo to
do It?
Fntmutler I thought the best way
to reduce wn to starve myself, so I
went to painting landscapea for a
"Now, JnmcH," said the tencher,
"an abstract noun la something you
can think of but cannot touch. Can
you give tno nn example?"
James I'lenso, sir, a red hot poker.
No Sal.
"I see your husband tins a new
stenographer, " remarked Mr. Busy
body to the lady on whom she wus
"Yes, nnd she's very pretty."
"I know, she's our daughter."
The Mean TSingl
Phyllis Isn't m engagement ring
a fine example of the stonecutter's
nrt, denrle?
I'.etty Or 'be gluss blower's nrt,
Reaching the Comedy
"I don't care for this book," de
clared the bride.
"It's a cookbook," explained her
"Well, there's no comedy In It."
"Try It out."
"Your speeches Indicate that your
views have changed."
"Not exactly," replied Senator Sor
ghum. "My constituents' views have
chanced and I am keeping In tomb
with the wisdom of the plain people."
Adam "The people who bave
money don't know how to enjoy It"
Clark "Well, that's no worse than
knowing bow to enjoy It and not
having any."
Olner Why does that Cog alt there
and wut oh me all the time?
Waller You've got the plate h
usually eats frot.i, sir. Pels Mele,
He Didn't Wist
"So you met your pet euemy today?
I'll bet you argued with htm until you
were black In the fuce."
"No, Just around the eye." Pathfinder.
Best Hatching Results
From Fowls on Range from birds In large pens In
the houe hatch best. P.lrds that
have large yards or free range usu
ally give better hatching results than
those kept In small pens.
Feeding U Important. Only clean,
wholesome feeds should be used. The
ration should consist of iihout ellnl
part of grain fed In the litter and
mash not too rich In nninuil protein.
While a good flow of es.'s during
the hatching season Is desirable, It Is
better to have a smaller number of
strongly fertile eggs than a larger
number of less hatchable epgs.
The mush should contain not over
20 per cent of dry milk and meat
scrap together. If one ha plenty of
lliiiid skim milk or buttermilk, It Is
equivalent approximately to 10 per
cent of dry milk or uient scraps.
War on Tuberculosis
The United State Department of
Agriculture has developed a means by
which the location of the tissue and
organ of n cow, a hog, or chicken
affected with tuberculosis may be vis
ualized, a also the tubercular lesions
themselves. These are pictured In
their natural color. The means by
which this Is done Is by nn Ingenious
mechanical outllt, the chief feature of
which Is a control of electric lights.
It Is designed to be used as nn exhibit
or display at public gatherings.
Find Throws Light on
Early American People
Evidence has been found of three
distinct ancient American civiliza
tions, the oldest about 3,000 years. In
the Lowry ruin, southwestern Colo
rado. The excavatios were made by
a Field museum nrcheologlcal ex
petition, under Dr. Paul S. Martin.
Two large klvns, be$t described as
large, single rooms, were unearthed,
Ioctor Martin reports. One was con
structed on the ruins of the other.
Material there found, with that from
several large burial places, will be
sent to the museum for a new ball
of nrcheoioiry. The ruins are the
largest In the Southwest, and were
untouched by previous explorers. On
the walls ct the klvns were paintings
depicting the religion and domestic
habits of the people. "Great was our
surprise," writes Doctor Martin, "to
find fragments of perfect paintings
still adhering to the walls of the up
per room. They probably had not
been exposed to the light of day for
3,000 years. All were perfectly geom
etric, and were executed In black
nnd white. The Information obtained
from the lower room was of even
nwre Importance. The paintings were
In better condition, and were similar
In design to ancient pottery, repre
senting lightning, rain nnd clouds.
This Is the first time such designs
have been found on klva walls."
er) "Is this boat going up or down,
Captain?" Captain "It's been a toss
up for months, mndam, whether she'll
blow up or sink we simply don't
Lady (stepping aboard river steam-
A Fit for Fur
irothy When will you got your
fur cont, mamma?
flfotber Your dad says It can't be
Dorothy Say, Momslo, have you
ever tried throwing yourself on the
floor and kicking your feet the way
I do? The Richmond Christian Ad
He Could Prove It
In the course of a conversation In
a factory yard, It was mentioned that
n mnn who was passing had at one
time been In a mental home.
"Hut he looks quite sane to me,"
said one.
"Sane? Oh, yes, he's snno enough.
And he's the only chap In the district
that's got papers to say ho Is snne."
London Tlt-ltlts.
Crank Case Oil
Farmers planning on using crank
ense oil as a preservative on hay
racks, eveners, ladders, and so on,
may And that this will help a little
In keeping water from soaking Into
the lumber, but would hardly be worth
the labor of putting It on.
Creosote Is excellent nnd n mixture
of half creosote and half gas house
tar Is good, but the used crank rase
oil hns no value, as a preservative
and very little Indeed as a pnlnt.
Farm Mortgages
Life Insurance compnnles bold 22.9
per cent of the mortgages on farms
In the United States; mortgage an
nuities, 10.4; commercial banks, 10.8;
federal land banks, 12.1; stock land
banks, 7; active farmers, 3.0; retired
farmers, 10.0; other Individuals, 13.4;
other agencies, 7.2.
Almoit the Limit
Frlscillu The worst of Augustus
Is (hut he looks such a fool.
Noroh Yes; It's rotten when they
look like It as well.
Lobiter Old Delicacy
There Is record that lobsters were
used for food In ancient times In
n ask.
8 G B
r." I vmmm vmmm&i.
RECT AL and Cntoe. aOmants vanlta oiekiT and
permanently mil tha Ur. C j. baas mom WaV
cat nmw or irunwm, wni'o
wtuac exektttor. FREE 10O
ac ISuatratad boofedaacribes
method tad eiplalnt anr
FEBREFUNDtt Scad far
nn a la iitoaav.
pnsTiA m TT W a t t a. r.
m r rf"rT)sj tm i si nrw yurrrwq
iai ata mni.Mil "T!?r.?iS i 5-
Polytechnic College ef Engineering
IM mi MaaM Stk, OaUaai CaWtraia
The Great Engineering School
of the West
KMnmi $ f" aVgnrj a 191 1
All Bon-aantla1 obftctl omitted. 10
tan'lvt practical Hhorouirh couriwa
In VrrtArni. Mrehaairal, Clrll. Mis.
Iai. Arrhlleetaral Slrartarml n.
(ineeriuK. Nrw earaea la Arrvnaatte
al and Airplane Kxirneerl. Speeial
rnarea la Airnlan Mrehaalea. A
Mrehanlra. Maehina Shop, JUeCtria
bhup, IjrnltluB, Uattnr.
Coanpleta ITIeeirWI Hrdraallr, BteM
aad Tcatlnc LabonUurtea.
Sent eiai fa jam M
Btndeota aaaMed In flnaacln1 thatr
couraea. Writ for (raa catalog.
41k aad Pl Prtlaa4, Ora.
A Bmlrl trkrm arw mvlemmo
Fireproof Koora-balh 2.00 up
Not for Beauty Seekers
A number of free clinics for plastic
surgery bave been recently opened in
New York city, but these are barred
against mere beauty seekers. They
are designed for the relief of unfor
tunate who have had their features
marred by accident In one way or an
other, or the malformed and excellent
work Is being done in this direction.
It Is said that ns many as 30 opera
tions have been performed on a sin
gle case.
Hi Pipe Made Target
While smoking bis pipe during a
walk, Mortimer Sullivan, Sr., of Fine,
N. Y, beard the distant report of a
rifle. A second later the bowl of hi
pipe was shattered, presumably by
the bullet, leaving only the stem in
his teeth.
The Stage for Them
'Don't you like comedians?"
"Not when they run for otllce."
Louisville Courier Journal.
"Does your fiance know your right
"Yes. Well, raniy."
Boschee's Syrup soothes instantly, ends
irritation quickly! GUARANTEED.
tjf Never be without
With Boschee's! For young
r 4ty and old.
druggists Syrup
W. N. U., Portland, No. 52-1930.
Treatment for Lice
Powdered snbadllla seed and flow
ers of sulphur mixed together, half
and half, Is a very effective remedy
for treating cuttle for lice In the win
ter time. Sprinkle It well over their
back and around the bnso of the
horns. This treatment might not suc
ceed In ridding the cattle of lice en
tirely but It will keep them down to
such nn extent that they will give the
cnttle but very little trouble.
II ffiliil
Ointment A!.npnJIt"1In& 'i
r quickly kanuhe pimples and
ltclung stun auecUous.
i0a Ca v Iura and fmprsnt. It brines
MD oaY "to the skin Health as well
as Cleanliness.
"!jU T I Pure and smooth, it soothes,
-3 alcma-f cools and refmhes the skin.
Soap ata. Ointroant Zta. and 60a, Talcum V.
rraprlatora I Hm Prai Cliartaal Oarporaltoa. MiliUa. Ka