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Get poison out f the ystcm wlti
iTcen-a-mint, the Chewing Gum I.x
tire. Smaller dosea effective when
'taken n thLs form. A modern, srieiu
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Fur Not Out of Place
in City on the Equator
Carveth Wells, the enginoer-cxplor-rr-lectnrer
who wont Into Africa with
the purpose of disproving the popu
lar idea tliat the center of that con
tinent is a heat-ridden Jungle, has
found adequate proof. In the Wcrld's
Work, Mr. Wells describes Ids stop
et Nairobi:
"It is n new-looking town, with
plenty of building in progress. It Ii
the capital of Kenya colony and lias
a population of 13.iH of which
Jl.GOO ore whites. Although virtually
upon the equator, the town enjoy
a delightful climate, with a yearly
rainfall of only oS Inches. It U re
freshingly cool, especially nt night.
Many residents use fires all year
round, find it is not ut nil unusual
to see ladies wearing furs after sun
tot "Nairobi has several excellent
liotels, the streets are wide and well
paved, and the trafiie, which is con
siderable, is regulated by picturesque
ly uniformed native police. Excel
lent stores of all kinds line the
streets, especially those of sporting
"These do a marvelous business
with the wealthy, who flock to East
'.Africa to go on safari and generally
shoot up the country then return
ing home laden with trophies anJ
Slowing with glory, big-game hunt
ers at last !
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The IrretpontiT Mike
"Are you going to speak over the
radio In your campaign?"
"I don't know," answered Senator
Sorghum. Tin used to being In per
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wish they'd Invent a microphone that
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WNU Srvloa
(Copyright bj Kvatyn Campbell.)
"There Is No One"
They left the hotel by the service
elevutor and an obscure exit. Linda
had changed to a street dress while
the man waited outside her door.
There had been no excitement about
It though a house detective came and
hovered about uneasily, claiming the
wardrobe trunk with a sort of tri
umph. The two men whispered to
gether while she dressed and she could
hear scraps of their conversation
through the open transom. Such
things happen every day. they said.
It was n common occurrence for pev
p!e to "heal" hotels-nearly ulvvavs
they Were "good lookers," also. Hut
the law was making It pretty serious
the new laws-they couldn't set
away with It any more, ar.J the law
had no mercy !
Mercy! That was not strictly true.
The man who came for her had mercy.
He had allowed her to p down and
break ruthlessly with Hrian before
Hrian could ruin himself over tier. Sh
knew what would have happened If
Hrian had heard about her first 1 In
spite of her misery this thought sent
a little wave of warmth and happiness
over her. He would have been true.
When she came out of her room she
was white but entirely composed and
I'etective Jimmy O'llara was politely
thankful to her for not making a
It was a bad night, slippery with
light falling sleet, nnd taxis moved
like careful ghosts, feeling their way
along on clanking chains. Under a
street light the officer saw her waxen
profile outlined against the dark lin
ing of the cab.
"You're sure there ain't a gentle
man you'd nsk to see you through
this?" he muttered clumsily. He had
asked that question befure and she
had told him no. I'.ut he had known
women to take that stand cften de
clare utter frletidlessness when they
had an army of rich relations. Women
In trouble were a M like birds. they
fluttered nnd tried to fight off the
hand that was helping them. Con
trarlly lie persisted: "That young fel
low he'd 'a been glad to bark you up
If you hain't bawled Mm out so
stron g."
That made her smile a queer twNl
ed lift of her drawn lip. "I 'id 1? Was
It really strong';" she questioned with
a curious childishness.
Hilicer Jimmy scratched Ms square
head. "If a dame ever talked thata
way to rr.e I'd have passed her up in
the frst five seconds." He ruminated:
"Hut he Lung on ike a bull pup. You
couldn't hardly shake him o!T."
Her head sank 'or.vard an I he heard
her sigh. This iiiTeeted him "trungcly
policemen nr:st guard themselves
clo.-eiy against pity and he oonllned
his to kids and stray kitP-ns. Kor
women like this one golddlggers, con
fidence moils, he should have no feel
ing whatever. Hut he slipped a glance
nt her and found thai tier profile the
delicate outline he had marveled at
was now In shadow. She was a dull
blur In the corner of the ca!. but one
hand, bare a little above the wrist, lay
on the cushions between them, and in
the jond-gloom It looked dead white
nnd ilmp. He wondered if she bail
"It's a bad night under the wheels.'
he said to try her out "I hope we
don't bump another car."
She did not answer though he knew
she heard and Ht that moment the car
did skid and her weight was thrown
against him. He grasped her baud to
steady her.
She turned her head slightly and
spoke "You were very good to let me
go down."
That embarrassed him. "I hated to
hang around, lady, llstouin' to you an'
your sweetie, but I had to keep you
In sight.'
"Why-do you cull him that?"
His embarrassment grew; he hadn't
meant to use Just that word to her,
but there didn't seem to be any other.
"Well, anybody could see that he was
that you was Anyway, I had to
be there. I felt klnda foolish."
"I know. You have to watch people
who are arrested." She lore the
word from her throat, but Mice spoken
her head went up. "It wus your
It made them both feel better. "I
wish you'd let your friends know
about this," O'llara persisted. "Ex
cuse me, ma'um, but I don't think you
know how to manage a business like
this. Tin re's got to be somebody"
"There Is no one," she Interrupted
with a touch of Impatience.
He was perplexed. He had the
warrant In his pocket. She was
chnrged with defrauding hotels some
of the big ones In Chicago and New
York a lldy sum, too more than a
good man could eurn In a year. Ho
had been rather proud of the order to
bring her In he'd always hated a
client worse than any sort of law
breaker. And then It was an assign
ment sure to curry publicity and front
page pictures, and a policeman likes
publicity as well as any man. Hut
now he wasn't proud. lie wanted to
find a way out for her and she claimed
there wasn't any.
Hut she had said something that
gave him a chnneo to speak to her
ngnln without sacrificing his dignity,
"A man has to do a lot of things for
duty when maybe he wouldn't
wouldn't" He stammered to full
Hut she was the kind that under
"That Is true," she said sweetly.
She seemed to have no hurd feeling
against him at all. Then she added
thoughtfully: "And If you haven't
been exactly honest with yourself, duty
Is all the harder when It does come.
If you've lied and pretended, It's ter
ribly hard to tear It down"
He nodded. Anybody knew that It
was harder to take back lie than to
tell one.
I.lnda was not suffering any more.
AH the pain that had wrapped her like
a dull tlame had somehow settled to
Inertia that mercifully stilled active
thought. It did not matter what hap
pened now. The scene with Rrlun
ended everything as If a sharp knife
had severed a cord that hound her to
all those people and made her one of
There would be a tremendous scan
dal and the family would want to pay
up, but she could not see what differ
ence that would make now. They
would talk about It forever nnd tie
disgrace she had brought upon them
all. And how foolish It would be, for.
of course, everything was over for her
now. And then she saw herself. I.lnda
lioih, as she must have seemed to
others-the pauoler, with her head
high and her skirts trailing In the
gutter mud. The despised woman who
hid her eyes like an otrlch and look
wi:h both hands held behind her I
Hands: Suddenly she held them out.
"What will they do?" she whis
pered. He was slow about answering. 1 1
knew at once what she was thinking
of. but It was not easy to answer her.
"Lol I'm afraid It's Jail nia'am."
Wind-Driven Moth
And what Is Jill? What happens In
Jail? What happens to a delicate
woman with silken wrists nnd ankles
. . . who has only known the soft
est sheets; the whitest bread? What
happens to her In Jail?
The detective told I.lnda while the
cab rattled and clashed over the slip
pery street. hue tie talked ins
eyes were fascinated by the scrap of
white wrist that caught the light from ;
the window. The woman prisoners
nan to earn ineir Keep; mere wer (
dishes to wash and floors to scrub
nnd beds to make. Just ordinary work.
A million women doing as much, and
far more, nil over the country every i
day. !
Yes, but there niut be something
more. There was. It was a serions
charge. Ollara knew the law. The
law could send an embezzler to Sinf,
Sing easy enough ; or maybe to the
N'aiid, whh h was worse.
"Sing Sing." she repeated this
vaguely. It sounded heathenish and a
linle silly, but oddly familiar. And
what then?
nli. three or four years! Of what?
lieiectlve Jimmy drew a long breath,
lie had tried to make her understand
as well ns he could, but he had not
told her the half. Of course, It could
never happen to her. A woman like :
that would have dozens of friends ;
but In spite of this assumption he
moved uneasily, lie had seen It hap- j
pen. He had seen them, young and .
pretty, with the Innocence hardly j
brushed from their eyes, and no '
friends! Nothing to be cnlled friend. !
There were so mmy women. They '
sprang up like daisies everywhere and j
if one was trampl.'d there was nlways j
another for its place . . . i Elec
tive Jimmy was no poet and he was a
little ashamed of these fancies that
came now and then and which be
never recounted to anyone.
Varying Opinion as to
"Bookt All Should Have"
There Is a house In Chelsea which
bears the Intriguing sign, "The House
of the Nine Hooks." The nine books
are those which, In the occupiers'
opinion, ought to be In every home.
They are the I'lble, Plato's "He
public," Homer, Horace, "The Ara
bian Nights," Dante's "Divine Com
edy," "Don Quixote," Shakespeare, and
Grimms "Fairy Tales."
This Is nn Interesting list, but how
many people will ngree with It? Many
of us would like to substitute Milton
for Horace; nnd If Grimm Is Included
for the children's benefit, wouldn't
Hans Christian Anderson be a better
Hut no two people would make out
the same list. What would you say
were the nine books that ought to he
In every home? Write them down
nnd usk your friends to do the same,
and you will be amazed, both at the
vnrlety of the titles, and also nt the
way In which some of them occur In
every, or almost every, list. London
Ancient Gravaatene
A peculiar-looking stone discovered
In a field near Schwndorf, Austria, by
Johann Firth, a peasant, nnd delivered
by him to Professor Langbauser, the
local school principal, was found tc
be a part of a Itomnn gravestone with
much of the umctIdUob Mill clearlj
7 h M
lit .. jJK.
Scan at a Coffea Warshouit In Santo, Brazil.
(Prrrt.l br the National OwitifMc n uniniioii, i. v.i
ItA.lL Is so huiie It Is a quar
ter of a million square miles larg
er than the United States and
Is made up of so many diverse
ration that the avenge visitor ran
do little more than acquaint himself
wtth a limited area. Hut modern trav
I methods hav at least greatly
stretched the area that can be cov
ered by a brief tour. Now many trav
elers from the I'tdted States to South
America go by airplane, skimming
along over the Atlantic coast of the
great republic.
The first familiar feature of Hrartl
that the air traveler sees Is the Amu
ion. At tti mouth the big river, 1M
tulles wide between Its rapes, colors
the sea snd dilutes Its salt for N
miles offshore. Men In small fishing
boats, venturing out of sight of land,
figure how far out they are by tast
ing the water.
The rise of the river near I'ara In
flood times Is often M feet. Then vast
areas of forest are completely Inun
dated. Snow In the Andes begins to
melt In August, but this delta dors
not feel the rise till sit months later.
With a valley covering 'J.T'J'J.O'Ki
square miles, and containing about
nilles of navigable water com
munlcations. It Is easy to see why It
takes the Mg river six months to rise
snd six months to fall. Also, the
! f the vast valley from the foot
or the Andes to the Atlantic Is onlv
about 20 feet. This Is why tide from
the sea are felt up the Amazon for
floO miles. Sometimes three or four
tides are riding the river nt once,
like big waves far apart.
Looking at maps, one observes the
Amazon delta docs not run out to sea
on land bridges, as do the Nile, the
Ganges and the Mississippi. It car
rles prodigious onds of mud, and go
ologists sny Its delta oi e extended
3"K) miles pasj Its pre, cut mouths.
Hut now the ocean Is rapidly eating
into the continent. And from the air
you see how this goes on. Hy an odd
freak of nature, the sea Is driving In
land huue waves of white fand. These
big dunes In many places have bur
led the trees. I'.lsewhere you can see
dead trees, once covered with sand
and killed, and then exposed again to
the advancing sea wave washing
them out by the roots.
Rush of the Amazon Bore.
And the I'ara, or south coast, of the
delta, you notice, Is higher and drier
than the const of Brazilian Guiana,
north of the Amazon delta. Around
Maraca Island and the mouth of the
Araguary river the famous Amazon
bore Is at Its best. When It rum In
Its roar can he heard six miles. Its
speed Is ten to fifteen knots an hour,
sri(j ariyt!ilri
In Its path la swept
Look down on all these mud banks,
rip tides and shallows, and you see
why skippers dread navigation In
these waters. Changes In coast out
lines are constant; shoals nnd flats
form only to he washed away. Mud
banks which a few years ago barely
; showed above the sea are now cov
( ered with trees. Had lights nnd buoys,
lack of good charts, ever shifting cur-
rents bring many ships to grief.
I Even the many small native trad
1 lug boats, their cabins thatched over
nnd their sails made of blue cotton
: cloth, have their own troubles here
with wind, tide, and mud.
San Luis from tiie air Is a com
i pact, red-roofed town of many patios
and narrow streets. It was first a
fort built by the French and named
after Louis XIII. The town Is on nn
' Island, and a railway connects It with
1 the mainland. It Is a thriving place.
' You see new buildings going up nlong-
side wonderful old houses with fronts
; of fancy glazed tiles, and marble
1 statuary lifted above their patio gates.
' Scenes Along the Coast.
J At the mouth of the Amazon and
north of It Hrazil Is very damp. Hut
once you quit the Amazon delta, and
get well on your way down the slop
ing coast toward the great shoulder
of northeast Hrazli, like magic the
soaking Jungles and mud flats chunge
to a parched and sunburnt land, with
mile-long sand dunes bare and for
lorn as the shores of Suez. If you
placed a few camels under the lonely
clumps of coconut trees which you
see being smothered by sand dunes
often 00 feet high you would get as
good a desert picture as any from
Bagdad to Cairo.
-f r v (i""'"! ill
Men killing a big sea turtle ou th
beach; lonely lighthouses; aitndjr
Arahy scenery, with goals prowling
sand dunes for atray plant life; odd
bouts of five spliced logs and a dirty
sail, awash from ateiu to stern o that
two fishermen aboard work staimlng
In water; fish traps like long picket
fences In constal shallows; gni-
roofed huts on far apart stretched id
coconut shaded beac h, nil Idyllic Itob
Insoii Crusoe sotting: these sight!
the nlr traveler along ItrniU's const
sees, while much empty country snd
a few busy towns Hint America nevei
heard of, slip under him.
Take Fortalcin, often called (Varil
In the state of that name. It Is om
of the many ports scattered down thli
seaplane path (hut help consume the
ever growing stream of shop iiiadi
things we must export If we are to
keep our mills running full time. Walk
Its noUy, narrow, rubble stoned
street nod see how American urn
chines and methods mark Its life
Hrcadutiy melodies crooned by Yim
kee talking machines to soothe s
roomful of boh haired dressmakers;
another roomful of girts demoustrat
lug sewing tnnchliiea; busses, trucks
motor cars, typewriters, cash regis
ters, fountain pens, printing presMes
com poppers, vending machines, cam
eras, parages with young Hra.lllini
hoja using Atnerjcnn tools, ferrli
wheels, merry-go round, gas stoo-s
electric equipment, inovle homes
even movie fun magazine t ra the mi
live language hut printed in tlx
States; telephone, street cars, wire
less a city of 1SV""J whose very
name few Americans ever heard. Yet
it good customer of ours, paying ill
for what It bu) with skins and vege
table wax, or with cindi from cotton
sold to Liverpool,
Here, n In all cities which stand
along this world transportation route,
American capital and management
help build Up the public utilities. And
here the people bhss the Itockefi-llet
foundation for killing their old enemy
the mosquito.
Natal snd Bahla.
Hounding the shoulder of South
America one passe Cape San Kuque,
whbh aviators say Is their nearest
point from which to quit this coast
for I'.urope. Helow It stands Nut'il
the well known western terminus of
Africa -nruzll flights. Here, too, con
verges the nlr-web of plane paths
whh h collect South American mall for
L'urope, which mall Is sent from here
to Dakar, Africa, by speedy French
dispatch boats and there put again
on planes for Kurope. The French
hope In time to set up a transatlantic
air mall line between Natal and Dak
ar. Five air lines now serve this town
of 40,00. Natal reveals proof of
Iirazll'8 Interest In air travel. You seH
hangars for seaplanes, radio towers,
ISrazll'a first civilian school for avia
tors, nnd a fine flying field for land
Well around the northeastern shoul
der of Hrazli lien Huhla. Hot ween
this port city and the Fnlted Stales
close ties exist. California owes a big
debt to Hahln. In 1ST! Kb bard Files,
then United States consul nt Hahla,
sent to the Department of Agriculture
In Washington some navel orange
trees. A letter went back to tbo con
sul, saying; "You have placed the de
partment In possession of one of the
most desirable varieties of oranges
known; and one which If ban much
desired. . . , You omitted to In
close your hill." From this simple
start for which a pioneer Yankee
consul did not even send his bill for
expenses wus to arise a horticultural
achievement without parallel In the
migration of fruit tree.
Hahla Is the site of the oldest civ
ilization In South America. Half a
century before the (list white settle
ments In the Lulled States It was a
Portuguese colony. Named hy Amerigo
Vespucci and bis band, for centuries
It led a turbulent life, assailed by
pestilence, famine, Indiana, and Lis
bon's old enemies, the Dutch. Often
the Indians devoured large bands of
settlers. The military commander and
the whole population of the colony at
Cayru were butchered while attending
church and euten. Yellow fever wus
epidemic for three cititurog. On on
occasion 20 pirates were hanged at
the same time and place. For gen
erations all Lisbon trading ships came
to Hahla guarded by gunboats ugnltisl
pirates and other enemies.
-. v " " " ft ff, -tfc,i"
I 1
Lucky Find
When we And some alight help
Inukoi a marvelous Improvement la
n child, we wonder why we hadn't
thought of doing It long ago.
Here's n good example: "My lit
tle girl was doing fairly well," say
Mrs. M. Melteiibaeh, 5003 F.uille
"Street, Omaha, Neb., "tml I noticed
he didn't eat right and didn't liuvq
Much energy,
"Our doctor had recommended
California Fig Syrup, so I gave her
oine, Sho Improved so much I
wonder I didn't do something for
lier stomach and bowel before, Sh
has a good appetite and digestion
atid plenty of energy, now."
To point up a child's appetite,
Increase energy nnd strength, nlt
digestion and regulate the dowel
there's nothing .o California Fig
Sjrup. Doctors ndvp.o It to open
bowels In colds or children's ills
rases; or whenever bad breath,
routed tongue, rtc, Warn of coin
l'mphiislr.o thn tiamo California
xv hen buying, to get thn ytnutne.
Lawyer Wai Looking to
Another Day in Court
Associate JaMiee Wendell I'. Siuf
ford of the District of Columbia Su
premo court tells this one:
A certain lawyer was nr ;
rase before a state Supiein.-irt.
Things were going against him. The
Justb-in hud gone oft on a tangen;
nnd by the battery fire of questions
from the sitting Justices the lawyer
knew the case was g"ing against him.
Finally he admitted defeat, saying;
"May the court please. It look as
If this case Is going to be decided
against me. However, another case
covering the Identical point Is soon
to come before jour honorable body
and It may Interest the court ti
know that In the nd case I repre
sent the opposite side."
TWt let sour stomach, gas. In
digeelloti make you a offer. And don't
Ue crude method! to get t'i !ef.
Just take a s; nful of I'hllllpV
Milk of Magne-ia in n K4, 0f w.
ter. It Instantly neutralize m.iny
time lis volume In cvok neld. It
will probably iul your distress In
live minutes,
I'hllllps' Milk of M.ignes!,, Is the
perfect way to end digestive disor
ders due to ixce-s acid for men,
Women, children -and even babies.
Fndoised by doctors, usd by ho.
pi till.
Your drtirstore Jin the 2c and
C0c sizes. Insist on the genuine.
Lone Deficiency
Shakespeare's knowledge seemed
to embrace every subject," said Mr.
"Yes," answered Mr. Stormlngton
Hume. "About the only thing on
which he appeared to lack Informa
tion was the Hnconlaii theory."
Washington Star.
New Reaton
Minks Why Is your wife on such
a Strenuous diet?
Jinks We have bought one of
those Infant size cars and she Is try
ing to get thin enough to ride In It.
Cincinnati Iincpilrer.
Y Dont Risk
Kidney Disorder Aro Too
Serious to Ignore.
If bothered with bladder ir
ritations, Retting up at night
snd constant backache, don't
take chanccsl Help your kid
neys at the first sign of disorder.
Use LWn'i Pills. Successful for
. ii r s . .
n more man ou years, tnaorsea
l by hundreds of thousands of
f grateful utseri. Get Doan'i to
I k dav. Sold evervuhen
If AIM llil saii
---aJ Am 1VI
llamom Dsnitruff H.,w ,i, yjUn J
BautrtoUrrand hm.l.A fl.lj
" - J "'r""mcn. m
LUHI-S I ON SHAMPOO - l.lcl f, u I,
(lata, llikooa UiMulubl Worka, l'a!chogu W.J.
Y txm