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by Evelyn Campbell
(Copyright by Kvtlyn 0mitU.)
WNl Servlo
CHAPTER X Continued
"You cnme becnuse you could not
stay away when I citllod you, Umlu.
and because we are never going to be
parted asnln. l.lmlu, we love each
other! ("mild anything be as won
dorfiil as that? Let me tell you some
thing, dear. I was beginning to think
that life had played me an ulj trlvk.
I was beginning to doubt and ques
tion wlint was real and true, I was
ready to throw It all away because
of a pride that would not let me take
from another man. And then I was
made ashamed when they gave me
you. When I found that out I learned
how to be grateful and humble. I
knew that one gift was but the prep
aration for another. 1 knew that I
had to win If I had you "
She laid her fan against her lips
to conceal that she had bitten them
deeply. Now she had to be cruel, so
cruel that she dared not plan words
but must let them come as they would,
Impelled by the bitterness of her soul.
And he must never know that this
hatred was for herself and not for
"Are yon trying to tell me that yon
love me!" she cried, and burst out
He drew back, hard hit "Too have
always known that." he said quietly.
A silence fell upon their warfare,
for It was that. Men and women are
so close to hatred when they love I
She was trying to .nalm ind kill his
love with all the weapons at her com
tnand. It was a thing that must die
here and now, If all that was good In
ber died with It,
"Havel? ! wonder." She appeared
to search her mind for proofs. "But
how could I believe you meant It T
Young men like you are always
falling In love with women like me."
As If by accident she lifted the string
of pearls and held It before her like
a little swaying bridge of beauty to
her white breast The movement was
symbolical; she needed to say noth
ing more, but she could not stop
"Let me get all this right First. 1
have come to Washington because of
you because 1 love you. to be exact
And then, as If that were not ennucli.
I have been given to you by an over
generous diety as speHal Inducement
to success! flood heavens, could
youth 'go further than that." She
laushed at him again, letting her eo-l
nnlnughlng eyes mock him for a m
ment "Co on. You had reached the
point where the world was at your
fn-er tips! Oh. this Is fun. Better
than dancing In that hot room. Or
do all young men feel like that when
they train a good appoint merit?"
Hut she had gone too far. He
suddenly freed her hands and leaned
back studying her white fare frosa
which the delicate rotij:e stood starkly
out revealing Its f;ilsity She shiv
ered beneath that scrutiny but man
aired In some way to preserve her
shield of scornful mint
"I cannot hellexe ymi," he said.
"You could not have tlmnged In a
day to this."
She made a gesture of weariness
"What? That I am not an Idealist?'
Some of her pain found Its wny to her
tired voice. "After all. what do you
know of me? What right have you to
choose for me?"
The right of love," he said stub
bornly, and then he told her what
the had known all along she would
hear. AM about his s.vlft love for her
and the wonder she was to him and
the dreams he had had for them both.
All the foolery that men believe when
they speak It to the one woman and
forget so easily. But as Brian told
It. It was very true and real and Linda
had to shut her eyes tightly to hide
her tears and her Hps more tightly
still to keep from saying that she be
lieved It all and would take her chance
like any other woman. That was
what she had meant to say a few
hours agi but not now!
"Well, then" she cried desperate
ly, for she was nearly to the end.
"what must I say that you amused
me for a little while and thai It Is
all over? I cannot laugh at you any
longer. It Is all too ubsurd. Because
I have been kind to you. Try to see
how ridiculous it Is. Could you give
me anything like this?" She lifted
the pearls and held them before him.
For so long they had been a part of
her play that the gesture came nat
urally. The pearls were a defense.
She could hide behind them as she
had before.
He stopped her with a look. He
us stupefied by the situation which
was developing into tragedy for hltn
It seemed Impossible thnt she could
be saying these things tlmt were hur
r.vtng them apart. The whole scene
began to be nightmarish to him Thi
pale woman who was trisittr Inu him
so determinedly could not lie the I, In
da who yesterday had bhMied and
smiled under his eyes. There must
be something that would explain this
madness and make It clear.
"Linda." Ik said softly, "won't yon
tell me what it means?"
t'e thought her lips quivered; he
thought she was about to speak and
""n Hie swiftest change ot all came
er her. She was looking tteyond
film arid her eyes dilated and then
turned to Ice as If nil the tenderness
had gone out of her forever.
"Is there to be nn end to this? I
would like to go back. I would like
to dance." Nothing could be colder
tlan her vol;
And now ho saw thnt she meant It
This Incredible Bcone was based upon
something deeper than pique. Ho be
gun to be afraid.
"You mean thnt Fve been wrong to
hope to believe that you love nie?"
".More than that." She stood up
making ready to go. It was nearly
over now. Soon she would be free.
"If you have believed that, you have
been more presumptuous than 1
thought. You had no right to think
of me at all. You have made an ab
surd error your vanity Is responsible
for that, no doubt. But I am tired
now, I must go buck go back"
Behind hi in a face suddenly ap
peared In tLc banked greenery at the
end of the room. That fuce, expres
sionless and unmoved, seemed to be
sending her a message from lips niuts
as one of the bronxes thnt brooded
''. -WP.W V-'. 7
llJll -$I
"Women Ilk Myself Can't Afford to
Love It's Much Too Expensive."
from their half concealed pedestals.
She tried to keep the dread from bet
own face but It escaped In a llttl
cry smothered at her lips. There was
a sharp rattling sound. The rope of
pearls had broken In her tw'stlng fin
gers and the released stones showered
In a milky rain upon the (Wr. rolling
Brian Anstey bent Instinctively to
collect them and felt a Jarring scrunch
beneath his foot. He looked and saw
a fine powder mingled with larger par
ticles where two of the pearls hnd
been. Silently he gathered (he debris
Into his hand, shifting It uhout It
was very plain. The pearls were Imi
tation not too gM.d a one at that
not worth stooping to recover. He
looked at her then and sat her watch
ing him with a strange expression,
holding the broken strand against her
"I'm sorry" Cut It was not for
the broken stuff In his hand tint be
was sorry.
She'twlsted her mouth In a sort of
smile. "You have the truth you were
usklng for a while ago . . sha
said. "I'm a shun like my pearls.
Fin false, you know. Women like my
self can t afford to love Its much too
expensive. . . Or If we do It must
be some one who can make the
real." . . . She tombed the poor
heads that clung to her homim If
they hated to leave there; then with
contempt she released the sirur: ami
let them fall. "Why wouldn't vmi
let It stand as It was? It was so muci,
prettier. . . ."
She turned owny slowly and left
him. He saw her silhouette slender
and slightly drooping hut altogether
lovely as she moved away iiniotig tl
green arms ot the palms to the open
golden door of the ballroom. She left
him casually as If he were worth no
better parting than tlmt
Thought He Had Vision
of the "Good Old Days"
There Is an old fashioned Inn In the
little village of Wulriilngham that at
tracted my attention one day when I
was out for a country ramble. It still
has an atmosphere of stirring times In
the past A highwayman's haunt, no
Swords used In the good old days
still hang over the mantelpiece of tlm
huge chimney piece In the center of
the heavily beamed room, and the Inn
keeper himself can recount many tales
of duels and robberies.
At the end of the garden I noticed
two limp objects hanging, swayed to
and fro by the wind lifeless skele
tons! Nn longer a frame for warm
flesh and blood They hung wllh feel
dangling. I shuddered anil ran my
lingers round my collar nt the thought
of a gibbet and nil Its horrors.
Just then a dimi bunged and a worn
an came hurrying down the garden
unpegged 'he two stockings hanging
on the line and took them In. Passing
Show, London
The fiulion law oi lillnl regression
stale that the leinl ney of the chil
dren of unusual parents Is to Hppn xl
ii. ate more nearly to the common type
of the family or stuck. Hereditary
chnrncterisllcs are derived ss follows:
One-half from the parents, one quar
let from I he grandparents, one-elghtf
iiotn tin gieut grundpareus, etc.
i i
The turn was over, and the orches
tra was silent for a while.
"I say," satd the conductor, leaning
down to speak to his first violin,
"whatever key were you playing In?"
"Skeleton key," returned the violin
ist readily enough.
"Skeleton key," echoed the conduc
tor, "whatever do you mean?"
"Fits anything," was the reply.
Wcntworth Blade.
"Is she really as bad as she's paint
"Gosh I Y' don't call that a bud
palutlng Job, do you?"
investigations. Ilk aa not.
Will mystify the avenge man.
Before they're finished you've forgot
Just how the trouble flrit began.
Little Los
"Mr. Meier, your muld has fullcn
down the cellar stairs with a bottle
and cut herself badly on the pieces
of glass."
"Was she going down or coming
Going down."
"Thank goodness. At least the bot
tle was empty."
Deeply Interested
"You seem very much Impresses by
all these explanations I have been
giving you about banking and cur
rency." "Yes. Charley dear," replied young
Mrs. Torklus. "It seems perfectly won
derful that anybody could know as
much as you do about money with
out having any." Washington Star.
Those Billboards Again I
Visitor What Is the Idea of pasting
all those advertisements In your photo
Returning Tourist Just to remind
me of what I saw on my recent motoi
Not Good Eating
"He seems to be worse. Did yoo
give him the porou: plaster?"
"Yes, doctor, but he would only e&J
half of It"
"What mukes the water of this
spring so hard?"
"This spring flows only ufter a hard
Two Dead One
Mere He two men whom we arret
Have won the cut-glas bonnet;
The first of them blew out the ga;
The other Hepped upon It
Aware of It All Ibe Time
Prima Donna Mistalre Direct eur,
here is se doctcur's certificate. I
couldna seeng last night.
Opera Munnger I do not need It
Mme. S'pieeka; I know thnt better
than he does.
Exactly at Represented
Mr. fester I bought 10,UX) shares
of Dryhole Oil Co. stock today. The
broker nssured me It was a good buy.
His Wife And I'll bet he told the
truth. It's a good by to your money.
"Do you draw as large a salary ai
you are credited with In print?"
"No," answered the movie star.
"For actual pay you've got to draw on
the cashier and not on the press agent's
With Assistance
Two business men were overheard
discussing golf. "Do you ever play
miniature golf?" one of them asked.
"Yes," replied the other, "when I
can get a good caddy I"
"I know what
I want"
"So do r
1 II
. . . ami it's going to be an Atwatrr
Kent. What wc want is perform
ance, ami so far as we're concerned
there's only one choice.
We want the Golden Voice of the
new Atwatcr Kent p!, clear,
consistent reception, without a lot
of noise. We want rxmcr enough
to bring in distant stations. We
want a dial wc can read easily from
any position, without straining our
eyes that new Atwatcr Kent
jjuick-Vision Dial. We want the
new Atwatcr Kent Tone Control,
so that we can bring out the low
notes or the higji notes ns we please.
We want a radio that's always
ready to go when wc come to the
end of a day's work. We want the
kind cf dependability that Atwatcr
Kent is famous for. We want a ra
dio from the maker who insists that
farm people shall have just as good
performance as city people.
We want an up-to-date radio,
witS all the newest worth-while im-
prorements plus Screen-Grid, from
the manufacturer with longest
Screen-Grid experience. Wc want a
really good-looking radio one we
cart show with pride when friends
come in.
We're going to put our money
where our faith is, and that means
one of the new Atwatcr Kcnts.
When we go into town tomorrow,
we're going to stop at a dealer's and
order an Atwatcr Kent. Wc know
what we want and we're going to
get it NOW.
t t t
Ths new 1931 Atwatcr Kent with
the Golden Voice Is built for cither
all-elcctric or battery operation.
That's another reason w by rural fam
ilies all over the United Statel prefer
the new Atwatcr Kent
A. AlWTH KlT, PtlllMuT
4 vitiANitioa vi., minimum. .
-til, '"KiHimiiiiiiiii,' ra i s
J MODEL 70 ill
Lowboy K
Variety of oihrr beautiful models for
all clu-tric ot battery operation.
The New Exclusive
Quick-Vision Dial
Easy to rtaJ as a cWk. firmest aid
to f .ut, eaty tuning in all the
history of tajiu.
Salic Law
The laws of the Sulle or Sultan
Franks were committed to writing In
the Fifth century, before the general
Introduction of Christianity, and that
code Is known as the Salluii lawa.
Due chapter of the code Is specifical
ly known as the Salic law. It re
gards the sueeesjilim to hinds and
limits such succession to mule heirs
to the total exclusion of female
heirs, chleily because certain mili
tary duties were connected with the
holding of land. In the Fourteenth
century females were excluded from
the throne of France by nn extension
of the Salic law.
When there's distress two hours
after entlng-henrtburn, Indigestion,
gas suspect excess acid.
The bef-t way to correct this Is
with an alkali. I'hystcluns prescribe
Phillips' Milk of Magnesia.
A spoonful of Phillips' Milk of
Magnesia In a glass of water neu
tralises ninny times Its volume In
exems acid; and does It at once. To
try It Is to bo through with crude
methods forever.
P.e sure to get genuine Phillips'
Milk of Maenesln. All drugstores
have the generous 2c and oOc
Lotties. Full directions In package.
Easily Arranged
Husband "The potatoes arc only
half cooked." Ilrlde "Then eat the
half that Is cooked." P.uen Humor,
At th Drug Store
Toctor, my face hurts."
"Yea, nilsn. I to you want liniment
or beauty stuff)"
Earthquake' llssvjr Toll
The earthquake In Japan occurred
on September I, l'.C.'l. The number
of live lost aiis IH,X:.
...gVe child Castorh
i? USSY, fretful, can't sleep, won't
eat.... It isn't always easy to find
just where the trouble is with
young child. It may be a stomach
upset J it may be sluggish bowels.
Dut when little tongues are
coated and there is even a slight
suspicion of bad breath it's lime
lor Castotiil
N, susersiai! tor!
m terror:
RV at..iov
Castoria, you know, is pure
Vegetable preparation especially
made for batie and children. When
Laby cries with colic or is fretful
because of constijiation, CastorU
brings quick comfort, and, with
relief from pain, soothes him to
restful sleep. For older children
up through all the school years,
Castnria is equally effective in
helping to right irregularities. Just
give it in larger dusts. What a
The covetous man heaps tip riches,
not to enjoy them, but to havo them.
comfort Castoru is to mothers!
Get the genuine, with Chas. If.
Fletcher's signature on wrapper
and the name Casturu that always
appears like this:
t,.,.iT -, a V- f . , f f 7 -t-s V J
The woman who knows, would
as soon 6tart out without her
purse! She always carries Bayer
When your head fairly throLs
from the stores and crowds,
reach for that little box. Take
two or three tablets, a 6waIlow
of water, and resume your
shopping in comfort. Relief
is immediate.
Most people use these won
derful tablets for somelhingi
liut do you know how many,
iW ? ;
t 5
- - - " - i ' 1 li"!!!.
consequences of a sore throat.
From those pains peculiar to
women. From the misery of
neuralgia and neuritis.
F.VfrV flrilfTKtnrfl tna nnn,.!
many ways they can spare you Bayer Aspirin. The box says
needless Buffering? From the Bayer, and every tablet bears
the Bayer cross. Tablets thus
marked do not depress the heart.
discomfort and danger of a
neglected cold. From 6criou3
lHrt IVur. tor, Anrlrl. 'mm ft
I'" l""'!'!. Mi.nujr i r,,,,,ii ( h, ,l.
flil. N. K. Jnn,l,.,n. Ili.ili.i.r. ( iif,
Oregon & California Directory
Motel Roosevelt
Onto PORTLANDS N.w.r,hnpln..r nr tuli fluiup riKfrinOf.
m W. I'm a Nt. t iITi- hhu. llr ui,uii.
.i 4 ho pr crni jiitia wlill
-,-iiir.wniiiT.coiirici!. Wrllr frrlli.
MOLER yTiM or contois
Hotel Hoy t
Hiiirlnl winter
rti bjr ir, wk
t. nt.,,.,1.
i u i, OREGON
Abmtmltly t'neptaof
Comer Otta and H..jrt Htm., Nrar Union Hl.tlon.
i.rir riHjui nlih Iikiii or ahowrr. ti.iu to tUk
Jiiii at ailily. Umrnu iiriidixir.
. w ! i niihiii v
UUw iwl nm uni ad.fretiH of h.indr1i of
gutelu. pattcnU contnlncd In our HU.tS HUUK
(in .,! r.... .it ...
alto dtUlU of lir. C 1. Dean
nnn-suriiical mclhod ol titib
tnent, nlikh w tus tuluslnly,
benct f.HT It trulsy tnd Irxrn of
1() h.l.lMINATk I'll Hi nil
litfTAI Vr rfiiiiM rnuu
" - -- --. ---7 -a
W. N. U., Portland, No. 47-1930.