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IONE, OREGON FRIDAY, Oct. 3, 1930.
Misi Alice Monltfomcry, Ian
giwtfc teacher in Lexfnjiton hljjli
school was a week end visitor In
the home o( Iter mother, Mrs F.
II. U-own, In Porllaod.
Mr. an I Mm. John (Hunk) Mc
Millan, of Koschurtf. stopped for
a short May in Lexington the
flnt of the week
Mr. and Mrs. McMillan jour,
ncyed on to points in Idaho
and Washington before return
inj to their home In southern
Principal and Mrs. G. K. Tuck
er of lone, spent Sunday after
noon in Lexington.
The Lexicon llignschool
seniors are practicing their fin
al play, "Oh Kay" to be staged
at an early date. The cast ol
characters includes: Neva War
ner as Grandma l'cndrake, Em
ett Kuns as Grandpa I'endrakt
Veda Hundy, Eulyn Whitman
Beulah Kskelson, With Whit
man, Ellis Moyer, Arthur Whit
man, Jemcs Valentine, Caytain
Whitman, Vera Breshears, Al
ice Borden, Dale Hawks, Fred
Alden; Archie Innkcrs, Jim
Hayes; Lanrcl Khul, Ceorac
tnJ Fay Gray, Kay Millis.
Ust week a party composed ol
Mr. ane Mrt. Jon Cicson and son
Walter and Mr Mr. George
Faulkner, of I'ottbnd. journeytd
to the mountains In quest of deer
Joe Gibson was the fits t bag
one which was a time pointer
The following nu nirg while re
tttrnrning to camp from takinp
pioturcs yf the deer killed by
Gibson. he ladles receiud a joy
oui thrill, for out ot the brush in
front of them Itnped a tii.v buck.
In thr exciienent. Mr. Gibson,
who was carrying the gun, fired
at it thocting it through the hind
puarters The deir n nafcw paces
and fell but as Mrs. Gibson ai
projchcd. it raked its head aiul
(he shot again this time through
the head.
The two women together man
i-gcil to drag the deer some pu n
ttrofarrile to the road. WhiU
on their way, tain and hail show
ercd In their vicinity and by the
time camp was reached they wi n
waking wet However Mts. Git
son states she (eel none tht
worse for the Gcoigi
I aulknir and Walter Gibson cxh
b ilged a deer before r. turning
gome, th latKr's bing a fou
pointe. IONE-Lacington Football
The lone hi school football
t-tni won a decidtd victor) ovtr
lxington in the first yame ol
th" unison plnycd Friday on the
iKimn field with u scort of nine
tn to nothintr. The lineup for
,ne wfcft M IoIoaK L E. Ordif
Karrcns.Ij. T. Krancid Ely, L. G.
Joel Ennleman. G. Irvin Uitehie
It. li. Mil on Moriran, It. T. Nor
m m E-erson. K. E. Norton Lun
dell, (i Iter! AVer?. L. li. Errl
McCabe. F. It. Barton Clark I!.
11, NormaanSwanaon. Substitutes
Johni for Barton Ciaik
Barton Clat k for Na man Everaon
Norman Eve: son for Milton Mor
un and Virgil Ewtab for Joel
Knglcnian. The Lexington boos
who played were: James Valfti
tine. Harold Peck, Orlow V ai tin
Merrit Gray. Llewellyn Evans.
Vester'lhon berg, Archie Munkeri
Dale Lane, Ellis Mover, Maurice
Ueany, Kenneth Warner, Kan
dall Martin, Vernon Scott and
Winford Duvall.
tin fyS'
& $
IA 1 1 r?
I.AKR TAIIOH Cal.-W.ll nil I
kii iw U Juul wtmt I n ml In tlio unpen,
ml wliut comet n I o ! i k where 1 h t ;in
to la mrilng
around, I doni
cart where, or h'w
much you have
traveled, If you
want to hit
unique neck of the
woods go up
around l.ak T:t
hoo, and over lull
Nevada, Mono. Car
on City, Vlriclnla
City, all tlioae II, t
Spilnga up around
there, then thut
Luke Tuhoe (1300 hundred hood high,
nillca long a Md 12 wide.
Iti not only the unique country. It
the p'i!o too that you run onto up
there. Ixta of Frlaco pooide have
their lummer home up there, ttie
f'SuhliBc ktre hare a great place, and
he nor back to hla tiu'.lnm and
rounda up a new (rang ot giiviia ail
hrltiK em up (or every week end.
Then down the Lake further on
Hint-raid liny Mrs. Knight hae I'll tr.'t
the tnoat unliiue Houm la America, a
HweedUli llouae. Now we never
thought about the Swede bavlnt
hoiikea. We junt kinder pictured em
tx'hij born, and then leaving the next
day for Mlnncuota, and then live lu
An.cilcan made botuea. Hut lay oj
their native heath tboae Joliniona
know how to live. ThU houie of hen
la abaolutely authentic, and Its the
uiont livable thing I ever taw, all
hvavv aubntaritlal stuff.
Thin ainther great one la Anita
IlMldwiua lummer place J nut oS the
big Lake on Fallen Leaf Lake. Ita
log, the blgseat one you ever law.
The Living room with the bleheat cell
ing, and everything In It la Indian,
and I mean authentic Indlun, aa ti e
lian one ot the greatest Indian colltc
tl n In America. There la not one
thlug you tee or touh when you git
In that houae thata not Indian, or In
dlun detlKn. Dlahea, Knlvra, Foil::',
all the rushloiia of the chair an 1
ettccs are cowskln covered, aofa pi)
Iowa are woven corn huka.
1 was admlrlug aome ot ber Indian
flmiketa, and happened to aay t'.iat I
wanted to hi. Id of aoiui-, and the
aald, "Over l:i C.i.jii Cit) tl.ero U
aome very nice oneit, they were niad
by very tamouj Washor Indian
VVomun now dead, bu'. tLey are rather
dear, they run about ten thousand
cath." When I regained part en
rlousncui, I thanked her for the In
formation iiAt'd It she thought
t could get a alight reduction It I aent
over and got any a dozen or to. I
wouldviit give ten thousand dollara for
tiio banket thy had Mokci atored
uay lu the bullrualHS In.
Put we muat get away from hornet
and m't to the real lutcrest up around
Nevada, and thata the " Divorcee." All
ot em ilimt live lu Mono. They Live ovi r
on, or near the California lino, they
have to serve three montha, If they
leave the Stnta during that time and
Blay a week, thuy have to add that on
to their tontenco at the end. Most ot
them ore young Women. There la on
on avernuo ot about 2000 here atl the
time, Two Judges In Reno are trying
ctHca in o. t u 11 the time.
Ita a funny colony, and Italnt funny,
Iti sud. You talk to these women, and
the moat ot em would like to go bnr'.i
and have another try with the husband.
But they are game and they wont
come till he wlrea, and lie Is all
hopped up over some other younger
Ual, and he dont wire, and they sadly
go through with It. Coune you dont
hear the mans elde out here. They
dont always tell you about the mini
they are going to marry the next day
lifter the decree. But Its renlly piti
ful. Course there Is the old Staseia
here who think no more of chansn.t
husbands ttion they do tholr brand of
C2 in. liut there In many a heart
break hero and lota i.f children, thata
the tough part. Some ot them their
Mothers told me they hadont told them
yet, they thought they wore juat here
for summor vacation. Divorce alnt
so bad I guess when Its only the par
ticipants suffer, but Its sure touch on
the children. Well anyhow Its a great
Industry, and I gueaa about the only
way to stop It Is to stop marriage,
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Airthip Ground
A gllderport la dlBtlngulahod from
an airport In that an airport Is n level
jilece of land which hns the least n
alhle number of approach ohstru
and the glldcrport Khould he entlr
surrounded by lilfc'li hllla, so that these
niotorleKS flying ivinchlnoa may he tiilt
en off from the ton of the hllla la any
'wind direction and lluwu to the level
ground u the center.
Personal Mention
Oraot OMen fuffrred quitft a
heaty Iohs the firt of last week
whfn the machine shed and
blackamith ehnp on his wheat
ranch twelve miles routh rf lone
was destroyed by fir1, Thf
bu'ldinRa contained farm rnach
inery valued at $2WXJ. iherr
wan no insurance Th farm is h
Intr oierattd bvMf. OwJhi's eor
inlaw, George Snydr. Mr. and
Mrs. Snider haeerivn loanriafh
bors when fire was discovered on
the home ranch. They returns!
in time to save the howae and
wood ahed, the blaio having jut-t
reachec the wood shed by burn
nit through some grass
William Sxton has been trar "
ferred to Fox Valley and he an-t
Mrs. Sexton are movinir to
new location. For gome time M
Sexton has been stationed hert,
being maintainance man for ti e
state highway. He wili hold a
like position at the newloratior.
Mr. ana Mr. Ned Csrr will el; i.
muve to Fox Valley, as Mr. Ca
is in the employ of Mr. Sextoi ,
Alfred Balttlgeris leaving th-
week for Portland to resume hi
aluJies at A 'I cox school ol met!
Miss Frn Engleman visitr
latit week in Pendleton.
Catholic servises have been i
sumed in lone. As before the si
vibs will be held on the secor.t'
Sunday in each month at tli
Paul O'Meara horn on third S .
beginning ai 10: 20 A. M.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Stefai i
and son visited in Portland rT'
ently. They were accompanies
Mr. IJous ana daughter, Ileh;
Golda E. Mumma
Pupil ol Wm. R. Brown and
Frances Stricfitl Durke,
llitih School Credits Given.
S udio: Min Street,
Uermiston, Oregon
Alfred IWtiytr and his molh
er, Mrs. i1aul Ualsiirr, and his
aunt Mrs. Louht Batsiger were
uuc: ts lad week at the homes of
Mr. and Mrr. Allan Learned of
Darrington, Washington, and of
Mr. ami Mrs, Alfred Mange of
Kller.eburir. Mrs. Learned is Mrs
Paul Uolnlger's Dnughter, and
Vlr. Mange In her brother. Mr,
Vlange i a shoe merchant of
DllensLurg, having been in buei
ness there for the past twelve
W. K, A hall has received the
ar.nouricemerl of ti e Li rt h of a
ton to Mr. r,n!i Mr;. Cecil A halt
of Baker. The new K'andeon
weighs seven and three fourths
txiuudf, ct j has been named
Arland Wesley.
, This fection watt vieited by a
beneficial rain Saturday night,
and since that time ruin lif
been falling intermittinply.
Mr. and Mrs. W. it Macdotald
ere spendirg this week in lone
and Mr. Macdona'd is conduct
ing religfous service in peritecoi-!
li Mission each Streii
rtipetirig: Bre being: held, prece!
irig th evening services.
Star Brand shoes at
BrUtow& Johiuon's
I wish to announce to the
electors of Morrow Connty,
ihat, at the coming election, I
will be a condidate on the Rc-
rnblican ticket for the office of
County Commissioner for the
short term, succeeding L. P
Davidson. .....
Frnest Iltlickcr
SUPERIOR DRILLS Experiment but are tie
Product of Experience. The narro
u-lla the Story.
P. G. BaWirjer
T Mntnrc racfrAtin.l T
Bcarinjis poured J
jj l r t j-t rt -" rtr jfc t j
4 eww av w J
rvi? 1 111 1
. vr iiiviu 4
j U GRADE MA- tu
13 trinvp itmoirr
a tnnvp
Hand fitted to re
"ground shafts
As good work on ladies' a;-
parelas on men's clothing and
Quicker Service than elsu herc.
Big, tender beets
carrots, cabbage, green onion?:
cuenmbers. green beans, parsnips,
squashes, etc., Cookirp Apples.
Everything fresh from the
the earth here.
Also for sale Ohio Improved
Inkier Wnite. nit's, fn m rccis
'f tered stock, a good deal cheaper
f 'than sendins away tor them.
V At the Windsor Caslle Ranch
' down the higbmay i mile btlow
Uhe Elevator.
ctlonH ; fM
itlrcly M
Nice New Line
Ladies Ready
Wear Dresses
Bristow & Johnson
lone Oregon
Prompt and Efficient Service at
Work from lone may be left at
lone Barber Shop.
Thirteen Years on the Job. We
Are the Cause of Your Getting
Morrow Co. Creamery Co.
V. C. Cox, Manager.
Those Finer Points of Service- -
By nature tome of the jfincst bointa nccec$arily a part of better
mortuary ten ice are more appropriately cared for by a woman.
Our trained lady assistant atwes these little fineries being well
taken care of.
Phelps Funeral Home
Miss Spokane
I have just receiv'd l
A Large Assortment of
Ladies, Misses and Children