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Handy Kitchen
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t Apt """ ' v ttw ;
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- - -
Drain Board! en Each Hd of tha link and Qood Light Maka Thla Satia
factory Dishwashing Cantor.
(Traparaa by tha rtnlt4 llilx Otpartraasl
el Aarkrollura.)
Drnlnboard ou tach alila of ttia aluk
nd food light abort It maka dish
washing easy and eonrentenf Thla la
especially true If tha dish cloaet la ao
placed that tlio china may bo put
way without extra ttepe after It hot
btn washed and wiped. In thla cor
ner of a Louisiana farm homo. pho
tngraphed by tha United States De
partment of Agriculture, all then
polnta aro exemplified. Tha alnk ar
rangement la ao neat and compact,
with Ita tidy enphoarda below tha
dralnboarda, and tha extra and win
dow makea It ao light and pleasant
that tha housewife evidently enjoye
bar Individual luncb ber, for aha baa
put cloth over tha table and van
t flowera on It Tha little table might
be act for two or four peraona for any
light meal which did not aeem formal
enough to moke It worth while to car
ry food and dlahea all the way to (he
larger dining room. The kitchen
open onto ecreened entrance porch,
which la pleaannt enough to nae for
preparing vegetable. Ironing, or other
work In warm weather. Linoleum on
the floor la eesy to keep clean and
comfortnble ander foot
In planning any kitchen. If the ve
rlona actlrltlea that are to be carried
oo In It are kept conatantly In mind.
It la poMllilo to arrange definite work
centera which lava atepa and contrib
ute to efficiency. The preparation of
fooda, cooking, serving, and clearing
away and dishwashing, are four ac
tivities that follow each other every
day and several 1 1 nice a day In moot
kitchens, Compact centera for these
Jut are therefore desirable. While
the atnk may be part of tha raw food
preparation center In conjunction with
t worr table. It la principally ai In Ibe
Reaearch and practical experience
bare demonstrated, aoya Dr. A. F.
Woods, director of scientific work,
TJnlted Stale Department of Agricul
ture, that oonacld food products. Ilka
aapargua, bean, corn, pea a, beets,
spinach, meat a and flali, cannot
be canned eafety by proceeding In boll
Ing water, but muat be eterlllxed under
preaaure with approved time and tem
perature. freeaure cookera are now atandiird
equipment end are readily available
t email coat The department doea
not recommend any particular make,
Ithoogh attention la called to the
Importance of having the preaaure
kettle equipped with thermometer and
preaaure gun re for proper control
"There la now no excuae." savs Doctor
Wooda, "for continuing to take rlake
Involved In canning nooacld fonda
without adequate preaaure conking. All
recommendatlona by the Department
of Agriculture will hereafter ninke thla
clear end emphatic
Pickles Are
(Prtparaa or b Onlta aula Department
at Airlcullura.1
If yon prefer a crlap, aweet cucum
ber pickle to a dill pickle you can con
vert the I niter Into the former rer
eaally. Either homemade or commer
cial dill pickle may bt uned. Tht ad
vnntagt of beginning with tht dill
plcklet la that rery little time la net
eaaary for completing the tweet pick
Ice If tht rlt'ht aire It naed.
The aweet cucumber pickle art
made In ring, and come out clear,
crlap and transparent. They art rery
attractive to erve with mind or cold
mcnt or aa an appetlxer. The follow
ing recipe la fumlahed by the hurenn
of home economic of the United
Unite Department of Agrloullura.
Swtot Cucumber Plcklea.
(a Arm dill plrklro Vt cup whcla
II neaird (arllo black pappar or
button t hot rad pap.
t pinto eldar vlna- par porta
gar 10 lha. eranulalad
I pint tarragon augur
vlnanar t lb. brown auaar
H rup wholt all- I cup olive oil
The dill pickle mny be made pre
rlatuly ncconllng to the direction In
Farmer' Iliilletln 14MS-K. I 'lit them In
croa dice one-hnlf Inch thick, nnd
4rulu In a cotumlur uverulglit In a
Arrangement f
llluatratlon, the place where tolled
dlahea art atacked and waahed. Wh'l
Dot aeeo In tha picture, tbt garbage
can thould be cloae at hand, and on
helve or hooka In thla caao In the
tower cupboard can be kept the ar.
tlclet needed for dishwashing, aocb aa
the dlahpan, mop, alnk brush, aoup
ahaker, waahlng powder, or other
cleaning agents, and dlah drainer.
Clothe and tow,ela that hare been
oaed are generally bung In the air,
and kept In drawer when clean.
Double boiler, the coffee pot, pltchera
tn'd other ntenalla that muat be filled
with water before being used are kept
near tha atnk, alao atralnert and col
andera which will be naed there.
A few good caket not too expen
etrt or too complicated to prepare
are well to keep
In mind. Here la
one that la al
waye good ami
ona that 't qultt
now Cake.
81ft two cupfula
o f flour, three
teaapoonfult of baking powder, oelng
paitry or cake flour. Cream one-hiilf
cupful of butter or other aweet fat
with one cupful of tngar, alft tbt to
ga r If tt ill coarat and el ft floor and
baking powder three timet. Add flour
to tht creamed tngar and butter and
add alternately with two-third of a
cupful of milk: beat well, add on
tenapoonful of vanilla and after an
other good beating fold In tht ttimy
beaten white of three eggs. Hake
In two layer or In a aqnart loaf pun.
plot Cake. Tuke (wo and one
half cupfula of paafry flour, one-hnlf
teaapoonful of aorta, one teaapoonful
of baking powder, one-fourth tent
poonful each of allspice, nutmeg,
mace, one-half teaapoonful of clove,
one-half cupful of butter, two cupfula
of el fled brown tugar, two well bent
en egge end one cupful of eour milk.
Mix and beat aa nanal Bakt In a
quart well groaned pan fltty minute.
Emergency Cake. Sift one and two
third cupfula of flour with two tout
pooti Tula of baking powder, add ont
cupful of tugar, one-half teaapoon
ful of tail aud two teaapoonful of
baking powder and alft together three
timet. To two exg white unbeaten
add tnough milk to All the measur
ing cup. Turn Into tht floor mix
ture, add vanilla and beat rigorously
for aeven minute. Thla make a loaf
or eighteen cup coke.
One Egg Cake. Blfl ont and one
half cupfula of poetry flour, two,teat
poonful of buklng powder, three
Easily Made
8-gallon atone crock with a lid, puck
the plcklea In layer, nilng two garlic
button to each layer. Doll together
the rinegnr, tugnr, and aplcet for 13
minute, watching carefully that thla
doe not boll orer. Pour at once over
the plcklea. Next morning atlr thor-
Material Roidy for Making Plcklea
oughly and add the olive oil. Cover
the Jnr. Stir the pickle well each dny
for ten dny. It I then ready to
aervt. If the pickle la to be kept for
any length of time It ahould he eealed
In jnra made aterile by boiling. L'e
pint Jnr o thnt when nnct opened
jht content may bt quickly ued up.
Evening Story for the
"I am going to give a dinner,"
ahouted Toter Gnome, "In honor of tbt
club, the Every-Day-Is-Nlct Club.
"All our memhera have lived up to
the ruloa to beautifully in acting and
behaving and feeling that every day,
no matter what the weathor, waa fun
and that somolhlng could be done
every tingle day.
"8o I am going to give dinner.
Tray all como and bear the newt.
Tht brownie, tlvea, gnomca, mem
ber! of tha Hogey family, old Mr.
(llant tnd Witty Witch and tht gob
Una all came hurrying to tbt apot
where I'eter Gnome stood.
When he aaw them all ha waved
bla high hat In tht air and ahouted.
"There la t little cavt near here.
It would not be large enough for old
Mr. Giant but It It going to be my
new home.
There la moaa inside, and there art
little fernt growing about
"There are ttny cracka In the rocka
and tometlmea I will be able to talk
to the Inaecta and bear why they do
till and why they do that
"So I am going to girt a cavt
"Whatr they all asked In surprise.
"When people give party In a new
houat they call It home warming
or when they have moved to new
"Well, aa my houae la to be a cavt,
and aa I am going to give party In
It I think I ahould call It t cave
"Perfectly teneibla," tatd Witty
"A very aenalble young fellow la
Peter Gnome."
"Still." tatd old Mr. Giant, tnd
atopped for a moment, then corn-
Cakes and
timet. Cream four toblevonfula of
butter and add two-third of a cupful
of (ugar cream ontll light Add ont
egg and beat well beat egg before
adding. Add the flour alternately
with one-half cupful of milk, a amall
amount at a time. Beat well, add
one-half teaapoonful of vanilla. Poor
Into a greaeed pan and bakt In a
moderate oven one-half hour.
It hat been the popular belief, be
caua men buy inch quantltlet of
candy, that it la pur
chaaed for tht women it
the world. Thla Idea bat
been exploded by Paet
Prealdent Hunt of the
National Confectioner1
atooclatlon. lit laid
"tht maacnllnt tweet
tooth It ateadtly grow
ing aweeter. If wt could
take a centua of the candy In con
turner' band at thla moment wt
would find moat of it, not In tbt bou
doir and tiit thnpplng bag. but In tbt
pocketa of overall and golf coat, In
the working man't dinner pall, and on
the deek of the buy executive. Candy
S a
And now It It tht collared neckline
which present to the ityllit a new
opportunity to "create." Ever so mny
of the new daytime frock art made
with a collar of flattering lines. It
may bt of elf or contrasting fabric,
or elie the drea or blouse may ac
quire a lace or lingerie accessory type,
but always, mind yon, to be amort,
originality matt be the outstanding
Evidently fuahlonlits are determined
that no two collars shall look alike,
whether accessory or a very part of
the garment Which accounts for the
whlmalrnl styling of the white geor
gette collar which dtatlngutahee the
frock In the picture. The drew It
elf I of dark printed crepe de chine,
a very likable material for practical
daytime wear.
One cannot any enough In regard to
the colliir. and collar which contrib
ute to style Interest present and fu
ture. One outatandlng feature la tht
favor thown lingerie type, among
which fine white organdie or georgette
plnltlnga abound. A flulr for travers
ing surplice openings with aheer white
frlllinga la an outcome of the rogue
for lingerie touchea on the autumn
frock. Alao a style uicsaage of Im.
portnnre la to the effect thnt aturched
linen, pique, organdie nnd batiste neck
wenr I coming Into vogue.
If you would like to give a this
season look to the navy, black or
print frock you have been wearing,
freahen It up with one of the new
youthfully shaped collar of I'urltnn
ityllng and made ot eheereat of white
organdie, the snme self-lined. The
(hie thing About theae new collars 1
that they fasten with a conaplcuou
flat butterfly bow, which nlso 1 mndo
of lelf-llned organdie. Deep flaring
cuff complete the picture. These or
gnmtte collar-wlth-a-bow and cuff iota
are a very smart and new note,
Another noticeable feature about
the new collar l thnt many of them
art uoveiopea tiong jaooi yne. null
monced to apeak again, and then to
wipe a tear away.
"Why old Mr. Giant, what It the
matter?" aked Peter Gnome, a be
hopped on Mr. Giant' right thoulder,
pulled hit right enr and kissed the
tip of bit ear golly.
"I waa being a little aelfiah," aald
Mr. Giant
"You telflh V ahouted Peter
Gnome. "What In the world do yon
"I will toll you," eald Mr. Giant
"Do," tatd Peter Gnome.
"Do," euld Witty Witch. "1 alwaye
approve of creature telling what they
Waa a Huge Sueceea.
have beard that make them feel hurt
"I dont believe in tbelr keeping It
to themaelvet a It may all be a mlt
nnderatandlng that can be cleared up
with a little talk."
"Peter Gnome la going to girt a
cavt warming," aald Mr. Giant "and
ba aald bla cave wot too amall for me.
"It hurt my feeling for I thought
baa become a food of bt-men and
the be'er they are the mora they eat"
Candy lea ret no teal brown taite
In tht month tht morning after. It
it taking tht plact ot tha hot dog;
tht traveler prefer a anpply of clean,
good candy to "pep" him on bla way.
Ut begrndget tht time tpent on a
meal and etay bla appetite ontll the
Journey' tnd with nourlehment that
may bt couumed conveniently at be
drive along.
Our ".viator, at well aa explorer
la the Arctic, recommend the nae of
candy for a quick meat Hundred
of pounda of candy art Included to
tht auppllee for expedition. Sugar
la coming to be appreciated mora and
more and tach year Ita consumption
bowa Ita popularity.
Marahmallow roait art a popular
evening ceremony In children'a campa
and a picnic without a marahmallow
roait la aa Incomplete aa a rabbit'
tall. On rainy n'.ghta In camp when
tha Indoor Art I enjoyed, the fire
place offer a good (uUtltmt for tbt
(A I III. Waatara Nawavoear UaUa.)
Neckline Is in Fashion
other acquire a prnfutlon of tnbs and
I many tie In fichu fnahlon. Thl ia ea-
peciuug vv oi tne oanusomo isce.
iawaraaaawpw"" I t """"taSM ' y" i
a "iHv if
my dear friend Peter Gnome loved
"Oh, Mr. Giant," tnld Peter Gnome,
"how glad I am yon told me what
waa tht matter.
"Yea, Witty Witch, yon art quite
light In toying thing ahould be talked
"My cave where 111 aleep la very
email too amall for you but all right
for a bedroom for me, but my real
place where I'll give the cave warming
la the outalde part which It like an
open cave, and there are two great
table of rocka where t shall have din
ner parties and where we're to have
our party now.
"Ob, Mr. Giant I wouldn't live any
where where you couldn't come and
vlilt me. .
"There will be lota of room for yon
In the big cave. Yon can even take
nap on one of my table any time you
Old Mr. Giant waa happy once more
and they all went off to tht party
which waa huge tuccesa.
(& 11I, Waatara Nawapapsr Union.)
For beat flavor and color cook all
preserve rapidly.
A imall electric fan help to keep
the kitchen cool In tummer, and to
drive out cooking odor.
Lettuce or other aalad green may
be crisped In very cold water contain
ing a little vinegar or lemon.
Protect Iron or cteel otenilla which
art ttored for tht inmmer by coating
tht turface with paraffin or other fat
containing no ealt and wrapping them
with newipaper. Thla applies to Hut
Iron and atovea aa well aa to amall
kitchen ntenalla.
To make a cover to protect food
which la cooling, atretch a piece of
cheesecloth over an embroidery frame
a little larger than the dlah containing
the food. Several hoop of graduated
alzes may bt kept for this purpose on
a long book In the kitchen pantry.
A new broom tweepa dean, but ao
will an old broom If properly cared
for. Careless treatment will wear ont
a broom more quickly than frequent
and prolonged sen Ions of sweeping.
Occasional waahlng will help to
keep your broom In good condition.
Prepare a pall of hot snap auda and
dip the broom end In and out quickly
to aa not to soak. the bristle. Shake
off aa much of the moisture as yon
can, then hang It In the open air until
It I dry.
Be Prepared
Do not force! that your etrenjrth
for every conflict depend on your be
Ing girded f.r each a It comes, and
never being rare leg or weary. E. B
I collar which abound In rich profualot
I tali scnion.
I ( nil, waatara Hawaespar Uoioe.)
Q BMdiij
Right Kind of Building;
Affects Value of Land!
The wrong kind of building are
tometlme found on city land In much
the tame way that the wrong kind of
hate art found on women't beads,
toy the National Association of Ileal
Estate Hoard. When a woman wear
n unbecoming bat. It mean thnt he
ha not looked around lufllciently for ,
the right bat and her appearance con
eqnently uffer. When the wrong
building I erected on a piece of lnnd,
It mean that Its owner ha not looked
around aufflcientty for the right bnlldV
ing, end the value of the land suffers.
Owner of land cannot afford to
to a coin to decide whether to build
an apartment bouse or an office build-'
Ing on a given alte, because the propel
nae of the land can make or break Ita
value, say the association.
There Is a certain type of structure .
ulUible for every piece of urban real
estate, and property owner bould
seek advice on thl subject before
breaking ground, because tbt highest
tnd best use of the land Is a serious
matter and Involves a look Into the
It Is not enough to observe all of
the advanced rules In (electing a lo
cation unless, after Its selection, the'
lend Is developed to the best advan-'
tage, because maximum raluee can
not bt brought about for urban real
estate until the proper buildings are
placed on It
National Campaign for
Senie Beauty Now Or
The Virginia ttatt chamber of com
merce recently called a conference to
ilscuss cleaning np the scenery. Tht '
larden cluba of Nashville, Tenn, are
jropoalng to plant rambler roaet along
ill tht highway fences leading lnt
their city. They tee Nashville a few
rears hence ta "a bridal procession of
lowers." Seattle contemplates a 00
mile highway between Tacoma and
Everett electric-lighted and fringed
sitb rhododendron. ' To a young De
troit school girl, Mrs. John D. Rocke
feller, Jr, gavt a three-day trip tt
Washington snd the promise of a
Presidential handshake as a reward
(or coining the slogan "This la yon
ountry beautify It" which Mrs
Rockefeller expects to use at a tren
chant weapon in a national campaign
to .banish unsightly hot-dog stands
llllboards. placards snd piasters front
the roadside.
' SaUctiaf Homo Site
It la highly Important that the borne
oullder ascertain thst the section In
s-blch ha la contemplating construc
tion will continue at a home section
w that he may not only pit bla prop
erty to the highest and best as a resi
dential atte, but count on It persisting
In W nse fof many year to coma
lit ahould, of course. Inquire whether
the district It protected by toning
law or building ordinances that bar
the construction of commercial build
ings, but be should remember that ton
ing lawa can be amended If It can be
hown that commerce or business tt
making Justifiable demand! on a die
Tht borne builder, therefore, should
teek competent tdvlce ts to the trend
of tht land In tht sections adjacent
;o his proposed home, for although
to one can be a magician In these mat
ters, the changing of districts, with
'he possible change of toning law,
an be foretold with reaaonablt ac
curacy. Get Reliable Contractor
Where a contractor accepta a Job ot
"louse building at a price that la too
ow for him to make t profit on good
work, the tendency la to cheapen ot
flight work In such a way that no '
loss will be sustained. This It par
tlcularly true where there are Inad
equate plana and specifications.
Furthermore, there sre In tht rtnkt
at the contracting profession men who
are unskilled. Just t there art in
ither professions. Their capacity ta
do high-grade work la distinctly lim
ited. They deliver the kind of work
manahlp that they know about the
type thnt Is condemned by high-clast
builder. They charge less because
their cost are less, but what they
deliver Is often not worth It price. '
City Planning ta California
A clty-plunnlng enabling act I a
mutter of current Interest In California
at tht present time, tht National As
sociation "f Real Estntt Tlonrda polnta
out Tha ttatt leglslaturt has passed
t hill repealing the existing planning
enabling act and auhstltutlng a new
law nnd the legislation hna Just been
signed by the governor. Enactment
of the hill wa favored by the Cali
fornia Rent Katate association.
Heme Modernising
When modernising your house yott
take advantage of the eturdy construc
tion which exist in the structure It
self and mid ta thnt more ft-nturet
which are suhstnntlij, jwodern, useful,
and decorative.
Esthetics and Beslaeoo
It la not Incompatible to combine
rsthetlclsm with sound business prin
ciples. Those communities that tuo
reed In doing to are alwtyt In tht ran
of progreea.