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IONE, OREGON, FRIDAY, Aug. 9, 1929
the third and
ere also read.
The II, 14. 0. chairman rtport
ad on the progress of lair maUri
Grange News
Willows Change.
The ouug people of the graniit
huve he en practicing on a beau
tiful drill for flotal work to be
given nt the fair at Irrigon in
Spiemberandagalnat La Grande
In October at the special session
of the State Granite. .
La't Saturday night following
practice about 20 of tie young
f i lk m went at far aa the Cool
home where they made an early
morning atart, about 4.30, to tie
mountain picnlclng. Tho'egoirg
wnr the young fuika of the !un
...ill, Crawford, f'ett John. Coal,
Morgan, Ikliker, Eubanks and
1'eterson families, and guests
with Mrr. Coolajcluarone. Mr,
and Mrs. IMiker and tnd Mn.
Eubank also made the trip going
on to Ukinh
A good crowd va out Saturday
evening to see the clata initiated
into the first and secind dgie a
of oui order. The obligations of
fourth degree,' personal Mention
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs
day of last week were record
i. The. committee on iut.dltR breakers lor heat tn lone. re
aite aked for little more time j thermometer registered lUd de
al thou Kh two exct'ellenl locations grees each day.
are in view. Mrs. Ida Fietcherspent Friday
Our next meeting will be Aug. and Saturday in The Dalles, via
lotn. The debate poBtponea iromiiiD) her two daughters, Mr.
I nat (netting will cmpriee the Cslandr and Mine Hosa Fletcher.
but she died at the home of a hine on his dairy farm above
daughter, Mras Todd in Yakims. ,to n. This machine is manufac
She' was 69jyear old and left lo.t'in-d by the Pin Tree Milking
mourn her less her huspand, two1 machine Company of Chicago,
daughters and two sons. Funeral 'C, It. Swney of Seattle, tuperin.
services were held Monday at te' dad the installation and stayed
aitaltr purl of the program
The question to be debated is:
Utaolved that comfcrt and plea
ure in the home are of more val
ue to the iarmer thon money in
the bunk. A fish pond and othtr
amusemeuia will furnish fun fir
the evening.
GofHta from outside of the
grange must present invitations
HiKiiru l y a grander if asked ioi
If your chilJ Is troubled with
adenoids see l)t Conder who will
remove them without the use of
a knife. - Aav.
Save jour vacation
with a Kodak
Spend your vacation and save it too that's
what you do with a Kodak along. Think how
much fun you'll get from vacation pictures
next winter.
Stop at our Kodak counter before you leave
on your trip. We'll show you how easily the
Kodaks work and help you pick out the right
Autographic Kodaks from $5 up
Billiards Pharmcy
Miss Fletcher is taking training
as a nurse at The Dalles Hospital.
Mra. Waiter Roberts, Mrs. F,
Nlchoson and Mis. Victor Uiet
m tnn, returned home last Thurs
d iy after a pleasant visit in the
city of Portland. On the way'
home, tbe Kietmann car in which
they were making the trip was
forced off the road by another
car. No one was injured but Mrs.
Rietmann'acar was so badly dam
a red that it had to be repaired
before the ladies could continue
th journey
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hale tnd
daugnter, Miriam, left early Sat
urday morning for an outing at
Hidawav .Springs. Ihey were
Suokane. Mr. and Mrs. L. P
Davidson left here. Sunday, mak
ing the trip to Spokane by auto.
They returned to lone Tuesday
A daughter wbb born Saturday
AugUbt 3. The mother and the
bab who has been named Evelj n
Joyce, are being cared for at the
home of Mrs. M. Jordan.
Cole Smith and family made a
business trip to Portland, Friday,
returning Saturday.
Cbarley Allenger made a trip
to Portland last week.
Mr. and Mra. W. E. Bullard
and three children left, Monday,
lor Portland. Aa soon aa possible
aflef their arrival Wallace, iht
joungebt child, will undergo an
operation for the removal of ad
noids and tonsils and the last 01
the week Mrs. Bullard will hkv
a major operation. Their surgeon
called home Monday by the death l Dr. W. Donald Nickelson, who
of Mrs. Hale's nephew, Glenn h a nephew of Mrs. bullard. IMS-
Uobison. (worth and Lleanor Bullard will
Saturday, L. P. T.vidson re 'V .in llod .River wilh tbeir
tha Hth f M.'suni, Mrs. rronn.
. I V la) V W I W a W wa Hw
lister, Mrs. Frank Lyncl. Mrs.
Lynch's him) was in Spokane,
Siturdav, Fred McMurray. in
stalled a two unit Surge milking
At Your Home!
Mon. K. C. W. Portland
S3 i 7:00 7:30
"We'd'., K. N. X Los Angeles
W'ed.,K. O. M. O..Seattle
8:30 : 9:00
Tl.ur., K. F. R. C. Frisco.
Thur., K. L. Z. Denver.
6:00 - 6:30 "
Frl., K. II. Q., Spokane
9:00 . 9:30
than any other
nix of equally
loir price
When you drNe the Puntiac
Big Sit and actually experi
ence iUrirltinive prrformum-e
qtialStir it's eay, to un-li r
stand why tliouitandsof bimra
are turning to t!:U ouUtand
Ing Grnrral Motor product I
HI4 Mm, r ! MI. . a. a. rW .
4a, MUh.,pUH dmHmm) thwgm flump
ara, muring nmti mnd Lmwtoy mhmrk aa.
mmhtta rm$uim equip l ml flight mtrm
HMi Ctnmml Moimrm Tlnm Twmni
flan araliaf.! at minimum rat.
for several days to make sure all
wan in trood working order.
Mr. McMurray is now milking 18
cos but plan on increasing his
b r J. Besides his e'ectric powered
miling machine he is using an
electric De Laval cream Bepara
tor and has an electric range and
I Khts in his home.
Mrs. George Ritchie had as her
guettr. the first of the week,
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kaiser and
two children, from Maupin, and
Mies Grace Mortensen of Salem.
Guests at the Cole Smith home
re Mrs. Smith s sister, Mrs.
Hoech, of The Dalles, ar.d
hrother-in law and sister, Mr.
and Mrs. George Casebolt, who
reiide in Missouri.
At a meeting of the District
Boundary Board held in Heppm r
m Saturday the petition of the
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Double Drowning
Glenn Robist n and Eva StangeQ
Drowned Near Alderdale
This community was shocked
late Sunday evening hen word
reached here that Glenn Robis-
on. 15, and Eva Stangp,17, were
drowned In th Columbia river,
near Aiderdale ferry, about four
o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. and
Mr. Rotison, Glenn and Mies
EvaStans., who, who had betn
spending t.e summer in the Rob
ison bor. , d'rv to the river in
the afttn.. 01. iiiO, at the time of
the acdident, Mr. Robiron and
his son wrri m imming a short
distance lroiu where the others
were. Glenn evidently became
exhausted and called fur help.
His fathtr hastendd to help him
and in tr:ing to save him almost
bat his own life. When Glenn
called Miss Stange also went to
hig assistance. She took time to
remove her dress but did not take
off her shoes which msde swim-
ming harder for her. When Mr.
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Three Day Cleaning Service
Work reaching us by Wednesday
noon will be returned Saturday. -ALL
John SKuzeski,TheTiior
t :
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aaiM twglaj anlr naiawalila attargaa t
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child'sinstead of removing them,
consult a physician who believes
1 1 conserving the natural organr.
J. Perry Conder.
Vegetables Galore
You can get mosl anyhing you
need in the vegetable line and get
it fresh from the earth or the vines
at my place, i mile down the high
way below the elevator. And I will
not be undersold or half souled,
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under the shade trees,
W. Windsor.
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