The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, February 08, 1929, Image 3

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    , .rv'ra, A'ire K-.-lI.T
Cotitimittlftom I'une t
hoiiSH on tliu fonier lot, ojipoitile
the front of Onion Hall, on
which thu McNanuT house now
HtumlH. This liouie Ih mill Bland
inn but hut htten motived to (In
titi jucttnt lol it rid ih no occupier)
(y Mr. unit Mn. Ilurold Atmlt.
Shortly HfltT miivHl aha look
tipahon eatfad of KiOac es north
of Ion., tut) title Dfeii to w l.i h
aha sti I held lit Hit tim of hi r
ti a h Mild w I loh hIk- hud dedica
fd in the education of her strand
In 11)03. at the limn of the mm
riaife o her 101, aht had built
the limine on Main Hi reel., neai
t Con ri'ua'.ioiiul i-hurchi which
.an Hur home at the titnu of !,t r
Shu wun appurentlp (aa well i
imiul on Wfdiit-Hduy and hat fly
i i hnpina ami (daiitiing for It e
fulu e ol her iriandcoiii Her own
dui'Mi tonal privilcm had bet n
very limited. Living ata distant
of two milea from town with bar
roads ai.d ineleineni weather, il
wan with dificultv that rot a
email part of tin it nr four f -, r a
of Hctiu'lin. Thin ri b uc-
toutila for the lucl Out a ijuar
;' City Hall Notes
Ciilitimtrtl frum J
tlaridial Frank. The minutea of
ho previous acmion were reai;
ind approved bh read.
. Tbn Mayor annontied the aland
i'i committpi'M a follows:
finance; Ualaer, U yi-on, Mc
Houllh and Folic; Linn, Ondeli
Iireeta; Bulaitfer, Hryson, David
Viler and I.IkIiI ; Hryaon, Linn
The Mayor on Bunted the mai
r of the advisuU'lv of location
t ip and alow aim a or the dint
inn of trafic in the vicinity o
I e one publ c xchoo! and ataliny
i hat audi a Riiii could he procured
n c it of $2 each. Aftrr due
deliberation it wan voted two
..ow and eiuht atop "ivtim be po
:lniHei! and iriH'-.'l un r t'ie dim
inn of the hi f i rtiinnm : ee.
fne U-corov. l' c, e n pre,
lit the Heco i.nrr n Jiierer
Im olfice and u. vi d .he fa.
y indi.c.ed of leer aomr at tin
lie of the City K corder to bl
i-x hiii h tnuture totheoalh.
At ih i r. i,u ht of lb (fcoidi, Ju ige tii.iiiihOll dull mih ti
uiolliciat throjKh tin aession.
At tins Inn Oifii.tia r- Judt
ter i ci ind of hind and whht mon
uti uliu I, u.l ur j lu'r In U .. a. ......... I
1 niio il avj n ..a ic I IV n-T' lji'l i
bona to provide to.- in. ir idim..; ' em" ttSM' l"'"uiHhi in io an
tion. the Counc. He then ypt ke
iter funeral evaa held frmn ll,. b'leflv in reuard to the nnsi'iva
, ilme Ihe riiilln. alr;i!mie. iiml othei
ConureKational chureh of which oriier in iiiwl about W.h hall ol how).. ..r the .i.i.r nun pnnlm
nhe had t len ai he ivt rn. m'n r t'"' Ainericau L-ttion, expremed ","r" 1 1,1,1 "" t'M"l
ftii'ii iih i.t'u ii n 7 (i i inn s.ieHire on rhtnrl ,,r ih U ,llrl" ll.e e..rn .... il.e ml. ,....
n ion between the.LeKion and
the city to thin end. 'Some ener
al diHctiHNlon of thintB paat, preg
t ir and to ome followed, but
without arrivViK at uny definiie
C'lncluaion. When the oratoiila1
lireworkn di d down the Council
Morgan Items Continued.
Albert LindHtrom drove to Ar.
liny tun kst week
MiHH Gladys M-)dlock returned
on Tuesday mornina stage from
HeppniT where hhe haa been v,a
n c nince Saturday.
We have two michty line lim a
of men 'a made to measure auit
simples. Belter take a look at
them and on'. r th"t new Spring
8 it. Hilaiow &. JohriHOn.
J. E. Swanson
I J ) i ) J .ESSEX
I'aul C. Hnlsigcr. A,tnt
At I'aul G. balsigcr's;
Dichent Still Fat orite
A HiH'ili l e ,111V:'il
''. l'iiii .;it.:i!.:.iii3 i. .me to d
eetluln "your fnvurllc author" result
J In an overwhelming role lur
rluirle Dlrkenii. Then lollow. d Pcnli
Stevenson, liuniut unci Thucl.i'rnj'
Another Myitery
Seenit ipii-er Unit mini, who enn pro
hue I lie null". nlr;i!iine. iiml othei
fioni icw iTHun'ZH'mn. a i!esire on the art of the Lfc
,1'1,-iies to doee yihing piihM
Wi'.d-Flowet Varittiti I'U. in the promo' on of ord' r
,s .1-. i, ..t itDweriiig iiunii aid exnresini the ho. e that a
viiii in iiir Li" i nu .-Miiira miu uuatl.i
ID (tlliiuil.'d l iIhiuI 10,000.
is 'if unoi at 1 mi'ii and co p
i liii' Kki : ' -.i
Long in PotV Brain
Mllton't "I'anuiut; l.imi" hui com
Ihihoi) between the yenrt KS and IOC.
unit pulillslicd In 10117. It win cud
reived, however, at carl; it 10 K).
; " Lltltwrt'a Punikj Llmltt ";
All that th leglilgtur hat to work
on In the way of money It mills
for ttat purpono oiittlda of the mill
bk, plut revunun from Indirect
eoiircen, tuch m fcc: Tho 2' milln
yl'ld R30U,000, while from Inherit
unce taxi:, Innurnnre and corporation
fent ".notlinr 2,2G0,000 li rained, rnak
Ina a rounh total of $4,600,000. And
of thin amount practically 11,000,000
Koch to the ttute honpltal alone.
Tluhtuiiliig up the lawt mgulatlns
the oprrntlon of building and loan
and aavlng! and loan aaaociatlont In
Oregon la propoied In a number of
amend menu prepared by Murk C. Mc
CalllMter, atate corporation commit
Bnnator Fldher would change the
adoption of text bookt uaed In the
achoolt of Oregon from a biennial
ovent, aa under the prenent tyatcm.
to an event of every 10 yeara.
Joint Leglalatlve Cummlttee Meett.
Joint commlttcea of ihe Oregon and
..anlilngton leglelatur.-a agreed upon
compacta affoctlng Columbia river
flailing and the llccnalng of trucka
doing Intcratate bicincrj, at the cloar
of an nil-day conference In Olympla
hift 8:iturdny.
The Joint flshurks commlttue roach
cd an agreeinent upon commercial
flnhhiB datet mhUU deducta 23 d:i)
annually from the aeaaon.
The compact aduptci ; ;ovldft foi
the following, rommcr. lnl fLMng tea
.ton In the Colunihla:
Open. April 23 to May 23, Inclusive;
cloud , May 24 to Jure 23. Inclusive;
reopened June 24 to September S, in
elur'.ve; rlu.d 8-p?c:r.'jtr to Sep
tember 30, Im luslre; o:-n October 1 to
March 1, Ini-I 'slve; r.'irel March 2 to
.p.-ll 23.
A reeolutlon ask'd Crt emergency
clausra be attached to the lawa at both
h glulaluret making the teaaonal lawt
eff.ctlve Immidiately after piisxugt
and continuing effective for four
yeara. at a test period.
Memocrt of the Joint committee on
automobile licenaet agreed to ink their
reepoctlve Irgltlaturet to enact lawt
eliminating the neceealty of truck
oprirtort who operate tn both ttatet !
buying llrentei in both Oregon and
s "X
I V?'; )
Omt .Mn. (
a. 7
Kd oiliH tiij Big Cjh- SfisndnniH of Ircairv.
new tvne i:f l.lur
I.K.IorillU lilinrv ta .ti, iil.. I.I.
rmbrun-ah''-. h prm bl.K 1.1(1
rur rldli'ij i iiriifnrl .
nr qmil'ly in hum-, j.artn. It is
jcrfil . i t ran.l new aiiTnm!:;!,.
the Nov' !' iiliae i'.i : .
Fn.iiMy. ilw N-v " iMii. isja Six
vtnn lsir' d i. up - .1 to a utIuiii
ftroup. Tin j;rtiii Ih rtulr up of
p-uplo ulio nro ln-inniiif! lit mov
up in the world. Many i f tl.rm will
hooii liiuLo the first nf7 uj In ihe
tpiuilly of their rurM. The Ni-w Ton.
liuc r.i Si waa (leiiifrnrd for I linn.
It romcw to them rntin-l new in
iipM iiruiie. Si,niiin n'w l,' ,y
Fluher rontribute to flic l.ic r:
bounty cud ear .tv?c presr.itrd I
the cur an a whole.
I'rojrn'Hslve i.,-ipli-etrr
luxury. Thi I'oi
nre nerkl:-
pwtrr luxury. Tho I'onHiin Ithj Six.
oner in iii -v f,.r H j,.,
iMxIiritliy ri-lM rurf;irtu'-i!tl,ow(,i!.l
over. It rovit-H l. ei-..,.t h-r-dir
ttiiilit!-H(if a air 1,'iTln ' . rve-o.l
leliplh, with arciir:i, y I i!nnr.'(l r
t;ilinn iiK.hani.iil j.iirU and ttueli
u.lviui.'cl romforl featiues a adjust
able drivers' Heals,
It Ih unix with I lie ml.!.'.! Hiwer'f
a larger lli. ud eiiriiw und tb,.
hiii.ioiIiii.h iiiu-K.I I v a !numi-
Hlly i-oi?nt'rwi-liin!
rranKMiaft 1 t'ie famous Harmonic
Hulaneer. u n w brukea are of the
tlirt-nnd-wt :u!.t proof internul four
wheel tyjH'.
It reveals l.! car prrfortnanre
rvrn to t !: p.iint of clevelopin)! liia
rur poer ac.I l-i;; car hmhiI.
Only u l. w I :l.!iK!it i in Ct ,.
Ntitii-tion Ikmi- I.;-, a m. n.ii.n,.,:, Jimr
cnotiKh t, prova that tlu Pontine ijr
l entirely new nu.l eapuhle of
meeting prurrcivo Amrriruns' ilo
mniiil. Hut Ihe amazing thing ahout
it i.i that il girrn no much big car
luxury, etylf anil performance at
n' e u7n' ,'i come u ithin practically
everyone' rracli !
Would Promote Greater Cdnsiitency Among All the State
La va in Respect to Banking Condition! Uniform- '
ity of Practice and Undentanding Vill Make
for Greater Convenience, Efficiency
and Safety for AH Butineti.
By 8. J. HIGH
Pretldent State Bank Divlilon, American Bankert Aaaocla'.ba
RAPID interchange of and the quick transporta
tion of goods in the United Stateg, coupled with almost in
ataritant'oua means of inter-commu-'-atir- by tele' '.ph. tel--phone
and wirek: ,, h: e v ;ldtf the coun
try into an econc- c un , :ie rr'.ion :i n'.
in a buHiness serr.", cor luc'.'ng i' afT;.:rs i i
water-tight comj,..rtm( ;.ts, is i:: i m -tsu t
It did in the day of s! v tr ivel a.:d r mo',
places, hut Rtyl- -. m the s, trum- liti' i
and business pr; ices low fre'v toi'ay i i
all directions, 'i herr ore it i. de: rab'
that finance, tra lc and ind i itry t '.rot -rhoi r.
the country operate t long generally uni
form or at least consilient lines, bo that a
contract or an arreerr.ent or obligation in
connection with businc.w transactions shall
mean virtually the same thing in all parts of
the country. Particularly necessary in this
hhtgf . connection is tne establishment of uniform
AaaMauii.! linancial and banking practices so as to fa-
LasBMaMaaaaM cilitate the flow of trade along accepted and
S J high. understood lines.
Banking in the United States is recog
TiiMd as a semi-public type .f business and is therefore sub
ject to laws to define the sco.ic and character of its activities.
1 hese laws at present set ud a great diversity of conditions
wiry ..-j
c v -
T T? pr.DTcr.M r.
lone, Oregon.
" : - .......
:'.rinua parts of the country since
they come from botb elale and fed
eral authorities. The national banka
are all chartered by the federal sot
ernment and therefore operate on the
same llnoa In every state of the
t'nion. but there it no inch r?su
larlty in rrr-ct to the condition,
tinder which the atate banks rharteri.l
by the reapertire fnrty-elsht ttatet
must conduct tl - r bualn. All ttate
banking codes, while they hate slml
larltloa. tUo bare -iany great dlsslroi
liiritlet In rrDetl both to the na
t! nal bank lawt and the banking lawt
covering ttate bank operations In ota
ar JurUdlctiont.
Bankert Move for Uniform Lawt
The State Bank Division of the
American Bankert Association, which
latter Include. In Itt membership
bankt of all description, throughout
the country subject to all the varia-
tiont of ttate and federal banking
lawt. It committed to the effort to
bring about greater consistency and
uniformity among the statute, of ail
these various Jurisdictions. This body
Is conducting a vigorous nation-wide
campaign urging that active steps be
taken to teenre greater co-ordination
In banking legislation, more equitable
cnr.lltlona and more uniformly effl
j rhnt public supervision of banks In
, the several itatea.
i The nrcnnlzatlon It njrticuiariv con
, rerned with fostering this movement
to bring about more uniformly desir
i ahle condlUont throuchout the t'ntted
States In respect to the public super
iion of banking Institutions by the
t'.itn hanking deportments. It Is on
j record at favoring the policy that the
Important office of state bank commit
j i,",r thosld be kept at free from
entnnKlIng partisan polltlct aa the Ju
) dlt-Ury itself and should be complete
i ly detached from all other fanctlont
, of s ate government , .
t It Is also on record at favoring the
i policy that the tenure of office of ttate
I b.uik commissioners thould be nude
! more aecure and lasting than It bow
, th rote la many ttate Jurisdictions
j and that thla Important public officer
j bs granted sufficient compensation
( n I discretionary power to that the
l cfTue shall attract and retain the terv-
tee. .if men of outstanding executive
I a'.iility and successful banking expe-
It Is alio a part of tble policy that
i the hank commissioner'! ability to
; t. rve well ihould be ttrengthened by
P''viltng him with adequate forcet of
j bank examiners, selected on the basil
; of merit from men having the requl.
tl'e flualltlcatlont of honesty, ability,
j '.raining and banking knowledge to
Mrry out the duties of their offices on
1 the h'ghest plane of usefulness to the
1 public as well at to hanking.
! The Trend of State Lawt
j The Association 8tiu Bank Dlvl
i almi hat recently concluded a nation
j wide -.urvcy of ttate banking Ivgltla
! timi and conilltloni and Id goners! hat
j discovered a definite trend along the
! (ull'.nlng lines:
j There It a distinct tendency among
I the siatv-s to raise the minimum capl
i tnl required for banking Institution.
I to J2."i.nnn and also to give the hank
eomnilmliinert or ihe hanking hoards
1 lole power as to the granting of char
! ters for new hanks, thus enabling
; them tn use discretion as to the need
or durability of added banking facllt
I tie or ihe fttnes. of the organisers' tr
j anter the hanking field. In this con
I Bertinn many itntei are creating
1 bnnklng hoards to act In an advisory
; cmi.icity with the ttate bank commit
; tinners
There hat i:o been observed a
tendency to Increase the compensa
i tion r, the bank commissioners and to
I lengthen their term, of office and to
i Itive them power to appoint necessary
I Oinrtet and examiner, to at to build
t ii'i 'in, iileiiunte force to carry out their
j responsibilities and dutlet. An impor-
taut uugiiientailop of the power of
hank commissioners In tome ttatet It
found In lawt glTlng them complete
charire of Insolvent banka and their
liquidation as distinguished from more
costly liquidation through the courts.
In the Public Interest
Distinctly In the public interest are
laws prohibiting or limiting an offlrei
or director of a bank from borrowing
from bit owa bank nnle.t hit col
lateral security It approved by a ma
jority of the board of director! of the
bank. Also there It recent legislation
noted providing for cloter .up-rvlslon
and regulation of building and loan
association., credit onions, finance
companies and p'rivate banka.
In tome ttatet measures have been
enacted broadening the field for In
vestment of fundi of tavingt bankt
and trutt companies, which have ma
terially enhanced the service that
the.e Institutions can reader, particu
larly la the way of co-opera"-n with
their customers la personal Lasnclal
management Another type of legis
lation. Important especially to bank
ing In view of the frequent effort! to
defraud banks. It that which makel
th Issuance of worthiest cbeckt a
misdemeanor with ipecltle penalties.
The State Bank Division of the
American Bankert Association en
dorse. In the fullest degree In princi
ple the development of banking lawt
along the foregoing lines and It active
ly engaged In fostering the spread of
tui-b legislation wherever Its srvie
are considered awful both ta tanking
ana to tne public, Cnrrormly sound
banking Instltutloni and practices, to
gether with common method, tn .
derstsndlng. will materially add to the
convenience, efficiency and safety ot
Business in serving the well-helm- m
the public la all partt of the nttton
especially la those transactions Involv
Ing dealings between different locall
The past year taw the treat!
gaint tn tavingt in a tingle twelve
month ever recorded In the United
Statet. bringing the total tavingt de
posit. In bankt to over I3S.4O0.000.OOO
on June SO, 192S, held In more than
53.000,000 Individual account!, tt It
reported by the American Bankert As
toclatlon. These are the blggeat fir
urea In this Held thowa by any coun
try In the world.
Thete flguret are Indicative of Pros
perlty more general than any time
since lha business depression of 1920,
tho report declares. Only three ttatet
failed to Ihow a gain and the 1921
volume cf tavingt constituted an In
crease of more than 12.327,000.000
above the 1927 figure. The gain pet
Inhabitant for 1H2S over 1927 wat $17
and the gain In number of savings de
positor, wat I.4H.079. an Incretu
of li.2 as against a growth In the
population of the country of 1.2.
The gain In .avium nr Inhabit.
In New England and the Middle At
lantlc ttatet over the previous yeai
was in. The.e group, of .tales, with
29 9 of the populatlrn of the United
Statet and 62.8 or the total tavlngs
doposltt. have the largest tavingt rate
mi per innanitant, or any area tn th.
world. The per capita aavlntti for th.
United State, at a whole this
standi at 1237 at compared with 22l
latt year.
'An acre of alfalfa for ever m i..
Howard County. Iowa." It the alnsa.i
adopted by the county bankers isn
elation there after watching seven I
nunurea thousand dollari go out 01
their county latt winter (or food.