The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, November 16, 1928, Image 5

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iJr.Vv f . - i,
Street In t Sahara
l"rratH d tha NKllnnal l.'oril'tile
.l.(r. W aali lr.I p. CI
BISKItA. In Algeria, neatly
nilloa liui k finm the edge of the
Mediterranean, In a typical wisl
ln of lh neiir Hnluirn.
Around It arc clustered it tir wines,
the group milking . In n. Then,
only short distance from I lie I u
rH'iinlr.pd nuixt, the traveler tuny
breathe Hi life of the great desert
Unit stretches on south mid ' ""I 'of
luuny hunilri'ilii of nil leu.
The oitKla of ItUWn la all miles
long, poeiics ITll,il date palms, ho
aide Imniirliid, fig, and fining trees,
mid likewise miichck-k hut la
rliilliii'd to In. lit most perfi-ct climate
In the world from November till M : i y .
lii genial lrnicriiture, clear skr nnd
luxuriant vegetation are Indisputable
charms, and Ita dry atmosphere ninkes
It pnrlli'iiliirly curative for piilumnnry
ilUeuscs. Komclliucs seventeen or
eighteen monthi pins ulthnut
shower, nnd )el there la never full
ing supply of di'llrliiiia rotd water
from oiittiral wella tliroiiliotit die
hnle 1 1 n I .
Then) lire five tiling) In (Ida Miind
of th amid M-n. nnd thp outlying mmi
of t'lllnh and Ceddii'la oln belong
to l!lkrn. The- Arnti tlllni-M nnd
the- tlllngea iti-a negrea arc hulll of
aim dried mud. ttllli diHtrn n ml flat
riHifa of iil mu hhI. Among the nil in
of old IlUkra, whew before (lie new
fort una ronatrutted th I'rrhili foil I
(led the old Kiixhiih rxlmlng lit their
iirrlvul, are a henp of Itmuin bliNka
nnd column, uhlih nre nil Hint re
mnlna of Hie lloninn olitpoat of Ad
Ilium. The r'reni li tllluge la i lua
tered nround Kurt Sidnl Cermain,
mimed for a giilliml oltlivr killed dur
log the miti'lin lnurre of IS 10.
and whli li la enpuhle of ahelterlng
the lic.l civil popiilntlon.
Theit la I pretty mlille giinletl.
where fenlhery pepKir Ireen make a
I'lenannt ahude, church, a inoxpie,
tlnt'ta of aliopa, a hiinilxniie cnalno
nnd ofllei-ra' club, and tlirw gMM
botela, of which the prlmlpnl one,
the Itnyiil lintel, I an Id In be the
bint In Algeria. It la cerlnlnly n de
lightful urprle In Mini In the Snhiini
bnlel with every nphilntmeiil of
elegance and rt iufnrt.
Market Place I Faaclnatlng.
A vMt In the miirket pilot- during
the uioriil ig la one of the eight of
the town nnd oriental In every tone.
S'imittliig group! of bronze Icgvcd
lledoiilna. In brown nnd white camel a
bulr liiiitioiive, are aelllng coua-coua.
dried peptien mid. of courHC, dalea.
I'.unehea of freiih grii! nnd grwn hur
ley nnd I IiimiIih nre henped In one cor
Her f the liieli'Mire, MnorUli allpH-ra
here nnd n ille of red feme! there,
mill aoiivenlra for the tourlal not link
lug. For a few fninea one tnny pur
chuse a net of graceful garclle horna.
ntiil curloiii knlvea nnd Arabian gum
tempi thu collector. An ebon liegreaa
la Mdllug ornngei, an Arab hoy In a
red fe. nnd not much Hue, rurrle a
banket of pjirple frull In grei-n lenvea,
while rlonka, hurnnuaea, tuihan, and
yiikmiiha. purple, blui', deep red, nnd
epntlcea while Nil rruahi'd together,
make kiileldoaeaplc color In the
wliltewnahed aquiire. Iluga of lieiinn
lenvea. for atnlnlng the nulla In Arab
fiiHbloti, aeiid forth Ihelr pungent odor,
nnd the a renin of rnffce nnd elvnrettea
fllla the nlr. A Knh.vlo girl In ri'd
gown, tntt'Mied bluely na In her fore-
bend nnd ke, alnliied yellow na to
tier linger tl, Uiaea, clgiirelte In
lumith, her hunglei and niiklela clank
ing n a nhe giH'i.
tiuialde a MiMirlnli mfe a row of
Muont, elenn In their white liitrnmiHea,
lire aolemnly criuiihed. Iwn of them
tdiiyliig a gfiive giune of die! but the
reai do nothing to perfection, without
trm of boredom or a gealiire of
Impatience, a alule nf dreiimy delight
ncbleved npiuircnlly by Imldl f nilnd,
a reiillr.nthiii of Arnhlnn Kevf. Two
merry ciinllnlere! go brlakly nlong,
mid ludilnil Ihcm glide two Water of
Cbiirlty. (leriialiiniilly a lull figure In
while burnoiiae nnd dark blue or pale
gray riipe. with erlmaon fex nnd gold
embroidered Jiicket, inaea. nnd the
(lurk rye nd white teeth flnali down
In frleiidly ghinc. Oeeiialonnlly. Iimi,
there la a luxplclen of gvtiuiM altar
if 'HI '
V." ! .v.. ' .. Si
Oaale Town.
of-rnae whirred on (he nlr, aa one of
llu-ae oriental glided ynuthi wulki by,
nnd one la reminded of whnt an
Arnhlnn courier once auld: "In my
country. If a man have crfume on
Id! ilothca, It inukea aciiudul !"
8V ef th Oulid Nail!.
There I a myaterloua cliarin In the
nulet night aa one gnea "aim lug"
In the alreet of the Ouled Nalla. The
atnra are Intensely bright overheud.
rnd the brlskne!, imrlty, mid awect
nous of the nl. beggnr Uecrlitbn.
I'alng Into the nln-et of the Ouled
.'iilla Is a sudden 'rnmdllon to much
life, color mid noise, the street Itself
full of Arnha, young and old, while on
matting outside nearly every door alt
the Ouled Null girl, drinking roffee,
smoking cigarettes, and chattering
what Is presumably llUkrnn ailing at
liny bnltlng psswrs by.
The Oiiled-Niilla, sometimes callin!
Almees. are girls from an onnls at
some dl'tnnce from lllnkrtt, and of
mixed Arnhlnn and negro blood. They
are more remarkable for their singu
larity of coituine nnd grace of dancing
tlmn for th rigidity of their monils.
Their fiiees are daubed with tnr nnd
stiff run to accentual the color of the
Afrlc aim; tattooing In blue la quit
hi mode, nnd their hair, mixed with
wool nnd stiffened with grease and
tur. bnnga In ebon loops about - the
fnc. They wear loose gowns of bright
eotlon, nnd gold and sliver coin, mint,
nnd lllngre In bnrhartr nbiiiidnnce,
sometimes twenty pounds of silver
being curried In the shnp of bungles,
ii nl, let, chains, and malve girdles.
One sits In a brightly lighted, lew.
white building and alps Arabian rofTc
while some of th glrla dunce their
pecnllnr desert dunces.
If HUkra Is the political nnd social
renter of the Zlhan, nnd the Zlhun Is
the group of prosperous oases, vil
lages extending from the foot of th
Ann'! mountains to the ('hot l Mel
gldr. th religions cipltal Is Kldl
okh. Hldl-okba la an nasi distant
twenty kilometer from ItUkrn. and Is
mimed for that old warrior who, at
the head of a small body of Arab
cavalry, went forth to rompier Africa
in the sixtieth, year of the lledjlm.
When be bad extended Ida coiiouost
from Kg.vpt lo Tangier, be spurred Ida
horse Into the Atlantic, declaring that
only such a barrier could prevent Id in
from forcing every nullon beyond It
who knew not Cod to worship lllm
only or ill. In a revolt of the Iter
hers b was killed, A. 0. flit, and
when th Arabs had reconquered the
Zllmn their lenders was burled In the
onl which bears tils nam.
Going to Sldl-Okba.
The track across the ib-w-rt to Kldl
okha Is pructlcnl for carriages. M 't
of lb turbnned driven gallop their
throe horsca biirneased abreast over
tint hummocks of sand mid tuft of
sage-brush till th passenger beg for
slower pace. Soon after leaving t'.ls
kra th rond crosses a stony tract a
iunrler of a mile brond. with a deep
t renin In the renter, the Oued l!lkrn,
nnd emerge on the desert. Th tiny
oiihIs of llellnh ll passed oil th rlt-hl.
the dome of a marabout' tomb shin
ing among It trees. The long, low
lying line of the pnlms of Hldl-Okbn I
In the distance; th An res mountains
rls In golden and rns glory, tba
deep cleft III their ilde blue and mv
Crimp of Itedouln tenia are pnssed
nf Interval, nnd th scarlet rug, the
copper pan. the fire, nnd Its group nre
diixbe of bright color In the yellow
browns of enrth nnd ramp, canopied
nlwnys with th diir.xllng blue of the
sky. Herds of camel feed on Hie
dry sugebriisli nf the plain, nnd lh
baby camels trot by their mother In
coltish fashion.
Klv other oaies nre pnssed. diet
null, Droll, Kldl Khabll, Serhinn. mid
(In rt ii. and nt length one approaches
Hie mud wall which iiirrounda the
sacred onsls. Knur tlmusiind Arabs
live In tbl village, nnd the mud
houses nre thickly packed, the streets
narrow nnd Indescribably dirty, wl:b
rivulets of muddy water running down
the renter. The tiny shop nre open
to the street, In rastern fashion, and
behind their wares the cross-legged
merchant alt In HoU lodliVerenca
Happy Is the Mother Who
Knows This Safeguard
"I have (lire cunlomcn whojisvc lot J
me T'Mrtll that thry believe (ilcaKO
hni nivrd their children'! Uvc," myi
Wcit VuKitiia clrutjitt.
Cltttre rtlicvrs croup without routing
Vomiting, breaks up colds end stop
couglu almost intlanlly. A pliyicin' pro
scription, lime-tried end nrovrn through
35yeirt. Contininooiintr. Oct it now
and never be without it after. All drug
gilt and most general ntorr haveGlesscu
CoiilIi and Crov ReuMdy
l-uallar.Uliie 0) rl'tfc
Smd mr l onf li!iil V'rr TRIAL
'loatlKHiUol I r. !--) (.LKSSCO .ml a
ret-v til Ilia UfiKik, "iJiacatat ul InlaljU atul
t ItiLltrs."
b'am. ........ w
AdJritt... HMH ..,.,..,.
Some Man-Made Seat
If the lioiililcr iIiiiii of the Colorado
river. 'a ever completed n designed It
will have a capacity of '.I'l.mai.iaai m re
fee! of water. Koine of the other greul
roiiKtructlntis of this clinriicier cre
uted iiornge im follows: (ialiin daln.
4.4IO.-NHI ; Ansouan dam. I.SCi.lMI;
Klcphiiiit Halle dam. n..'l(S.(HKI, and
Alma.ior d.iin. I..'lis.mi.
Or a Hippo
Ik-llle Could you tell me whut non
sense Is. uncle?
I'm le No.
Rellle Well. It's nn elephant hnng
lng iter cliff with It tall lied lo a
daisy. Huston I'ost.
Virtue requires exercise.
1 fi
Toarina 61Ii noxhtar AU Coach
t.0S (ansa 695 Cabrlulrt Coups
ToWdo, Ohio, anal I Deal ton
uhiMt to cbanao without ootU-o.
Next time' 'a routed toiigur-, fetid
breath, or ucrld skin gives evidence
of sour stomach try Hillllp Milk oi
Magnesia I
Ot ueipialiitei with this perfect an
tl acid Hint Ii J m the syxtem keep
sound and sweet. That every stoiuuch
needs lit times. Tuke It whenever a
hearty meal brings nny discomfort.
ridlllps Milk of Magnesia has won
medical endorsement. And convinced
million of men and women they didn't
have "Indigestion." Don't diet, and
don't suffer; Just remember Phillips.
I'leiisunt to take, nnd ulwnya effective.
The iiuiiii- ridlllps la Important; It
identities the genuine product. "Milk
of Magnesia" has been the I'. K. retds
tered trade murk of the Oniric II.
I'ldlllpH Cheiulcul Co. ami lis' pre
decessor Charles H. I'hllllps since 1S75.
Milk .
of Magnesia
Pilot Flit 250,000 Mile
Paul Wltte. an uir pilot of the (ier
mnn commeri -lit I air service, recently
completed n total distance of 400.000
kilometers, which Is equal In nearly
ten times around the world, In sched
uled air service. Or bis arrival at
the Hamburg airdrome ls was given
an official welcome during which he
was presented n gold scurf pin and
many floral gifts.
No Car, No Co
He Do you ever walk In
She .No! but nny lime you see me
wulklng you'll know I am unconscious
Cincinnati Knqiilrer.
sweep enijjmiliiy
Whippet vins a tremendous definite dollar -for -dollar
popular vote from Ameriea valuo-a full return for every
motorists. They know that dollar epent.
the Whippet stands for high The. two Thippet Sedans
quality of materials, expert the Four and Six are the
craftsmanship throughout, lowest priced four and six
performance that challenges cylinder four-door enclosed
any car on the road, and cars in the world!
Treet Grow in Swamp
Without Visible Soil
Hugo tree growing without nny
visible means of support nre strik
ing feature of the. great Zapata swamp
of southern Culm. This swamp, nearly
l.WJO squiire miles In extent, Includes
an area of limestone that is llllcd with
holes nnd covered with a variety of
tropical trees. Hllk-cotton trees four
fit't In diameter, big mahoganies, and
many other kinds nre found growing
on ibis limestone area, where not so
much as n single spoon of soil couhl
he gathered from nn acre. The trees
make their start In small pocket and
boles In the limestone, where collec
tion of leuvei and slight accumula
tions of disintegrated rock f'irrilsli
them with cover for growth. The roots
stray about over Hie surface of t tie
rock In search of food, finally plung
ing through holes to find sustenance
In soli hidden deeply In rVi cavernous
recesses of the coral stone.
'Airmen' Echo Te$t
Even when the ground Is ot scored
by thick fog. a scries of explosions
like 11 machine gun's rat a-tat lar with
in a plane undercarriage tella an
airman his exact height. In a new de
vice lo be Installed on French nlr
craft. The who from lb ground I picked
Up by electric sound detector! which
gauge the craft's altitude, nnd the de
vice Is said to give accurate measure
ment to within one foot from the
Different Destination
Great Aunt Ann had been III for 11
long time and having one of her "bad
S'lls." She remarked that she "was
lon going lo die, wasn't going to he
here long." Utile four-year-old dene
hearing this remark, asked her where
she was going. She replied she wm
"going to benven." Gene said; "I'm
not. I'm going to Stilesvllle." His
parent had been planning to make a
trip to Stilesvllle.
"Tnu ntn Jusi like the letter IV
"How come?" , ,
"You am always In debt when they
ain't nn need of It."- Ladies Home
Candidate; Attention
First l-olillclan He took his defeat
rery easily, didn't he? I wonder wlnil
he did with nil Ills placards?
Second I'ollticlun Told me he used
them In papering hi garage.
s Lxcite -
e Kidnevs,
Drink Water
Take Halt at First Slgrt of
Bladder Irritation or
The American mun and women mnst
guard constantly agulmit kidney
trouble because we often eat too much
rich food. Our blood Is filled with
m ill which the kidney strive to .
filter out; they weaken from over
work, become sluggish, th ellmlnn
tlvo tissues clog nnd the result I kid
ney trouble, bladder weakness and
a general decline In health.
When your kidneys feel like lump
of lead; your back hurts or the nrln.
Is cloudy, full of sediment, or yon are
obliged trt geek relief two or thren
time during the night; If yon suffer
with sbk headache, or dizzy, nervon
spells, acid stomach, or If yon have
rheumatism when the weather I bad,
begin drinking lot of good soft water
and get from your phnrmncbit about
four ounces of Jnd Salts. Take 1
tablesnoonful In a glans of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and
ynnr kidney may then act fine.
This famous, salts Is mad from the
acid of grape and lemon Juice, com
bined with llthla, and ha been nsed
for yenrs to help flush and stimulate
clogged kidneys, to nentrallr. the
acids In the system so they no longer
nre a source of Irritation, thus often
relieving bladder disorders.
Jad Salt Is Inexpensive, cannot In
jur, make a delightful effervescent
lltlda-water (lrlnk nnd belong In every
home, because nobody can make a
mistake by having a good kidney
flushing any time.
Latt Retort
Homebody So you mut catch the
U :40 train west? Is It Important?
Holmles It' vital. My doctor say
I must have my regular sleep, nnd a
berth on that train Ii the only lodging
i can find for tonight.
It Love?
Muble Do you think Clarice really
likes I lobby?
Alice She doesn't know yet. She't
going to that famous Vienna psychia
trist to Hod out.'
A green grocer I one who trust
the family tbut ba Just aioved Into
the neighborhood.
Toarina ll-XSi Rnadats (1 pa
MBr)tSSi Ko.d.t-r lta
nimble raO $2i iMipt SS&t
ahrieta-t Cnnp(wltbrl
iMbl lop) feVSi CasKh lUt.