The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, August 10, 1928, Image 1

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10NE, OREGON, FRIDAY, August 10, 1928
In this ftiiy of hurry, hustle bustle we ar becoming for
getful of many of the firx-r
things of life thit go to make
world happier, It ii the aim of
thia paper to do its part towards
the welfare and happiness of the
people of thia community and we
want to recognize and point out
to our (rlenda the kind deeds
done by any of you.
Archie Cochran whom all of ua
knew and loved has left behind
him a token of love and affection
for his loved ones that should
cauae ua to halt awhile and pon
der well and one that all of ua
would do well to emulate.
The following letter ha come
to our attention and to our way
of thinking ia worthy ofihta
bove comment.
lone, Ore.,
Aug. 4. l'J28.
Mr. G. R. IlUt,
Itep. N. Y. Life
Insurance Co.
Dear Sir:
My an.
Archie B. Cochran, had a policy
for $2000 in your company which,
at the time of his accidental
death by gunshot wound, wan in
full force and contained the douh
le indemnity benefit.
(('ilillmi- an I'K 4.)
Morgan Items
Mr. Connett went to Portland
on btiHinea lat Wednesday.
Wid I'almatecr was in Lexing
ton on ItusiniHS last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Ely and
daughters Edith and Margaret
ere basiness visitors in Hej p
ner, last Thursday.
Mr. Bert I'almateer and son,
Ted, began hauling whtat to Mr.
Harbison's warerouse, last Mon
Local Happenings
A. ' H. Nelson and aon, Nor
man, motored to St Martin, a
Spring last Monday morning to
spend a short vacation campintr
and fishing.
They were accompanied on
the trip by Milton Morgan who
will remain a week and then ree
turn by atage.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E.Tompkins,
foimer residents of this and
now living at King City, Idaho,
day. liert expects to start anoth-'gre the parents of an eight'ponrid
er team and a truck aoon
Mr. Stanley Seeley brought his
wife and infant daughter home
luat Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bauren
felno, Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Ely
and daughters Edith and Marga
ret, Mr. and Mrs. BertPalmateer
and children, Ted and Dotriy, Da
vid Ely and Alvin Ely drove to
Boulder last Sunday for a swim
in the Columbia.
Mr. Hill Hillstrom came over
from Maupin last Sunday to visit
hia brother Jake's camp and nee
how things were progressing in
CuntmurJ ua l'g.4
Walnut player piano, bench,
cabinet, h'K h class rolls. Excellent
condition; a bargain. Call or write
Mm. Glenn Burroughs, lone, Ore.
Have your Kodak handy
That's the way we keep our stock
of Kodaks and Kodak Film handy.
You'll find our store a real service sta
tion for your photographic needs.
F.prt phto f.uishhi
Kodaks j up-B,o:..Lj$J up
"The Kodak Store1
and SEE
i: Our new line of made to measure
i: Suits. Any two piece suit in the whole
line, $22.75
J Headquarte for Groceries and
General Merchandise
"We Try To Please"
daughter born July 31.
M. H. Morgan had the mis for
to lose a valuable caw on alfalia
thisweek. t
Frank and Kichard Lundell
have a new Victor Orthophomc
Portable of which Bullaid's Phar
macy are the agents.
Mr. and Mrs. Eail Murray,
having finished harvesting their
crop, left lone, Tueaday for l-'ree
water for the winter. '
Mrs. E. G. Sperry of lone was
a gueat recently at Paradise Inn,
Kainier National Park, Washing
ton. During her stay at the turn
out mountain . i-n n in Para use
Valley, 5. 557 feet above sea level
ahe found the hillsides under a
fragrant multi-colored blanket ot
flowers that stretched for n.i es
as far as the eye could see. '
Lee Beckner's Harris combine
was destroyed by fire ol ui,knuwn
origin at bia ranch south of Imt
Wednesday night, August 1. i'he
loss was covered by insurance.
Mr. and Mrs. Beckner had teen
absent from home during the
evening and discovered the lire
shortly after retiring. Hamal
being over the machine was sund
ing in a vacant lot.
Mrs. Vera Moen of McMinvilie
who has been visiting her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Low
and her aunt, Mrs. Laxton Mc
Murray, has returned home. She
plana to go with a friend to Med
f ! ford to engage in pear picking.
I i Thieves entered the repair
I shopot J. 11. Bryson, through a
t ; rear window. Saturday night, and
t ranacked the place. They carried
-off about fifty dollars worth of
$ small tools but the indications
: were that they had intended to
take a large amount of tools and
equipment but had been fright
ened away before completing tlie
haul. Frank Lundell, relurnirg
to town at 2 a. m. went to the
garrage to put his car up and do
Iticing thaat the back door was
open, closed it. The robbers had
tried to get into the office ol
the garrage but were not able to
open the door.
Dr. Clyde S. Walker of Vale
was in lone, Saturday. He was
returning lrom the Willamette
valley where he had left Mrs.
Walker and the children for a va
Mrs. llellen Farrensand daugh
tera' Arleta and little Dorothy,
were passengers to Portland on
Saturday. The trip was made ntc
essary by the acute illness of Mits
Mr. Ernest Shipley, otherwise
known as "Red" is the proud pus
sesor of a new 4 cylinder Lincoln,
"Hed claims tnat in one night's
demonstration he undoubtely trav
eled 80 miles within city limits
just hauling his friends around
the block. To date only half his
dates for promised ridesarefilied.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bullard' son, left, Monday mornsng, for
their home in. Southern Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ahalt, of
Duncan, spent Sunday in lore!
Mr. Ahalt came down to ta',:e
part in the Saturday nifcht smok
er, at Lexington. They returned
to Duncan, Sunday night.
Sunday night, Fred McMurray
was so unfortunat as to have bin
and three children loft lone by
motor, Monday morning. Mr. Bui
ard will spend buyer's week in
Portland, and Mrs. Bullard and
the children will visit relatives
in Hood River.
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Jackson,
who have be-in viniting Mr. Jack
son's mother, Mrs. Koae Jack-
truck turn over and roll down an
embankment, demolishing the
cab but not doing mnch other
dammsKe. The accident was due
to the lights On the car going off.
Mr. McMurray escaped injury.
Mr. H. V. Smonse was in lone
on husines, Monday, lit reports
his harvest as er.dtd.
Only $1185
but The Dictator
has Studebaker's exclusive
ball bearing spring shackles
-sensational new
riding ease and quiet
20,000'inile lubrication
4 Speed and Stamina
proved under A A A auspices
5,000 miles in 4751 minutes
rStyle-new as tomorrow!
Independent Garrage, lone, Ore.
.a. 1 A
The Great Independent
For style, price and qualit; tiy ..,.:: ia-tttt!8?s"U'
Star Brand Shoes.-Bristow nnd ?, . . . rrrN o aiMi
See Swanson for insurance.
,' u
,nTTTiirirrTTn jii'iriTn'Ti!
near lone must tell Immediately.
$10 a month. A rare bargain.
Write Tallman Piano Store, Sa
lem, Oregon for particulars."
See Swanson for
. ct dtpic in
: & r
Parts carried inQ
j stock for all stand J
- T
month. Transient meals. ; s
Home cooking, unexcelled &
service and the right price. S
. . . . . . K
Second bt., lone, one block
from the school house.
Board and Room
By the aay, week
The new f hfnp.v Weeder
. -.. 1
p will 2'2t the weeds and put a
mulch on the ground and
Rotary Rod :
help hold down land blows
as well as work well on stub-
ble plowing. Get your or
ders in early as they are go
ing:fast. BERT MASON
Bristow & Johnson
Mrs. John Grimes