The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, July 27, 1928, Image 4

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1'ubli.shcd Every Friday by
V. W. HEAD. Editor Publisher
One Year $1.5:1
mx Months , i.
-hree Month .,)
Ifclorgan Jtems U'pn'U
hmcrrd as second class matter
he pnstohire at lone, Oreson, undr
act of March J, 1879 .
Friday, July 27. 1928.
Let ms ia.e faith that right make
tniKht;andm that faith, h t ui to th.
end, dare to do our dutr an we under
stuud it. Abraham Lincoln
Seel) wtiit to lone Sunday lust.
Noel Streeler and Koy Deai !
lort have been trucking wiuaii
tom the Odem ranch to the K.
i. Harbison , rinn
Al&mith will not only go drwn"n. They are now moving u,
to defeat in November but heJCecil to haul Mr. CartwrightV
will drag tiown many a democri t! wheat.
Krnnniii h'lu nt ....... i. . v.,,...., i , . . .
'hai , T ' " it fr t "V " ,he l""1' Kl,,vn,,r t'uiniwny of Ion.., Oregon. t
jbeed visiting, relatives at Mown " " ;'"f; Orw,,or, Saturday, t.t.. ms, ,h, u,r of :h o'clock of
for the nuiir uuub . j i ! iu uiiy, will offer for sale, utul ll i, ii.. I,;. ... . ,, ... ... . , .. .
r "iniciuinw IIVIIIU I , , , ' ' muun, lie lllllOWIIIg uescruicii
Sjnday. , , ",0lk ,,f Company which show due and delu.rn.enl on the
k A' k. t i .. ! i , u snares ot the ottpiial tock m tow nu drfaull hfl been
' "e,,edlCt 0f Va81. '-em.he.My,nen,of,,su-Sorny par, thereof, s nn.ny ,h.,... thl'f 1."
was ill Morgan, 1 uesdny, calling ' , " mny t,e y for the payment of the umm due. against oil .l.are. he'd
Jn friends and attending to bum n? T tT ''',.""m r K'r!"""' u'Kel"r wi,h ,os,, of ''v'ii"ti nd expends
.less matters. i!l"r, ,J , ""' C'p',ul "'k numN;r- "fperwn.. m,mlx-r of tm each, Jelmquen.
kj o, , , , , ,T r" ;Kut' 1,nJ J il,J Neut m ao,nent.. . shown by the record, of ,J
Noel Streeter, Howard huru tj0nrny .re Mlow., to-wit. m
sty ana Mr. and Airs. Slan,e
w-.o might otherwise be electee.
We predict a heavy increase in
republican strength in both hous
ea of Congress
On with the danoe, faid th
Stock .o, .Vtiiii o-
10 H. V, SmousH 4
12. F. L. Grilfm 3
13 J. W. Hinkle
17 fc. K. Lyons 3...
2J Edgar J. Hall 3 . .11
31. Nelson Kros 3......
32 L. L. Jke 5 .1.1"
o. fi(v Due on Cap. $twk
The Bre8h'eip re leaving fin
Vakima, Wedt rs :ay. Mr. B.ri.
diet has another Dar'tv lookii c '
after his hou.-e in Morgan.
Alvin Ely wascal it.g on llo
Hue ni.t..i'fiii.i.
300 00
300 00
.. 300.00
.300 00
. 500 IK)
48 00.
V3't but he made no mention of ard Hardesty, Wednesday.
congregating in back streets anr
alleys to yowl anJ guzzl-till th.
.small hours of the morning.
Wilson owed his
12 ami again in 1916 to disensionP8St eek:!( mPfsn'ures rangiri..
in the republican ranks. Every, from 102 to 116 in th shade Tro
33 C. H. Peterson .... 5
37 Tiaucis Griffin2
38 M. R. Hall ..... l" "
40 P. r firiffin A
M Matt Halvorse.. 10
M Tilman Hogue 5 ,
re, at lone, Oregon, thit L'.U dar oi julr, Jtt
::k.;ers elevator compam
Date vf first publication ofthi$ notice, July i'T, J'K
i)"e "f: '" P- 'liniiun ot thin notice, Auyutt 111, IMS.
.r. c-KieDerry and son finish d
ha.urjr last Wednesday. '
The Morgar. vicinitv ha? h en
experiencing excessive heat the
Continued I'romPg, 1
surrenders his birds he receives
ively beaten. History will repVa? ' "uv,r. Wn. tbe.r full cash value,
.'elfin November.. ooking after buainesstf fair.; The secretary of the associa
tin Morgan th.s week. tion slares that investigation
S-veral of the Morgnnites 8now8 thet those growers outside
300. CO
M0. 00
other d mocratic candidate since
Cleveland e time has been decis
warm for comfort!
Mr. Witze1, of Vancouver. Wn.
the association but in its territo
We have never met H R n.
. .:.u i..:. .
Ilr r.onaan.U-,: L j Wll UHNKPI. H'A .1 H. tL j
nit defeat Walter M. Pierce for lic,ous Koodi-s went on a picnic' ry received six or seven cents a
r.niirai. u, I I k. J: . too. C, i UOllnd lfa fnr th.i
. i Mrs. Ethel M.hnnp.1. . di,i.a!,soci8tion ambers in 1927 '
see Lou.s Bals.ger for insur-ing fn-m a severe attack of ton ! A,8t,c,8,ion has thtee ship
nce- . .ilids. t0 ,,ping dates: early in the months
1 .ff. .
oi November and December, to
meet the holiday demand, and
early in January to enable grow
ers to dispose of late birds. Due
to the intens.. heut and the nr..
sure of hai vest work, the meet
ing of turkey g tivver fhIIvH t,.r
Thursday of this week was not
well attended but anv who are in
terested may communicate with
the County Agent.
Mr. Fullerton of th state high
Militarhm Ramoant
"Premier Jlnldwln idnilti thM ht exirln, Ilk the witr eprti nf
tn other Kun.pHii count rlt, nr pr
purine to light the aoxt wur with bacteria,"
rrillint lllrmn C. ltohlimon of th
rnlver.ul IVnct leitiu was tulkliif In
Denver about mllltiirlam.
"An.rl.'," be mild, "ahowa Europe
piwy cleitrly wlntt iht tlilnki of
nillltnrlam. Her litniniave la illiiloiiiut.
te, hut It'a denr.
"Ainorli'H la Ilka th new hnnr.ler
Ilia liiiiillmly siilil to lit m at break
fnut: " 'Well, how doe. your cofTrt ault
you. alrr
'"It'i Juat to my tAate, inK'niti, th
younc fellow auawered 'weak and
eold, Juat aa I like It.'"
tiller's Court ChangtJ
Th laarcn river, In Italy, la beli.f.
taken from Ita bed about elfht mllea
eolith of nraaaanon. and carried
throuirh a .tunnel to wit bin two mil...
of llolaaim, where It will be dropped
TOO feet.
Th horsepower to he generated al
thla new electric station will h 'r.D .
000, and the current will light th
country aa far south at, .
nine away.
Two auhabUary atatlona In Uteri!
vallera are also to ha,.. ,,.
th total' power of th district will he
IIS.OiiO hiirae-power, or thrsw fifths of
the whole estimated hydro-electrical
potentialities of Scotland.
rAr Art Fret and Frott
A biological concern In New Drleana
owns a number of valuable froim lie
cently th froga were ami
in pollc wer Informed. Later two
men wer caught with froa In their
poaaeaslon. They claimed to have
caught them In the marshes around
trie city. Th head of th llollcul
roncern, however, "knew his onions";
n demonstrated to th court' satis
faction that th deen note of the
frogs varied rouslderablx from those
or oruinarv rroc eaush.
Indian ChUf Cling,
to VlJ0rMit Horn
Near tha spot wher th Hlurs and
Hlrlpee waa llr.t uufurled lu Wash
ington, Lung Jim. Uat of a grvut In
dian war chief family, la making bla
land against clvlllaatlou.
Th wllderueaa bom of th war
chief f th I'h.un, M.lhow and
Okanogiui Indiana, liaa.chunged llttl
ln' th llr.t of Astor fur
tradera In isu. virtually th only
conrraalou Long Jl, ,aa made to ad
vancing civilisation ha been th d
u.allou, lu th whit man's achoola,
of Ilia daughter, l'rlmess Jeaal Jim.
Hb waa proclaimed Prlnceaa America
at th national. ludlan cungre.a at
Seattl last Jul, utw. u ,0nuf
guest at Atlantic City.
Long Jim look bla present home
along th Okanogau river on th Col
till rvervatlou after y.ara of bitter
truggl agaluat arly aetller. and
I'nlted Htatva ludlan ageuta. Th old
chief dealred to llv aud die on th
jmid of hi. father at th mouth f
I.ake Chelan, lu north central Wash-
(i of bla .rest finhi. .i k.. '
Indian agent put hliu In jail for nine
wrk for refuaal to give up tribal
land on Lake Ch.l.n t. .mi. . .
L'iig Jim was released when court
ruiea ue waa entliM to a square mil
of hla tribal holdlnn n,.t k.ui.
controlled a vast territory from th
C'acad mountain to th Columbia
'Iver, he refuavd to acceot tha ili.
Hitter anliit th. .hi,. ...... ...
left tb i,ocl. utv lu iluu bum and
moved to an old canio (round iha
reservation, SO mil ..(. , p,d
hi cousin. (Vliiinlil. Jin, ... ...... .-j
Irav him In aolllary poaaeaslon of th
ii stiu refuses to accept
th settlement lnt,,1 vi i.i. .
qulshlng th Chelan boldluea or I.
accept any money accrued from it.
In the
way u l.n ... i aiarahea. Tti men wer convicted
come bv th. h-r Th..,i l!""1. P
. "C" par Bom. I'athnnder Megaaln.
....... , ..vmiuci biiu uecemoer to . i ' uuuir. i amnnnrr aiagaa n.
;r bett,r- '
j (capinmffcDiril sikce bsiI(D)(D)jm tfSines
9 O O
High CH Dytnt
A Colored man cam lm.. . ,ii,..
onu- and asked for two round trip
tickets to Charleston. Th agent
knew him and asked sh. ... .......
with him.
"My brother." aald tha Colored man
"Your brother?" .vi n..
"Wber. la r
'Out there In a bos. !!.' a.ia
answered the colored Ban. ,
well. If he la dead vou don't
a return ticket for him."
Yea. auh." aald lha m,i.,.i . ,
You see, w alu't goln" t bury blm
la Kha'lston; but w hav about forty i
kinsfolks down there. mA mm ....t
It would b cheaper to carry him down
to Hhalrstoo fo1 d funerl eervlo and
bHnc blm hark, than hi bring I be
kiiuiv iauiuy up ner.
Fight Indian Uriran
To protect th Door i.C In,. I. e..
a form Of USUrV Whirl, nnl ,.nl.
th borrower for life, but also tie up
bla aona and grandson a, th Young
lien's Christian lunrluLi, t.
llshlng bank In that country. Mora
than no hav bra established lu
towns and villages b ft
th native secret sry, and more sr be
ing addeil. Itepreaentatlv of th at
oclatlnn Visit th nla.-ea mrA .. .k..
bav no offlcea, rouduct their buslbess
onder msngo trees. In order to com
bine their camnalirn of hv.i.,,. ..4
fluanc. Toung Men's Christian
elation often compel an appli
es nt to niH-n th wlndowa nt hi. h,...
or to wash her dirty baby befor tb
ma i. o.aiie.
automotive rngincors. ."' w,cnt Ml'"7t n umloiuling uni-
P . formity of action and an enduring Luoyanry
ftvery motorwt knows the importance of spring 1,,al H "P your Studcbaker young.
haekIe-thosc jlU or I.IS which form In pao, (lf ntmnu
me connecting nk hetween IhmIv and a!.. t . i- 1 niints siMuklc" coiitairus, Bcalcd vithin it,
kc anwle liil,ri,nt . .
, ..,, iviunjur mure inun lU'vniy
thousarul n.ilca.
Come ride in u new Studcbaker to-
Knpinrrra have souglit to reduce friction
a minimum at thene vital Iftintwl aaai tffc kt .
them flexible yet firm and uniform in action to
make tlicm noiHclcHs to reduce the
necessity for frequent lubrication.
All these objectives have now been
attained in Sludebaker cars.
So revolutionary is this sensational
innovation that the word "shuck-
1V with its implication of re
atricted movement, is no longer
applicable. The incessant action
and reaction between body and
axles is now carried by 172 steel balls
rolling in lubricant no
day. Thrill to its charnnioti ner.
formance. See rare new beauty of
line and color. Then compare Stti
debaker'g new I!ow One-Profit prices
the triumph of 76 years' manu
facturing experience 1
At last ...ball hearing wring
iharklea . , . tin, .rrrt of tlui
rrmnrkahle rl, "u comfort of
th new lu.'cbahrrt.
The Preid dent Elftht. . . 1 6115 lo $2185
1 he Lummander ... l t.15t
I he Dictator ..... M5l
The FrxLlne ..... fl.'tj j
All prit ctj-o. b. factory
Independent Garrag'e, lone, Ore.
SounJ$ Thit Soar
lu common with an liit.ti ,n,. ...
I city traffic noise In London, Interest-'
Ing testa wer mad to determine how
lilgh anm of th aounda in
say Popular 'llechaolca Magaaln.
The measurement wer made from a
balloon, aa an mr,A k...
drowned out all other noise than that
of Ita engine. Itunibl of veblrlea waa
beard aa high aa 2..VM faet whti. h.
whlatl of a locoraotlv waa aadlbl
at an altlluil of a mil and a balf.
A gunshot carried (l.-lial feat l.t.h ....
music waa dlstliigulslied at a height
of 4.200 fet Th liivextlgatora Wer
surprised to discover th.i th.
loi of frog could b heard over balf
a Dill abort tb pouda.
Fax and Ttrriar BaHla
Fol lowers of th. ni.n...n,..
--- ....
bounds witnessed a nnln u InetM.n.
when. In Yew Crs. In tha v.. mi. ..i.
ley of Kngland, a hard-pressed fog
iron renig on a rock ledg In th
face of th nreclnltoua m, -
reach of hounds and mn. Th whip',
terrier, however, crept to thla fast
ness, and for fully two mlnn... ....
and dog Indicted iniiil.1, men! m ...k
other. Th fog, crouching against th.
wall of th rock, uffrd moat, and
leaped out of the crag. Th terrier,
following, missed It footing and fell
iu reec, nut, alighting In deep enow,:
eecaped aerinui Injury. Th fog waa
afterward killed by members of tha
bunting party.
Warf ta Stop Cock Fight
How to Clear tha thlin,.,,in.. -s
th Increasing number nf eu-i ....'
I a problem pusallng thoee who wlah '
io atop in aiwrt that I now flourish
ing In many parta of th Island. .....
plan recently advanced la to Introduce
counter sport to draw th internet of
the louni renin the
who bav InveitlgaUd lay that cock
fighting la the, only form ot amuse
roent In the rural comntunitiaa a
iatazxmLBav&k! , , rm. . .
that those who follow It do not do so
for th aak of gambling so much ns
ror tn aaaociatlon1 with oih.r
, -
and thus km cockpit la really the
goumunitr ciuo. .