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    Why He Succeeded
i .. Honored politically ind nrbfrulon
1 'lily, during hit lifetime, Dr. K, V,
J'lrrce, wnoi
' picture appears
here, made
succrtt few have
ITi'vSipw PHAiiica. urtaiir
L tk-K tsriJ , ncruai rcmciiici
I wluch nave stood
the teat for many
year are at 111
, among the "belt
sellers." Dr.,
riercea Golden
v . Medical iJinov
- try It a atomsch '
Iterative which mattes the blood riclwr.
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and eruptions vmiiili quickly. This Ii
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Icli to Dr. i'ieree, Buffalo, N. V, and
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Excellent Reaiori t 'or '"' ' "
That SabU Trimming
fairs. Charlos V. Tnft,,who with her
husbund.'hae founded the niagnlfleenr
Clnclnnutl Inn M ute of Kin Arte, con
'i detuned at a dinner purtjr the coailh
UNI of modern fushluns, , .
j "They get mora contly vry year,"
'itU auld.. "A,, woman used to. buy
;)eatlicr shoe will) real sole, shoos
..tliat could tie walked Id; but aha buyi
notf, for I HI or 4.VI, aandula of liter
'aklo and cloth of gold that 'woukl
tgo to places: on her If aha walked
' "1 henrd a etofy the other day that
ahowa up modern fuahlons beautifully.
nillllonnlre'e wife cam down to din
Jier In on of her new summer gowns
dlnphanoua thing bordered with
Snide. . .'.!,)
V li'llow do yon Ilka thia gownt ah
, 'd her husband.
"'Fine,' ha anawcred, aa tie wiped
' hi wet forehead, for the evening waa
'warm; tut I dool quit a what
paipus Hie sable aerve.' ' ' .
8h laughed complacenily. .
"It eorvee tlwa purpoae,' ah an
'swercd, 'of showing tliat we can af
'ford If"; : : ,
' , Regiment Once Clashed .
it The "twin" regiment of the Hpnn-lah-American
war, the Kind Oeorgla
'and Ilia Thlrty-ltrat Michigan, wer at
ne time on the verg of a pitched
, ha I lie, Recording to W. I. Crnjrmn of
Shvauuah, enlor' commander-in-chief
of the 1'nlted Hpanlsh War Veterans.
The trouble began wlirn the band of
the Michigan regiment marched
; through- the --canrp at t'hlckamaiigt
- park pliiylng ' "Marching Througu
Georgia," (jruyeon related. The lleor
' gla men were restrained hy their offl
cra with diltlrully and Dually decided
on an unique retaliation. The neit
morning, after a hasty night rehearsal
of an unfamiliar selecting, the tieorgta
hand mnrchrd on the 'parade ground
lullly playing the hated "Marching
Through Georgia." Detroit Newa.
Daily Dialogue
Money If ' your gartera tighten.
look for rain, -la the advlrt of in
Omaha weather exprrt, I aee,
I'liMtey And If they looeen, look
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AJI eSjItM SjfJ )V(aSf4sjSJ te) M9vs4 SjSJT SjMM sjf 4)
aumtl hh j tlut. (ur lllvrHUr.
I.H.U. A.lildg. rarlUuul.Unioa
epOTlal mt IWaeUtal 1 41 TMar l-carl
NtTklArr, I alran.lii, Whll (lolil lilRinond
f'limp. eallrnrllMn RUrHnlcd, Hitrsll. C
M. OylhrH.HIt ( m'b Avt Xynchtiuie.V.
4 TI. IJI' MI I.IIN. fnur Moti el ln rl
t Ira. tl II I, t. thr Men at Hv rl
lira, it pnM..l. w. P, KlmbalL lt S
lira ai., I'urllaeH, Uia, I
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fearrr Co., lJ. pt. . r,t mi0iIsq aa Vhleaau.
BaMMliilnilf ULnlUlrfalllad
RaMoraa Cator ana 1
Oaaatr to Craf and Faoad HaM
Itl..n riirm. Win, ralrlimnr, H. T,
ww. aim m at Mriiairi.M.
tonnartlun wild rarkrr'a llalr Halwa. Mk llie
tuilr ton nit n.ilTr. to iwnu hf mall of at druih
iaU, lliaoua Cbatokal Worka, fataliiM, II. I.
nsevaietir JV
't. : m A
. CHAPTER IX Continued .
"I aee. Then yon, went .over to
Prune, where yon met my futher.
Put how did you get rid of that poor
young niaoT" ' .'
ller mother looked at her, ao ter
ribly moarraued that for moment
Mnry'a heart atood atlll. ' '
I "Mary, I I didn't get rid of him.
at one. He cam back, '. I he .-'
Mnt 1 went to Franc nt the earn,
nd you cam, and I never told him.
I've never gotten rid of hi in. iliiry,
enn yoo forgive rneV' ' ' "
"Forglv yon f Mary leaned for
wnrd and clutched her mother tightly.
"I havent anything to forglv.
Tou'v alwaya bean the boat mother
In th world."
They clung together for moment,
Mr. Johnetnn glad of th ercuaa to
'htd her far. Then Mary'- vole
ram to her, allghlly mottled by th
me of her own dark hair which had
Mien over her mnther'a ear, "Phln't
he know about me. Mother, everT
"No.' , 1
"Couldn't ha rieT HI have to
hat him, yon know, If be guessed and
didn't follow you." t '
Tolly felt that Jnajlr demnnded
that aha lay no more than file due
ahar of btnme on the ahnutiler itif
Mary" father. "He didn't know ' I
wet going." ehe gold, limply. "I ran
away from Dim." , ,
Mary releaord her mother with
tittle nmaxed gaep.
Poor, poor. Father r ' ' ' '
"Poor Father T echoed Mr. John
aton Indlrnantty. "Utile he cared for
anything but Jut getting hold of m
end my mnney and dragging m out
to hi mlaernhle grocery (tor In
Peac Valley."
Mary eat upright, with aatonthed
eye, gnatng at thla extraordinary
parent of here, "Itut Mother I Von
aald Pec Valley. ToiHr dream
IngT "It'a only too reair
"Then It waa our Mr. Pnhha, and
am I I am really Mary Johneton
Dahha. th grocer' danghterr
"He need never know r
"He' got o knowT Mary declared.
Iter mother looked at her determin
edly. "I've the right to aay whether
or not he la to know. I owe him notn
Ing." and In her Indignant rteelr to
clear hemelf In her danghter'e eye.
h added a few particular of th
atnry ,nud had Md.Ned.. IJtit from
her own angle. Rh atopped aud
denly. ..
Mary waa looking at her 'with
qoeer tTpreaalon, not ahocked; but
neither waa It rrrmpathetlc. - Mr,
lohnaton atumhled on and reached the
locked door plaode. , Ph would have
given' worlda never to have begun,
but one begun the atory mnat be told,
and the facta were the an me, though
from quit dllTerent nngl. 8h
thought It would atrengthen her caa
with her daughter, to know that
Oande had gon back on hla aworn
word., . i '., t '
Mary leaned forward with nprnlaed
finger and placed It gently acroaa her
mother" llpa. "1 alwny doubted
thou wlfe-ln name-only atorlea," ah
aald. "Don't try to fool youraelf or
m. , Yo liked (laud Datiha mora
than little." Ton alnglod him out of
th crowd In that boarding honae.
Mother, yon were romantic about him
even then."
"j waa not I" Mr. Job na ton Indig
nantly defended heraelt . c
"Stuff and notioenaeP 'retorted
Mary, rlalng to the defena of her ab
aent father. "If yon hadn't liked him
lot, yon woajil hav telephoned and
had him put out."
What can woman any td n daugh
ter Ilk tlmtl Mr. Johnaton aald
nothing, Juat aat back and hliuhpd.
' "I'm glad yon can bluah," Mary
went on. "Nice tale to tell girl who
thought ah waa l poor half orphan,
while nil the time ah had perfectly
good futher keeping a grocery ator."
Ned Curler' unci' ator. ah added
to beraelf. And thla thought brought
a new Joy. Now her mother could
not make auoh frightful fuaa about
the grocer" boy,
"Waa It ' becaua yon . dleoovered
who the grocer'a rlerk'a unci waa,
that you left Clover Hallow r
Mr. Johnaton nodded. Bh wa
frightened at Mnry'i bringing Ned
.Carter Into thla Intimate dlacuaalnn.
"When did you ee blniT father.
I mean."
"I didn't aee him. H wrote me."
' "What did he anyr ,
Then Polly told about th not and
.the money.
Mnry frowned. "I think Father'
ctlng awfully wall," ah remarked.
ne ' 4 .
"How much further hav you got to
runt" ahe naked cueually.
"I don't know," Mra, Johnaton roae
abruptly, "W Mil Saturday, any
way." "Mother, don't go Ilk tliat' I live
yoo more than ever, and from the first
minute I aaw him, I liked Claude Mel
notte Dahba." . I , v
"Maryr Her mother held her
tightly. "Tou're perfect darling, but
you don't need to 11 to make ru feel
better." : I v.j
"Cro my heart. Mother," declared
Mary. "Hop I may die If. I'm not
ready tp lov your Claude. Wouldn't
It he .glorlou tf Father only hal
money enough to come flying after
ua!" '
With thla ringing In her ear. Polly
Johnaton put out th light and left
the room.
Left to her own thoughta, Mary
found them thronging thick and fat.
and ahe felt no excited ehe could not
aleep. She tried to conalder calmly
what. her mother had told her, but I
waa not thing on could conalder
calmly. , , , , (
Mary neldom epoke of her own ex
perience, but ahe had tolled among
the refugee of the late war'. '' Rhe
had, child though ahe waa. done yeo
man'a work with the firt awful ruah
of the wounded,' until Mother carried
her away leet ah break under the
train. Though ah had only fetched
and carried for trained workera, he
had hrurhed egnlnM hlrth. rh-ath and
raw wound", and had etnmped for
ever on her plattlc aoul the troth that
on waa either man or woman, or
brut beaut, and that clothe, money
and calling were only camouflage for
th human aoul, . -
Mary had her own thoughta In the
matter of her father. Claude Melnotte
Dalit mut be Dice, elite Mother had
married him and Ned Carter liked
him, o Mnry waa not at all preju
diced aa ahe thought of her big, dark
hatred, rtean-ahaven father.
Mr. Johntonlnht, to give her
proper name, alao found It difficult
to aloep. The yearn, ah waa fond of
telling beraelf, had made her phllono
phlr, but philosophize aa ah would.
ahe found that retelling her atory. hdJ
taken Ita toll In nerve and aleep.
. Mra. Johnaton believed that mere
parenthood gave neither man nor
woman ownership nr tegnl rlghta In
human beluga. She believed that
parenta were Indeed privileged when
their offuprlng truly loved them. 8 he
believed that her child ahould he ut
terly free to lov her or not, to go
from her or tny, fch rhoa. . Cut
oli. If ehe could only own Mary, body
and aoul, for a few momenta I
Mfe waa going to be very difficult
for her, from now on, nnleaa ahe could
get Mnry to ao th neceaalty for
flight from th pursuing, grocer I If
Mar were only twelve yeura old one
morl .
In . the morning Polly Johnaton
looked Ilk prlnceaa In exile, hut
ahe acted Ilk weary, bored woman,
nd V had no time for anything hut
th neceasary worda required to atnrt
them on their work of packing and
laat-mlnut ahopplng. " Mury waa to
attend to the ahopplng. '
' Mary had that morning ventured to
pen th Bubjcct, dlwuaaed ao freely
laat night, only to find herseir anuhbed
fur her palnak her mother alrno
lutely refused to answer queatlona.
Whnt Mary did" not know waa that
her mother' altitude had been aggra
vated by an eiirly morning, tneawig
to th effect that Mr Carter wished
to apeak to ber on th telephone.
Ned had arrived In town at an hou'
too late for cuaonl acquaintance to
Mohammed Used Both
11 wor a golden ring until he no
ticed Hint all th people wer begin
ning to follow hi example, wliereupun
he went Into the pulpit, bulled th
ring off(wlth th worda: "Ily the Lord
I will not wenr thla ring ever again."
and then prohibited th us of auch
adornment. , ,
A friend who had lent him a preteni
In the form of ateanilng dinner waa
much chagrined when It waa returned
uneaten and Vu untouchod by hla
flngera--for ha "Used to cut will his
thumb and hla two forellngera," and
"after he had finished eating, he licked
hi blessed lingers: first the middle
on, then the- prayer finger, and last
th thumb," but he waa purlllcd when
th prophet explained thnt he bad not
tasted It because onions, had been
cooked with th food; for Gabriel, he
wvut on to say, itrenuously objucttd
cnll nr telephone, and thla momma
tlm'hot! operator had called Mra
Johnaton Instead of Mlaa John'itoa,
. Mra. Johnston wa very gractoua
when ahe nnderslood who waa apenk
lug." Hlie waa glad that he waa In
town, and quite willing to take any
intissiige for Mlaa Johnston, who had
gone out No, Mra. Johnaton' could
not teQ when her duughter would re
turn to the hotel. Mary waa with
aoin dvar frlemla, .who might only
part with her when, they brought hr
to the ateatm'r In 'tlme(fyr. Balling.
, Mr Cutter disappointed and
alarmed, though he endeavored not to
let th latter fact become apparent.
"Are you sailing today 1" Ned had
asked. v. .
"Noj not today," had' been Mra.
Johnstoc'a hiilf-ftiformatlv answer.
After 'Unit there waa nothing for
Ned to do but. end the conversation.
He hud to face th fact that abort
of giving' away Claude' plana and
hla own, he must talk no mora to Mr.
Johnston. Nor must h .try to e
Mary until they met on th steamer.
Mra. Johnston wa capable of render-
klug It extremely unpleasant for him.
If he did. .. ,
He left word for Claud Dnht at
their hotel, and 'Went out to do hit
best In the matter of finding th Ball
ing date of Die Johnston, and ecure
their own paasifge.
" Only, when ah had aald the final
and conventional good-by and hung
up th receiver, did Polly Johnston
relax. A wav of. lonelloea crept
over hcTt (She had no real link with
th actual world now, sav through
Mury. .Mnry, -who mutt Boon leave
her for eom man. ' ' .
In th back of ber mind, when she
waa honest with herself,' Polly knew
thut the fear wa hot that Mary
would marry, or leave her,' but that
Mury would marry aom on of whom
"tie, Polly, -did not approve, and who
would like, and aide with,' Claud
Dahba. '
It wa Claude Dahba' shadow that
darkened th- aky for Polly. What
power .could Claude bav over her,
unless ape chose to give him that pow
er? The answer alwaya mocked her.
Rh waa afraid of Claud Iahh be
cause the bid treated him nnfalrly,
and' ahe had always been afraid of
htm because of Mury, It bad been
because of that fear she bad lived
abroad with ,tli child for ao- many
yeari.' ' Aa Mary grew older and. there
wa no sign from Claude, ah bad
grown bolder and roamed freely atiout
America, until like fool ah had
carelessly blundered Into hi very
stronghold. . , , ,
In her mind's eye, ahe pictured
Claude as great, fat, middle-aged
man. She knew that ahe wa omy
drawing oh her lionglnatUin, and tnal
Mury, who had aeen lilm, did not seem
to hav been physically repelled.
Polly would, of course, expire by alow
torture before ah atked Mury wnat
h looked like.,
Having gon (lowly and care full)
through the ahnpplng Hat to autlsfy
herself that there remained oni)
toothpaste and lavender water for
their traveling bags, Mary entered
drug store. Whit aha walled toi
change ah waa suddenly conscious ol
being cljwly scrutlulted. ,
Mary did not turn her head, auo
only when ahe Vent from th cashier
dek did li try to locate, her per
latent admirer.
When ah did. ah went first white,
then red. Ther stood Claud Dabb.
better dreasc-d. or differently dressed
than Mury had ever aeen him.
Claud, who had aeen ber on th
avenu and followed her, now atood
looking at her earnestly as he waited
for her recognition. When It came
for not for ten thousand angry inotb
era would Mury Ignore her own father
he tnoved quietly to her aid and
held out hla tmnd for th package.
"If you r f iliig back to your hoiel
I'd Ilk to walk with you."
Alary, her heart beating quickly,
put th little bundles In his baud.
."Yea, I'v flnlahed my hopplug."
ahe auld. simply.
' "Will you walk, or rider
. "Ulde, 1 think." replied Mary., .
Claude I'ulibt atopped a passing
taxi and helped hi daughter In. She
gave the hotel aud streot addreaa to
th driver, and as th did to, Claude
aald : "I'm at the Langdon."
Mary had looked at him, little
frightened, when he got into the cub.
What waa ha going to aay to her first!
Of all the Impossible situation Id the
wide world, thla waa th moat Inipoa
alblal If ah asked him why b waa
'ther. If ah asked th simplest que
tlon, think what ahe would precipi
tin I 8h leaned back In th cab ami
left It to Claude Puhha. '
Precept and Example
to the odor of both onlona and gnrlte
Furthermore, he aliatalued from tast
Ing liaurds, for he (cured that lho
were descended, by Some inexplicnble
metempsychosis, from cert ii In trlnt
'of Israel. From "Mohammed," by K
F. Dlbbl. . .
i Other Sid of tht Fnem
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vacation each yenr, determined thai
he would tnk a month' vncatlot
every year. If he ever went Into hual
neaa for 'himself. '11 la In buslneu
for himself now and haan't taken i
vacation for the Inst two yeara.
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