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IONE, OREGON, FRIDAY, Aug. 19, 1927
the uiiiloraliihoil will receive urnloil
t-iil until 00 o'clock l, M., tin 7th
tiny of September, IV'iT, and Imme
diately thereafter tli bun received
will ba publicly opened by the- Coun
ty Court, lit the County Court Honm
In the Courtliouo In lleppner, Or
icon, fur Hit purchaa of mi leau of
bund of Morrow County, fur th eon
truollun of permanent made there
in In tfia auin of una hundred twenty
Ihounend dulliire ($U0,0(l(l), aald
bunda to be In drnomlnullona of II,
000 each, numbered t to llil), Inclu
alva, to brar dnt of September t,
11)27, and to mature aerially In nu
merical order at th rule of $11,000 on
th flnt day of September In each of
th year In 1.1 to VJtil, Inclualve, Hi
(lrt maturing I7H.000 par vnlu of
a!d bonda to bear Interaat at 4 1-4
per annum and the laat maturing
M2.000 par value of inlil bonda to
bear Interaat at th rat of 4'i per
annum, payable eemlannually on th
II rut dayt of March and September,
principal and Interaat payahl In gold
ruin at the ufflc of th County Treaa
urer In lleppner, (Irrgon, or at th
It.ral ai"'u'y of tin .Slut of Oregon
In New York I lly.
All blda tnurl be unconditional and
ueenmpanied by a certified check for
The court reaervea the right to re
ject any and all bida,
Th approving legal opinion of
M.iari. Teal, YYInfree, Mt-Cullufh
Nnuler will be fumlahed the eucceaa
f.l bidder.
County Clerk, llrppiier, Oregon,
I Sea 1 1
I', G Kalttiuer him added two
more can to bin list of offerings
In Super-Six Hudsunn. S- e I, l ad
vert incmi'Pt on i tiiff 4.
Wi' sacrifice fine piano in stor
age near here. Will Rive easy
terms tot reiunible ptraun,
Ym full paiticular and where
piano can be neen. addrena Port
land Music Co , 277. filh St.,
Portland, Ore.
Cot$ Back fa OIJ Rome
Vilruvlua wn nu nri'lilleet nf Ilnmt,
ngugrdj In the prnrtli-e nf hi prnfe.
linn a few jriira before the H-glnnltig
nf the t'liri'li'iil em. He ulillHliei
the lionk wlili li I, -sir lil i nmne ulmnt
II. ('. 2.Y Vllruvlna iiienllnn lliut
tliKirw nf (ink were milled with In.n
nulla. Unit fliaira loiluy lire nullril .
with atwl nit r wlrx cut nulla
tliMiigli IV- aliln iiii:;tip knnun a
Mil e m'r -
A Harris" Combine
Will UWlf luct Vino
XJ. P. O'Mcara - - - Agent
X lone, Oregon
1 a
p j Lhvev:lHt4.J I
Our Finishing Service
On request we'll he glad to go over your
Kodak pictures with you and offer helpful
criticism and advice where needed.
That's just an incidental feature of our up-to-date
finishing department, where all work
is properly and promptly done.
Let us handle your developing,
printing find enlarging orders.
Bullard's Pharmacy
The Kodak Store
State highway departments
I UK t year nurfaccd a total of more
than lll.dOO miles of earth roadi ,
In addition they rebuilt 5,828
miles of old surfaces. lG3,0fiU
mile of the 287.1)28 miles of Fed
oral and state roads are now sur
faced. The Balfour-Guthrie grain of
f ice la located on Main atreet,
lone, just below the Telephone of
f ice. Open every day and all
day. Phone No. 52. Louie
Bulhiger, Agent.
Mr. and Mm. J. P. Louy are
out of town thin week visiting
friends and relatives in Port'and
and Seattle.
Famoug Trout Food
A friMli-v. ntrr mIii Imp wlilrh la ended
Liattiiiinriia l 1 1 1 r I 1 1 1 In tit leiiat one
lake 111 (rcgmi. In the dellglil (if nlll-
IiiIn. 'I'lila alirliiip Miil.ea nn excellent
fiKol fur Irutil, it iil mi li Iron! will
mm in tuleu or thrice ttielr (nllniil
The repnlille f l.ilierln li la a inpn
liillon iif iiIhiiiI 5.ihi, nil ncgriM-K,
nf nhiuii miirly '.tiiaal nre Afrn-Aiin-r
li'niia. The elvlllieil Inliiililtiilila nuin
her utiiitll !V MHO, live nenr the aat
mid apeuk tin Kngllah limruiit".
At Paul G. Halsigcr' .
Combined Fanning Mill and
Wheat Trtattr. Ill.trt grade
Copper Carbonale for wheat treat
Nnllev la hereby given Unit ptirii
nut to Hie Hliiliile nl tlie Mute of
OrcK'ill, In ellrll ciiaea lllllile mill pro
tlibil, the UMilemlKlleil li'l lukell lip
Hie I iTi-IiimIIiT iIi'mtIIhhI rwtrny mil
imilfiiiiiiil riititiliiK nl In rye Umiii my
renilaea. I III, (ill hllturiliiy, Aug.,
i', IX'i, lit Die hour (if :mx o'rl.n k
P ".(' mild l'i-. Hell at pill, lie mir-
Hon lo the liluhext lilcliler for enxh.
the fiillnw Inu; ihwriU'il iitilnml, to
vil: due liny enilille liorMC, w eljlil
rtlintit lam iiiuuilri, with four phlte
fii't, w hile feet, white apnt (in faee
mid cii nip atuul liriiml on left nhonl
Snlil anle will lie hell nt my run. h,
X lilllea aolltliweet (if lulie, niileaa
anlil iiiiIiiihI nluill In-reileetneil .y the
owner thereof prior toanlij ante.
Vitr llliike
Cecil Sargent starter) combin
bininR for A. 0 Jem, Thursday.
John Krebs, of Cecil is haul
intr wheat for Noth Pettyjohn.
A. F. and W. F. Palm&tter,
fihinhed hcadinu, Monday.
Mr, and Mr. VVitcrafl. of Hepp
ncr were chlliiijr on Mr, and Mrs.
Harbison, Sunday,
Eudora Hardesty Hpent Sunday
with her paents,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Balcomb,
oflrrinon, were visiting friends
in Morgan, Sunday.
The Morgan warehoiiHO receiv
ed five tacks of wheat from the
0. K. Lmdstrom ranch, weigh
ing HOG pounds.
Dr. C. C. Chick and Mihs Blanche
liriistow, of Hood River, were
calling at the II. 0. Ely home,
Paul C. Balsier, Agent.
Po'tcnoui Upat Tree
Cpiia la the IniiiH' ulvcll til vurlom
apei !ea nf Ireea fiiuud In .lava ui;il
nl her IxLiikI nf the Kiiaiern an III
peliin. Krn:u llieae Ireea oor.e .a
nIm,ih,ii cum, um'(1 hy the Dutlve
fur tlppiiiK their arrow . The Inlet
of Hie deailly effect of tlili tree ou
pliinu and niilinul to Hi Ticlnlty arc
largely nclltluui.
,L0 SI B I J
C'-ma le yovr vl.U Um.trHly for eulleral
fdeoe and pvltmo-d
Opperrieetp u otf,ral Ml
22 dcpartmrntu d the Colics of
Literature. Scirnoe and ih Arte
Arcliilecture and Allied Art
butineu AJminlitrallon tiluca
tion journalifm GrtJja! Stud
Law Med nine MuK Phyei
rul rducation SiKlolofjy Social
i'ork I-ite-nk-n I)iviion.
Cotlme Year Opetn Snrtdnbei 26. 1927
fur lnorr?,jttofl or fulalnf:" Writ
Tr A-fittrar, Unitlvr,iie ef
Orrfon, Lvjtnr, Ore.
1 1 if
nlClwnUp"J Faint Upr
.numi i
TT"T i,
I Our New Fall and Winter Line of f
t 1
men's suit and overcoat samples are
here and they are
come in and have
for a new outfit.
Bristow & Johnson j
Mr. pnl Mrs, David Koerini',
of Seattle, arrived in line for a
short visit with Mrs. Koerring's
perenln. Mr. and Mrs. Paul G
Ra!ni(rer. They came to lone
from Crater Lake by way of
Rend and The Dalles and were
accompanied by Mr Koerong's
Grandmother. whone home is in
Indianapolis, Indiana. Thev lave
for Portland and Seattle, Satur
'a? morninsr. Mr, rn Mrs. S.
R, :4oore will soompanv thpm as
us Aar a Portland where they
pt.m toHp"nd some time viMHrtr
with thiiir daughter, Mrs. Edene
R'v, VV. W ' Had went to
Warrendale Saturday and enjoyed
a three riav vinit with his oWst
son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. John
A. Head. The presence of Mrn.
VV.. W. Head of Cathlamel arw!
of Miss Mildred Head, of Port
Mrs. E. J. Dristow and son
Walter are in Walla Walia thir
Fire broke out in the wheal
fit 1 1 of C Hutchcroft at Morgan
Vi-'dnesday forenotm and tiurneo
I it ; r about six acres if standirn
j vheat and a considerable mma
i. if . bubble before it was put out.
I The wheat was running about
; ll sacks to the acre. It U snppor
ithat the lire wai started by a
.arbon ?park from the sera'atoi
The alarm whs sorend by tele
pi. uiie and a large numb r m
pO'ided but the grtater parttrriv
en after the fire was out.
Hereaie a few of the picture
! have contracted for 1927.
Aug 27 Chip of Flying L
Cut this out and keep it foi
future reference. We will onlj
raise prices when the price ol
program compels us to. Duiit
win a single number of this con
ract. American Legion
lone Oregon
ill ci oonicriW fc
Ul -1
ol why u
listen to a poors
e .. "
toned, noisy radio
g when you can have 7J
oJa grebe!"
America's best
.e.t DAnin o
d.x.xx&AAXj.4 PI
m ftn-iiNr SHOP
mighty nice. Better
your meaasure taken
land made the occ ision something
in the nature of a family reunion.
Mr, Earl A. Brown, wife and
on have returned from Mon
mouth where they have been in
attendanceon thesummersesiors
of the State Normal School.
The editor of this paper tried
to qutiify for entrance in the
Oregon Journal's Labor Day hike
hut one heat on the Old Oregon
Trail convinced him that he be
longed in anotbar classification,
H. C. Wood and family left for
Eugene and fami'y lef t for Eugene
last wi-ek. They travel by auto'
ani shipped their household
goo Is by tiuck. Mr. Weed plans
to engage in tr e real estate bui
m in the University city.
Mr. EmilSwanson made a social
ca'l at the home of Oscar Lundell
on lower Willow Creek, wednis
dty eveuing.
M in Aiice Head h fpsnding
i he Summer at Dee-She contem
.llaies entering theState Normal
Shool at Monmouth in September.
Dr C. C. Chick, of Hood Kiver,
war in Ioue for a short time early
la-t eek. A numberof ourtcwi s.
people avai'ed themreves of his'
professional services.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mc E ligott, Auuust 13. a daughj
ter. Mother and child doing well.
For super f xe'lersce in hsierv,
ry Blue crane. At Bert Mason's.
lf)ouu?ea Uemington Porta
)!e Tj pewriter jou will not have
ny trouble in reading "your
own writing."
Bullard's Pharmacy
Best g.ade of Copper Carbon
tte, far wheat treating, at Paul
j, Ba sig t's, lone,
Pure Silk, Hosiery
Q aw
JUST ARRIVED! A beautiful new nnd colorful
stock of those heavenly Blue Crane "X" Line Pure
Silk I lose, just in time for you to make your season's
selection for school wear.
Blue Cranes are made by the "X" process some
thing new, different, exclusive. X-tra length; X-tra
fine texture; X-tra snug ankles; Xellcnt styles
silk-to-the-top chiffon and service weight.
MORE THAN $100,000
The premium list of the seven
teenth annual Pacific Internation
al Livestock Exposition, Is now
being distributed. Extra copies
may be had from General Manag
er, O. M Fl mmer, 211 N. W.
Bank Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
The total amount of cash priz
-s offered in all the various de
partments approximated $100,006
and in divided about as iollows:
$11,600 for the beef division, to
which the breed associations have
aeied $7,000; the dairy depart
$11,SC0 in addition to about $2000
by the breed associat:ons; the
Bheep clarification carries $6500
of our money and about 2,000
a Hi itional of breed association
money; the draft horse class 3.
750; the fat classes, roughly t
round $5,0C0; in the horse show
department, which is second to
none in the country, $15,500 of
Pacific International's money and
j22,500 in stakes ane entry fees.
ak;ntf totai 0f roughly $35.
000 for the Horse Show, which
aglin maje t ead the world.
Milk is one of the most com
plene and easily digested foods
(oi chickens. Besides itsfood value
it is also a great appetizer. When
chicker.s are fed milk they eat
more other feed. Milk also serves
as a regulator of the chickens'
digestive systems and tends to
keep them in good condition.
M Oi
C WI. D. H. M. In..