The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, December 17, 1926, Image 3

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    Colds feWEfl
Be Quick-Be Sure
Get the right remedy the but men tnowi
So quick, to aura tht milllone now employ ft,
Tbt utmoet la I Uutlve. Dromlde-Quinins
in ideal form. Colds atop in 14 bouri, U
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ontd. Notlung comperes with Hill's,
BcSurtlti-ttllw Price 30c
Cet BedBai
wlli portrait
Monty Hack if (lot jatnfmd.
"Jiret years ego lulat rejected
hu my (iff (ntuwrc Co because
mi oJoodougarlett wet 2oom
tebest fffatc Treatment bnouln,
Mo tiftp' JAen a ffiend no iOar
cured 0 Drabetet brought methe
Jhis Herb lee. uki the result of
ln:tant effect m mucate-im
brotemeitt noticeable in I vee .
-big improvement in a month
7?ou) Blood Sugar torfn to Wand
'Coerg Diabetic should siarf
now auhy to drink ntorninp
endCikning ,
'IftSMkibM HVtVPlCAL n
qiouhdrtnk theTea fiJiceaday
bra Wonth- then naie a pout
Bfood and urrne 7isc and"
Vo GcoM-WoDrufj
Jrndntfr 11 format ion aMe
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Playing Sal
"Tear Ilk tlio baby la pretty alow
bout learning to walk?" commented
(hi brother-in-law.
WW." reiillcd lh brother. "IU
fcnnwi that a wn aa ha ran walk
ba won't gt carried do mora," Kan
aa City mar.
Many people Itnaatne thai Warma ar
fapawnrm ran not eipAllMt anllrvlr. A
einela Dm ot "IihI ahol" provaa that they
aaa. Ill rearl au W, I. Aa.
"Wbat la your upluluu of (ha latest
"I bnva no opinion. It kcrpi my
fpt ao bnay that 1 bay no tluia for
Pig ton Flock Lott
Twelve hundred homing plgnnna
war rvlraavd at point near Ilor-
dxaux recently and It waa cxnertpd
that they would alight In their cota
In Knglnnd In the rnuraa of fow
hntira, Tha dlatnnra la only four hun
drad nillea, wlilrh la not much of an
nrcompllalimpnt for homing plgmn.
Hut tha paraona Inlorratrd In tha flight
ara piir.nled to know what bwami of
the birds for not on waa located.
Tha only explanation la thnt the en
' tire flock waa caught tn a storm and
carried out to ea and were nnable
to return. TI1I1 would be satisfac
tory explanation, but there waa no
evidence of a atorm tn th vicinity at
that tlm.
Ilnhlt I the keynote of health.
Sure Relief
Hot water
Sure Relief
r3aWaV'r CJSl
5 ind75t PkpvSold Everywher
Kerry Ormerod, proscribes
traitor to the BrltUk erowa
a iurt partlaan, returning from
r re fine 10 Wilson wnnrai
friends r proepeois snd In 4sn
ger ef apprehension nd iwn
Hon as traitor, rescues Alder-
ma Robari Jus sine from a ban
of aaeaaelne. Juiflna provaa to
he tha (rendaon of formar
steward of Ormerod'e fathar, 10
whom Jusalns faala himself In
debted. Ormarod talla Juaslns ha
haa abandoned tha Mtuarl esuee,
believing It to ba unworthy and
Its real aim tha aft rasdlsement
of Frejioe at tha aapanaa of
Before th Lordt of Trad
Ibaw long I might have alept I know
et, but the pallid sun that atrnve to
pierce the fog reek proclaimed III in
noon when Master Juggins waked me.
He would not listen to my protesta
tions of regret, but directed Biy atten
tion to tha pile of clothe he carried
er bl arm.
See, we shsll make 'prentice lad
f you," h sold. "I bsv youth
downstairs of shoot your build, and
these are his Hundsy clothes."
And must I In truth wear theser
demanded with some disgust aa I
felt their coarseness nf texture.'
"Aye, Indeed. Msster Harry."
Ilia tone sobered.
"I have been abroad alnc rising,'
ke continued, "end forgive me ir I say
twaa well for you we met last night.
Tour cousin la come up to I.ndin,
frantic with fear lest you ahould sue
teed In replacing him. and he bath
Bulled wires right and left, so that all
are convinced you ar her for no leas
a nurnose than the murder of the
I cursed with fluency conferred
y two langusgea.
"There la no hope of paraon now,
proceeded Juggins. "I am not alto
gether without Influence, and I had
oped Hut 'tie douhly hopeless. If
frm were Bents or Irish, It might be
lone. Hut few of the English gentry
lestde yon and Master Charles rose
In the '10. Too are a mark! man,
and with your coualn's Interest against
you 'twill be Impossible even to fain
bes ring for you."
"There la naught to do, then, save
a back to rranre ana me inrnui
who now dlstruet me." I said bitterly
"Never ssy so," retnoostrated Mss
ter Juggins with energy- I bave au
Idea of another course which may
commend Itself to you,. Come, don
the poor gsrments, which will none
tha lesa cloak you with safely, sod
IHn m In granny ' morning room.
The coffee which tlte old lady pourea
1 In blue-bordered china bowls put
new Ufa and nope in me. 1 sciura
back In my chair and puffed at the
long clay pipe which Juggins bsd filled
tor me.
Oranny Juggins gav m an approy.
tng pat on the shoulder.
"That la well, Master Harry. Wor
ry never aolvefl any uimruuy. Ana
I must bcgolng about my duties;
hut remember thst what Robert telle
you bath my Indorsement."
And wbst Is thstr I Inquired In
some curiosity aa the door closed be
hind her.
II aroored In silence for aeveral
"I am retolved to take you fully Into
my confidence, Msster Harry," ha be
gan at last, "and I ahould not do ao
If I doubted your discretion."
He fell silent again.
"Did It not aeein atrange to yon that
such an assault aa you aaw last night
should bave been made upon an or
dlnary merchant T he aaked suddenly
"1 thought they meant robbery;
"Itobberyt They never made a de-
aaand upon me. They meant murder.
The truth Is, Isd, I am at gripe with a
deadly enemy. Tla curloua story,
concerned with high politics, great
spoils of trade, Intrigues of church and
state mayhap the future or a con
tlnent And as It hsppena Robert Jug
gins la at the hub of It.
"Do you think you would like to
play a hand on England a behalf and
te checkmate the very forelgu Infill
ence which sickened you ot the Ja
cobtte cause? I need strong arm
combined with an agll mind, a mind
nsed to French wsys and (he French
tongue." i
I would hav answered, but he
checked me.
"If you accept you must b prepared
to fight your old friends, for the ene
my I have spoken of la Jacobite at
heart and works under cover for the
return ot the Pretender through the
weakening of England and the para
mount Influence ef France. Remcra
bar that before you commit yourself."
"Even aa I told yon laat night. Maa
sir Juggins. I am for England now," I
answered. "If such plot aa you
apeak of la under way, then surely
tla for loyal Englishmen to thwart It.
Count me with you, I pray."
"I will," he said quietly. "Now hark
to these facts. At the Instance ot my
elf and my associates In the Company
of Merchant Traders to the Western
t'hintatlons, the provincial govern'
lent of. New York several jcurs ago
secured the royal assent to a luw pro
hibiting tha sale of Indian trading
goods to the French lit Canada.
"Our object was twofold. Th best
and cheapest trading goods are mnnU'
fitctured In Knglnnd. It we can keep
them to ourselves aud compel the
French to use mora costly and lus
duruble goods made on tha Continent
sta shall be able to underbid tlieut wlU
Arthur D. Howden Smith
g) or Mrantano'a.1
th lndlsns. 80 th fur trad will
com more and more Into our hands.
Juggins leaned forward and tapped
me on the knee.
"North America," he went on, "Is
the richest land In all the world how
rick It la or bow vast no man knows.
Twill require centuries to exploit It.
Since first we colonised tlier w have
contended with France, not only for
further power, but for the actual right
to breathe. Our two countries cannot
agree to divide tills dotnsln, limitless
though It be. Sooner or later one must
oust the other.
"The fur trsde Is the key to It all.
It Is an, because neither th French
nor w are yet sumcientiy power 1
to Ignore the strength of the Indlsn
tribes. Th fur trsde Is the source ot
the savagea for securing trade goods.
They will be bound closest to the coun
try which gives them the beat terms.
If we can deprive the French of the
aa w
to buy their goods aa cheaply
do, then we ahall be able to
trade to better advantage wltb the In
diana and ao Increase their friendship
for us. At the same time th volume
of the provincial trade will be In
creased." I answered. "Rut yon spoke
before of twofold object In depriving
the French of the right to obtain trade
goods through New TorkT"
So I did. and that bring me to
the enemy whom I mentioned. Heard
you ever In I'sris of one Murray An
drew MurreyT"
I shook my head.
"He hath eonnectlona with the
French, and, too, with the Jacobites;
but they would be well covered, no
doubL Murray owns tfie provincial
Fur company of New York, which Is
the largest of all the trading agencies.
He hatb set blmaelf deliberately to
drive out of existence all tha Inde
pendent tradera and eecure tile en tire
ttpde for himself. The trade wltb the
French In Canada likewise la In bl
"Refore the provincial government
passed the prohibitive law of which I
spoke, he rsrrled on this trade open
ly, and the French tradera, helped by
a government aubaldy, more often than
not underbid our traders using Eng
lish goods, mind you, for the purpose.
And then the French traders would
aell their aklna In the London market
at a lower price than oor own traders
could afford to charge.
"After the passage of th lew, In
spit of efforts to enforce It, Murray
contrived to build up a clandestine
menus ot shipping goods to Canada,
and while the French ara more pressed
for cheap trade goods thsn they were,
nevertheless they are better off than
they ahould be, and' our tradera are
put at a disadvantage. JSow the time
for which the law was passed Is ex
pired, and the provincial government
hath enacted It again. It cornea up
thla afternoon before the lords com
missioners for trude. and plantations.
when Murray will petition for 1U re
jection." "Rut surely he will lose."
Juggins shook his head.
"I fear not The beat w can bop
for la a compromise."
"Yet you say be la In alliance with
th French and the Jacobites !"
Sanity and Insanity
Wher mental disorder become In
sanity It la difficult to aay. Physicians
today do not like to nse the word In
sanity, on account ot th dimcuiiy 01
defining It Sanity Is social concept.
A ann persou la willing to co operate
with other people In the affnlra of
life, and haa confidence tn others In
varying degrees, aa bl Judgment
guides him. He has a direction of
movement and purpose which he Is
able to control.
Insanity Is the reverse of this. Yet
It Is easily seen from this definition
that a perfectly sail porsou can u
violently insune for a minute, five min
utes, or hnif an hour, lly the excess
of hla emotions he can be cut off for
the time being from rational judgment
"1 say that. Master Harry, but I
cannot prove It. Remember, even yo
who hsve recently com from St. Ger
main, bsd never heard of him. More
over, be Is hand In glov wltb th
I'elhsms and all the corrupt officials la
Whitehall. He bath buttered many
grasping hand, and If be can secure
his operatlone a few years longer he
will have laid the groundwork for Eng
land's overthrow In the New world.
"I leave to your Imagination the ef
fect upon our people at home of
disastrous war with France at this
juncture. King George Is scare set
tled on hla throne, and ao good an et
cus would pave th way for tb
Stuarts' return."
"Yes, that Is true," I assented. "TU
a dangerous plot."
Juggins looked at roe keenly. .
"You are still desirous to Join la
thwarting It?"
"Mora ao than ever. But I see net
how I can be of service) to you."
"If the lords of trad hav received
the order I expect, you can be of
great service to me and to your coun
try. Come, you ahall bay your first
lesson. You msy attend tn to th
hearing before th lords of trade. I
wish yon to observe what passes at th
hearing, and to study Murray. For If
he wins his slay, aa 1 fear he Will, the
It la my purpose to send you to New
York for such evidence aa will wreck
bis consplrscy."
"And I will go gladly," I said,
thrill of exultation In my heart at th
bare thought of a man's part to plsy,
He collected some documents and
mapa, placed them In a green string'
bag and gave It to me to carry.
"And remember," be cautioned m
at the door, "do yoc keep at least two
paces bebjud me. npeak only when
I spesk to you and hold your bead low
and your shoulders stooped. Slouch,
If yon ran. if any address you look
stupidly at them and mumble an an
swer. I will explain that yon are slow
Rut none of th men who stopped
Master Jugglus during our walk
deigned to notice the bumble 'prentice
Isd who followed him. I avoided all
scrutiny and reached Whitehall with
considerable more self-confidenc than
I had atarted with.
The lorde of trad aat In a lofty
chamber of a dirty gray atone building
over against the river. At one end
wss dais with a long, closed-ln desk
across It Behind this nodded my
lords In periwigged majesty, five of
them, two fat and pompous, one small
snd birdlike, on? tail and cadaverous
and one who looked Ilk nothing at
"That la Tom relbam." whispered
Master Juggins, pointing at the last as
we took our seat.
Rut I bad already transferred my
gas to' an extraordinary creature whe
stood by window on the opposite side
of the room. It waa a black man,
aquat and enormously broad, whose
long, powerful arms reached almost t
the floor.
As I wstched bins, fascinated, hut
eyes found my face sndlie surveyed
me, apparently without any human In-
terest whatsoever, but aa wild beast
might consider a fat atag when to
full to car about a kill. He was
dressed In a bright rr livery coat with
gold lace, and the cocked hat which he
held waa covered with silver ei
I felt Juggins tugging at my arm.
"Do you see hlmf" he whispered.
"I never saw anything ao hideous la
my life." I answered.
Jugglna laughed, as bla eves fal
lowed mine.
"No, I meant not the negro. Twos
Murray I spoke of. II sits aeveral
aeata farther on."
I looked aa directed and picked oat
a man who lounged back comfortably
In a chair, talking with a group ot
merchants who seemed to hsng on hla
words. He waa elegantly clad, yet
very quietly, rather tn the fashion ef
a line geutleman than rich trader.
Though sitting, he showed himself
to be a large man of masslv frame.
lie wore an Immense periwig In the
prevailing mode, and there was about
him an air ot pride and aelf-contldenc.
Though he must hav been middle-
aged, be carried himself like a young
man or a soldier.
That In Andrew Murray he la
to find a foeman worthy ef hla
si eel la brought home to Orma
rod In a convincing msnner. But
he haa aet hie hand to the task
and haa no thought of drawing
Matter of Emotions
of anything or co-operation with any
body, and from any sens of ordered
direction of his actions. But sooner
or later hia reaao reasserts Itself, and
In repeated circumstance of th annul
sort Is likely to be 00 It guard. I
san people have periodic or perma
nent Inability to overcome their mo
Future Thrill
who will he the first to go under
th North pole In a submarine? That's
the big polar thrill left, Syracus
What we really envy le a man's
cuuistunces, not his persaatulltg.
Children Cry for
MOTHER:- Fletcher'g
Castoria is especially pro
pared to relieve Infant in
arms and Children all ages
of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising there
from, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the
assimilation of Food ; giving healthy and natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look fof the signature of
Absolutely Harmlees - No Opiatci. Phyticians everywhere recommend it
Youthful Authority
Why did your boy Josh leave th
dear old farmt"
lie got some new Ideas about man-
agin' land and decided I wasn't enough
help to enable blm to run th place
successful." Washington Star.
Cutleura Soap for tha Complexion.
Nothing better than Cutleura Soap
dally and Ointment now and then as
needed to make the complexion clear,
scslp clean and handa aoft and white.
Add to this the fascinating, fragrsnt
Cutleura Talcum, and yon have the
Cutleura Toilet Trio. Advertisement
Laundry Saving
When gathering stilled clothes the
other day Mr. W. P. Morton found,
among her six-year-old son's belong
ings, several handkerchiefs with a
huge knot tied In each of them.
When Howard waa asked the rea
son for the knots, he replied:
'Well, mother, you see. I always
have a clean hanky that way. I tie
a knot In It before I go to school;
then when my hanky gets dirty I undo
the knot and nse the nice clean part
and tie a knot In the dirty part ao
It won't show." Indianapolis News.
Itoat Be IMenr4.
Keen Cole s Corbollulve to th hone.
It atops pain from burn or cut quickly
and hrala without ecarm. At all food
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Americana Eat Let Bread
If Americana at aa much bread a
they did 23 year ago, more than 2.V
000.000 additional barrels of flour
would be consumed annually, aaya
Capper'a Weekly. A food survey In
dicate more than one-fifth of the flour
formerly consumed baa been replaced
by sugar and other more expensive
foods, like milk, meat fruits, oils.
fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. An
other reason may be that the finely
bolted and bleached flour of the pree-
ent time does not make near aa pal
atabl or aa wholesome bread aa did
the old grist mill's product
A harmless vegetable butter color
need by millions for ft) years. Prug
store and general store aell bottle
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. A man who I good only on th sur
face Is no good.
Th measure of service la the mark
Of greatness.
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getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin prescribed by physl
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Aasuia la th trao aurk et Barer kaeeteetw ef ataMaevucaeltfeatet ei SaUeUcaald
Conscience Pricked Her
Retty was 1 visiting In th eoontry.
After breakfast her grandfather pro
posed that they look around. Betty
admired the cow and the plga and
th chickens, but when grandfather
proposed they take aMook at th bee
hive she drew back. "Come on.
urged ber grandfather, "th bee won't
hurt you." Retty still hung back. I
don't know "bout that" ah replied.
Yon see, I had honey for breakfast !"
Hi tore throat.
Ql huskine.
am.W fff '
tT II and similar
V troubles
01 quickly re-
1 1 rek
lie ved with
91 u
Takes teaspocmfulof "Vase
line" Jelly. Stop the tickle.
Soothes irritation. Help
nature heaL Tasteless,
odorless, WiHootopactyoa.
Cliertmngh Mfg. Company
Stats Sc. "' 111 'New York
M 1.
MaS. W- . KM, (MTV
V promptly relieved sod healed b
a tew applications oi
W. N. U, San Francisco, No. 48-112S,
Rather Irritating
Roscoe Wbat'll I play 00 th pho
nograph? I'hyllis Play the seven-year-itch.
Itoneoe Which record I that?
I'hyllia That's the one that
ecratchea ao.
.Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Itandy "Bayer" boxes of It tablet.
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