The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, July 09, 1926, Image 4

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Charter No. 228 Reserve District 13
At Lexington, in the State of O.egon, at the close of business,
June 30, 1926.
1. Loans and discounts, including rediscounts acceptances
or bills of exchange, sold with the endorsement of the bank
Including items shown in 29, 30 and 32, if any $51,275.22
2;)tfiritrnfr.. securpd and unsecured 8.30
3. U. S. covermrcnt securities owed, including those shown
items 30 and35. if anv . . 100.00
4. Other bonds, warrants and securities, inclu Jing for- V
eicn fiovernment. state, municipal, corporation, etc.,
including those shown in items 30 and 35; if any 305 00
5. Stocks, securities claims, liens, judgements etc 2,313.80
6. Banking house. None: furniture and
fixtures, $1,000.00, . 1.000.00
7. Real estate owned other than banking house ..1,300.00
9. Cash on hand in vault and fr m banks, bank rs and
enmnanies designated and approved reserve agents
ot this bank 1 7,894 95
11. Checks on banks outside city or own ot
reoorting bank and other cash items V. None
Total cash and due from banks, items 8, 9, 10 and 11,$ .
12. Interest, taxes and expenses paid.less undi
vided profits. 1,800.0
Total, - $66,003.35
Mrs, Esta Baurenfeind return
ed home froom the Valley where
she haa beea viiitinar for some
time with relatives. She was ac.
eompanied by Miss Lillian Wil
son of Santa Anns, daughter of
Charlie Wilson, formerly of lone,
who will visit for some time with
relatives here.
Elvin Ely and Everette Stout
er visitors in Heppner, Satur
Geneva Pettvjohn spent the
jast week at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morgan and
children spent the Fourth at Ce
:il ith Mr. and Mr. Henry
Mr. and Mr. Alfred Med lock
pent the Fourth in Hsppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Medlock and
amily, Mr. and Mrs. Fave Pettv
iohn, and family and Melvln Ely
'pent Sunday at the home rf Mr.
nd Mrs. P.cjI Wtbb in themoun
i. .ins.
16. Capital stock paid in
17. Surplus fund
18. ( a ) Undivided profits $ 584.53
(b) Lfsscurent expenses, interest
and taxes paid .2,300.61
19. Reserved for interest taxes
and depreciation.
Demand deposits, other than banks, subject to reserve
23 Individual deposits subject to check, including de
posits due the State of Oregon.county, city or
other public funds
24 Demand certificates of deposit outstanding
25. Cashier's checks of this ban' outstanding
payable on demand '
Total of demand deposits, other than bank
deposits, subject to reserve, items 23, 24, 25,
26 $42,003.90
Time and savings deposits, subject to reserve and
payable on demand or subject to notice:
27. Time certificates of deposit outstanding
Total of time and savings deposits payable on
demand os subject to notice $8,365.6 1
. 39,74160
State of Oregon, County of Morrow, ss.
I, W. O. Hill, cashier of the above named bank, dt
solemly swear that the above statement is true to the best of m)
knowledge and belief W.O.Hill
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of July. 1926
S. E. Notson, Notary Public
M. commision expires 12 27, 1927.
CORRECT-Attest :
Karl L Beach, Frank Gilliam, . Director.
A -"4.1 f .
IMS ('
IE . '
M i-
I -.-r.v " f;. i ri i if
-:;;,'- rev
Mlltnn H. MoFkow. twelve-yearold Ran Franclico Ichoolboy who fine
the ax of Bye his, paitcrned hla Ufa after that of Abraham Lincoln, aaplret
io occupy tn wnit nouaa aoma flay as his hero did. Ha baa baan nomi
.Bated as a candidate tnr lha American Youth Award establlabad br tha dlrae
itora of tha Saqul-Ct'ii1fnnlal International Kxponltlon, 'hf Id Id Philadelphia
;from June 1 to Duttmlier 1 In celebration of 150 yeara of Amarlcaa Indvpco
I dunce. Under the plan of the American Youth Award and the America!
; Teacher Award, each etate will aeleet a hoy aud a flrl and woman teacher
jwho beat represent American Ideala, and they will b given trlpa to Phila
idelphla and to Washington, where tbiy will receive medala from Prealdenl
i nyi imnii hi i Minimi
- 1 T A m j .
nir, biiu u. n, irueueon apantt
Saturday, Sunday at Parker.a
Mr, and Mrs. Bert Rann and
on spant Sunduy with Mr. and
Mrs. K. Harbiaon,
Arranjrfments are belnir made
to transport the school children
of the Cecil ichool district to lone
this com in school term. These
children, 2) in number, have
been attending school at Arling
ton. The District has convey
ance of its own. .
A movement it underway to ar
range for the transportation of
theDUDilsof tha Monran aehnnl
distil ict to lone for the coming
school term. The lone district
offers to take the children for a
lump sum of $500, the Morgan
district to furnish transportation.
No action haa yet deen taken by
the Morgan School Board.
Do you want a good wagon?
The lone City Dray hai one for
sale cheap. See T. C. Troge.
Charter No. 144 . Itrwrva. W.trlct 12
At lone, In the 8tat of Oregon, at tliecloatt of, June 80, l2
... 1.402.4
.6.&00 CO
! IiU.00
1. Lonna and diacouuU. tncluUii rmllacoutiU, aovtitiir(a,
or Itllla of eicbanKr, acid with the end on metit of the hnu
including itema ahown In 3ft, 30 and 32 if any
2. Overdraft, aecureo and unwcurwl
J. U. 8. Oovernmi-ot aecurltiei owned, liKludlng thoee"
abown In It. ma 30 and 38. if any
4 Other bonda, warrnota and ewurltk-e, IncludluK tor'
-ljrn Koreruiuent, atate, niunlilpul, corporation, etc ,
IwludliiK thtMi ahown In lUma 3u and 35, If any ... ...
8. Stocka. a:urltle. elalma, llciia. Jmlgrmeiila, etc. ...
S. Banalns; houae, 10oO.OO; furniture mid fix.
lure, $;l,500.00 m
Itenl palate owned otln-r than banking houae
t. (a b) Caah ou hand In vault and due from liautH,
banker aud truat companU-e, di-Unated and
approved rvaerv attenu of thl bant M ,
II. Check ou hank a outalde clly or town of
reporting bank, and other caah Item
Total caah and due from bank, ltm 8, , 10 and
11, I10.479.K
i. luicrvni, luxe ana expense paid , J,WI.3
Total 3M.T4SM
1. Capital atk paid lu . . . , g j3.00o.OO
ii.nnrpiuamna lOWOO
umiiviaea prollt ,i , None
23 Individual dep., nit autKt to check, Including depoalU
due th (Hute of Orwiiro. countj. ilty or otlier public funda .S2.8I.V99
24 Demand certificate of depoalt ouuundlng wii.44
Total of domiind deponlta, other
than bank depoalta, aubjact to nwerre, Item 23, 24,
23,26 83,riT43
Tlow and aaTtngt depoalia, ulifM't to reaerve and
payable on demand or MUbh-et to iiotlre!
27. Time certificate of d-ponlt outntandlug
Total of time and saving depoeltx payable on
demaud or (object to notice, Item 27, 29 $ I5.S7S.05
30. Note and biila Mdlacounted, Including boud or
other seeiirltle sold under re pur. hiiae agreemenU
with contingent llabllHIea
31, bill payable with Federal Itew rv Im ok or with
other bank and truat companle ...
32,818. H
I 326,74.&4
State ofOregon, County of Morrow, S3.
I, Victor C. Peterwn, cashier ot the above named bank, do
eolemly awear that the above lUtement is true to the beat of my
knowledge and belief.
Victor G. Peterson
Subscribed and aworn to before me this 7 day of July, 1926.
F. H. Robinson, Notary Public.
My commission expires 2-20 -1928.
CORRECT - Attest:
M. R. Morgan, C. R. tunzel, Victor G. Peterson, Directors.
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