The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, June 25, 1926, Image 1

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Anna Louisa Lundell Ends
Life's Mortal Term.
Ann Louisa Lundell wai born
In Sweden, June 11, 1842. She
wig married to Frank A. Lundell
November 9, 1870 and came to
California in 1882. The family re
moved to Gooseberry in 1887. She
there united with the Swedish
Lutheran Church in which ahe
became an ardent and faithful
worker, both in church and in
Sunday School.
Sinc-19l8,ahe haa lived in lone
where ahe panned away, June 22,
1920. at the age of 84 yeara and
11 days.
She waa the mother of ten chil
dren of whom aix aurvfve Au
gust W.. Ernest It., Anna Lind
at rum, Mary Swanson, Oscar L,
and Aluott VV.
Funeral aervicea were held by
Kev. C. G. Bloomqulat, of Tort
land, atthe Congregational church
in lone and alao at the Swedish
Lutheran church at Gooseberry
where ahe was laid to rest
"1TISIT the wonderland of trywn
reached via the historic Union
Pacific through the Wett YcUowttona
will at la tflc rfurinfl lha aram, Juaa II I
BVptrmW IV You im tKtui jruur aniwa
varatloa thtra or auka It aa a ikaft able trip aa
fma way ,Hl
Wll tro4 r Wrplv bankWto, ruraMl aB
lafafiaauua and aaaka your raaarvatigu.
J. W. Howk. Agt.
lone, Oregon
Think of this as your bank. Come in and
tetl us how we can help you.
We know that our success is dependent up
on the prosperity of our customers upon you.
We are here to serve, to boost and to grow with
this city.
Make use of our facilities and service. We
sincerely offer you our earnest co-operation.
The following list of pictures
are booked toahowat the Legion
Hall, beginning Juno 12.
We have In this list a wide
range of subjects and atar and
hope to please every one. We are
having a hard time to make ends, when In doubt, what
to do, go to the show.
June 26, Man from Red Gulch.
Jnly 4, Sea Hawk.
" "10, Man in Blue
" "17 Doming of Amos.
" " 24 Tornado.
" ' 31 In Hollywood with
Potash and Perlmutter
August 7 Withont Mercy.
14 Puricane Kin
21 When A Man's A Man
28 Prairie Pirate.
4 Ridin' Thunder.
11 Wedding song.
18 Love Master.
2T Family Secrets.
2 Taming the West.
9 Seven Days.
16 Frivolous Sal .
23 Red Clay.
SO Hell's Highroad.
6 Calgary Stampede.
13 Sundown.
20 Simon the Jester.
27 Madam behave.
4 California Straight
11 Flowing Gold.
" 18 Three Faces Eaet.
" 25 The Road to Yeater
Cut thia out and keep it for
future reference. We will enly
raiae prices when the price of
Dronram compels ua to, Dont
miss a tingle number of this con
tract American Legion
lone Oregon
Mexico City's Suerarace
Aa the ground on which the City of
Mexico standi was once the bed of a
lake It la not considered safe to build
akyecraper In that dty. The hlfheat
building there la aeren etorlea.
Sound AHct$ Currtnt
Control of electric current by speech
la claimed by an Knallshman who haa
perfected a machine that atops and re
leases current when affected by sound
r 1
Wedded Bliss Crowned With
Joy On 25th Anniversary
Last Sunday at the Jack Hynd
ranch on Butterby Flats near
Cecil about seventy five relatives
and frienda of Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Hynd met in honor of the
twenty fifth anniversary of their
About 1:00 the melodious voices
were heard ainging Here Comes
the Bride and upon investigation
we saw the happy couple march
ing out upon the lawn led by
Buck Lieuallan, the speed cop,
who acted aa preacher on this
After the couple had been mar
ried in proper style, the preacher
andthe hnadand had a race to see
who would kiss the bride first
but the husband won out About
half past one the crowd was led
under the trees to a row of table
trat were loaded with everything
one could iah forin the shape of
good eats which waa followed by
a very liberal portion ofce cream.
The preacher and a fellow who
do'nt live very far from the riv.
er and whoae firatnameia George
took high honors for disposing of
a big portion of these good eats.
Alter dinner the guests sat
around under the treea and talked
over old times, all wondering
when and where the next good
time would be had in the Cecil
community. Here s hoping it
will be soon.
One Who Was There
-w-. w. .... .
At nht attar llw rvanioa imal a Ihr
"WnaM hour". TWn read afciud to
lha family
T Harold Ball
lataat aad brat tor."A Soe nf Mil
V athn" . Srwal tiundrtd tauuMftd Um.
Hia aradwna t wuhia a vie aUx
aublicaina hanoiini TCtano
1 . immfmi'r i m m i nj
rWbW ll KM, Ma
Sometimes, with secure delight,
Theuplend hamlets will invite
While the merry bells ring round
And the jocund rebecks sound
To many a youth and many amaid
Dancing in the checkered shade.
John Milton-
If you want to grow weeds?
You can grow weeds without plow
ing, but if you wish to raise wheat on
your plowing you must keep the weeds
ROD WEEDER has stood the test
of time and is leading .all others in
sales and satisfied owners.
If you need a weeder, see the new
Rotary Rod Wizard.
Bert Mason
itjra. rrrr patiicinBy uaaguuc
te California for her hea'th.tak
ing her departure early this week
Safety razor blades We stock
every standard make.
, Bullard'8 Pharmacy
An outstanding feature of the
week in lone was the meeting
of the Gilliam and Morrow Coun
ty Pomona Grange on Saturday,
the 19th. This was the first
meeting of the Pomona and five
granges were represented.
, The grange was called to order
at 11:00 P. M. by Master Chas.
Wick lander. After routine busi
ness matters wer disposed of the
meeting adjourned for lunch
Reooening after lunch a liters
ry program was given at Legion
Hall Important business matters
were considered at a session held
in Odd Fellows' hall. Resolutions
were voted favoring the movment
of Hood River Pomona to estab
liah a dank.
The fifth degree was conferred
on 22 members.
the next Pomona meeting will be
bold at Boardman .
Coocf Voice Can't Fool 'Em
tt la Impottlble to stampede the mu
sical critics. They're alwajre too bony
looking fur technicalities. Toledo
Kodak keeps the story
Indoors, there's a long list of pic
tures to make for the Kodak history
of the home. And the Kodak album
soon becomes the most precious book
you have.
Ak aa far year copy of "At Home wits
the Kodak." Tkie ja-afe booklet, com
pletely iUuetratcd, deaenbea and ahowa ia
trraathif picture auck aa yos caa ake at
' Xaaat Fil ike genuine la
tk faraoaa ydknr km.
arte FimiiUmf atiiu that 'a
rikt and right ea bus.
Bullards Pharmacy
The KODAK Stort
Our friend John P. Louy had
the misfortune to run off the
highway last Sunday down near
Cecil.and wrecked his car slight
ly. John must hve peen chasing
a black tail rabbit-
The Dorcas Society will serve
ice cream and cake next Thurs
day at the church parlor all the
afternoon. Remember the date,
Thurrday, July 1.
George Ritchie and family left
for Newport, Tuesday, to hear
what the wild wavei are saying
Mr. and Mrs. Boy Lieuallan re
turned last Sunday from Port
land where Mrs. Lieuallan has
been visiting with her people for
a few davs.
For Sale
3J inch wagon with 100 bushel
grain bin CHEAP for CASH.
inquire of lone City Dray.
The school election passed off
very quietly last Monday. The
total vote was light and Mr. G.
W. Ritchie was reelected as di
rector and Mrs. Delia, M. Corson
as clerk without opposition.
E. Bristow and family accom-
ied by Judge Robinsoa spent last
Sunday down in the Cecil coun
Elisha Sperry and family who
have been down in the val
ley for the past two months re
turned to lone last Sunday.
Lee Howell has atout finished
the Improvmenta on hia dwelling.
Early next month Lee will be in
tho harvest field with Del Ward.
Mr. E. W. Corson of Los Ange
les, who has a position aa Super
visor in the accounting depart
meul ol the Southern California
Telephone Company, ia spending
a short vacatson in lone with his
mother, Mrs. Delia M. Corson.
The proprietress of the lone
Hotel, accompaniedby Mr. primes
and Mrs. Jack Farria started on
a trip to Portland, Sunday morn
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bullard
and children accompanied by
Mr Head motored to the Wells
Spring monument and Thursday
evening and enjoyed a picnic
returning by the light of the bar
vest moon.
What's the
This is the question that enters the mind of every custo
mer who examines merchandise with the expectation of i j
buying something. ;
Realizing that most people make this the first consider-;
ation when they go to buy,
slstently low- - but never
If vou liud any article bonght at this store not as repre-f
sented bring it back and we
Try This Store
For Satisfacton
Bristow & Johnsons
Mrs. Frank Munkers and sons
arrived by auto on Sunday from
Salem to spend the harvest aea
soa in and near Lexington, Mr.
Munkers will assist with the
work on his rancn. s
Mr. and Mrs. George Perk have
been entertainingiMr. Peck's Mr.
Peek's mother, Mrs. L. Dorman .
from Portland. A ts Present Mrs.
Dorman is visiting in Heppner.
Sunday visitors from Heppner
were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ad
kins and family and Mr. and Mrs.
French and children.
Cecil Warner attended services
at the Congregational Church on
Sunday last. Mr. Warner now
lives in Hermiston and operates
a creamery.
His family is at present in Walla
Walla where Mrs. Warner is re
ceiving medical treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Eph Gesger with
their sons and daughters were
Sunday visitors from lone at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Dee Cay.
Tha Juniors of the Congrega
tional Sabbath School presented .
a short but pleasing program on (
Sunday morning last. Laurel
Beach assisted with vocal num
The annual school meeting was
held in Lexington auditorium on 1
Monday afuernoon. There was ,
only a small attendance on acount
of harvest being close at hand.
H. K. Warner waa reelected di
rector and E. S. Mills was chosen
Cracie Burchell left recently
for Portland where she expects to ;
spend the summer at the heme
of her grandmother.
The Sixteenth Annual
Pacific International;
j& Exposition;
?j;tUnd, Oregon
Oct 30 to Nov. 6.
HU Last Laugh
Aa Arlaona man went to tha fal
low laughing, bat he didn't come back
that way. Indianapolis New.
wj have priced our goods con-
at the sacrifice of quality.
will make good our claims.