The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, October 23, 1925, Image 4

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    NOTIfK OI' II' I Ml H.M K.
KOTU B . l.KKHV lilVh.N Mini
t liiuli'i' ,1 will ivt'.ilvti pi'li'i''!
Southern Pacific's Railroad Construction Plans Will
! i Hull! I" i
V of Ntivchi : .
'ivy (!'iin
. I ( ill..!.- y
.'.'. i til I
I h u, i , is
. , ir M.,! 1 1;
ck n. in., llm UH't
, I'iS'i, hik) IniiiH'
ti'i' liith ivt"iv.ii
vuril l.y tlie (luiiii.
ouiity I'uuit liuuiiV
" l'i li.yiim i', (I. I'
ll. 1' in' rtl is III' of
your rand;:,
Dg mvsi dyvxvt v.Cik.Wliy
neglect them vhen a bottle of
: Provide New Direct Transcontinental Line To East
It of W '.iii i iVucly fin- (,'i'i.
i iiriinii ef r
nil 'tit lOi'lli t'.i'lt'ill
i li'p mini of t
t ' h es, fuid b,-.
r ' y ef Jttm '
1 I ll.c'Url.'v. I
: .. ai d to n a
v" li ti i i! . ' l uui
;l to l't' ill il'lii.i.ill
iclu iiu:1h.iciI I In
'.' .lato UoIuIkm I,
0 ill llllim i ,i'ul or.
will keep hem fit
feg vft I pa .' ( VWik
Skrlrhfd In this map I the new direr; li.iiisniiitliieiilnl null' from On-iron mi.; Iti, ,,.rtli (ih1 In (he last via
Kliimnth rails, Ore. Allums Cal.j Frriilij, J,ev., mid (ip.Itn. Huh, plaum.t hy (lie SimihrrA I'adilc Coniiwaf
"Southern Taciflc plans will give tciritory by that lino as not In the
Portland end Oregon a new direct uil:c luteivHl, hut a ri'preaentltiR a
transcontinental line to the East, so re., I ,1,'ti limnt to the imlilic through
!.catid on the one hand to serve the j .li ,iins Ix-twom two lines a business
greatest agricultural anl timber soc-; whir't H not inure tluu cnimith for
Hons of Oregon, and on the other j the tupport of etu. It Is against the
hand, provide a mid-continental route ; puiilie tnierpM to rnn;rurt more rail.
glvlnR these sections direct service to ways than are ni' .'tl. Excels cou
th major part of the United States," stiiteioti only r.-nil-s In a lame re
Thls was the central point made In turn tin i;ioy put Into Hit.
the testimony of William Sproulo, j Hues, with an in u nor service !y each
president of the Southern Pacific Cora- of Hum ami a l.ur li a ti; u tiu puMic"!
pany, before the Interstate Commerce' IieMrJIn-r the Kl.'titrh-Ttt'.e l,i!:,v't
Commission at the Oregon Railway 1 Alttir is nr.". Mr. h';.rnV s ild: "li the
hearing before Director of Finance 1 Oi ei;nu Trw: lc 4,'n W nut Hi'!' and i.
Charles D. Mahattle at Portland, Oc-;lf the nppln .tlun of a. C. i- l:. br.s !
tober 9. the iM prova! of the .viii"
"Locally. Southern Taclflc propos-jls uo iueil.m ti; V: s;r.
als." said .Mr. Sproule, "first promote : (n wl.H-U th. r .i.. r ' f.
the natural development of territory . have a o::v ..
In Oregon on the Nevada-California- erly f..r all t' i: n . ,
Oregon Railway. Including the tlm
bered areas In the Lakcview Basin;
second, through our taking an Interest
In the Oregon. California ft Eastern
road, those lines will be extended to
make available the timber resources
tributary to the Spnmue River and
the Williamson and Sycan rivers;
third, through the Natron cutoff we
will serve the Cascade and Klamath
"The Klamaik and Lakevlew basins
will be made fully accessible and tim
ber tbat nature has made tributary to
those basins will find lis proper out
let Ti'O new lines will give the farm
ing and live stock Interests of both
basins rcceis to markets east and
west, north and south, by the shortest
lines po si'uie and doubli tracked tor
the most part."
Mr. Sproule's testimony with re
spect to the new main line eat l from
Oregon was based on applkai'iini of
bis company, for authority from the
Interstate Commerce Commission to
construct a line of rai fi on
Klamath Falls on the new Nuirou uu
off line, southeasterly throunii tin
Tule Ike couniry, to ti.e bK,an
guaged Nevaila-Califoruia t.r jrm .it
Alturas. thence via tig kn to the e.n:.
The Shurlest ine
The Southern I'ac.fic I'r.e f:'n;.i
Klamath Falls via NaT'in to l'urtl .d,;
the w Sines pulntel ou. Is 1!7 v. '
less than to I'ortbtn I v:i f ; t n.-.-r
the proposed Ororon Tr-jnk l:n.-. Mr.
Eproulc also cited the fm! rv.r.r n, .,
parlsoni of dis' fiom K.., j. :
Falls vlu Uend ami Aliur.ia:
"To Chlrano, the line via I' n '
bs 2Vi miles lopR' r by ( .''ort' i i
and 277 miles lone by .Nort;i m I j
clfic. I
"To St. Ijitlls, the line via v,!'
be ihl miles longer by tir it ,'n ,i r i i
and 435 miles longer by w .i ta'
Pacific. j
"To St. Paul, the Alturis !:, :i: ;
be 4'J miles lonni r thai tie .i,i;i
Nortlii i n and l'.i mild b ; r i... J
the Noribcrn Pacific. j
"To Omaha, the Aliur.-.s" lii.r ;,
330 miles slmrtiT than (lie r.ur i. i i'
Facltic via liilliiiKi.
"To Kansas Cliy, the .Mtur n n
Will be aCi miles slini-irr li, ,.i ti.
Northirn ac!I:c via Hilling i ....
Witness snlii: 1
"Souihcrn Pacific plan ;.,; ..U- ... '
cllitles for all traffic of Hi" Kiaina'ii
territory mperior to those ir:rr" d
by the Oresjiin Trunk and without il .i;
llcatlnn. We oppose entry iuu l.i!.!
Tlie torque Is ilhldcd Into ll,r.
recl'His of tuste, the llrxt of nhl.h I
chlelly srnllile to piinent mid m-li
tastes, the middle inrt inn tn mn-ri
or hitters, whiln tlm m, u U (..min i;
entirely tn the llanus of rnal iu.ii
buiier. oils, and rich nml l.niy fab
It Grows Hair
or Your y-v
Money Uack -r'' V
Tbou..nd. oi fv.y.
women are grow- V'V,v
tti fiw kir end s 7 F '4
putting an end to
s e I p ailments
with the nw V an
Ess method oi
treatment. Van
Em Liquid Scalp
Message makes it
easv to give the
scalp proper care and to have
head of abundant and glorious hir.
The rubber nipples on the patent
applicator feed the trenlment di
rectly to the hair roots and at the
same time gently mil the scalp.
Ask us about our mon'V back
90-day treatment plan. We give
70a positive guarantee. H
ber end r. . . 1
northi .t nrd r. of Kla
and th' Natron ciiio'i V 1
remain b-r, a.--1 in or, 'y
is adj. ct nt to :li.' (re -.a Ti
tiian to 1 lie i.. u ;.;:'i : ai..
"The S r.i!:.'rn : -.piii
t'10 cm s're :. 11 J n t
and In his an .w r.. tn ;.
Sir. S raii irn 1 1 r 5 . - j i
'.ndlr.c Hith t'i' s ip-.,.
the Un of lii'S line , 1 ,1 tri 'fie ! :i 'r
vada. rfpe 'k n: fn. I'a -
c'fic. e wii'i.ii ; : . r ii.i!
mlHsUiii p:h. us-,n tin .1
tills particular T, ,!'.' rH . ; i-.i
r.'fer' p. e fu 51 , ;' 11
t'iC pui 1. . ;.- i 1' : ir
P.iatbi'! 11 I'm ifv h. !!' r
rmaid' rr.l the 1 ' -li " nf
ai part uf a thrmi '1 runt . I
m 1 in-rc
1 I'a i is
ir tiie
otic-half millions of dollars for th
N..irun llim pa:i!nK through Klamath
Kiills liavn an liiiiuiata bearing upon
'!" iiPi-ilcatiiiim. one ot which, lit
lu that of the Oiei.011 Trunlt, would
ini. erll this larse luv. utinent. while
Ih" oilier will tafeguard it. Further
anl proposed line.nin. nts of Jlii.U-J,-i'li;i
are tlio-e with which this hearing
d I redly deals, three ronsist sif our
In!, r. st ia (he O, ('. & V.. Hallway and
I'a )iriipo,r. ext. tislous, proposed In-
lent In Nevada C.tlif.'rnln-Oregon
i.i.v and tlie standard gauging of
' ; !..' rn: '. the pro;vs d cmstrui'on
! ..u-'-rn I'. cific from Klamath
! ; 1 Cirneil mi l its exiensbm from
' ! .' Aiturns. On the Natron
i n '. 1 . iiear iij; co'iiplciiuii, wt will
' . :'t J ''', ', .,,,(') 1, v.i.iili, with thu
I ' . u"D f red by our pre, em ap
I ,:. i:; ike ,uir tntal Invest-
. 1, o n;,- , 11; enuitnlt via
1 . :' to ,a;.i. ..; 'ui.. Natiuu
1 . 'id on the one hand, end
." 11 J,i..alli Kali.i to Kernlry and
1- ' v '.11 the nili-r hand. Ion i
C . ai l,;
! : fi ..iioo.tiit no nker I, liUI ;
( .0 lil $ 011 (UMi'licr I, Ifii.;
1 l.i s i i'ii 41 1 ttcl-lief I, I'J'l.'l;
I a i!a , i,,i t . ber I, l'.i II;
m 'J i S .'aiu.oii ,m ti.-tul er I, l;i:ir;
Ji '1 iw,'.f-.t on (Mub-r I, l!i.:it;
;,l ,0 s , i,'(i.. en Hei. ber I, 1 1 .1 T ;
.:n a tu $ ,ii j',1,1,,1 u (liMnbi-r 1, I'.iils;
il to faiiiu' .' un Hetolnr 1, IMl'i
-): M ful j ,0'MI.I .1 1,11 October I, liUtl;
i,l ia f'a !!iIim, ) on (lololiur I, liUI;
C l) li" Sii '.iii on Oct.ij.'r I, ISM'.!;
CI 1.1 fi.. ,.i,.)i0 on Oeli.b r I, UH.i;
9 t $",'i.i,i'0 n Oi-IuIh'i- 1,1:11;
ii 01. v.- Oii. b.'i I, U ,..; .
ail Ortuber 1, 10111;
on Oeli ber I, 1'I7;
nil r I, lIK;
OH Oci.d-.T I, l'".'i;
mi Oetuber t, IHi'tl;
ir I il. ie ,t at the
e.-i il hip ' t.-i.,
I iy.,1, o (. ac,a: u-
. a t' ' t ib. of Apili ii, U
L .', p.i' ei i til d i:.ti o t pay-
'I' , " ii i ul t i il.ry of t ,p
; l'.i , ri (i.e.
' t " . . e' As.i cy t'.e
'J' l ,. . a is'i ,' i. .i; ' y.
li'ih s u i i,.. Ul! i-,;,', , a, ,
I,;; by
."' I j till svhi'i.l.
Hii i- . y -".' o
) I t Oil (4-'1 II
i I t I 1 . Mll.t
I"i I I ll'i) $. (MO.- i
I..-I .Ii tn t
- o. t i t tn
, ci .'in.U'li,
1.00 . 1 p!n!."
Maivjlac.uri tl ;uul ,,.'i 1
Bu!!ard's Pharmacy
The Kh!;1: Nation
cc, ti ud ciii.k for
I'lir! t to ie.
unlhinn ft
t'- t. li ti ' I i t- ir. t ' ,
1 al v iilid ait i.i.H, '
1 a (i;u l' .- b
. . I . . i. . . ., ,, i,
.i u . '. , :I! I,,- fmei !.,; (i ,
! ii l iii.ici.
i. .' M. . n:--
11 'V I i'lk f. pii'Kl',
'A I.)
0 4
4 9
1 s s
i ..
- n
of tlie i'i.c'i'c I;. U I'
ll ; ( rai ii.t.w
m V.
til! i Pa.
at u !,a-'
1 II!) !
a i',
I 1'
i s'C
1 ii r : i i .' , ii I i.,-
i .IV ; ; .....I i ,. , ....
i i tii, I. t. V. " h.r." app
; ;ri' .;:. 1,1 cour -iiit a ,a
i I. :; ' i K.'.'.s to C.uti- II an
1 liiat Hi- : mi, .iiiie
: !' ' r'.u!-' for .1 vMn"',,''.t wi'ii
,r.:l l'.n u'ic .in-; in lin' w ill be
: u-i the proposed Klamath
hue tmi." Tub' I hVe to a r.iu
. . ::h ;:. C. .. ' planned In
.... ;, bav,,. u c i upnn
.. wln 'h It would connect.
j. i iu.'.ily npplie l to the commis
'' nii;i;(.n to to Cor
. i.ue this hearing has been
.1 oar i-tigitirrrs have made furllar
t's which point to tlie general ui
on ot Alutrua as the more direct
iwieable route, and we have
' r 2. filed wltb the cominls
r la Washineton formal application'iorl'.y to cunsiru' t according iy.
ti,.t:i I'p Kiiiiiilng IiiMrict
( oi;: :r:n :ion of a line from Klamath
; t '( ornell v.111 op.-n up to rail
i. : I ' iou snnin IStt.uvo acres (.1
or pasiure lund. It is tun ex
i :h..t the local traffic w.ll j .. f
: ;i! f icictitly rtniuner.itivu for rt
... but we aslt the umi"i,s.,m
i mnlder in connection with .,ur
nt application tiiat this U part of
,o..',i line from (in son to X ta l i.
. eat via Xcvada-r.-ilifornia-.
'.ia llailway, wl:U Central I'.u f.c
. in-i! ii ti "
Ai to auction exp.'iiilitur. , Mr.
p- ,nl i.abi:
, ...pniditui'-'s of over thirty-six nnl
fnriy lull''
il" ajipiicat'nn
.cation by us tor p.
I . '. ail
v- ' ' l. np;.l-m.nt and
' "i ' .' ri'.al.'i- liivr.'nient by
"i .li : I. . t , v ii e ,m kIViiij; It
. , c, ti:-.!.atrli." Aft. r mt'lng that
.1 :n l'.iciia' lie, iuptjit nt pi.ios
"!! l' niral ii.-;-ou acre tit d up
- . r . by (V;!r , Ihuifie lua
:., . ,- S 'ouie .,,' i :
V.I:; I. id They lVailf
1 ti;.; !, p'liaic i out that the Ore
j Trunk I'.tt were
ii i j (,.'., ,.i i. ui r i, rtcntlon am,
. '. .11 1 siu ii hi '.ve .'rieiife, an.,
. f free and abb' to und, rtakt cm
.ii hi at tiny time sinen tiict
a.' ' 1 Hi n 1 in l.!l. i-in why , I t,,e
t f -ur:ien )eir until the . nrh
"l ... lit bad rn !'...! p. r.i,,... ., t,
ii.; if its Natron I. tie ai, bail ma i,
y b avy exj t a.i,''ir, s in . on .i
,.'!,.i -.' Why did i:, w.,it uw ii ii,
i". ii ii i j.eri ' " T U . niii, a hi.
of b", rallro.i a.l
h.hs- A
p..t'.(,.oU by US tor p. lln'i.inli to bllli
j l;i o to I.enJ to ; r, . ;i!at, ;B
. Hi tu! er traimi th-tc wciiid bo quit
. m n uch In order, a: d p, lit tlo sen
i pubic convenient" or n r . aiy.
i "Finally, a3 to Hi- (ir. pan 'i runli
',.hy have tin-r been s ki.t and n, j
no n,ov during :ii. jiara of oa
pione.Tin';, in whi. I. have J...a i
giod faiuf tualib.g i'lir, .r.".i. iave
nu nis In the Kh- U "ti, vhk
has become prort'tc.'lte bt'iugli l ie
terprlse or I s ii:i;- a, eunjoiut '. ,i
oiirsvlvi ? The obv.ous lea: on Is th .
llcy lifive bun wa. lri'. f..r us to pu
our money It. to litis I uoii for ;ia
v. lopin. nt un !, nf er n have it, no
tl "n coam in at sir.all rxp(-,se t
thtniselvcH to talie fnint us t:,.. jtt
r war is of oiw enterprlsb IV i av
io.eb'el all lha mo-y and la' . ;i h;
t o libai.c. s. Had our cu'- i ; rlfc
i ..led it v.oitid liavo brcu cur le.l.fot
! ne to have borne the loss. V t nn
(re ara liireatctud with the nib toi ,
tunc of being unablo to carry ou
pi.. us to their nalar..l ciincltialuu.. be
t ,i ,a tiie propo. el e.vteiiHlon Iron
I' ad would divert to Trunk linos, tt
ti e north, which have contribute!
nniM.ig to the divelopment of thl.
r. hi. that ba.iliH SS which the South
un l'ac.flc us tiie parent line sua;
i. r y ct;;!in u nave carncil bf ton
Urn lion mid nervine."
I VII lil .
;! t.f I hi' 1
til' V lii In!
1 1 M h t !
;.. a. ;,. ! ,
. in .:
... I' t I i.
tin nf
I I i'tll f.
J I.l!l
: lii.tioii;. ,
t tier (!
nml liny
. i MS t-lii w
.s i ( n-1-1 1 . ii i i t i i!, c m i i. ,t,'
lanllbt.t in lint til the
tttii.l ui d l.iu.'r wi.l Ik' bu t from
:il ai U cl the i'ui,,ip!-H. 1 1 i
1 1 t.liry k if i ue irt'tiil
tlislit.i'tit ti if jtn'nit i; tlieii Ftuif
(nit (uicktT Ihbii nii o lie
t -1 'f,7 f C
i When you come lo Irnow Unit your
I fuel is almosl
out tiuickt-r limn n o In-i-1 in t t Usvclri Is A sI nvt'M- if
,ii.' i.o,l.. e,ne early in tl.f . . Tf IP Ii" A tt ''
M-Kkihey vMlhiml ii.a...t ? lill; I Vl. liUu). ;;
VUin'lf III M ill III '
rk iicoril
' $90,0C0 In rrcmlum U CT.&I " ; CtV.
j U'tth 4mT.'tcciinitft In horn nvtt rhenrltt c in, m 1 '5 i'm... c : .ji . ! 1 f
J live atis It jiti. it, Iitt will ptvitl th r ' fve ihoavn t '
U'ct rr rH fit AmttUt. S 01 hi it and I mi y ( ,itns, Hifri, wm, p, inun and lout try; fn ddtftun Pituv ftnd Dairy bUuvs. LauJ aitj
5B ? Inlemaiioniii i.ive btocK
I'ortluiiJ OrcjjJ October 31 lo Novmbcr 7.
f "-mm
al it; 'aio. It ii aiutiM) i-iouiiul
w itti ii'ii r. si il f'lticit r. un i
t -e i o c-i j y Kioii live tkek.
'1 1. jibr uili le i.o txcit,i itiu tu
jbi j-ti.t.' Ly. Tin' Lyii,j in! k
t. W J K plOVl' II Fl'lllCO lif J'ltilt'
t t. iiM aril an ir ttit it n-n tn tlit1!
ji. curs U.t insflveH. Si-iiiis a
i tie liirdi tii rtfo'viH ini'it.c
i'.U 'i:itu!by af'.tritav ktiuv
C'.t t,t hew tl.i ir Sc'drt' ftamfs ft. '
lif vi,i iotiH riii'i-s bi'il l!.f li.i-t.
n't m by Mt'l.t wctild iiibli' tut'!
n . lit 1 1! t'i tl.iiik Unit wry li. n j
I. I ii lit-r duty to lay two eK?, j
it 'I i.; (r i:i t fefcui.'iHt the iu'i'S:
ilii tl L'U'ililnlii) ot b i . ; ( 1 1 1 1 . Il
i'ii i hi aicr.
When you arc in ncd of fuel at rcas-
onable price. -
t See Us.
X t 4 rll a
rorrncr s csevctor lo.
lone, Oregon.
J -r
' :
it .I'M '"I
' t,0llltJ':l !:, J JO ,v''.l,lO 0 I '
Ji 111 11 J Cilj.HIOC '."ii,. ) i
nmcu-1'.r.i.j- ..;,i.,- 'i
, 'T-'.'!'"tin-, .(pnir; a.'ia
-.'.'ira-i.fM'u in U'Miin.iiiia,1 1 li
fuiti -.-1 'Y 'Ji(;v pud oa r-a
"I'P'V P UJ'rt .iU'IWyil.1 ,'(lJ
unciliu,!jp 'n ti! tjy wj p i a
ewiaiic; jjnoi'.i' jo a
r- . ,i
irT . . T. ir i
lyju i uyoiscr.wnaj , m.incrs it mat we
mi Once rciijnccl o cr hapn
f realms of Jon-ao
And talked of Iwc, and let our
A i it- voices low,
And ruled for some brief sessions
x .r ' loyally?
vhat ij we sun, or laughed, or
It lias availed notanytivng, and so
Lei ttolwtliatvvsrna better know
new poor a llunis lost toyou and me,
13ut yesterday I kissed your lips,
tv .t.f ... and vet.
uid turiiJ you not enough to shake
n Uicdev?
ircmour drenched lids and
v i i roiled, th no regret
Your lass shot back, with sluirp
a j . , , .breams failing you:
alpd while our v;om eyes are wet
With all this waste of tears, let us
it n j'. y u
Franknet$ in Filching
Tlio i. lil (line nlini'ii'- nlth tlie cnlil
lirlck hii'l Ills U'i'i'1 points. Hi. iihin'i
call It a wcttliy vu'jsu. llultluiora