The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 08, 1925, Image 1

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'The lone lliuh geliool biiHf hall
team wound up thu by Inflictlnir
four to one ilea on the llcppru r
IIih nchool team on Lexir .ton
field.Mr. 0. Hroufhton pitrhcrfor
theArliKton town le'im was the
But They Never Do
A literary cillli' limy frc,iictitly
lii-nil nuishlcnihie time writing- im a
new hunk, when In' III I Kill heller any,
"It won't lis worth Willi to rend thl."
Mr. Roy Skein, principal elect
of the lone High Hehool, plant)
takHnjfa Summer Cmir e of study
at (Im Univerity of Washington.
Ik will arrive in lone hhouta
wick prior to the opeuinii of the
echot I.
4. Appropriate Graduation (lifts,
Billiard' Pharmacy.
Mi h. CeletUine HalHicer in rapitf
y recovering fioin the flu.
Baccalaureate sermon ut the
I Chrlrttiun church next Sunbay.
j Fi 1 1 k t id Ed V.ryU nan I av
1 1 turned from their c xi umion to
ih Sunny S mth.
"A Receipt In Full"
1 hat is what you have for every bill 'or account
you pay by check. You don't even have to mak a
memorandum of the payment. The bank keeps the
account for you.
Yu have no trouble hunting up receipts and receipt
ed bills Just call on the bank for your check and you
have the evidence complete.
The bank solicits your deposits, large or small, and
invites you to pay your bills through it It's the safe
way. ,
Our Protection To
Capiul iinU Surplus $35,000.00
NOW in the time to Rive the
Weeder a IhouKht. If in need
if a Wcerier see WALTER
CORLKY. lone, Oregon.
Henry Ford presented a frre
show at the Legion Theater,
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Celestine IUilsiirer, who
hfiH been mifTering from an
altact of flu in recovering.
lone was well represented at
the Oddfellows meetinu at Hepp
ner, Inst Monrlay evening.
LatUti a life time; the Jay
Hawk stacker.
an!( of ion2
Today, May 1, 1925.
27th anniversary of the
of Manila Hay.
For sale-40 Fold or 128 Hy
Drid ciuo wneat. fall seed or
Chas. M. Wagner.
See J. Fi. Swanson.
The Independent's phone num
ber is G2. ' .
Mias Elva Ha'sixer went to Sa
l"ni last Suturbay.She will visit
there and at WooJburnuntil after
Communcemen at Wiliart.ette U.
An airplane. flying up the creek,
pawd over I im., Tuesday fore
noon. A'o Cl.cnce to P.tach a Limit
"li" li,.iny i.iti ake you gup.
h i .u iiii ,.:,t i,t s'ttinitr In
i; ii I'r.clc lieorge a ho watched
i'u.umy, Ma Illtlt- nephew, .stowing
Ih.tu away. " mm't know," Suld the
loy. "The iiiiwt I ever had chance
to pii( wim i'l ; rim won't let Die try for
ti r.i.rd." stray Stories.
"Oregon i ready to hear the
appeal of Th America.! Lejjion
for two cfa'HCB of suffers of the
World War-the disabled men
and the orphan of fallen veter
a'V declared Ceorjre P. Grif-,
fith, commander of the Oregon
department of the Legion.
The American Legion cam
paign for a $3,000,000 Endow
ment Fund for rehabilitation and
phiid welfare, which has been on in several stat e, is now
ufifler way in Oregon. It will
the 'culminate in an intensive drive
Battle 'prohabiy about the last of May.
The American Legion News
Figure in History
T'ie first scut of Justice In the'
Wctcin liexcrve of Connecticut was
r tnlllliei ut Wurren. Ohio. In 1X10.
i A
fi a m4B UliU'
Specially Bt7t for Hillside Harvesting!
r-'f r
' i VA '1 ' V,-
riJ v3 i 1 - 3
I v, ,i
Perfect Provision fur Leveltnn
Both Lengthwise aad
Machine Will level on" Hillside
Up to 65 Grade
Cari Be Used With Equal Success
on. llilLUe or Level ITclds
ONCE OVER AND ITS ALL OVER" yearly becor.-.en
the liarvest alogan of a rapidly increasir-; n unber cf
practical, decp-thinkii)g grain crownmen who know tl .at
lew production cost is the surest f.unr;..:; c of pmin pront-j.
These men ere buying McCORlWCK-DEEKING HILL
SIDE HARVESTl'R-THKESHL'"S! First, because ths
McCormijk-IDctrine is a proved r. iccts?, both at home and
abroad. Second, bi-cause they rt.Jlso ths vrdne of depend
eb!o, chse'ct-hard H irvestsr Cotrpcny service.
The McCOKMICK-DEi:RING llabide Harvestcr-Thresher
Is a remarkable machitv. huilt Lr 12-ft. cut, thi9 combina
tion han-aster end tlfesker cuts the grain, threshes it
thoroughly, 8c;?crc.?3 it from straw and chaff, and delivera
it into wogon box or sa-rks. Strtw is cluttered at the rear
as fertilizer for future crop3.
Grain Is Delivered Direct From
Sickle to Thresher
1'mlnitlnR u of tHne, h'illng of ehocls, ind lowej du to handling.
'One ovof" hurvMtlnif ve t!nie and kihor, and pul the grln in
hup for Immndllta m.- inJ whrn price malic tint alvisnble. Qrmln
cut and thnthad th MoComiick-Datriuit it in vrry my
mqual to In quality or botttr than thit cut and ttircihod with aepa
rata machina I
Plan Now for Harvest Tune!
V luftirest tht you consider Inveir ment In one of the-n thcrnughly
modern i;d practical machiuea thia year. Fully illuairuted liicraiura wiil
be aent on request. Call on the McCarmick-Dcering dealer and learn
more about thia machine. . -
International Harvester Company
Klncotpormimtii I
W. Swans in, lone, Oregon.
Lexington, Ore.
V' fVV" KarJL.ncach'
J ' 1 l'.
4 t'.
" -'.I!' 4 V.I
Ji- i k'
)K iA
l' " '' '7'., l '.,H,,v ,M'' '
, . " i. v 1 . i J'1 'I ; i u ji, if 'ii i t t.4 i ,
mmt npEraaaaimaivwax
ii anil. .ifV a
Tiiat Amcricin Foie:;t
which is beinif' observed
na'ion wide ncalu fmm April
to May 3, is the opening kim
on a
the summer's educational cam
paign for for forest protection,
is statement of local forest officials.
IV.? Arr-.y of Industry
I'iir :nrv Mor.iTS urn) lien lent hf
'to ' IUe!.l.,d In the hiilhllns and
'iiullii'iins of one of the li-nilins tn.'ikea
n' ant. miilill,. putiMltute an army
hirviT l.v M-veral t lioniinl than the
lurmitry, railr and artillery rom
M iimitii hj- the iliil.e of Welllnirton
when W ii. rejt.-d the great Napoleon
it Waterloo.
EGCS-Fut them away
they are CHEAP. Water
FvU SALE-Duroc Brood Sow
and weaned pij.
iioy HoKarJ, lone, OreKOn,
: :
r-.f. nay hi Novemln -, v., a i.iriy
ji" ih' .'.w. r' .;-.u..ii ., r, ' . In
t ie Vi.i.v '.Uy iU 1-. t i ., .iiiilo,
Vlslfil liie i-uhla vt Jiiuu;l . Iwutu.
In iiiite if liiv entreiii:..-! i;f M SIik
cum they -lied her I... , . .-old
illitulner. i-Yiiiu-et., ami tii -lint
tlie imitiirr :iv nf her elii.a .ia a
nlr of liiiliy urins M.-ett-ii nut nie
I'liilln-.rly nnd a frlulitened II-..1.1 viiiie
eryitiK "Mniiitiia! 3kniuma!" u her
riipliira liore her awu.
l or jiiira Mm. Minimi ii;rhueil a
weary aearrli fur her ilanclitei' every
where, hut It wu In vain. The hear:-hrvikt-ii
nmiher died in 1M'7 and her
Buna, lici had olTered heuvy lewurifr
fur the lettirn of their aisler, hiially
p;ve U the qiie.-t.
In t'ol. (jeorce i;in-. while
vlsitlns an Indian tump on the Wn
husli river in Iiidluna, vaw a Mpiaw
whom he uHH.ted of liein-j u v. aitc
Wiiiuan. I'lhler liin iiiesllou'.li : ill?
Dually admitted tluit hu liad lietn tak
en captive while very yimtiK, nn:l that
alie knew her name wub 8iociiin.
Colonel Kwlntf had never M.mi of
Kraiue Sli'tmi hut, Impre.wd h.v.the
old iiiuv'a Htury, he aent it letter tell
tnit of Ilia discovery to the ihk-Uiui iter
at Luneaster, I'n., und nke I tint; ill
irulry he iiimlc there. The ptwtiuasler,
tlilnklne the atory a Imax, threw the
letter ankle lint two yean Inter It wn ;E3
dlwovered hy hi wlilnw wlm sent it to
tlie IjineitHter Ititellluenivr.
Hy chance a copy of the jiajicr In Er:
which the letter win published fell rr;
Into tlie hands of frleiiilM of the Slo- H:
eum family who Immediately mailed 'SJ
It to one of framr Sloeuiu'a hrn;l..'r, p
tliit livltiK at Wllkes-Uurre. This lfd
to a correspondenee with Colonel'
EwIiib wim told lilm that the old wuni- j
an wua still living near I.npinsi .rt,
The two hrothem hastened to Indi
ana mid the old Indian winmtn recog
nized them aa her kinsmen. Afler .Ml
yearn r'rnncea S'liciim, the "Lout Sis
ter of WyotnlftB," wm fouiiil. Hut
when they tiled to persuade her to
return with them nlu refused. She
liad married a chief of the Miami ti lhe
nnd liad home him children. Her
heart was llh her adopted prude,
alia anld. und kIio nmld mt h ave tliein.
I'4j, I't'ii, Wnra Nwpupr l:ntin. t
TTK WAH only twenry-one year olr.
when lie performed hla deeii ol
valor und won the OinL'reMsinniil Medal
of Honor. AUhoiiKh lie saved the oli:
Norlhwestt for the American Hug. Junt
ns Oorire ItoKera Clark, Ida. uncle, hut;
done thlrty-tlve yeara previously, th
mime of UnJ. (ienrjre Croidiun uppean
In few of our school bUturiea.
IurlnB the War of t.YoKhun wii
In comiimiid of Kert Sn-phenaun, a lp
lo-kudeon the SaiidtiKky river it
(hlo which iiimmanded the approa-i
to two iuiiiortinit of aiii,ily foi
Oen. William Henry Harrison's unny
Hla force consisted f seven ulliecra
mi noys iiKe iiiiiiumi. and vvt Keniucl:
riflemen, llm only a. tiliery was u u
pounder, Mtreetifiiwti-ly called "Uli
I'-Hsy" hy the n!:i:ers.
When the r.rltlslt Inviided Ohio, Har
T win ordered Fort Stephenson evu'-u
utiil. Cro-han Insisted thut he couli
tiohl It and lfarriwm reluctantly eon
w-nted to allowing him to trj. Oi
Aiiirust 1, 1S1.1, IJi-neral I'roctor will
riK Iirliish retuliim and of Te
eiiiinieh's Indians appeared hefore tin
fort, demanded Its urrendor and de
elured that lie ia!ht not he ulile ti
prevent en Indian lna-acn- if he wen
eouiieled to storm the walls
CroKlmn'a reply, deliveriil hy a sillial
tern, wim: "Wh.u this fort shull hi
taken, there will he no one left to uius
I sacre.
After pn.itidli.t: uway at tlie fort witi
nrilller- for u die und n nl-.-ht. t
tion:l,ariii:eiit ivhich uiacie ad havi)'
wpii l ie ram hackle old s'iel:ade
I'rnetor ordered in a storminj pnrty
TI e Civ oT Crorfain'a Kentucky Vllle
run to-e jrrcnt (.-alia in the re hoals
line, Imt they mheil forward luaveli
until they reaeheil the dry moat whicl
rtirnmndeil the fort.
I'.ilt fro '.j.i, was preparel for Jus'
audi i.u attack. - ld Ih-tyy" had In-e: la a comer lili-eI;houiu over
liHikhii: tin- d:t -Ii nnd at this liemien
ii ma :;';! piiit!;i le un.ove.ed.jini
the Ii; ' If ivioiinoer poured furtli t
itlu r'.iir lire at .o:ut-ldank muse
Tl.e tl ! i U 1 e-j;!;n a si.i;iuhler pen
The ;;; puity hn ke an 1 tied
Afler :! !; n'psilf.i I'm-tir p-aie up tin
fuhU li: tiHal I . li.i-l lu-eii nearl)
'J'H Dieii. 'the Aa.cri-::n i-HHiaitiif
w ere one kliieil ua l a.-n n woundiil '
Licjct ly the Dale
The oil ) ; 1 1 : , ; from Pm usi-, is ri,
t he iietmlly!le fur nirplan
use In H (Joit nt sieiii to ti idty
i'o any e'-anee at hiii . n!titniie
lils'ity-eU'hl hal o of lo :;si ni n rt
'tilly sl.ip;-e-l fn.ui Ai'i'icu to ri.ii: in;!
'i.'lille n pi.rt of t!:;g aldpioent Will la
innverletl Into oil. 1'ie crvater part will
'e nsiil f,ir cattle and poultry f.wel.
F0UR1H ,
lone citizens are diacHSsintr
plans for fittinly celebrating our
nation's birtda. A long time has
since lone observed the great day
and it is thought that with early
announcement and concerted tc-.
tion a very creditable projramme
might be given with moderate ex
Happiness Not Advertised
True lowliness Is of a retired na
ture, and an enemy to pomp and
noise; It arisea. In the Brit place, from
the enjoyment of one's aelf, and In
the next, from the friendship and
converaatlon of a few select companions.
life lndt, Walra Lnloa )
p"i;i HliMCT, built in 1774 on the
present Bite of Wheeling-, W. Va,
Is Justly famous for the frontier
heroes associated with It and the many
tlirlllinic Incidents In its history. The
first settler there wus Col. Ebeneser
2eDe and from time to time there
came to the fort such men as Daniel
lioone, Simon Kenton. Lord Dunmore,
l-ewls Wetzel, (ieorse Rog-ers Clark.
JI;iJ. f?am McCuIIoukIi, Cornplanter,
Seneen. und LfRun, the Mingo.
Here Colonel Zane'a alster, Betty,,
iWlied into fame when she sied across
a bullet-swept elearlns to carry In her
apron the much-needed powder to the
la'sleRcd wttlers. Here MaJ. 8am Mo-
C:illou--h performed bis feat of horse
uiaiiship und made the leap for life
which added to his already great re-'
ul'V. a. on - the border. Anil Item oa
September It, ITS'.', was foutht' the
lust battle of the Itevolution when
Fort Henry's defenders bent off the
attacks of a force of Uritish snd
I'.iit It w as in 1777, the "year .
of the bloody sevens," thut the fort
witnessed an affair unhpie In frontier
history H-rhiis the only Instance of
Indians attempting to reduce a white
man's frt by- use of artillery.
tin September 1 a large force of In
dians led by Simon Glrty, Die notori
ous white renesrade. attacked the fort
l'.ut tlie liuntlful of defenders gave
such a Rood account of themselves
that nt the end of the day the savages
hnd suffered heavr leee
Ho'sum Breidisth1! best.
Hur'i Coal 1$ Sat
Hard cool tnny he stored In substan
tially any nrpmlty without doterlora
tlon or Ion by spotittitieous cotnbus
In order to close out odd lots of
shoes I have thrown out 200 pairs
of shoes which will be sold far be
low cost of manufacturing.
They are not of the latest style
but wili beat going barefoot and
you cannot afford to overlook
Ladies, childrens and mens
shoes from 50c up and
every pair a