The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 01, 1925, Image 1

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The Local boys still have
Chance of Winning County
Lexington High defeated lone
High ichool at lone lut Tues
day, 7 to 4, In the lut tcheduled
game on the local ground thli
lone wai leading until the 6th
inning, but the loeala made sev
al costly errors which cost them
game. 'Two of Ione'i regulars
were out of the game on account
of eicknxM. th-ae boyt will be in
the liri 'iip nfxi Ssturday, when
lone plaja Lexington at Lexing
ton which will make the team
much stronger.
The present standings are:
Won Lost
Lexington . 4 0
Heppner 3 - 2
lone S 2
lone ill have a chance to win
the county championship, if
Heppner beats Lexington and
lone beats Lexington the three
tesme will be tied. '
The Independent was in error
last week in stating that Mr.
Croisant had been retained as a
member of the high school teach
ing force. No official action has
yet been taken.
' Do you need a stacker? The
Jay Hawk is the thing. See Paul
U. Balslger.
M.'E. Cotter and wife, arrived
home Monday of this week, much
improved in health.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. L. C Dick was buried
Tuesday, from the 'family resi
dence. See Engelman's Hardware
Store for Blacksmith Coal.
Loul Balslger haa been suffer
ing from an attact pf tonsilitis,
this week.
Chas. Allinger ia rapidly re
covering from the effects of his
recent fa.l from a scaffold.
"Biz" and Ed Engelman da
parted last Thursday, for an ex
tended trip through California
and Nevada. The are travel
ing by auto.
Mrs. Hal Ely and Mrs. Bert
Palmateer favored the Indepen
dent office with a cult, Tuesday
"A Receipt In Full
That is what you have for every bill or account
you pay by check. You don't even have to make a
memorandum of the payment. The bank keeps the
account for you. , -
You have no trouble hunting up receipts and receipt
ed bills. Just call on the bank for your check and you
have the evidence complete.
The bank solicits your deposits, large or small, and
invites you to pay your bills through it It's the safe
Our Protection To
Capital and Surplus $35,000.00
Bank of lone
Picture ahead
Kodak as you go
You don't need to join a club or buy a
license or change your clothes to have the
fun of picture-making. It's just part of
every day's doings. Get your Kodak out.
Autographic Kodak 6.50 upj Browniei
Sl.oo up complete aasortment. And an
interested salesman to show them to you.
The famous Yellow Box film in your size.
Developing and printing that you'll like.
The KODAK Store
NOW is the time to give the
Weeder a thought. If in need
of a Weeder see WALTER
CORLEY. lone, Oregon.
Henry Ford presented a free
show at, the Legion Theater,
uesdsy evening.
Mrs. Ceiestlne Balslger, who
has been suffering from an
attact of flu is recovering.
lone was well represented at
the Oddfellows meeting at Hepp
ner, last Monday evening,
Lasts a life' time; the Jay
Hawk stacker.
Today, May 1, 1925. is the
27th anniversary of the Battle
of Manila Bay.
For eale-40 Fold or 128 Hy
brid club wheat- Fall seed or
Chas. M. Wagner.
See J. E. Swanson.
The lndependent'a phone num
Remember the Maine. You
may fire, Gridley, when ready.
Fred Ritchie and son Arthur,
took a truck load of furniture to
lood River for I. L. Howard,
ast Saturday.
The forest fire problem is "not
a fire hunt, but a man hunt"
according to E. T. Allen, Forest
Economist, who pleads for a
consciousness which says to the
offender. Thou art the man."
That personal, individual ac
countability for the starting of
forest fires in the keynote of the
forest fir problem is the state
ment of C M. Granger, District
Over two thousand Jay Hawk
stackers la us.
Water glass at Bullards
Menengltls is a communicabU
disease. Beware of it
Do you need blacksmith coal?
Englemau has it. best quality.
Right price. ,
American fundi
"Oregon is resdy to hear the
appeal of The American Legion
foe, two clams of suffers of the
World War-the disabled men
and the orphan of fallen veter
an!," declared George P. Grif
fith, commaader of the Oregon
department of the Legion.
The American Legion cam
paign for a $5,000,000 Endow
ment Fund for rehabilitation and
plh'ld welfare, which has been
going on in several states, is now
under way in Oregon. It will
culminate in an intensive drive
Drobab'f about the last of Msy.
the ' American Legion News
That American Forest week,
which is being observed on a
nation wide scale from April 27
to May 3, is the opening gun in
the summer's educational cam
paign for for forest protection,
is statement of local forest otfi
Wc wish to express our ap
preciation to our neighbors,
friends and all whose sympathy
we had in our great Borrow.
Worda fail us but we thank yt u.
Ed and Martha D ck.
The fact lhat there were four
deaths from meningitis in this
state during the past week makes
it necessary to call the attention
of the public to the infectuous
nature of - this highly fatal
disease. Preventive measures
are clearly indicated although
(hey are very difficult to carry
Meningitis has come down to
our time through the centuries
like many of the other infections
but it was recognized until 1805
Outbreaks have been reported
almost every year in the United
States. It is a very fatal disease
as the mortality is over 50 per
cent. It was a aerious disease
in army camps during the World
War and was second only to
pneumonia. Meningitis has its
greatest prevalence "in winter
and SDring. It is disease of
children and young adults. The
disease ia caused by a double
round organism which occurs in
tissue cells and is called on thir
account the diplococcus intracel
lulars meningitis. There are
other forms l meningitis bui
the epidemic form is alwayt
caused by this germ.
ECCS-Put them away while
they are CHEAP. Water GUss
FOR SALE-Duroc Brood Sow
and weaned pigs.
:Troy Bogard.. lone,. Oregon,
-Dollar Bird"
While the term "Pufiur B nl" ruay
he ur In a iilung n-nw In Amn Ira. the
dollar bird la an AustrulUb miter, pre
vailing hlu and hlak In pldinipe. It
ia ai rolled frtn the luriie rnundiali
.t of while on Ha wit.. shown In
in mk i--
pur iron
TTS mighty poor economy td
postpone painting or varnish
ing, whether it be the inside
floors and woodwork or the out
side exposed surfaces. What
wear and tear are doing on the
inside, rot and rust are doing on
the outside slowly pulling
down the value of your property
through surface neglect.
To put paint and varnish on before it is
needed, and not after, ia true economy.
Damage ia under way juat aa toon as the
surface ia broken down, which ia often before
. you realize it
Buy good paint - it's cheapest
Cheapest because it protects the surface1
better, lasts longer and goes further.
Raunuuan Paint and Varnlih Product! aro mad
hk en of tha fineat paint factorial In the United
States the largest in tha Northwatt. Thtjr are
anode by esperta who have an intimate knowledge
of Northwatt climatio condition a knowledge
gained through many years of actual contact vriik
theae condition. , t
The strict maintenance of Raimumn Quality
governs erary etep in tha making of the" paints
nd vamUhee from tha first aalaction of tha load,
II, and other malarial, to the final tailing and
labeling of the can.
Tfcere'e no hotter paint than Raamuaten Par
Point - we add ear guarantee to the manufactnr-
Mi Brief jrtv nMsi wbleata ta vs,
The lone town team wenl
down to defeat on the Lexing
ton diamond last Sunday, by tht
score of 9-4.. w
Perfection in Ta$te
PerfeW unt la the family nf re
ceiving the greatest possible pleasun
from tlKiae material sources which
are attractive to our moral nature U
Ita purity and pertfctlon.
Co 3 d Corn Breed: re
tmli ina irr, cwid ciiru hrt-eder-
v'nritL Brown bv them when in-
hlt man tint ranie are still beln
:r..wn In New Er.glunil, says Natnr.
Maaurliie. und are fully aa proaucuv.
a ol her varieties maturing in
iiiua time.
Over tup fliy
Mnnev ami time ur vs'uahle. htlt
i.nn con he miwrnhle -tlth Imth 01
tfti-r. If h' hf n'or I':'1' n "01
-nl well. L" non Tran'crU't.
Odd Fellows celebrate 106th
Anniversary of Foundation ,
of the Order ,
The 106th anniversary of the
institution of the first Lodge of
Oddfellows in the U. S. was the
occasion of gathering of mem
bers of the order from the
lodges of Morrow county at
Heppner in the hall of Willow
Lodge, last Monday night. ,
Comemorative .ceremonies
were rendered in the presence
of a gcodly company of mem
bers and friends of the order.
At the close of the relualistic
ceremonies a mixed program of
mnsic, vodal numbers and exerc
poraneous addresses was en
joyed by the company.
The . committee on arrange
aunts had. artanged for the
presence of the Deputy Grand
.viaster of the jurisdiction of
Oregon, but the death of a mem
er of his family prevented his
eing present.
Resolutions expressive . of
(vmpathy and condolence were
inopted by the meeting and
forwarded to Brother Young, the
D. G. M.
A surprise feature of the
occasion was the presentation of
t past grand's collar to brother
dead, of Cathlamet Lodge No.
.87, of the jurisdiction of Wash
ngton in token of the fraternal'
eeling existing toward Brother
dead. ' ,
Brother S. E. Notson of lodge
it Lexington made the present
tiion address, illuminating the
ieeper meaning of Friendship,
Love ani Truth as exemplified
it the practice of Oddfellow ship.
The programme was followed
jy a short period of Bocial inter
:ourse and a bountilul lunch.
I'o sum Ureal is th best.
1 In order to close out odd lots of g
1 shoes I have thrown out 200 pairs
1 of shoes which will be sold far be-
I low cost of manufacturing. j
They are not of the latest style
1 but will beat going barefoot and 1
1 you cannot afford to overlook
I them. ' 1
Ladies, childrens and mens
shoes from 50c up and
every pair a
s ' ... s