The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, April 24, 1925, Image 4

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tifi lull. WhIhi N..pi.r l olon )
AMONG the pioneiV. who crossed the
Appalachian to seek new homes
In th Went at the clut of the Revolu
tion was man naiuexl John Morrill,
who settled In whut Is now Kelson
county, Kentucky. That eountry was
till much a "Dark and Bloody
Ground" as It had been when Daniel
Boone first visited It and the fear of
a Jndlun attack ever hovered over
the Isolated cabins of the settlers snd
their stockaded forts. Hut Kelson was
the type of man not euslly daunted
and he was fortunate In having for
Ills mate woman of remarkable
strength and courage.
One evening In 1TS7 Merrill was
amused by the barking of his dog and
when he opened the door to see what
waa the trouble he fell with his arm
and leg broken by the bullets bf a
band of seven Indians. As he dropped
to the floor be cried to his wife to
close the door.
Then the savages attacked the
planks with their tomahawks and soon
made a hole large enough for one of
their number to crawl through. Mrs.
Merrill Immediately selied an az and
with this weapon ahe killed the Unit
Intruder. He had scarcely rolled to
one side when another entered to meet
the same fate, aa did a third. A fourth,
unwarned by the fate of his fellows,
waa the next victim and by this time
the Indians realised the futility of
further attempts.
The three survivors then climbed to
the roof of the cabin with the Inten
tion of gaining entrance by dropping
down through the huge chimney. But
Mrs. Merrill wss ss resourceful as
she was brave. She seised a feather
bed, lipped It open and threw It upon
the smoldering coals in the fireplace.
Instantly a cloud of amoks surged up
the chimney and two of the Indians,
blinded and choking, dropped to the
hearth nearly Insensible. As they lsy
there gasping for breath the pioneer
woman sprang upon them with her az
and they joined their brothers on the
Journey to the Happy Hunting
The sole survivor of the wsr party
should have been convinced by now
that this cabin was "bad medicine."
But be evidently wasn't He crawled
through, the broken door snd sprang
at the white woman. There was no
time to swing the az for a deadly
blow. As the savage seised her, she
drew the keen edge of the sz across
his face, laying the flesh open to the
This wss too much for the warrior.
With howl of pain he ran from the
cabin and bounded Into the woods.
And when he returned to the Indian
town of Chilllcothe he told bis people
not without admiration how the
terrible "long knife squaw" had de
feated his war party with nothing but
an az.
(Continued from- flint pw)
Davis at Salem, informs friends
here, that her daimhter Nellie,
had fell and broke her arm. The
Davis family have certainly had
their share of sickness as they
are just recovsrinu from diphth
eria and flu,
Harry Dintres returned Satur
day from Portland, where he
spent several days visiting with
his mother.
Rev. Wallace Jones and family
made a trip to Newberg last
week on a visit with relatives.
Mr. Jones returned home Satur
day, Mrs. Jones and babies re
maining for a longer visit.
Erntst Fredrickson is qnite ill
with stomach trouble' at his
home in Salem, he has been con
fined to his bed for three weeks
the doctors informed him it
would be two months yet before
he would be able to be up again.
Mr Fredrickson has many friends
in Lexington and vicinity who
are very sorry to hear of his
Mr. Fred Lucas was on a
business trip to The Dalles last
OHki siirliig evening In 1774 a young
girl named Iteuocca Martin waa
paddling a blrchbark canoe along the
Ohio riyvr. She was returning to her
borne at the mouth of Grove creek
after visiting a sister CO miles up the
river. Her reistives bsd tried to per
suade her nut to attempt the trip
alone, but she laughed at their feura.
Shortly after sundown she ap
proached a clearing where she ex
pected to spend the night In the cublu
of a friend. But as she drew near
he saw a war party of Indians duuc-
log and yelling around the blazing
cabin. The river waa brightly Illumi
nated by the flames and at any mo
ment ahe might be discovered If she
attempted either to advance or re
treat 80 ahe silently paddled close
to the bank and hiding as best she
could beneath the overhanging brush,
breathlessly waited.
Finally the fire died down and the
Indians departed, some of them going
upstream In their canoes. By tills
time the moon bad risen snd made
traveling dangerous, but she knew she
must try to escape. She did not try
to paddle but trusted to the current to
carry her out of danger. After travel
ing several miles thus she felt safe
to begin paddling again.
Suddenly like a drifting shadow
another canoe emerged from the oppo
site shore, followed Immediately by
three others. Seeing that she was
discovered, Rebecca began to paddle
Bullets began to sing over her head
and to whip the water around her.
Finally one of them struck her paddle
nd shattered It The girl tried des
perately to guide her bark toward the.
shore, but Its progress was agonizingly
slow. The savages had almost sur
rounded her when there was s blind
ing lightning flash and a roar as of
thunder. One of the Indian canoes
was torn to pieces and its occupants
thrown struggling Into the river.
A big canoe swept out Into the
Stream and from the swivel ' gun
mounted on Its prow a raking Are was
poured Into the other Indlun boats.
As the survivors frantically paddled
out of range the big boat drew up
mnKniue ueoecca s canoe and a
brawny arm swept her from where
she crouched, Imlf-unconsclous, In the
bottom of the bark.
Her savior was Capt. Isaac Wil
liams, the noted hunter nnd scout.
And as an appropriate aftermath to
this rescue, a few weeks later a wan
dering minister performed a wedding
ceremony at which Kebecca Martin
became Kebeera Williams.
GRAIN POLICIES no. 7101 to 7125.
luclualve, of the MORGAN, OREGON
agency o( the Natlotml l ulon Fire
Insurance Compauy, of I'lttaburg,
I'a., have beeu Uwt, mislaid, or sto
leu under which clrvuiiiPtuiice. their
Issue being unauthorized, said poli
cies ore null uuil void.
The holder of these policies will
please return thein to the company
at I'ltulmrg, I'a.. and should there
be any return premium Involved It
will be promptly paid.
In case ot lotm claimed by any per
son or persons aa holders ol tlune
ppllcles, the Company will deny any
or all Uublllty thereunder.
National Union Fire Insurance Co.
Ultd atiorautaf iillv in s
v. ait ills.
stats of in Ointment which Quickly
Rsllsvsa by local application, and tha
Inurnal Mdlclne, a Tonic, which acta
through th Blood on the Mucous Bur
facts, thus reducing the Inflammation.,
Bold by all druggists.
F. J. Chenty A. Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
R. E, Duncan of Busy Boe
ranch has been busy during the
week delivering a truck load of
his famous honey from his Wil
low creex apiary to his custom
ers in Heppner. '
Misses Laura nnd Grace Chan
dler of Willow Creek ranch spent
Sunday vith WirB Katherine
Farnsworlh at Rhea Siding.
Miss C. Crowell from the
Su livan ranch near Morgan was
visiting with Mrs. Pat Medlock
at Rockcliffe near Cecil, on Sunday.
Mr. Kolhose returned from
Portland on Sunday to the home
of his daug,hter, Mrs. Grover
Curtiss njar Rhea Siding.
Mr. and Mrs, H. V. Tyler, of
Rhea SUing, accoaiLanied Ly
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dufur of The
Cot were visiting friends in Cecil
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hvnd of
Butterby Flats accompanied by
David Hynd of Sand . Hollow,
also Mrs Roy Scott and daughter,
Miss Cora, of Freezeout ranch,
left Cecil on Sunday for Hepp
ner. 'Harold Ahalt, government
trapper, has been busy the past
few days around Cecil.
Zenneth Logan and wife, from
their ranch near Lexington, were
visiting at the home of Leon
Logan in Four Mile on Monday,
W. Ilirsch arrived in Cecil
from Bend, 011 Thursday, ana
will work at Hillside for Walter
Pope for some time,
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Lowe and
son Bob, of Cecil, also W. Pope,
of Hillside, were all callers on
ftlrs. George A. Miller at High-
view bn Sunday,
Ray Barnett and wife, of lone,
spt-nt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Havercost, at Rhea Sid
Ralph McCormick, ranch fore
man at Windynook, during the
absencs) of Wid Palmateer, was
dmig business in Cecil on Sun
day. Lawrence Fuuk, wife, and
daughter, Miss Geraldine, of the
Curtiss Cottage, also Mrs. Geo,
Krebs of the Last Camp, were
were doing the sights of Arling
ton last Saturday.
' Levi May and wife of The
Dalles, were pinitiug with Mrs.
George Krebs at the Last Camp,
on Monday, ,
Max Garfkle of the Army and
Navy itora at Pendleton, was
calling on his friends on Willow
creek last Tuesday.
Heavy rain s .ormi visited Cecil
lately and have soaked land up
Ancient Ditpantary
About 4(100 IV . a public dispensary
was established In Kgypt, the medical
attendant for which received the
equivalent of a year for Ma serv
ices. This was ai that time about Ave
t lines tha amount received by a skilled
Fir$t Mirror Signaling
Tie Brrt sgnn"n by nienna of l.ilr
rorn Is said in lis e been originated by
tin yrcat 1 1 reek Military genius. Ales
aeir the tlreiii. about S33 H. C.
11.11. graph)- hue made great progress
since the il.i.vs W Aleiander.
Th Compromita
H mkI. . Jul (is visitor) When our
little sir I horn I wanted her rslled
Pumii-Iii, hut my wife wsi.ted her called
Elltubelh so wo compromised. Kltse
belli, come and .iy. "V.ut d'you do"
tu Mrs. Itrown. London 'lit Hlia.
. Putty, tha Witt Om
Apparently We owe the ward cat tu
the Itomans. T.n ' called the animal
"num." which meaut the "kuowlng
one." anil the word passed Into the
romance langu: ,'e to "chat" and
"gitlo." Other a ul.orltles will have It
iht the word Hi:.t" Is a corruption of
i.u "lu werd borrowed f m the French.
Id" wit, "MCate."
Mohair ot Commerce
The mohair upholstery ot the bst
Inclosed ears la woven from the aoft,
silky fleece of the Angora goat. Tbe
word "mohair" Is derived from the
Arabic "niuhayyar." which means
choice or select, sua which even In
IIIIiIIchI lime vs Ui flit
goat's lull r.ihrli .
Cotpal Unhaard by Many
An estimate given In the foreign
missions conference was that sot half
the world has yet hsd the gospel of
Jesus Christ presetted to It.
Cartlett Friand
Investigation Into the theory that s
friend might have lopped on the
yn Hi's limbs and head It being made
From a News Item In the Washing
ton Times.
For Many Years
Competitor may
adopt these high-claa
jmtmtt In the futurt
lh 1925 Star Car
has them now that's
why wt tay
Tomorrow's Car
Tht Million Dollar
Four-Wketl Brakti
Full Forct Ftti
Wicn you put your money into a Star
Cor, you buy the bctt value your dollar
can by.
The staunchly built 1925 Star Car it
the final iay in the low-cost field. No
other car offers 10 many proven feature
u the 1925 Star Car.
The Star it built to last, to give service,
to deliver the maximum of motoring
comfort, economy and safety every day
of the year, year in snd year out. Its
Million Dollar Motor is only one es
aniple of the progrei and value built
into the 1925 Star.
Check the high power feature that
guarantee long life snd perfect motor
satisfaction over and above any car in it
price cLiu. Tomorrow1! Car Toddy"
IT 1
Tubular Hie Xi V'O WVfrW
Backbona ?N Lifftkl sO
DUc Clutch lLXl. J Pff if Oil
7 BK552w6l U'
5ia Opportunity
Opportunity la In respect of tlrus,
in some sense, ns time la In respect
to eternity; It Is the small moment,
the ex set point, the critical minute,
on which every good work so much
To Tall Ago ot Dter
The Department of Agriculture says
the moat rellnlile way to delermlns
the age of deer Is by the teeth. They
get their permanent teeth around the
11 no of three and these gradually wear
off with age. Hume have been known
to wear down to the gums. Another
uy la by the horns, but thla Is not
Klwuys accurate, aa they often grow
more thud one antler a year.
Flth $ Foot Travalar
The suimeii, 11 itli:sntU' ftih that
luilille gulf waii", con trsiel at
rule of iki miles nil hniir, mid with Iks
use of its ginat bluck Uu that acts as
a sull, raj leap 40 feet throsgh tat
air upon c-Uli.g rnuii the water. It Is
the llccicftt llli known,
Odd Prctant From Lovar
Near ono entrance of the great ca
thedral of Seville hangs a pntchod
and painted crocodile, which once
served as a princely love token that
failed of its mission. In l'.tki It was
nt, by the sultan of Kgypt to a beau
llful prlucesa of Hpaln, who declined
suitor whose first present could
scarcely be aald to speak of affection,
Too Obvioua
Very Toung Housewife Rut surely
this won't deceive the little things I It's
so very plainly msrked "Mouse Triip."
Umdon Opinion.
Cradit Monga to Mormon
The Mormons have the UMInctloa
of being the first people tu use the
present system of Irrigation.
Famoui Savan CitUt
The rirvon Cities of Clbols, belong
lug to t! '.M tribe of Indians, which
occupied tha site of the present pushlo
of Kuril, In weatein New Mexico, were
held 'In rotiown by early Hpnnlsh ex
plorers ft- Meiico.
'SUUSIJ Sl 10 luddJ
qi o SJuap us.i not ium UU
-pll Si IilJl o aieljoj Xof J UAg
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getting the shed.
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