The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, April 24, 1925, Image 3

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    Mrs. J. H, Kills
' Fifty Years Ago
IWIflowcr, Cnlif. "I ran rempmlier
60 years ngu.wlieii my mother used mid
prnlsd Ir. I'lerre's uipdloiniis bernuso
llicy line lwen no lielpltiltUi lier. When
, I wa developing Into womanhood, I
U drliritte and needed sonm aid to
Main re mil It m tlm ' Favorite J'rti
Srriplinn' Hint ilid inn so much gin-iil.
Again (Ut my mWriniiQ when tlm chil
dren ware mining Into mir limne, Ilia
'Favorite I'rmnriiitlrin' giue m Ilia
Strimgtti mill nerve U, keep up with my
work. A Ixi when I rrwhed middle
1Kb 'I fouiitl Ilia Tresorlptioii' a won
derful help.
"Once wlien slrlrken with tvpli'ilj
fever, I was Ivlt in weakened colidi
turn, and l'r. I'lurcn's (loldeii Medical
iMiajuvrry win what helped tne to re
Cover my tn-ftli. Mm. J. It. Kills.
Yoar uniri(it will sell you Doctor
l'irrce's inwIirliiMi In tablets or liquid,
r lKi tor tnnl pkj;. to bortor
I'iereo's Invalids' Hotel In liuffalo,
N. Y., and writ (or Ireo advice.
Harsh Punishment.
- Thn rtednulns of the Persian desert
bolleve Hint when a bad man diva o(
thirst Ida anul goes Into a green owl.
Tlio owl flies fur Dim thousand year
over tlm desert, all tli time acraerh
Inn fur water.
? After Every Meal (
Pans it around
ftcr every meal.
Give the family
the benefit of Iff
'aid to digestion.
Urans teeth too.
Keep It always
In the house.
lilCosts titllf helps much" d
Our Old Habits.
Il'a tremendous tank to excavate
lnrK cellar with a tt-anpoon a
amnll mattr with a steam shovel.
T,ben w hy use aoma of our old hntilta?
-Indluna Construction Itecorder.
Kipling Phlloaephy,
After all, yourself Is the only per
on you ran by no possibility get
away from In thla llfu and, maybe. In
nmt Iht. It In worth a llttlo palm and
umnoy to do good to Mm. Kipling.
Hla Nama In Full.
Summoned at liurton, a man elated
that lila n u in a wa llrtram Alilft Wei
boruo Montuguo Thomnt William
llonry I.uwrt'nra Fhipi'inailuko 8lmp
aim HudHon. London Til Illta.
FRIiD-tH nmtt nun
n4 im.
Not ri4val.
SitMT rfini fnr mdlntMl ii. ahrmam
nA Piiriiv unrhancmi. Nvr told 111
hulk. ll.HlUI nd UhrlUd ill. Ut.
ItatiN. 1 lw otigiiul t.tiM cum ml
Fpn lliaramra M rmuM i W-'ALTTR
JANVII k. Inc., 4iT Caiul St.. Nt York
i til V Jntt mm.
You Want a Good Position
ry well TnkH tha Awonntnnry anfl
I liiHln ran Mnniigrment, I'rlvata BcoraUrl
I, Ciilriilaliir, t'oniplnniKtcr, MUnnaiw
plile, I'i'MiiiiiiihIiIp, ur CumniarcliU 1'Mch
ra' Couraa at '
Th fnrnnnt Tlunlnma Cnllnaa of tha
, Nnrlhwant whlrh lina won mora Arcuraf-y
Awnnla and (Inlil i1i-!nl than any ollior
ai'hiMil In Amerlra. Hand fir our Hnrrnaa
'ii I ii Knuitli Rtrnot tirnr Mnrrlaon,
1'iirtlMinl, dr. Inline M, WnlkiT, ITra.
P. N. U. ; No. 17, 1925
k i y
1 1
( jr Hliort aUury fub. Co.)
A CARBINE abat split tha nltiit
air; a bullet iiiiingiJ agalnat
fha top of the) Irlaiin wail and
want a.lnglng oft down acroaa
(lie city, and a' man In'atrlpea dropped
thirty feat to tlia city atreat
Ha lay for a moment In a grotesqua
huddla wtiera ba hod fallen, near tha
curb, In tbVfuky aliadow of Uia gran
Ita wall.
Tba heel of Ml rlflit ahoe bad been
torn off by tha carbine aliot.
Tha man heard quirk footsteps be
hind Mm. He turned toward tba two
forma that approached him. "All I
need," ha admitted pleasantly, "la pa
per, matches and a ba of tobacco. I
can make 'em myself." lie atepped
coolly In between tha two. took an arm
of each In bla and walked out with
them Into tha Halloween moonlight.
Tha man who was dreaaed In the
garb of a green devil thrust the end of
Ida tall In hla pocket and grinned ap
preciatively at tha bareheaded man
In tha convict's gsrb.
"All ba needs." he repeated, "la pa
lter, matches and a bng of tobacco."
"That's It," agreed tha one who car
ried a broad bUUcd ai on hla annul-di-r
and WS dresaed In tha wrinkled
black boaa and red mask of a head
man. "It can make 'am Itself. 'It says
It. What the davtl do you know about
tba nerva of Itr
lie star! admiringly' at the bare
headed man beside him.
"Kay, yon want the limit, didn't you J
Even got ymr head ehevedl Yon aura
look tha part all right If It wasn't
Halloween you'd be pinched on sight."
"Yes," Mulled the uiuii In etrlpes,
with an Inflection of modesty In hla
tone, "I don't think the getup'a half
bad, myself. Which one of you has
the tubaccor
The devil reached Inside bis jerkin.
"You don't look Ilka a man that
would match up right with a clgurette.
If you want man'a aUe. long, black
stngle made right here In rittaburgh
out of Imported Connecticut filler, with
fine old 1'enosylvanla wrapper, why,
smoke op."
"Goodl" breaUied the man In atrlpca,
as ha exhaled a puff of tha heavy,
fragrant amoke. "Good! Let's be
moving. What do you snyT"
Ann ln arm they went down the
middle of tha brilliantly lighted, white
clllTed canyon.
At each crossing tha bareheaded
man glanced to right and left. Tha
streets wera blocked with parked ears
tilled with gsy onlookers, and traffic
police at each corner held In check all
vehicular movement east or west.
Tha man held close ro hla rompan
looa arma and drew them on alowly
down tha avenue through tha rout
Homewhere, a bell had begun to toll.
At tba southern end of tha avenue,
where tba crowd had become leas
ilcaae, tha man In stripes halted ab
ruptly. In tha blare of curb lights his
'earthing eyes had caught eight of a
line of blue-coated figures.
Closer to hint he drew hla chance
acquaintance, whose own groteaque
neaa eerved to heighten the Illusion of
I'lrarre mummery created by hla penal
stripes, and ha turned them back op
tha avenue again.
Dropping heavily down upon tha
rlty, out of tba night, still came the
tocelnllke reverberations of tha bell.
Hut three blocks north the man,
peering ahead through tha crowd, saw
a second line of blue that reached trom
wall to wall that advanced atrp by
step to meet that other Una that had
already thrust him back with Ita tin
palpable pressure.
"Say," Inquired tha devil, "are you
seeing things?"
A beadleaa form In flowing white
edged through the mob.
"Yea I A ghost!" gasped the man,
but ba laughed aloud aa ha swung
Tbey moved southward one mora
along tha close-parked avenue. Half
w ay down tha square a hideously grin'
nlng baboon elbowed thera apart
Tba man In stripe was alone among
the Jostling thousands;
He edged over to tha aldcwalk. I?e-
fora him waa tha veatlhuled entrance
to one of tha few old fnatilnned ofllce
buildings still left In tha section. Ha
stepped back through the vestibule,
gmaped tha handle of the Inner door
and turned It The door was locked.
With cool fury ha gripped tha handle
with both hsnda and twisted steadily.
It wss quietly done, but tha screw of
the handle shank was sheared off by
the strain and the knob came loose
In his hsnds, though the lock atlll held.
The man dropped the knob silently In
hla pocket Ha flexed hla, lean fingers
appreciatively and turned to regard
mora closely whoever else might atlll
chance to share hla shelter.
Ha found himself face to face with
two black-robed, black-hooded slaters
of charity.
"Wa are not In costume," the taller
of the two answered the Inquiry In his
eyes. "Wa are what wa seem. Wa
wera caught In this In crossing tha
city, and took shelter here till tha
crowd should thin."
The riian .bowed. He stepped to tha
doorway and glanced, up and down" tha
In momentary spirit of aloofness
ha noticed, In vivid detail, tha lighting
schema of a show window tha glided
sign over a shop, tha checkered facade
of a towering whtta building where,
bora and there, on thirty doors, was
going forward the nightly routlna of
office cleaning,
He turned back toward tha rear of
tha vestibule.
'Good ladles, 1 think It might ba
wall for you to go now I"
Tha taller slater stepped to tha en
trance. ' '
'I think not yet." fihe shook her
bead. "Tba crowd la atlll too great."
Ha saw that aba bad tba wide-eyed
loveliness of Lu Maurter'g Trilby. And
ha law In ber bearing tha unmistakable
evidence of good birth and gentle
"Hut still, you must go now" be
Insisted gently, "for here are three of
us not to costume, tlster. I, loo, am
what 1 seem."
"You I"
Suddenly ha felt a childlike and ra-
slstleas longing for woman's under
standing, for a woman's compaaalonate
and divine forgiveness.
Through tha din of tha city's bar
baric play, still came dropping heavily
out. of the night, the bell's alarm.
"In three minute they will be here
I will be aeen, and then then I ahull
say goodnight to all the world," he
told tha pule girl beside Mm swiftly
"for I will not go back. And I fd
that I would not want you here,
when that time cornea. Hut hear ma I
Tonight each night out In the jvorld,
a thouaand, whom one tiny crumb from
tha rich world's plata would save,
starve to death. But tha crumb's with
held. Who then are tha uiurdereraT
Laat week factory burned a hun
dred girls, wblta-fleshed Ilka you, with
bosoms made for chydren's Hps, ware
trapped, and Wiled. Whose Ufa Is
claimed for blood atonement? Today
a people alng chant of hate and the
smell' of men unbailed poisons the air
where that song la heard. Who watki
In atrlpca up a scaffold's steps In pen
alty for that?
"I I have killed one man a man
I had not bated. It waa In hla room.
You perhaps have read? Benedict
Grant, ha was a big man and beau
tiful as Absalom.. Wa played that
night He lost He was given to sullen
rages at times. That night ha lost his
hold upon himself. Ha said one tblng
tha unforgettable, unforgivable
thing of woman, and I told blm
Just bow abominably tie lied. It was
primitive. Ha jerked a Javelin from tha
wall and I found my band upon FIJI
"Yoq, will not leave? Then I must
go to meet them, before they And ma
here. I would Ilka a prayer from you
to follow ma where I will ba tomor
row." (
Ha atepped toward the outer door
way. "Htopl" A hand touched hla
Us turned swiftly but the thing was
Tba girl with tha wide, gray eyes,
had unknotted ber cincture, had
thrown her left arm about tha man's
shoulder so that ber unloosened roba
fell Ilka a drooping sable wing behind
blm, and with her band, aha had
caught up tba other woman's arm In
a tense graap ao that the man's stripes
wera hidden by their aomher garments.
"How your bead I Cornel" alia whis
pered. lie bent bla bead to tha girl's height
and tba three stepped down- to the
pavement and out to where, for an In
stant a space waa clear, and then the
girl with tha wistful lips drew the oth
ers Into a simple step and they danced
their way through a little lane that
opened up for them, till they neared
one Una of blue, and tha girl snatched
a feathered wand from a careless hand
and auuclly bruahed with It the face
of atocky sergeant of police, and
glanced archly back over ber shoulder
and laughed at blm ; and ao tha three
danced out from that tone of death
and then. In alienee, moved on and
away to where tha street a were empty
and quiet and dark. Then tha girl
drew gently away from tha man whoaa
bead waa bare.
They stood silently for a moment In
tha purple shadow of belfry tower,
beside a gray-stone, century-old
churchyard wall,
"To try to put In words what Is In
my heart," tha man spoke alowly.
"would ba to useless! Hut"
Ha knelt and lifted the bam of tha
girl's black robe to hla Hps,
Then ba Stood before her, with hjs
hands clasped behind blm.
From where they had stopped they
could sea tba green and red lights of
a towboat bound for tba gulf, gleam
ing across tha silent river's Ink-black
surface; the blast of the steamboat's
deep-toned whistle quivering on tha
cool night air.
"I bava not the right to ask," the
man spoke reverently, "but might I
have a nama to link with the memory
of this night's charity to carry wltb
ma to tha end of my lifer '
Tha girl, with eyes downcaat, firtw
her companion's arm In hers. She
moved silently away a step or two,
then paused and turned and looked up
steadily Into tha man's eyes. 1
"If, for what I have done this nlgbt,
I should chance to be remembered
through all those years of peace and
happy freedom, I pray that you may
have, then let It be as Bister Bene
dicts." ,
"Hut, while you were of the world,
when you wera still a carefree girl, s
little laughing child, may I not have
that name, also, to bear In memory?"
"Ah! You ask me thatr
Tha girl called Slater Itenedlcta
clasped her rosary with a quick ges
ture of sudden anguish. Her eyes were
When at last she spoke again, It was
In a voles of level tones and titter
"In tha world, while my brother
lived my only brother, whom I dearly
loved my name was Janet, Janet
Grant My brother's name was Ben
Contagious roup Is probably caused
by unsanitary conditions of the hen
house and yards. It la sggravated by
cold, dump weather. Correction of
the causes, so far ss possible, Is most
sdvlsuhle, as remedies are slow work
ing and not aura In effect
It cauaea a loss, not only from
heavy death rata, but also from tha
Interference with" egg production and
weakened vitality In breeding. It Is
very contagious, especially In damp,
cold weather, and attacks both young
and old stock.
Contagious roup Is probably easier
l" Identify than any other poultry dis
ease. It usually starts like a simple
cold, with a thin, watery discharge
from the nose and eyes, Thla secre
tion baa a peculiar, offensive odor.
Inflammation seta Into the nasal pas
sages, eyes and spaces Just below tha
eyeballs. The l,!r! tlrn nfen ronrh
snd sneeze, breathing becomes ouUy,
snd If tha air psaugrs of the nose
become entirely blocked, they brepthe
through their mouths, Tba birds soon
lose tbelr appetite and become de
pressed, their wings drooping and
their feathers ruffled. The secretions
from the nose and eye change from
fluid to yellowish, cheese-like masa.
This grows rspldly about the eyelids
and the nostrils. One or both eye
become enlarged and swelling may ap
pear oa the head.
' The exact cause Is not known.
Whatever K Is, the organism la bard
te kill, because It penetrates Into the
tissues. If the formations about the
head are removed, the uneven bleeding
surface which Is left forms a new
mass In 24 to 48 hours.
Infected birds ecarry the disease
from place to plan and Infect others
by contact Food and water may be
come contaminated by the secretions
from sick birds snd healthy birds be
come Infected In ibis way.
Roup Is easily controlled by proper
management and housing. Damp, un
sanitary, poorly ventilated, over
crowded, drafty quarters are con
ducive to Ita spread. The first treat
ment la to remove the cauae at once.
Only valuable birds should have Indi
vidual treatment A simple cure for
the sick bird la as follows: Dace It
In a dry, well-ventilated place away
from the other birds, snd give It plen
ty of fresh water and feed. Every
morning and evening remove all the
matter from the eyes and nostrils of
tbs bird snd dip Its bead Into a solu
tion of bichloride of mercury (1-1000).
Thla la made by placing one 7.3 mer
cury bichloride tablet In a pint of
water. Hold the bird firmly and Im
merse the head until the eyes are cov
ered, keeping It there a few seconds
or until It struggles. In most cases,
the following procedure Is advisable:
- Dltpoee of bad cases by killing and
burning them.
Isolate birds having colds.
Be sure quarters are dry and tight
on ale aides, with adequate opening In
tha front for ventilation nd light to
reach every part of the house.
Allow at least three square feet fioor
space per bird.
Place a little kerosene on the top
of the drinking water or one, TJ-graln
mercury bichloride tablet In a gallon of
water In a nonmetal container. These
should never he used more than ten
days In succession.
Place one pound epsom salts per
100 birds In the drinking wateror a
wet mash.
Judgment in Feeding
Good Judgment must be exercised In
feeding the pullets after they are ma
ture and are In their winter houses.
Usually eight quarts of hard grain Is
fed to one hundred birds a day. One
third or one-fourth of thla amount
should be fed In the morning and the
balance at nlgbt When about half
the btrda are laying well they may re
quire aa much aa ten or twelve quarts
per day. Sometimes, however, eight
quarts la too much and It la necessary
to cut dovrn on this amount Mash
should always be kept before them In
hoppers or feeders.
Poultry Notes
Cull nonproduclng hens.
Chickens need sunlight to prevent
rickets. .
It Is a good plan during worm weath
er to keep a little earth spaded up In
the ahade of a tree for the fowls' dust
Broilers snd frys are most profitable
when they reach the market before the
slower-grown chjeks ere ready.
Breeds of dnlry cattle vary In their
origin, alte, color, and In the quantity
and quality of the milk they produce,
see ;
4 Successful dairymen and cow buy
ers Insist upon cows which represent
some one of the distinct dairy breeds,
the choice being largely a matter of
personal preference.
A dairyman who began to weigh the
milk from bla cows, and to keep a
record of each milking, found that the
cow he thought waa the poorest. In his
bard gave next to the hlehest vluld.
a viviijrkmy
Portland, Oregon.
Select Residential & Transient'
lit a4 Yamhill. pMttand. Onm
Modem Fireproof American Plan
"ALL MAKES" Guaranteed
. Rebuilt Typewriters
Sal T-rnn; U.'jD nunUiir I' Mmd. lUntad I mot, as. CO a up. Band
for luuatrated price bm.
til fliith St.,
Better Franklin Service-Storage and General Repairing
ANDERSON & RICE, Portland, Ore
Insulate handles of Pilars.
In working about electrical connec
tions it is frequently desirable to In
sulate the bandlea of the pliers to pre
vent the possibility of receiving a
shock. This may be readily accom
plished by placing a piece of heavy
wall rubber tubing ovr each handle.
Automobile Digest
I Good Manners.
Our mannere express our degree of
refinement and our own poise as well.
Good manners are not superficial, for
tbey are the kindly consideration of
the people about us. Good manners
alwaya mean a good example, and so
we make things smoother for others
as well aa for ourselves.
Effective Trsp for Mica. -When
setting a mouse trap, try ty
ing the bait in a piece of muslin.
There ta a certain amount of curiosity
in s rodent that compels blm tknaw
through the muslin to get the bait
and the tug at the muslin Is sure to
cause the spring to close the trap.
Furniture Made From Weed. ,
For many years the natural seed
ling known aa the "bakaln" which
grows in the Funjab of India waa de
stroyed aa a weed, being cut out to
protect other growtha. Economic de
velopment Baa caused thla weed to be
used commercially for light furniture,
packing cases and shelving.
Prehistoric Ugliness. ,
Skeletons of three prehistoric men
and one woman, who are believed to
have lived In southern France more
than 15.000 years ago, wera discovered
recently. All have square, receding
chins, flat noses and huge eye cavities.
Reward In Well-Doing.
He that doea good to another man
doea also good to himself not only in
the consequence but in the very act of
doing it, for the conscience of well
doing Is an ample reward.
In Glory.
A school of whales was disporting
In mid-Atlantic whet a Zeppelin flew
low overhead. The widowed whale
mother looked aloft and then ex
claimed, with deep emotion: "Look,
children, look! There goes your saint
ed father." ,
Stray Bit of Wisdom.
The heart that la soonest awake to
the flowers la always the first to be
touched by the thorns. Moore.
Lazy President.
An historical note says the wife of
President John Adama rose at aix
o'clock every morning and made her
own fire.. This aeems to establish the
fact that Jack waa a laty old scout.
New Orleans States.
Sevan Years Writing Novel,
Mrs. Humphry Ward, tha noted Eng
Huh novelist, devoted practically seven
years to her novel, "Robert EUmere."
She meditated on the story tor four
years before beginning it She spent
three years In writing it.
Helpful Providence.
Frovidence has given us hope and
sleep as a compensation for the many
cares of life. Voltaire.
W. U Chlrka from ttfU-tM
Iim aI bftii h doubl tMiurfj
Bints. HtittstsirrrsKllteil. Ao
rhnlrt) H'hIsi B "', !Wv-t
prliHi. liv dellrtrT
Ktmrantti. Cfalif fff.
New Fluff Rugs
Mads From Old Carpets "Wear Like
Daal Direct with tha Manufacturer. Absolute
Satlafactlon Guaranteed. Band la Yvuf Ma
terial or Write for Prloea.
M-U Union Annua Nor, Portland, Oresoa
for'your produce
Cotnpleti Changs Salurdij
Adults, Week day Matinee 20c:
Evemnpa, 8fc. Continoua 1 to 11
p. m. Children 10 cents all times
Portland. Or.
PHYBICU. Rnnedioa to .
atoauek diMRUn, kutnay,
kladdaf tnmblM, anil stones,
eonstlpatioa, ppmdkltls and
all tanala conplaiota. T aaa
Uk traatiamta at BoaM If in
ferred. 1421 Brasd Be, tor
nf Aldw, Portland, Ore.
Moler Barber College
Trarhrs trade In I wacks. Borne pay
while learning. Positions secured. Writ
for a. 234 Burnald Btraet, Port
land, Oregon.
Clarke Bm, rVartata, 1ST Morrtaoa BL
fakaSw Yoa WU1 rl ttis'it aSlrlona Bn
Sefc aai Casri-LaaaaUt taka.
L,-.u, J EintWnt Cafa. 8,-wtal WmsI
Kataa. Baa Maata all Treina. Uth and Stark.
One Ounce of
Prevention Worth
Pounds of Cure
Serious Sickness
by taking
A Mild Laxative.
A Syatem Builder.
that aaalata Nature
In kenms your bow
els opa and your
central aywt.m la
perfect working or
der at all Umea.
at Your Drug Iters
Explaining Politeness -
It Is'because gold Is rare that gild
ing has been invented, which, without
having Its solidity, has all Ita bril
liancy. Thus, to replace the kindness
we lack, we have devised politeness,
which has all Its appearance. Do
Carries Cook's Name.
Sully Lunn, the popular tea cake,
received ita name from a pastry cook
of Bath, England, Sally Lunn, who
about the end of the Eighteenth cen
tury used to carry such cakes about
In a basket.
Latvia Forests Unexploited.
Forests of Latvia are not exploited
but the government auctions the privi
lege of cutting trees In various sec
tions. We Specialise In
Hides, Pells. Wool, Mohair,
Tallow, Ciscirf, Oregon
Grape Roof, Cut Skint,
Horse Hair
Write for Shipping Tip A latest Pries List
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
IN saws maul soars. Manias, tansa.
Branch at Pocat.llo, idska
Htrvwt, Portland. Omnm, will mail txmt
ilet ('at. of TtruMMtsV, fctmtio Stucking
and AMominaJ Belts.
Write at Once.
r 1 1 c.
1 TT- "7CZT
1 quo ssSCA cat