The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, February 06, 1925, Image 4

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MENT The reason for the proposed
Amendment to the Federal Con
stitution is that the Supreme
court of the United States has
declared that Congress has no
power to legislate.
The proposed amendment is in
no sense a la .v governing such
matters butnn authorization of
such legislation as Congress may
deem wise.
Neither State or Federal legis
lation has so far attempted to
regulate the labor of children
on the farm or in the home, nor
is such action proposed by the
supporters of the amendment.
Karl Miller and Ed Cummins
met with a very painful accident
Monday night, when the car they
were driving ieft the road and
turneJ over pinning Mr. Cum
mins under the car. Mr. Miller
almost in a helpless condition
went to Cecil Warner's home for
help. Mr. Warner and a party
of friends who happened to be
there, rushed to the rescue of the
unfortunate men. Dr. Walker
was called and found Mr. Miller
had several ribs broken and bad
ly shaken and bruised. Mr.
Cummins having a broken
shoulder and a badly bruised
Sympathy is being extended
to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller in the
loss of their little baby girl,
Betty Jean, who passed away
Monday morning after a brief
illness. Funeral services were
held at Lexington, Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Munkers
returned this week from a two
months visit with friends and
relatives in Portland and other
points of the valley. Mr. Mun
kers says he is glad to be back
in Morrow County as the cold
(Jumg weather of the valley was
very dissagreeable.
Joe Eskelson has bought wheat
and started reseeding.
Ben Boone passed through
Lexington Thursday enroute
from Milton to IRoseburg where
is employed as brakeman on the
S. P. road.
Max Muller, who has been in
the iWillamette valley for the
past two months, returned this
week to his work on the George
White farm.
Mr Hobson of Walla Walla is
visiting at the Earn Smith home
north of Lexington, he relates
that a large percentage of the
wheat in Walla Wa'la County is
frozen out.
Wm. Padberg has commenced
reseeding his thirty three hun
dred acres of wheat that was
frozen out. He has twelve drills
and four harrows at work that
will seed an average of two hun
dred acres a day. Bill says
there will be no Sunday, but will
be short nights until the job is
J. F. Lucas returned home
Saturday from The Dalles, where
he was transacting business two
days of last week. Mr. Lucas is
making preparations to reseed
his wheat that was frozen ont
but has some that will not re
quire it.
Mrs. George Allvn Jreceived a
letter from her son Louis, who
is employed on a lerge cattle
ranch in Nebraska, saying that
he was contemplating a trip to
England, for the interet of his
Inice Evelyn Cheatham, aged
19, died at theDeacones hospital,
Spokane, Washington, Thursday
January 22, 1925, following an
operation for appendicitis.
Miss Cheatham attended
school at Morgan 1921, 22 and
23. She is survived by her
mother, two brothers, Ralph and
Edward and two sisters, Irene
and Gladys.
lone Towm Team
Meets Defeat
Hcppner Wins by
The lone town basketball
tossers were defeated by the
Heppner town team last Satur
day night, on the Heppner floor.
.The score was 24 to 22 which
shows, that the game was inter
esting and exciting to the last.
The score was tied many times
during the game and there was
never more than four points
At the end of the first half the
score stood 14 to 16 with lone on
the King end but they were un
able to hold the lead and were
nosed out in the last few min-
It would be hard to find two
more evenly matched teams and
the return game to be played in
lone in the near future should be
interesting to local fans.
T. W. Cutsforth started to
Salem, last week when his
car broke down near Morgan.
Mr. Ely took them home to tret
another car' before they could
continue on their journey.
Mr. and Mrs. -James Hardesty
and children spent Saturday
evening with Esta Baurenflend
and sen Martin, and enjoyed a
very pleasent evening listening
to their radio.
Eudora Haresty spent Satur
day with Gertrude and Hazel
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Meblock and
children spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Pettyjohn.
- Mr. Graham of Portland,
visiting Noah Pettyjohn
Nearly all the farmers
Morgan are busy getting seed
wheat. Several have begin seed
ing already.
worgon vicinity are rejoicing
over the nice rains we have been
Kaiprvvade ana bride was
visiting Mrs. Baurenfiend arid
son Martin, Saturday eyenihg,
They are leaving for the valley
Sunday morning.
Mrs. Baurenfiend has been
sick for the past few days, but
we are glad to hear she is some
better at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wetzel
called on It. E. Harbison and
wise, Sunday evening.
Ms, John Gray was transacting
business in Morgan last v eek.
H. 0. Ely and wife and Mrs
Baurenfiend spent Surday even
ing with Mrs. Harbison.
Mrs. Wid Palmateer of Windy
nook visited with Mrs. Hardesty
Sunday afternoon.
Several of Earl Morgan's
neighbors surprised him last
Friday and helped him to step
over another milestone. Every
one present report having a
pleasent time and left wishing
Sari would have several more
such good feeds.
Howard Hardesty found the
ground rather hard the other
evening when he and his saddle
horse decided to part company
rnther sudden.'
Mr. and Mrs.- Knoblock, of
Heppner, visited with Fay
Pettyjohn last Friday.
James Hardesty and wife
called oh Mr. and Mrs. Fay
U. F. Lowe of Pendleton
Marble Works was calling in
Morgan last week he was on his
way to Heppner.
S. Edwards is working for
Noah Pettyjohn helping treat
Now booking orders for day
old chicks. Terms one-half cash
with order, 12, 14, 16 cent? each
When eggs are furnished will
run 144 egg capacity for $6 00
cash when set.
Willow Creek Poultry Farm.
Morgan, Oregon.
In computing his federal in
come tax, the farmer may do
duct amounts paid in producing,
harvesting, and marketing of
crops, including labor, cost of
seed and fertilizer used, cost pf
nilnnr rpnuirs tn (arm hnil.4inna
(other than the dwelling) cost of
repairs to fences and machinery
and the cost of small tools used
up in the course of the year, such
as pitchforks, handrakes, hoes,
axes, etc.
Failure to file your federal in
come tax return on or before
March 15 makes you liable to
heavy penalties. Collector of
Internal Revenue.
Two joint resolntions propos
ing amendments to the State con
stitution and relating to taxation
have been introduced in thej
Mate legislature.
The first, S. J. R. 5. intro
duced by Senator Dennis, pro
vides that no tax upon inheri
tance or upon the income of resi
dents or citizens of this State
shall be levied by the State of
Oregon, or under its authority.
The second, II. J.. It. 7, intro
duced by Representative Shelton,
provides that no iueome tax shall
be levied or collected in Oregon
until January 1, 1950.
Heppner Commercial
Holds Meeting
percent over the Willow creek
road for the same period, Judge
Dub'y, anticipates the record to
rPHfh 1 000 nnra .1....
ILppntr Janelton this ynr. If
,vvv v.... u i uni , at
mo junes nui section was com-1
L - T I I'll . .
pieted we could expect from 15
to 20 percent of that travel to
come through Morrow County
which would mean 150 to 200
cars per day passing through
Morrow County towns and in
stead of onr auto camp grounds
growing up to weeds we would
have to enlarge them and would
be making them a paying prop
osition besides the cash that
would be left with our business
Pnmni..; Ot I ,
" "'""7 D'ran naa a
map prepared vhich showed
up the proposed Pendleton.
rrmeviiie road and that road
was given considerable discussion
and certainly is one of much
moreimportace than many peo
ple have ever considered it to be.
The matter of financing the
proposed roads was gone into
quite extensively and it was de
cided that the only way to do
was to vote, another bond issue
and in order to carry a bond
it would be necessary to recog
nize the needs of Morrow
County farmers and make a bond
issue large enough to cover a
large extention to our Market
Road System.
People have begun to realize
the importance of good roads and
if our farmers can be shown
that they are to . get their just
part of road funds it will not be
a difficult matter tn nut h
matter through.
A resolution was passed askinir
the County Court to get facts
and figures in the matter and
call a meeting of the tax payers
in the near future to get the
matter before the voters.
lone used to have a crowded
camp ground and now the only
limewesee a camper is when
some lalorer camps his family
there while he is working in the
harvest fields and our revenue
from tourists is zero. lone busi
ness men could do worse' than
joining with Heppner Commer
cial Club in educating the tax
payers to what we are missing
through poor roads to the farms
as well as the main highways.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Farrens
of lone were business callers at
The Last Camp, on Monday.
Miss E. O'Neal who has been
in the Rose City for sometime
arrived home on Sundav and
will visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. O'Neil for some
time. John 10 obs of the Last Camp
accompanied by Bob Lowe and
Put Medloi'k were culling in Mor
gan, on Tuesday evening,
' Warren Steuder of Seldomseen
was shipping chickens from Cecil
on Monda:
Mr. ami Mrs. A. Troodson
also Mr. u:.J Mrs. Roy Steudet
were calling on friends in Cecil
on Saturday.
Walter Pope, Robert Lowe and
W. V. Peu.o were visiting at the
Chandler ranch on Sunday.
Mr. and Airs. II. Streeter and
family of Cecil were Uo Sunduy
dinner guests of Mr. und Mrs. 11.
V. Tyler ot Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Funk and
laughter, were Sunday visitors
at the. hoi ,o of Mr. und 'Mis.
Henry llu, pold of Heppner.
Lambing is in full swing at the
Last Cum,, about nine hundred
lambs urv to be seen running
Omaha, February 1 The
Union Pacific System of railrouds
has 51,224 stockholders, accord
ing to a statement issued today
by C. It. Cay, President. Ap
proximately 43 percent of the
stockholders are women and
most of V t stockholders are per
sons of moderate means, says
Mr. Gray. The average holding,
accoreing to the statement, is
63 shares of a par value at $100
each. No one person, firm, cor
poration or institution owns as
, . . , .
j T . " 01 " " "
Italstock, the statement adds.
Stockholders reside in every
state In the Union and in Alaska.
Canal Zone, Guam, Hawaii,
Philippine Islands. "Thus."
savs Mr. Gray, "Union Pacific
stock, like a country's trade,
follows the flag. This wide-
spread distribution conclusively
answers the statement that the
railrsods are owned by a fow
persons. To an extent not gener
ally recognized, the railroads are
owned by the public. Tnis sub-
MA when it i3 cor,81lered that
jlfe insuranc e po icy holder8 and
';., .ui, .
i w wuitn oi puJi iui a ai c yai w
ners ih the operation and d-
velopment of our railways.
Secretary Denies War Debt
Settlement Imposed Obliga
tions on United States.
Washington, D. C. Em-rotary
Hujhet liiiutd Monday a formal itato
ment amertlng that the agreeinunt
reached In Parli at the conference of
the allied finance mlnlitura Imputed
BO obligation, "legally or morally," on
the United Statei and that tbli coun
try remalni ai free from commitment!
In European matteri aa It ever wan.
The atatement aahl the full text of
the agreement algned by Ambaiaadnr
Kellogg and the other American repre
sentative! would be made public aa
toon ai It waa received here.
Mr. HuKhua' atatement waa mild by
White lloime official to have 'the full
approval of I'reulilent Cool Id ko, who
It waa wild had Uvea fully adviHud of
11 angles of the controversy.
The renolullon nuking for a copy
of the auroomunt, propoand by Senator
Johnson, republican, California, is
pending In the Semite with the np
provul of others of the Irreconcilable
veterans of the VithiiIIIos trout y fiKht.
From these and other quarters the
late department has heard charges
that the I'arls agreement sinned by
Ambassador Kellogg, the secretary of
atate designate, had drawn the United
States officially into an Involvement
against which it bad been gum ding It
aulf ever since the close ot the war.
. Extremet Meet
"Isn't a Inwsiilt Involving a patent
right about the dullest thing Imagin
able?" aked one court fan of another.
"Not always," was the wply. "I atr
tended a rase not long ago that waa
really funny. A full lawyer named
Short was rending a 6,000-word docu
ment be called a brief."
Not!ct In hereliy glvvu that liy vlr
t limit tin exei-ullim Mini nriler of mile,
iMxut'il out t f the Circuit Court ut the
Sttilo of Oh'Ki'U, for Morrow County.
Outfit Jiimuiry Uth, llijfl, to nut illr
ovtt'il lu (vrtnlii net Ion In hiiM Court
wlit'ivln Hcrt Mmhiiii mk iliuitlff, re
ooveivil JudH'cinriit. iiuuliist J" V.
I'uyt'H r, Mattel I'liyeiir IiIh wife, uuil
I'. I. I'tiyenr, ilofeiiilmitM, for tin-
for tlltl HUIU Of fllHI (Ml Willi lllllTeHt
tit tlu rate of S per cent, per milium,
from the lxt ilny of October, Iti.D,
Mint tln further niiiii of r.O.lKi iiUnr
ney's fi'i-M, uuil i-omIh Mini iIIhIiiii'M
ini'iitH ultoweil at I'M. lltl Mini an or.l
tr that tlu reiil properly iitlm-heil lu
Hlllll lll'tloil tO MH'IIIV tlll pM.VMII'lll of
(Ullll MUIIIN lit Hlllll til HtUfy Hlllll JiiiIk-
I will oil Siituriliiy, tlii IMhI ilny of
I'Vlihinry. Iii.Ti, ut thu hor ot Itctw o'.
elm-It lu the forenoon of hhIiI iluy. at
tin front ilimr of tin' Court Uoilm-
lu lli'ppiu-r Morrow County, Ore
K"ii. Utti-r lor Hiili-, uuil e to the
hlKhott hlilili-r for cuhIi ut pulillF
anil Ion. all of real property xltuut
i'il lu Morrow County, Ntati of Ore
gon, to wit: l.otM fourt.-on, fifteen
ami Mlxteeii, lu liliM-k thn-e lu tin- or
IkIuiiI town of I inie, Morrow I'utiu
ty, Nttitc of On-uon, Im-Iii; the ri-al
property ofMiilil ilefeinlnnu intiii'h-
i'i III Hlllll action to wvure till'
payment of null! iiiltfenietit, ami or
ileri'il to Ui Holtl liy the court for
To our Consumers
We're holding down the fuel prices! I
m .... .... ' V
hy buy your fuel elsewhere at a loss when it is so
easy to make a saving by buying your supply of fuel
from the FarmcJS Llevator Company.
We quote you prices as follows:
Royal coal per ton $12.50
Slab wood 16 Inch 8.00
Fir wood 16 Inch 12'50
Oak wood 16 Inch 13.00
Call and see us before buying elsewhere, as we
can talk it over with much better results. If
you are in need of a larger quantity of coal
at a considerate price-
See Us.
Farmer's Elevator Co.
lone, Oregon.
Cut Machinery Cost
tn Half
The man who leaves his machines in the fields is pay
ing, by depreciation, for an implement shed, but not
getting the shed.
You can cut your machinery cost in half by prolong
ing its lite anq usefulness. You can double the life ot
an implement by putting it under cover as soon as you
are through using it
The cost oLan implement shed to protect $2,000.00
worth of machinery is only a fraction of that sum.
We have many excellent implement shed plans to show
you, an J we have the righ t material to build just the
kind and size building you require. Da nof make the
mistake of building before you examine our up-to-date
implement shed plans, we will be glad to have you call
and examine them, whether you are building now or
later. '
(hut, pnrpom'.
Diite of first publication January
I'.'InJ.lll.Ti. PnUi of Ini-t publication
I'Vlirnnry jfiit h, I :'.'.".
(iciitue Mcliuffc
Hherlff of Morrow County,
Ol'i'Uiill, ' .
In the Ceil nty Court of th Hint
of Orcmin for the County of Morrow
lu the mutter of tln m(ii4 of
Lottie May llencilh-t.. (Ict'caseil,
The uuiIi'IhIkui'iI having been ni
polnteil by thi't ounly Court of tint
stal4 of Orcuoti, for Morrow County,
ailnilnlHlrator of tlu CHlatoot I-ottle
May llitieillct, ileivawil, nolle la
hereby ulveii to thu creditor of, Mini
all erHonn hiivlnn clalinn ngaliiHt
Miilil iIcccuhciT, to prcHi'tit tlii'iu Uuiy
ve'rllleil an ieiillreil by law, within
l inoiitliH niter the Mrnt publication
of t hin notice ill the ollc of l' II.
ItiibliiHoii, attorney for mliiiliiUlritt
or, at lone, Morrow County, Orw
(ton. T. M. Iletieillct, iiilnilnlMtrator of
theeHlateof l,otll Muy Hwu-illct
Duteil Januauy 1 -'".
For Sale Or Trade
One Geaheart knitting ma
chine, several Incubators and a
limited number of March hutch
Mrs. I. F. Hardesty
Morgun Oregon.
tim mmiiiMMn
Lumber Co.