The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, October 10, 1924, Image 1

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; Notice of Sale of Stock
Under Agister's Lien
' Notice Is hereby given thnt the
; underlined will on Friday the
10th day of October, 1924, at the
.hour of 2:00 o'clock In the after- to 0 victory for Lexington when
noon of aaid day, at the farm of Sherer accomplished the unex
E. H. Turner, about two miles 'pected in the last half minute of
. North of lone, Morrow County, 'play. 'I
Oregon, tell, to the highest I Uu until the laKt tmw mlnuten
Didder lor casn in nana, the
following described animals
1 bay mare, weight about 1300
lbs. not branded.
1 black mare, weight about 1100
lbs. branded C on left shoulder.
1 gray mare, weight about 1U00
lbs. not branded.- '
The above described animals
being the property of Sam Bar
netteor Magnuc Sedlund. such
sale is for the purpose of satis
fying my claim for pasturing
and keeping said animals since
the 21st day of June, 1921,
amounting to the sum of $28 00
and for pasturing said animals
from the date hereof until the
day of sale, and for the costs of
said sale and this advertisement.
Dated at .lone, Oregon, thjs
24th day of September, 192 J.
St E, II. Turner.
Mr. and Mr C. M. Berk,
Mrs. Weer 'and Mr. Stevi Wsrd,
all of Cleveland, Watth., visited
with Mr. C. A. Beck and family
this week, arriving Saturday and
departing for their homes Tues
day morning.
The camf to lone "from Board
man where they have been visit
ing relatives.
Formaldehyde $2 25 per gallon
at Dullard's Pharmacy. Why
ipay more?
Bank of lone
K S35.O0O.OO
Stated County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
Everybody Likes Chocolates
We Feature .
Johnston's Box Chocolates
Nationally Advertised
We wouldnt offer it to you If it wasn't
' Absolutely Fresh.
There is nothing nicer for a "peace offering."
We also have a nice fresh
stock of Bulk Chocolates.
Bullard's Pharmacy
Don't Forget "Candy Day," Oct. U.
Lexington Defeats Boardman
' ; . ; -
i What promised to be a tie
game between the Lexington
high ichool and Boardman foot-
bull leumn was turned into a 6
of the game the contest raged
back and forth from one end of
the field to 'the other. Neither
team seemed likely .to score; no
advantage favored either side.
The break came in the last min
ute of the game. Lexington had
possession of the ball and but one
half minute to play. In a last
effort the team resorted to strat
egy. lileno Sherer took the ball
on a fake end run reversed, and
leaving the Boardman line in
confusion raced fifty yards for a
Only five seconds were left to
play and a kickofT ended the
Lexington was without the
services of Walter Kowell in the
nek field which greatly weuk.n
el tna eleven. The Board of
Control tms since declarep him
eiinthie and he .will play in all the
luture games.
Oddfellows Hold Conference
I At Pendleton, October 14
1'endleton Oddfellows have
invited lodges of lone and vicin
ity to attend a meeting for the
promotion of the interest of the
order. , .-,..
The meeting will be held Oct.
14. and will bt attended by the
Grand Master, Grand Vvarden.
Grand Secretary and other state
Tte program and entertain
ment will be furnished bv the
Pendleton Lodge.
Biennial Report of County
School Supt., Morrow Co.
During tho last blerinium, not.
withstanding the heavy tax
burden and crop failures, our
schools have shown a tendency1
for betterment of all educationa
facilities, ' 4
In comparing tho Dast twri
years with th preceedmg two
years and basinir our fi
the disbursements for elementary
schools and the number of child
ren in attendance, we find a
decrease of $29.00 per pupil in-
cost of maintenance. Thin
however did not in the least
cause a reduction in efficiency.
In some districts salaries were
lowered, in others raised bo that
the average salary paid teachers
in our one room rural schools
shows an increase of t4.C,r De
teacher. All teachers emDlovea
were certificated befoie the
opening of schools so that
temporary certificaies were not
granttd. School boards were
more careful in the selection of
their teachers and with but few
exceptions pupils passed their1
examinations successfully. i
A new school district was
formed last fall comprising 63J
sec. valuation $297,930, census
18. This district has not built
a school house yet. Pupils are
attending the Heppner school.
In place of furnishing transpor
tation the pupils board will be
payed by the district.
At Alpine, District Nc. 27, a
high school was organised. The
requirements for a standard four
year high school have been met
and they are waiting for the
Ct..,.. I .
oioio isepuruneni to declare it a
standard school. This will make
seven standard high schools
and one Unior. High Sch.-ol which
is also a four vear utun,iur,i
We feel proud of the fart that
Heppner High was recognized by
the Northwest Association last
spring, making the 28ih hiirh
school in the state to meet its
The Alpine district was hnnH.
ed for $10,000. A two room
building with basement has been
erected, one room will be used
for high school and one for th.
grades. Part of the funds were
used for equipment, part for
water and part for converting
the old building into a teacher-
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Independent Garage
E. R. LUNDELL. Proprietor.
'I' 1 . J .- SL J g
A complete stock of
Kelley-Springfield and United States
Come in and see me before
sending your order away.
Standard and Union Gas.
Repair Shop in Connection
Under Management of J. H. Bryson.
Independent Garage
lone, Oregon.
Oddfellows and Rebeccas
Combine in Surprise'Party
Saturday evening, October 4,
was the sixty fourth anaiversarv
of Frank Griffin's birthday, and
the Kebeccas and Oddfellows
united in tendering him a
surprise party in honor ot the
The plan for the party had
been a well kept secret and Mr.
Griffin's surprise was complete.
He rallied, however, and entered
heartily into the spirit of the
evening. As he lighted the
sixty. four candles on the six
story cake that had been pro
vided for the festivities, he told
the company that the year 1861)
had been distinguished by two
events of prime importance-the
election ot Abraham Lincoln to
the presidency of the United
States and the arrival of Frank
Gritfin in this vale of tears.
Personally he had long been o
opinion that the latter event was"
more important and he was
pleased to note that the trend of
fraternal sentiment in I:ne was
in the dirfction of the same
The birthday cake had been
built o:i the same generous
proportions and on the same lines
as Mr. Griffin nimself, and when
the candles were lighted it
seemed a veritable lighthouse
of fraternity, illuminating with
it3 friendly radianca every
corner of the lodtfe r om and
every heart present.
After a most enjoyable pro-
; pam of game,, refreshments
consisting of cake and coffee,
sandwiches and conversation
were enjoyed.
The gathering brolte up at a
late hour after wishing Mr.
Griffin the enjoyment of the
good of life through
many years to come.
Rye at Swanson's Feei and
Supply Store. A carload of ntw
cropVye just received.
A vaeancy hitving lwon rrentrtl In
tlio ollli-e of enmity vonmitiwioiH'r liy
the rcHluiiiitliiii ot It. I. llt'iiiTi-. I
licrvtiy n it nou net" mywll hh a cnnilU
iluto fur thiUollK-f an nn Imli-tH-niK-nt Mini hIikII iu)iivclitt the
"iippiirt of the people of Morrow
County at the poll tn the giMierul
election thin tall.
U. A. ItLEAKMAN. Hnrilimm.
Reunion Held at Hermiston
A very pleasant reunion of the
family of Mr. and Mrs. E. G,
Frank was held Sunday, October
ith, at the home of their daugh
ter Mrs. D. A. Gibbs of Hermis
ton. .
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. E. G. Frank, the Misses
Mary, Edith and Hazel Frank,
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Frank and
children, Mr. and Mm. Gibbs
and little Miss Phyllis, Mr. and
Mrs. Hobart Helms, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Calkins and children,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Calkins and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Calkins and infant son, Mr. and
Mrs. Bachelor and their son
Alvin, Mr. Stoops, Miss Daisy
Calkins and Miss Hazel Akers.
Chicken dinner with all the
trimmings was served to thirty
two people. The only absentees
were Mrs. L. I. King and daugh
I have a full stock of furniture
which 1 am selling at 10 percent
All kinds of furniture repaired.
S. E. Moore.
Re;.! Estate Exchanged
Through Local Eroker
It L Eckleberry of North
Powlerh-s made a trade with
B. F. Sorenon and is now owner
of the old Seal place, five miles
west of lone. This ranch con
tains 810 acres and Mr. Sorenson
taHe in- exchange a 400 acre
3to;V rAnch at North Powcer.
Mr. Eckleberry has rented the
ran.-h to Fred Pettyjohn and it
is un erstood will make his home
in or near Ionn for some time.
H. C. Woid, local real estate
broker h tndled th deal.
For Rent-Siii ill house on sec
ond slreer, fu- rooms, water,
electric lights. See Mrs. Sper'ry
at th Carle lodjjinif house. 3t
!WWW'Ht" '
School will
and you should buy supplies J
before the opening dav. I t
have a large assortment of J
articles needed in the school
room and can
wants at right prices.
Please remember that ii
School Books must be i
Local High School Eleven
Wins Opening Came 25-0
The lone High School football
team went to Hardman Satur
day and won their first game of
the - season from the Hardman
team, by a score of 25 to 0. 'For
the first yame of the season and
for most of the lone team, the
first game ever played .the.boys
Jid exceeingly well. Hardman
outweighed the lone boys on the'
average, but this was more than
ma le up by the playing of the
lone back field, which at times
played more (ike the last than the
first game of the year. '
At the opening of the game
Hardman won the choice and
chose to defend the east goal.
and kicked off to lone. On the
first play Graves went through
left tackle for eight yards; Bris
tow made about the same dis
tance on the next play through
tackle. A forward cass bv
Bristow to rwin was incomplete.
After a few plays lone lost the
bull to Hardman on a fumble,
but Hardman was held without
any gain and was forced to kick.
After a few plays Bristow made
about twenty, yards on a crisa
cross play and Graves made the
first touchdown on a, tackle play
in which he got away for about
torty yards. Linn missed the
if uai kick after touchdown. , In
the secon.l quarter lone scored
two more touchdowns, on on ti
crisscross by Bristow, and .the
next on an end run by Bristow.
Linn kicked one aroal but miaaed
the next. The last score by lone
came in the middle of the third
quarter when Graves made ,ten
yards and a touchdown on a
criss cross.
At no time during the game
did Hardman threaten to score.
iiic uuijr uim yniiis wmi Vile
made were on criss cross plays
with Knighten carrying the ball.
Once in the second qaarter he
got away for thirty five yards,
and in the third quarter he
made about thirty yards on the
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begin Sept. 8,
supply your j