The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, June 27, 1924, Image 1

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School Board Lets
At a meeting of the School
Board ol District No. One, Sat
urday, the contract for the con.
Htruction of the new school house
was awarded to the Anderson
Construction Company of Port
land. The contract price ia $12,310.
Work will bt'ifin aa soon as mat
erial and equipment are on the
ground, probably within a week
or ten daya.
The Anderson Conduction
Company ia highly recommended
bv firms and corporation! for
whom buildinits have been erect
ed by these Contractors and the
Directors feel assured of a first
class job.
The contractors plan to use
local labor aa far aa possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brwin
left Sunday afternoon for Ship
pards mineral Bprings, where
Mrs. Erwin will remain and take
treatments for rheumatism. She
has been suffering for some time
and is in hopes of receiving
benefit from the Springs.
Lawn Party at Louis Balslger's
Members and friends of the
Congregatlanal Church to the
number of 64 met Tuesday eve
ning at the residence Of Mr.
Louis Balriiger, the occasion being
a reception in honor of Mrs.
Head, wife of the resident Con
gregational Pastor. Music, con
version and games, followed
by light refreshments filled a
very pleasant evening.
Mrs. Head returns to Cathlam
et, Friday. June 27.
A copy of the new Washington
State Koad map has been receiv
ed at this office. It ia available
for distribution to the general
public and copies may be obtain
ed from the District Foreate?,
Portland, Oregon.
Tha four children of Jess Ma
son arrived in lone, Monday
evening. They will spend their
vacation with their grandmother,
Mrs. A. Mason,
Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins of
Boardman passed through lone,
Sunday, on their way to Eight
Mile. Mr. Jenkins formerly
lived in the Eight Mile country.
Pay Cash and Save
The short crop will cause
j a shortage of money and
i you must cut all corners to
get through. I want cash
I business and will be glad to
i: figure with you on harvest
I; supplies and if my prices are
I; not right there will be no
i; harm done. I am not look
II ing for credit business but
am after the cash trade and
will give you value for your
ii i
Kodak Enlargement Free
With $2.50 worth of fin
ishing' we give you an 8xlO
Enlargement Free. De sure to save
the yellow envelopes as you get them.
Portland Prices and Prompt,
Snappy Service.
We Will Appreciate Your Business.
Bullard's Pharmacy
The Kodak Store
Troy Bogard Joins Order
Mr. and Mra. Troy Bogard are
being congratulated on the ar
rival, June 21, of a bouncing
baby boy.
Mother and child are doing
Mr. H. C. Wood journeyed to
Vernonia, Oregon, Monday, June
16, accompanied by Mrs. Wood
and children and Mrs. Kea.
Mrs. Kea remained in Vernonia,
while Mr. Wood and family re
turned by way of Portland,
arriving in lone last Monday.
Swanson's Chop Mill Has
Fuller Paints, Oils, Glass, Screen
Doors and windows.
Miss Uamona Hartwell and
Miss Keba Beemer of Portland
are visiting with the P. G. Balm
ger family this week. They will
leave for Portland on Saturday,
the 28th.
Lexington Items
Fire on the Harry Duval place,
about six miles north-east of
Lexington, burned over halt a
section of land, about 70 acreB
of which was in wheat, the
balance. in pasture.
Last Saturday fire for a time
threatened the destruction of
Lane's slaughter house, one of
the best equipped abattoirs in
this section of the country.
Wednesday, July 2nd,, at 8:00
o'clock In the evening, the Lex
ington Daily Vacation Bible
School will give a, program to
show what the boys and girls
have been doing during the two
weeks session. A cordial invita
tion ia extended to all.
Thete has been good attend
ance in the Bible school, .averag
about thirty three.
Sunday school 10:00 a. m.
Christian Endeavor 4:00 p. m.
11:00 a; m. and 8:00 p. m.
junior C. E. 6:30 p. m.
Senior C. E. 7:30 p. m
Sunday School 10:00 a. m.
Harvest is rather early this
year owing to the dry season.
Dwight Misner started his
combine Monday and others are
cutting right-of-way and getting
There seems to be a scarcity
of men.
House for Rent
Championship Not Decided
We notice that the Gazette
Times of Heppner states that
the issue of the Condon-lone
game was the championship of
the league. This is an error.
The record aa between Condon
and lone is 33.
During the season lone played
the larger number of games and
Condon scored the greater num
ber of defeats.
The Ladies Aid of the Christ-
tian Church meets Wednesday
Owing to the absence of the
pastor last Sunday, the topics
announced for the 22nd will be
the subjects for the services of
the 29th.
What might have been a seri
ous accident occurred Sunday.
when Glen Burroughs and Oliver
Kincade had a head-on collision
while driving on the Market road.
They both seemed confused as
to which way to turn. Mr.
Kincadewas some what bruised
and shaken up and his car was
badly damaged.
Furniture for sale: Small Vic
trola, 40 records and violin.
Breakfast set, living room set,
oil heater, oil cookatove, dresser,
bed and 2 matresses, 1 large
rug 9 x 12, 2 small rugs, washtub,
boiler, board, 2 O cedar mops.
Will sell violin and victrola aep
erately. Very cheap for quick
sale. Mrs- Randall, lone, Ore.
Mr. J. VV. Becket of Portland
passed through lone' Monday, on
the way to his farm in the Eight
Mile country.
Mr. Becket ia one of the pioneer
farmers of Morrow County, hav
ing come here in early days. He
retired some few years ago to
enjoy a few years of com fort and
relaxation in the city.
Judge Robinson is spending a
fewdavs In Portland this week.
The B. & B. store at Morgan
will receive your watch repairing
for Haylor the jeweler, Heppner
a kitchen
One fitting laStfor dap
Sp fuel wasted
eady to light
Instead of several
heavy loads of coal
and wood one easy
filling of Pearl Oil
often lasts for days
in a good oil cook'
Pearl Oil is easier
in every way al'
ways ready, easily
controlled, and no
over 'heated kitchen.
For best results be
sure you get the
Standard Oil Com'
pany's Pearl Oil.
It's refined and re
refined kerosene of
the highest quality
only, absolutely
clean-burning, odor
less and non-corro
sivc. Avoid disarv
pointment order
Pearl Oil by name.
(California) ,
Annual Report
of District Clerk
Bal. June 18, 1923 $ 2,r,19.1G
Taxes & transfers 16.322.81
Total $ 18,941.97
Salary of Supt. $ 2,2.'0.00
Salaries of teachers 9.506.00
Salary of janitor 700.00
Supplies for Instruction 81.04
Fuel 287.10
Water 22.50
Light 38.25
Janitors Supplies 5.80
Imp. of Grounds 29.70
Repair and Replacement
of Equipment 548.70
Library Books 40.33
Transportation of Pupils 1440.00
Insurance 108.00
New School Site 1000.00
Alteration of old Bldg. 63.75
Allother Expenses 657.27
Total $16778.44
Bslanc on hand 21G3.53
Bal. in Bond Fund 41060.56
('ash set aside for Site
Purchase, Unexpended 1000.00
Total of all Balances
and Refunds $44,224.09
The annual report has been
checked by the Auditor, who
has appended the following note:
The books of this district show
that thev have been very care
fully kept, and all records are
Vivian Kane
Notice to Ex-Service Men
There will be a meeting of the
American Legion at the Legion
Hall Saturday evening, July 12,
for the purpose of assisting you
in applying for National Compen
sation. We have the forms to fill out,
and will have men who under
stand them to help you.
Come whether you are a mem
ber or not. Bring your discharge
papers or as much information of
your service as possible.
This meeting is also open to
dependents of veterans. Every
one who is eligible come. Let's
get this work cleaned up. The
American Legion.
Mr. N-il Doherty of the Ella
district was transacting business
in lone, Monday, and in company
with his son called at the office
of the Independent.
"Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Schriver
left lone, Monday evening, for
their home in Kings Valley, Ore.
They motored with their son
Clyde to Arlington, whence Mr.
and Mrs. Schriver completed the
journey by rail.
xirTnnstfi mnrp not fn
XK. r. -
paint uian 10 paint
ML I I .
FIGURE it out for yourself. A
little money, now, to save the
surface of your home and build
ings, or a considerable sum of
money for repairs and replace
ments which? j
Un painted surface leave the field dear i
for nio, wind and win to do their damage.
Ramshackle house and oat-buildings, one ,
so new and storm-tight, gaping comer
boards, warped and rotting window frames. 1
mil directly result from failure to paint,
turner yon bare to go in for expensive re
pairs, or let the entire building investment
go. How much better and cheaper it would
be to keep the buildings pain ted I
The cost of even slight repair on your
borne or building would practically pay for
repainting them entirely. It is a good thing !
Cor every property owner to know, and
bead, that a coat of paint stands between ban
and rfihfiii loss.
Paint now with good paint
i Paint with Rasmussen Pure Paint The i
boat will be trivial compared to the protec
I boa it will give against rot, rust, and general
Look over your property all of it, and
' do it now. Then come in and talk over
j your paint troubles with us. We have Ras-
i mm rn Paints and Varnishes in stock and
j ww in s i him ml them.
lone, Oregon
Bare and Roof Paint Wall-Dura WaabatJa
Truck and Tractor Paint Wall Paint
CraoKXa Shingla Sum Inticlt Floor Piint
Patch Floor Paint Oil Suint, VamUha
Racolita Enamel Floor and Varaiih Stain
XTAers'a Hasmuntn Prod act fotEitty Sarfa