The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 30, 1924, Image 1

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Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
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Coffee in fancy tins J
cost y i f rm 5c to 10c
per pound more than
bulk coffee.
Try my bulk roast
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lone 5r Heppner 4
lone wins second fame from
Heppner Sunday by t close mar
gin while Condon was defeating
Arlington 12 to 2, which leaves
Condon and lone tied for first
place and each team has lost but
one game since the league opened
up, though lone defeated Condon
and Boardman in the independ
end series, making eiarht wins
and but one defeat for the year.
Werner Rietman was back into
the game and made the hit that
brought in the winning run in the
last of the ninth.
Heppner secured a hit in each
first and second innings without
tallie and in the third Cason
walked, McFarrin fanned, Moore
singled, Anderson walked and
Roberts 3 bagger brought in 3
tallies, Aiken out 6 3.
Bristow was the first lone man
to make a hit which was in the
5th, the sixth inning Werner out
6-3, Thornton fanned, Cochran
and Dutch each singled. Drake
got on thru an error and Eu banks
made a hit which brought in 3
runs. Heppner came back in the
7th after McFerrin and Moure
were out, by a hit by Anderson,
followed with a two bagger by
Roberts which scored Anderson
and tied the score, three all.
lone went out 1, 2, 3, and the
eignt Stout hit a slow grounder
which Vic fumbled; Hughes sing
led, Crawford flew to Eubanks,
McFerrin reached first on a wild
throw after Cason had goton thru
a fielders choice; Hughes scored
on the wild throw and Moore was
out 6-3. Werner out I 3: Thorn
ton walked, Cochran hit a 2 bagg
er, Dutch on by error of short;
Drake fanned and Eubanks out
1-3; Thornton scored on Cockran
hit and tied the score 4-4, the 9th
found Heppner with Anderson
up and he fanned; Roberts goton
by an error of short and stole 2d
and was sacrificed to 3rd by Aiken.
Roberts then went to sleep about
20 feet off third and was an easy
out; Roche to Werner.
Lewis first up for lone went out
4-3; Roche came up and lined out
a 2 bagger; Vic fanned and then
me om stand ty Werner came
thru with the hit which scored
Roche and ended the game.
Heppner fans evidently did not
expect their boys to make such
a good showing and were very
conspicuous by their absence and
mitsed the best game their boys
have put up this season. Roberts
was the main eog ot the machine
and struck out 10 men and hit a
three bagger and a two bsgner
and stole two bases.
Earned runs, Heppner 2; lone 3'
Errors, Heppner 6; lone 5.
Struck out by Roberts 10; Roche
1; Thornton 8.
First base off balls. Thornton 4;
Roberts 2.
Three base hit, Roberts.
Two base hit, Hughes, Roberts,
Cochran and Roche.
Large Crowd at Exercises
Thursday evening the com
mencement exercises of the lone
High school were held in the Le
gion hall. The speaker for the
occasion was Prof, N. H. Cornish
of the Oregon 'Agricultural Col
lege, who gave a splendid ad
dress. The class was the largest
ever graduated from the local
high school. Nolan Page gave
the Valedictory and Eleanor
Swanson the Salutatory. The con
ference scholarship was present
ed to Helen Balsiger. Each mem
ber of the class did his part well
and the class as a whole made a
splendid showing.
After the exercises of the
evening were over, the class and
high school teachers were in
vited to a reception at the home
of Mrs. C. W. Swanson, mother
of Carlton Swanson, one of the
graduates, Ice cream and cake
were served and a very enjoyable
time was had by all present.
The teachers of the school have
separated for the summer, and
most all have gone from lone.
Some of the last to go are Mr.
Tucker and family and Miss
Hurst, who left Tuesday morning
for Salem and Philomath, Ore.
Janet Beauty
Heppner Hotel ::
Heppner, Ore.
Today, is Memorial Day and
should be properly observed by
oar citizens.
Earl Murray and family are now
living on their ranch southeast of
lose, until after wheat haulinr.
Phil Doherty, very fine Irish
man, left lone last Saturday with
a string of four horses for Whit-
nay. Ore., is Baker county, where
hi will have charge of many
beep for ths next four months.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Troedson and
young son, Carl, left Monday for
Ritter Spring near Monument, to
be gone two weeks. Son Carl
will bathe in the waters of the
spring, fish, and renew the vigor
of his young manhood. Oh, joy!
If money will move his renter,
L. J. Padberg who was here from
Portland the first of the week
says he will move to his farm in
about a month.
The Morrow Gilliam League
seems to be suffering from poor their toe again.
patronage and it now looks as if
the season will be cut short, ss
Arlington had disbanded and lone
had to pay their expenses in or
der to get thtm to lone last week.
Heppner is behind with finances
ana Manager bhivelr has an
nounced that he was thru. Con
don has had very small crowds!
and have announced that unless;
lone should come to Condon;
ahead of schedule, thst they
would be unable to continue.
lone has been the only team to
draw a paying crowd at Condon.
With the exception of the last
time Arlington was here, we have
made some money, but the Hep
pner game which should have
been our best paying game, was
next to the lowest for the season
Dr. Clarke of the Clarke Stram
Optical Co., will be in lone on
Tuesday, June 3rd, all day and
evening at the lone Hotel, for the
purpose of testing the eyes and
making any adjustment of glasses.
If your eyes are giving you any
trouble, call on Dr. Clarke and
have him look your eyes over
while he is In the city. .
Dr. Clarke makes lone once a
month, which makes it very con
venient for those that are unable
to come into town to have their
eyes taken care of.
All Bids Too High
At a meeting of the school board
held Tuesday afternoon, all bids
opened were rejected as too dern
high. The bids ran as follows:
$o9,992; $46,270; $46.4 10; $47,915;
$43,240; $56,547; $47,038. The
bids as submitted seemed to run
along a certain channel and no
doubt several would have had a
juicy slice of the profit had any
one captured the prize. Instead
of submitting the the plans to
several architects, our illustrious
board secured the services of but
one at a high price, who drew a
nice colored picture of a school
which was to cost $40,000. He
no doubt just guessed it. And
the board has been harpooned to
the quick. They now intend to
appeal again to the taxpayers for
more money at this particular
hard period of the year will
they get it? To the average little
citizen, it looks like the Portland
bidders were trying to run over
a game on this school district on
a plan similiar to the Portland
bridge scandal. The school board
would do well this time to seek
legal advise before they stub
Swanson's Chop Mill Has
Fuller Paints, Oils, Glass, Screen
Doors and Windows.
Milk 8 Cents a Quart
Starting June 1st, milk will be
8 cents a quart.
Mrs. D. I. Matlock
We yet think it will rain.
begins at the surface
RACKS appear, joints open up,
boards warp. These are some of
the signs of surface trouble which
lead to other and more costly trou
bles, unless arrested by the use of
Your home and buildings might be in trouble
right now. It's a good time to find out Then
get in touch- with ui and let ui help you decide
what ii bent to do and how to do it. We have
Rasmuuen Painti and Varnishe in itock.
lone, Oreg'on
Barn and Roof Piint WallDur. Waahalli i '
Truck and Tractor Paint Wall Paint
Crcoaota Shingla Staia InauJa Floor Paint
Porch Floor Paint Oil Staina, Varniihaa
Racolita Enamel Floor and Varnith Staiaa
V There's a Rasmussen Product for Every Sat face
Sunday, June 1
and base ball can not be run
without the support of the pub
lic. Should the league disband
we could still have a game with
Condon on our grounds, as these
two teams always attract the fans.
Arlington owes Heppner a game
and will play same off May 30th,
which will likely be the end of
league ball for this year.
The Morrow-Gilliam League has ceased
to opeVate and Condon and lone will have
the final contest of the season at lone this
lone has beaten Condon two of three
games this year and Condon is coming
for revenge.
Come and see the game as this will be
the last time you will see Condon at lone
this year.
Special Dinner at lone Hotel
Came called at 2.30
Now is the time to insure your
crops against loss by fire. f0c a
$100. See Robinson & Smith.
"Hap" Wood was in Walla
Walla, Wn., last Friday and Sat.
urday on real estate business.