The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 16, 1924, Image 1

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    Vote For Coolidge Delegates And McNary And Sinnott. Vote For Helen Walker For County School Superintendent
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
. . , 4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
Buy Tin Cans ?
Coffee in fancy tins
cost you from 5c to 10c
per pound more than
bulk coffee.
Try my bulk roast
coffee. You can save
money every pound
is sold on guarantee
of satisfaction or your
money back.
Great Track Meet Saturday
The Track and Field Meet held
at lone May 9, between the three
schools, Arlington, Boardmanand
lone, resulted in a victory for
Arlington with lone second and
Koardman third. Arlington made
T4 points, lone 40 and Hoard man
27. Harold Burton of Arlington
was high point man with 15
points. High point man for lone
vu Nolan Page with 10 points.
Saturday. May 17, the Annual
Track and Field Meet of the Up
per Columbia Athletic League is
to be held at lone. This is the
last high school athletic event of
the year and will undoubtedly be
one of the best. Ihe Upper Lo-
lumbia Athletic League is made
1 up of the high schools of Sher
man, Gilliam, Wheeler and Mor
row counties and a large repre
sentation from most of the high
schools in the league is expected,
lone has some good track men and
should stand i good chance of
winning the meet. Whether they
do or not. it will be well worth
witching. The meet will begin
at 10:30 Saturday morning and
continue ill day.
Write in the name of
Mrs. Opal Clark
County School
On the Democratic Ballot
the Primary Election,
May 16, 1924. .
fnmlnn HnnAA ri-L-e nA Tliia '
Wheat City Boys Capture
The Game 7-3
lone has won but a single game
on Condon grounds in the past
three-seasons and have lout but
one game to them during that
period on the home grounds and
the jinks was surely on us Sun
day. lone men batted the ball thru-
out the game but could not bunch
hits in the time when hits meant
scores and but four lone batters
were fanned while eight Condon
boys threw down their bats. We
made 12 hits to 9 by Condon but
rolled up a total of 9 errors to
Condon's 4.
1st. Cochran first up for lone
walked; Eubanks hit a 3 bagger;
Dutch fanned and Drake add
Lewis hit slow bounders to Clow.
Hill up for Condon out 4 3;R Fit
fanned; Brown hit by pitcher and
scored on Drakes error on C. Fitz
fiy and Fitz scored on error at
tirston Ortman's grounder;Wheir
out 1-3.
2nd. Bristow flew outto9;Vic
and Roche singled; Thornton fan
ned; Cochran singled; Eubanks
flew to 8; three hits without a
score. Wilkins, Clow and Parrish
easy outs,
3rd. Dutch and Drake singled
and Lewia and Bristow each then
forced them out and Vic went out
13. Hill Fanned; R. Fitxonthru
error; Brown singled; C. Fitz out
4-3; Ortman fanned.
4th. Roche fanned; Thornton
out 1-3; Cochran and Eubanks
safe on errors; Dutch flew out to
6. Wheir singled and was forced
by Wilkins; Clow fanned; Parrish
out 4 3.
5th. Drake hit a 3 bagger and
Lewis and Bristow reached first
on errors and were thrown out;
Vicfiewto7. Then came the fatal
hitting streak, Hill singled; li.
Fitz on by error; Brown up and
hits a home run; C. Fitz singled;
Ortman singled; Wheir on by
error; Wilkins singled; ('low then
fanned Parrish out 1-3; Hill also
fanned. Five scores in and the
game lost. Condon made another
in the 6th when R, Fitz was safe
on an error and Brown made a 2
base hit.
lone had another chance in the
9th. Eubanks out 4 3; Lutch then
singled and was thrown out 3-4,
whe n Drake reached first and was
scored by Lewis' 3 base hit; Bris
tow flew out to Brown and ended
the game.
Thornton was pitching good
oau Dut u e errors wore coming
just when he should have had
support and our boys were bait
ing the ball right into 'Rome of
the fielders mits. Roche went
into the box with two men on
bases in the 5th and none out and
retired the side by striking out
t'low and King and causing Par
rish to pop to Dutch and but one
hit was made off him.
Condon comes to lone June 15
and we are going to try to repeat
the dose that we have handed to
them twice on lone diamond this
Arlington had reported them
selves out of the league and did
not report at Heppner last Sun
day, but have secured a new lease
on life and promise to come on
lone with double geared bats on
next Sunday and try to get re
venge for the two games lost to
us. Arlington has given us the
hardest game that we have gone
up agair.nt during th season and
this should he another real name.
Notice To Water Patrons j
The Common Council of the j
City of lone, has instructed me I
tonotity all water patrons, That'
On Monday, Tuesday and Wed .
nesday, the 19th. 20th and 2lst'
days of May, 1924, there will be i
no water for irrigation purposes,
on account ot repair work on the
uump. . F. H. Robinson,
City Recorder.
Ever since he has been in this
country, practically his lifetime,
he has never Sren it so dry as it
is now, said John Cochran Mon
day. Some wheat fields are gont ;
'others must have rain no jv ann
some will make a fair yield. It s
really distressing, as the firmer
needs all that the Almighty can
bestow upon him at this vefy
moment. Let us hope.
United States Senator
To The Republican Vttcrs j
Of Morrow County
; Mr. A. R. Shumway of Milton, !
Oregon, is a candidate tor tliej
joint, representative ot Morrow !
and Umatilla counties to the state I
Legislature, subject to the wishes j
of the Republican voters at the
primaries, May loth.
I have known Mr. Shumway
for the past 20 years; have been
intimately associated with him
for the past several years. He is
a man of sterling qualities.knows
the needs of the farmers, Doing a
farmer himself, and will, in my
opinion, represent our county in
a manner -highly satisfactory to
the agricultural interests of Mor
row and Umatilla counties.
I am appealing to my friends
and all of those interested in see
ing Morrow county well repre
sented at the State Legislature to
cast their vote for Mr. Shumway
May 16th.
Howard W. Anderson.
H. M. Oldkn,
C. J. Andkrson.
Swanson's Chop Mill Has
Baby scratch feed, chick mas!
grit, oyster shell, charcoal, poult
ry pepper, poultry regulator, etc.
Chas. I. McNary
Republican for Renomination
During his seven years in the Senate he has secured
$31,020,269 for Oregon Development
$ 9,255,762 for Rivers and Harbors
$ 9,0S0,0()0 for Reclamation and Power
$11,138,107 for Public Roads
$ 507,900 for Agriculture
$ 310,500 for Forest Protection
This js more than has been secured by any other Western
Senator in the same period.
His powerful committee assignments and his p-estige in the
Senate equips him to accomplish even greater things for the
continued development of Oregon's Resources and Industries.
It would take years for a new man to attain his present position
of prominence and influence. " - . -
His slogan: "For Oregon; Its People and Their Welfare."
After being in the asylum at 1
Pendleton since Jan. 21, Miss
Nora Ellis who shot and kil ed ;
(iordon ex sweetheart,
fromthe upstairs window of her
home, while he was driving by,
was released as cured from the
institution last Saturday, she
will rpmde with n sitter in IHuhu !
Resident of Morrow County Six ; rmn.
i Years; Normal Graduate; Ad-1 Unless you secure a permit to
vanced work at University of Or- use water for irrigation, your
e2on. and Six Years Experience as water will be shut off. besides .m
Vote for Sinnott, a good man.
in the Heppner Public
are lubject to a fine, this is the J
last notice.
John R. Ouinn. National Cnm-
Your Aid Will Be Appreciated : mander of the American Legion,
pj .j ' is to attend the Stale Lop ion Con-
'vention at Portland, June ll to
The Dorcas Society of the Con- i rfL;Kion n from lone may
ar.aaiinni.1 rhnh iti .,. I Pr,f't fr"m ar attendant at this
Republican Candidate for Re-election to Congress
Why throw away 11 years of constructive work by
a man of ability to produce results for his district
SINNOTT is a member of the House Steering Committee, an honor achieved only
by men of high standing and long service in Washington. Means much
to Oregon.
SINNOTT is chairman of the Public Lands Committee. Oregon's welfare, In a
large way, is in its public lands.
SINNOTT is a ranking member of the Irrigation committee. Eastern Oregon
needs irrigation tor development.
light refreshments at the school
house all day Saturday, May 1,
on occasion of the Track Meet.
Hot coffee and sandwiches are to
be served at noon and ice cream
nd lemonade on tap all day.
Passage of the Sherman County Relief
$7,500,000 for A'aiional Park roads
$150,000 to combat Pine Tree Beetle
$900,000 for Baker Irrigation Project
$300,000 for Crater Lake Park roads
$4,000,000 for Oregon Reclamation
S50.00U for Umatilla Rapids Project
$10,000,000 concessions to the irreducible
school fund of Oregon
$10,000,000 concessions to land grant count
ies or Oregon
The public press of Eastern Oregon and " Portland has repeatedly praised Nick
Sinuott for his untiring, constructive work. t Why change now to try a new and in
experienced representative?
Read your Voter's Pamphlet, Then go to the polls Friday, May 16, and do something
for the man who has done something for you.
Paid adv. by SiNN'OTT kob Co.N;kkhS C'LUlt, Ben F. Litfin, secretary, The Dalles, Ore.
Passage of Mineral Leasing Act, with $12,
000,000 for reclamation
Inclusion of West Intension of the Umatilla
Project in reclamation program
Opening of Wasco county timber resources
for development
Action on McNary llaiigen bill in house of
Appropriations for construction of McKay
dam, Umatilla Project
A good delegation of lone fans,
witnessed the ball game at Con-'
don last Sunday. I
Wheat shown by Karl Murrav
is 30 inches in height and will
mitlfe trriml lie has XI If) HIT 'S of
Vote NO on the school unit thi Highbred variety,
measure. Taxes are high enough.
Klmer Griffith ami family fish
ed several days this week on the
Dtschutes river.
j Arlington plays here next Sun
day. It's goinif to be a hot game.
VV. Ritchie is sporting
around now with a new tudoor
Ford Sedan purchased last Satur
day. Some class.
Oregon's friend -McNary.