The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, May 09, 1924, Image 1

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    Vote For Coolidge Delegates And McNary And Sinnott. Vote For Helen Walker For County School Superintendent
3&ut Mntntwifatm
Bank of lone
' S55.O0O.OO
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
Buy Tin Cans?
Coffee in fancy tins
cost you from 5c to 10c
per pound mote than
bulk coffee.
mv bulk
coffee. You can save
money every pound
is sold on guarantee
of satisfaction or your
money back.
Preliminary Track and Field
Meet at lone Friday, May 9th
Schools entered in contest at
this 2nd annual meet of the upper
Columbia League are: Arlington,
Boardman and lone: Orderof the
events are: 100 yard dash mile
run 220 yard low hurdles shot
put 2.'0 yard dash discus throw
440 yard dash 120 yard high
hurdles running broad jump
javelin throw-half mile run
pole vault-running high jump-relay.
Weather Report
The weather report of R. E. .
Harbison, Observer for Morrow
county at Morgan, for the month
of April, state the total precipi
tation of rain was 0.17; days clear
17; partly cloudy 10; cloudy 3;
killing frost 13, 14. 15, 24. 25. 26;
wind W; total rainfall since Sept.
1. 19.'3, 4.84 inches.
Frank Engelman was in Port
land this week on business. Some
few years ago an lone fellow had
his fortune told by a gvpsie who
blew into his pocketbook. When
he received it back, some $10 was
Vote for Helen Walker.
Unconscious for Four Years
Death has come to Mrs. Evelyn
Sample, of Corey. Pa., aged 78
years, after she had lain uncon
scious for almost four years. She
was struck by a street car August
5, 1920, and never regained con
sciousness. During the entire
period she received liquid nourish
ment thru the nostrils. Death
was attributed to hemorrhage of
the brain.
The old lady has nothing over
several individuals in lone. They
have been unconscious so long
that its noticeable, but they will
not die of brain hemorrhage no
How Many Laps?
lone Shuts Arlington Out
The lone Mule Skinners went
to Arlington Sunday and admin
istered a shut out to the river
team, while they crossed the plate
for 5 scores. The Arlington dia
mond is a nice camp ground, but
a sorry excuse for a bull park and
owing to the fact that the foul
lines were not properly staked
and lined out, the umpire was
badly handicapped and two Ar
lington batters were called Bufe
at fi rat base on what were really
foul hits, but we hold no grudge
at his umps, for he did a good
job and was fair in his decisions.
Thornton was the whole show,
or was it his "lady luck?" He
promised to have a helper on the
side lines to whom he must make
a showing and he certainly made
good as he held Arlington to four
singles and struck out 12 batters
and to make things safe, on his
first trip to the plate he lined out
a hit which cleared the goal posts
at the park entrance and went so
far that he was across home plate
before the ball had been stopped
on its trip to Alkali canyon. He
nas promised to nave the same
ady on the line ac Condon next
Sunday, so things look pretty bad
for London.
The game, 1st inning: Coch
ran out 4-6, bubanks out 53,
Dutch flew out to 5; Carroll out
6 3; HuBted out 4-3; Drake muff
ed fly from E. Ashenfelter; Le-
Mear out 4 3.
2nd inning. Drake singled;
Lewis forced him at second; Bris
tow forced Lewis at second; Vic
forced Bristow at second; Ander
son flew to third; D. Ashenfelter
1 3; Mefford walked; Montague
grounded to third.
3rd inning. Roche out 4-3 and
Thornton made home run; Coch
ran out to 3; Eubanks singled;
Dutch singled and Eubanks was
thrown out 8-5; Bowers out to
Dutch: Carroll out to Vic: HuBted
out to Vic.
4th inning. Drake struck out;
Lewis reached first when cather
missed third strike; Bristow sac
rificed; Dutch out to pitcher; E.
Ashenfelter reached first on fly
on rockf on foul line; LeMear and
Anderson struck out; D. Ashf
flew to Eubanks.
5th inning. Koche flew to short,
Thornton singled and forced out
by Cochran; Eubanks got first on
error at short; Dutch struck nut;
Mefford out by error 6;Montague
singled; Bowers struck out and
Carroll out 2 3; Husted struck out.
6th inning. Drake fanned and
Lewis walked; Bristow singled
and was forced out by Vic;ltoche
out 1 3. E. Ashf fanned, LeMear
fanned; Anderson singled and 1).
Ashf fanned.
7th inning. Thornton flew out
to pitcher; Cochran safe on error
to first; Eubanks out 1 3: Dutch
safe on error at left field; Drake
out 1-3. Mefford fiew out to 7;
Montague and Bowers fanned
8th inning. Lewis on by error
at first; Bristow on by error at
third; Vic on by error at second
Roche knocked one so far over
the camp ground that it took
relay string of three men to chaue
it down and return it to the dia
mond, and by that time Roche
had single footed it to 3rd bane
and three scores had crossed.
Thornton singled; Cochran on hy
error at first; Eubanks out 6 3.
Carroll fanned; Husted on by
error on foul line; E. Ashf single;
LeMear flew out to 8 and Ander
son out 4 3.
9th inning. Dutch singled and
forced by Drake ut second; Lewis
out 1-3 and Bristom on hy error
at first with Vick out to 2 3. D.
Ashf singled and Beeson fanned;
Montague single and Bowers fan
ned and Carroll flew to pitcher.
Struck out by Thornton 12; by
Bowers 3.
t runs
: lone ....
Piano Recital at lone
Mrs. Bruce Grady of Lexing
ton, will present Miss Helen Bal-
siger in a piano recital at the
Congregational church of lone,
Friday evening, May G, at eight
o'clock. She will be assisted hv
Mrs. Margaret Bullard. The pub-'
he is cordially invited to attend
the following program:
1. Valse Caprice Newland.
2. Humoreske Dvorak.
3. Valse Arabesque -Lack.
4. Norma-Ley bach.
5. Vocal Solo "Dost thou know
that sweet land."
6. Abide with me Smith.
7. The Storm Kunkel.
8. Duet Invitation to the dance !
9. Spring Song - Mendelssohn.
10. Marche de Concert Wcllen
baupt. To The Republics. Voters
Of Morrow County
Mr. A. R. Shumway of Milton.
Oregon, is a candidate for the
joint representative of Morrow
and Umatilla counties to the state
Legislature, subject to the wishes
of the Republican voters at the
primaries, May loth.
I have known Mr. Shumway
for the past 20 years; have been
intimately associated with him
for the past several years. He is
a man of sterling qualities, knows
the needs of th& farmers, being a
farmer hiniBelf4and will, in my
opinion, represHitt cur county in
a manner highly ('satisfactory to.
the agricultural interests of Mor
row and Umatilla c-nuolies.
1 am appeal.vto mv friends
and all of those interested in see
ing Morrow county well repre
sented at the State Legislature to
cast their vote for Mr. Shumway
May 16th. ...
Howard W. Anderson.
C. J. Andkrson.
' E. R. Lundeix."
Swanson's Chop Mill Has
Baby scratch feed, chick mash,
grit, oyster shell, charcoal, poult
ry pepper, poultry regulator, etc.
United States Senator
wmctwuiii iii mm
Chas. L. McNary
Republican for Renomination
WHAT he has done
During his seven years in the Senate he has secured
$31,020,209 for Oregon Development
$ 9,255,762 for Rivers and Harbors
$ 9,080,000 for Reclamation and Power
$11,138,107 for Public Roads
$ 507,900 for Agriculture
$ 310,500 for Forest Protection
This is more than has been secured by any other Western
Senator in the same period. .
His powerful committee assignments and his prestige in the
Senate equips him to accomplish even greater things for the
continued development of Oregon's Resources and Industries.
U would take years for a new man to attain his present position
' of promTnertfeifdlhfluericeV''
His slogan: "For Oregon; Its People and Their Welfare."
A maid entered a suburban
And firmly grasped a strap,
And every time they hit a hole
She sat in a different lap.
The holes grew deeper, the jerk
ing wors
Till at last she gasped with a smile
"Will someone kindly tell me,
How many laps to a mile?"
Mrs. Bert Mason and Walt S.
Smith are on the Morrow county
grand jury which meets Monday,
000. 011.002
001, WW. 130
The school board has appointed
Principal Tucker for another
school term. Prof. Brown will
also remain, and we learn that
the other six teachers are to hike
to other localities for a job with
more pay. No contracts have as
yet been let for construction of
the new school house.
N. J. S I N N 0 T T
Republican Candidate for Re-election to Congress
Why throw away 11 years of constructive work by
a man of ability to produce results for his district
SINNOTT is a member of the House Steering Committee, an honor achieved only
by men of high standing and long service in Washington. Means much
to Oregon.
SINNOTT is chairman of the Public Lands Committee. Oregon's welfare, in a
large way, is in its public lands.
SINNOTT is a ranking member of the Irrigation committee. Eastern Oregon
needs irrigation for development.
Passage of the Sherman County Relief
$7,500,000 for National Park roads
$150,000 to combat Pine Tree Beetle
. Oregon
$900,000 for Baker Irrigation Project
$300,000 for Crater Lake Park roads
$4,000,000 for Oregon Reclamation
$50,000 for Umatilla Rapids Project
$10,000,000 concessions to the irreducible
school fund of Oregon
$10,WW,0W) concessions to land grant count
ies or Oregon
Passage of Mineral Leasing Act, with $12,
000,000 for reclamation
Inclusion of West Extension of the Umatilla
Project in reclamation program
Opining of Wasco county limber resources
for development
Action on McNary Haugcn hill in house of
Appropriations for construction of McKay
dam, Umatilla Project
Portland has repeatedly praised Nick
Why change now to try a new and in-
The public press of Eastern Oregon and
Sinuott for his untiring, constructive work.
experienced representative?
Read your Voter's Pamphlet. Then go to the polls Friday, May 16, and do something
for the man who has done something for you.
Paid adv. by SiNNOTT for Congress Cluii, Ben F. Litfin, secretary, The Dalles, Ore.
E. J. Bristow, E. R. Lundell
and Judge Robinson fished for
several days this week on the
Deschutes river near tunnel 4,
The Washington Wheat Grow
ers' Asso., have suspended oper
ations for 192 1 and its members
may market their 1921 crop thru
the Oregon Grain Growers' Asso.
Bluestem wheat sold at 88k in
lone this week.
H. J. Biddlewasin Eugene and
Sheridsn this week. Ike Howard
managed the garage.
Mrs. Frank Engleman visit,
pd her daughter in Portland on
Lee Padherg shipped out sin
car loads of wheat this week.