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    Oh, Boy! It's A Hot Game Sunday-Boardman VS lone On Local Field-Game Starts At 2:30 Sharp-Be There
It -Vk.
4 lHrinriiirt
Bank of lone .
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
: Buy On Credit?
am in the merchandising game to
make money, but can't do so selling
on credit. I want your cash business
and am pleased to have a chance to
show goods and quote prices.
If yoa want to buy in large quantities
make up your list and I will quote
prices and compare goods with any
I Quantity, Quality and Service
lone 3, Condon 2
lone base ball team takes open
er from Condon in a close game
that was featured with many
plays that would look well in a
late season game. A large crowd
from Heppner, Lexington and the
country were in attendance and
were treated to a good afternoon
sport. The game was played in
the usual friendly contest that is
always shown between Condon
and lone and the umpireing of
VanMarter and Blake was ap
proved by the fans.
While Roche was obliged to
pitch the game with a lame arm,
he showed his old time skill by
striking out 11 Condon batters,
getting 3 strike-outs against "the
Arlington wan horse, big Bill
Josephson." Clow of Condon was
not so fortunate, having but 5
strike-outs. lone batters pound
ed the ball with ease but met
strong opposition in Condon field
ders, Roche and Lewis each mak
ing long drives, only to be caught
out by exceptional fielding
Boardman comes to lone next
Sunday and think they can repeat
the trick they played at Board
man last year. We have the best
balanced team that lone has ever
put out and with the reserve
players on hand, will be able to
entertain the fans with some real
A move is now underway to
form a four team league with
Condon, Heppner, Boardman and
lone. The matter is now up to
Heppner and if they can put out
a team, the league will open Sun
day with Boardman at lone and
Heppner at Condon.
tion is to arrange a schedule so
that lone will not play at home
on a date when Heppner has a
game and for Heppner to play
at Condon or Boardman when
lone plays at home.
Come out and help lone
the pennant.
Morrow County Taxpayers Should
Fight School Unit System
For your consideration we re
print the following from the Echo
paper, whose community are op
posed to the measure in Umatilla
Morgan Institutes Rebekah Lodge
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Masonic Building
Trained Nurse Assistant
Heppner : Oregon
Attorneys At Law
First National Bank Building
Heppner - Oregon
On Your Farm
Free of Charge
Our demonstration car goes
everywhere within forty miles
A delegation of 33 people went
down to Morgan from lone Mon
day night, March 31, the occasion
being theinstitutingof a Rebekah
Lodge at Morgan. Mrs. Etta
Bristow was the appointed insti
tuting officer with sisters Mary
Swanson, Lena Lundell and Ver
da Ritchie assisting.
The new lodge will be hailed
as Sapphire Rebekah Lodge No.
163. The following officers were
N. G. Lilly Morgan.
V. G. Lucy Harbison.
Sec Alta Troedson.
Treas. Este Bauernflend.
Warden-Mrs. H. C. Witzel.
Con. -Augusta Lindstrom.
R. S. N. G.-B. F. Morgan.
L. S. N. G.-Alfred Troedson.
R, S. V. G. Echo Palmateer.
L. S. V. G.-Nettie Morgan.
I. G. Melissa Hargott.
0. G. Martin Bauernfiend.
After this, the lone Rebekah
That the county unit school nieas-
uro la not acceptable to the voters of
tills community whs evident Tuesday
evening when, ul'V'r hearing an ex
planation or the measure given by 11.
B. Kicharda, the taxpayers and cit
izens who attended the mass meeting
voted unnnimoualy to adopt resolu
tions setting tortli their opposition
to the proposed plan. The city hull
was well filled with citizens of Koho
and the adjoining districts, and a del
egation enme from Hermlslon to heur
the speaking.
13. H. Rlehard3, of Athenn, opened
the meeting with an address explain
ing the features of the county unit
meusure and how Its application to
Umatilla county would affect (ho
schools nnd school patrons. He
stressed the point that the proposed
law would mean a gift to the county
at large of all school property, and
in addition to this It would mean n
grant of all authority and control of
theschool to one man. He demon
strated that the proposed board of
five directors could nut possibly
function to supervise the schools of
this whole county, and the result
would be that the county superinten
dent would control the educational
The claim made by Mr. Green that
he could conduct the school system
under the unit plan at a saving to
taxpayers was disputed by the speak
er, who showed conclusively that the
proposed plan would necessitate
greatly Increased expenditures. Mr.
Richards Insisted that the county
unit plan U unfair and unAmerlcan
In that It makes it possible to take
from the pooplonll their school prop
erty and control of srhools ngatiiHt
their wishes, and to place the educa
tional system under absolute control
of one man, from whose decisions,
no matter how arbitrary or unjust,
there is nd appeal.
A few remarks were made by J. T.
Lieunllen on the methods used In
getting signature? to the petition for
putting the measures on the ballot. A
check of the signers showed that a
majority of them pay no taxes In the
county, and that more than half of
The inten- sinner llvo In Milton, a city thut
will not ue anecyu oy me proposed
After the speaking u resolution
expressing opposition to the county
unit was presented and adopted, re
ceiving the vote of every one In the
hall. Following Is the resolution:
He It Uesolved by the citizen and
taxpayers ot School District No. 5, at
Echo, I'nintilla County. Oregon. In
mass meeting assembled this Iftth
dav of March. 11124:
That we arn opposed to the coun'y
unit plan of supervision and admin
istration or our school for tln fol
lowing reasons:
That it takes the power to govern
our schools out of the hands of the
people and place It in the hand.-i of
ope man who can not know the local
needs, and who way favor on" dis
trict to the disadvantage of another.
That the judgement of three rep
res "ntutlve men of the community us
are now found on our school hoards.
Is bettz-r, even In educational mat
ters, than that of a brainier who l
not familiar with conditions: and
therefore the nnthorltv of the local
school boards should be maintained.
That It will Increase taxes unless
wholesale consolidations are made,
and that such consolidations without
the consent of those concerned Is un
just. That when peopln have nothing to
say about how their tax monev Is
spent they lose Interest In the thing'
for which It Is spent, and that a lack
of co-operation between parent and
school will prevail.
And, most of all, I tls unfair, un
just and undemocratic, for districts
of the first class to h'ive to vote on
this measure, when they are not af
fected by the law that does nfferl till
second and third clasj districts.
Kchil News,
lone Takes First Came
" ' Mpnitnof intl umII rfiira st i
Oeaninfi Dyeing; '"v' 'MU
Pressing Repairing ana your neighbors a line
Heppner, Ore. evening's entertainment.
All Leading Makes
Everything Electrical
Phone 472
When You Visit Heppner
Eat at the
Elkhorn Restaurant
Good Meals Best of Service
Lunch Counter
Attend the baseball game this
Saturday and watch our school
boys beat the Heppner bunch.
The Hiirh school biseball team
easily defeated the Condon team
on the local diamond last Satur
team conferred the degrees to 8jday by a score of 9 to 2. Our
candidates and after lode was boys out-played the Condon boys
dismissed, all wended their way j jn every way and atnotimewer
down stairs where the tables j they in danger of defeat as the
were gorgeously loaded with finegCore shows. The lone biys have
sandwiches and cake and every- ja hard line uo of earner to play,
body seemed to do their duty i but are confident that they can
when they got their feet undersold their own with any of the
the tables and all enjoyed the jopposing teams,
banquet. One of the nice cakes; -
disappeared before supper time A new variety of sunflower,
and no one seemed to want to called the Early Japanese, has
plead guilty, but we think if the j been grown in Wallowa county
truth were known, that one J. E. i the past threeTears very success-
Swanson and H. C. Witzel could j fully. It is said to be much earl-
Is Five Cents on the
Dollar of Valuation
Too Much to Earn?
If a business worth $10,U0 earn, d $500 net Income in a
year (or J41 n month), would It be considered nn unreason
able profit and proof that Its prices wen too high?
The railroads are In thut situation today.
Tim 1 S23 net return for the whole country was less than
5 pel' cent. As of December 31, IUIO, the Interstate Com.
iiU'irn Commission gave to the railroads a tentative valuation
of $M,tlon,t)00,00D. ..With actual rigurcs for 1920, 1021. 11121!,
and with 11) conscrVativcly estimated as Ifil.lOO.OOO.OOl),
there has been Invested in the railways since tills tentative
valuation a net amount of $2,:!7t,rM:l,000, looking the value
as of December ill, M!M, $'.! 1 ,27 1 .IWitt.nnn. (hi this amount
the Hallways in lt)2:l earned an aggregate net operating in
come of approximate!' $!)!)7,(1 1 0,001), or -MID per rent.
The (lovernment guarantee of earnings expired Augtiat fl,
l!)20. If this guarunteu had been continued us repeatedly
but erroneously cl.ilnied the Government would owe the rail
roads more than a billion dollars.
I.nst year the roads bundled a record volume of business
hut could not earn the fair return of 0 per cent to which the
lntciHtat0 Coinmerce CotiimlsMion, under the Trnnspuratlon
Act. has found lliey are entitled. If the roads cannoi earn 5
per cent in a big year, what will tiny do In a small year'.' ....
The Transportation Act provide that If a road In ir.iy year
earns mope th in 6 per cent It shall pay one-half of the excess
to the (iovernmf'iit. The Act Is, therefore a limitation ritlher
than a guarantee.
Give Transportion Act Fair Trial
- Tin Transportation Act should be given a fair test and Its
ineiltN Judged by the leHiilts of a noi nial period of reason
able length. The year 1 1)211 was the Hist since tlui wn.' under
conditions approaching stabilization.
What the railroad situation demands Just now Is no', more
law but more confidence. The railroads have emerged from
the. welter of the war, restored their morale, made enormous
Investments of new money, mid In 1 !12U handled a peal: busi
ness wiih universal latisfiictlon.
The Transportation Ami is the only really constructive rail
road legislation of a generation. I'reviol s aeitt were itlmoHt
solely repressive. In framing the Act the public intereit waH
paramount. The Act direct the Inlersl 'te Commerce Coai
tnlsHlon to "gheduc consideration to the transportation needs
of the country and the necessity of enlar ;lng railway faclllllet
. In oilier In provide the people of the I nlleil Males with ade
quate transportation."
(live the Act n chalice. Dcn't amend It. If the roads are
let alone they should nialie avi good u record for efficiency
this year as last.
Constructive suggestions are always welcome.
Oiouhn, Nebraska
February 1, 11)24.
Union Pacific System
tell us something about it if they
Our best wishes go to the new
lodge at Morgan and we hope it
will grow and proBper and be a
shining light in our little neigh
boring city.
One who wu there.
ier and easier to harvest than the
old type. A small shipment of
this seed has been received by
county agent Morse and anyone
wishing to try out this variety
can obtain a small amount by
calling at the county agent's of
fice at Heppner.
E-ye Specialist
Dr. Clarke of the Clarke Strain
Optical Co., Portland, will be in
lone at the lone Hotel parlor,
from 2:00 p. m., Tuesday, April
8th for the aftrnoon and even
ing, doing optical work. Dr.
Clarke makes monthly trip3 to
lone. Tho Clarke Strain Optical
Co. are one of the oldest and best
known optical firms in Portland.
Weather Report
The weathi.'r report of It. E.
Harbison, Observer for Morrow
county at Morgan, for the month
of March, state the total p-ecipi
tation of rain was 0.48; snowfall
trace inches; days clear 7; cloudy
10; partly cloudy 14; killing front
17, 21. 2'J; bail 20, 28; wind W.
Total rainfall since Sept- 1, 102:5,
1.67 inches.
The Christian Endeavor socie
ties held a convention last Satur
day night at the Christian church.
cafeteria supper was served ut
(5:30 in the basement to the dele
gates anc members of the society
and immediately alter supper all
assembled in the auditorium of
the church where instructive and
entertaining talks were given by
the delegates of Union 17. Special
music was rendered by Misses
Helen Balsiger and Gladys Lun
dell which was much enjoyed by
A real revival meeting begins
at the Christian church on April
13th, with Paul De F, Mortimore
- Curfew Ordinance Passed
It was a quiet but business like
meeting of the city fathers Tujh
dtiy night. The curfew ordinance
and ordinance regarding vacate
ing part of street for school pur
poses were passed. I!y unani
mous consent of the council, P.
J. Linn was appointed temporary
marHhal during the illness of Mr.
Franks. He was instructed by
t'otiucilman i!rysm to Ik) diligent
in his tiuliej regarding the stray
cows, the pesky roaming chick
ens and to clean up toe city park.
It was also ordrrel that the
week of May ft.h, Im designated
as Paint Up and Clean Up weelt
and the Mayor will issue his
proclamation before said date.
I ieppner Fans Hungry For Sport
It was interesting to note the
wonder anil admiration of those
Heppner people Sunday as they
watched tho lone ball players on
the field. It was a hungry taste
for the sport that appealed to
their finer senses ami we of the
tender heart, sympathized witlt
them, knowing the anguish they
suffer in that their own villaxe
can not muster together a team
they could call their own. Oh,
well! they have the court house.
Having lived in Oregon for the
past 70 yean! or thereabouts and
never having had the opportuni
ty. to witness a smelt run, Walt
Smith drove to the Sandy river
near Portland Tuesday to gaze
and gawk at the scene.
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