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Brief Resurre Most Important
Daily News Items.
Events of Noted People, Government!
and PaclDc Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
Dr. Maurice Francis Egan, ex-mlnis-
tur to Denmark, diod at bis home iu
Urooklyn late Monday.
The democratic national convention
will ho hold at New York cily begin
ning Tuesday, Juno 24, following the
republican, convention at Cleveland
Juno 10.
Discovery of a Berum for scarlet
fever was announced Tuesday nlKht
by Dr. A. It. Doches, assistant profes
sor of medlcino at tho College of
l'liyslciuns and Surgeons, Columbia
Permission to build 32 miles of rail
road from Crano to Hums In tho Ore
gen timber sect Ion was granted the
Oregon-Washington Kailroad & Navi
gation company Tuesday by tho intcr
slalo eommcreo commission.
Tho new soldiers' bonus measure
was introduced in tho senato Monday
by Senator Copeland, democrat. New
York, who proposed to pay $1.25 for
each day of nctivo service. Do esti
mated tho entire cost ut about $1,500,
000,000. Albert H. Fall, former secretary of
tho Interior, who was tho center of an
attack over tho leasing of tho Teapot
liomo nuval oil resorvo in tho senate
Tuesday by Senator Caraway of Ark
ansas, Is III at a New Orleans hotel
and unable to receive visitors.
Judgo Jacob Trieber Tuoaduy In
slruetod a Jury In United Slates dis
trict court In Jonesboro, Ark., to re
turn a verdict of not guilty In tho case
of Dr. Mary K. Lecocq, practitioner of
tho Abrams method of dlugnosls, who
had been charged with using tho mnils
to defraud.
Hamsuy MacDonald, English parlia
mentary labor leader nnd probably
tho next prime minister, In n remark
able speech In tho liouso of commons
Tuesday declared for n foreign policy
that will restore the influence of Croat
llrllnln in Europe in favor of peace
and order.
A word chosen from moro than 25,
000 suggestions as the one best calm
latcd to "slab and awake the con
aclenco of (ho lawless drinker," was
announced In lloxlon by Poloovarc
King of (Jtflncy, who ofrered n prize
of yzUO for tho most suitable epithet.
Thu wonl Is "icoftlnw." ,
Congress, faced wllh tho task of
evolving a method of aiding the farm
er, received Tuesday anolber proposal
lo add to tho list already In hand
when the McNary llaugeti bill, pro
posing a 5aO,()oo,0(H) federal agricul
tural export corporation, was Intro
duced In tho senate and house.
The 12,000 workers In district No.
2t In Nova Scotia of lbs I' tilted Mine
Workers of America walked out Tu.s
day. Nino thousand of them iult lav
cause of the failure of wage negotla
lions, followed by the ISrillsli Kmpiro
Steel corporation's 20 per cent cut In
tho scale uud 3000 others BlruA In
Drastic measures to meet the flnan
clal crisis caused by the abrupt plunge
of tho franc were taken by the cabinet
Tuesday - tho most inoiiientoiit meas
lire affecting Internal affairs decided
upon by thu rolncare goventnteiii
since It assumed power. The slips
announced were: A 20 per cent In
crease In ull Iho French tux rolls, of
fecllvo Immediately.
Four year of national prohibition
have brought happiness Into thou
sands of American homes, helped
solo unemployment problems, In
creased consumption of homemade
products, lengthened terms of cdtiea
lion and cleaned up "Main street."
Prohibition Commissioner llaynes de
clared Tuesday lilht on Ihfl m of
tho fourth unulwrsary of constitu
tional prohibition.
Tho American Legion executive
committee after setting September 15
to 19, Inclusive, at tho dates for the
1 PC 1 national convention to bo held in
St. Paul, Wednesday started nn ag
grcsslvo campaign In support of ad
Justed compensation for world war
veterans and went on record op
posed to tho substitution of ordinary
headstones for the crosses that stand
at the head of thu grave of every
American soldier In European ceme
teries. Tho executive meeting dosed
Wednesday nlfcht.
New Government First in History of
Country Asquith Supports,
London. The conservative govern
ment, headed by Stanley Baldwin, met
defeat in the house of commons Mon
day night and for the first time in the
history of England a labor government
will probably take office.
Tho labor amendment to the ad
dress In reply to the speech from the
throne introduced in the house by
John Robert Clynos, deputy leader of
the parliamentary labor, on January
17, was adopted by a vote of 328 to
200, J. Ramsay MacDonald, tho labor
leader, himself moving closure, which
was agreed to.
The amendment reads:
"lie it our duty respectfully to Bub
mit to your majesty that your ma
jesty's present advisors have not the
confidence of the house."
The labor party had tho support of
Herbert II. Asquith, former premier
nnd leader of tho united liberals.
Premier Muldwln will present his
resignation to the king nnd the king
will summon J. Ramsay MacDonald to
form a new government.
For a primo minister about to Buffer
extinction Mr. Baldwin was in excel
lent vein. Remarking that labor was
about to bo put into office by the
votes of a progressive party, which
elicited liberal cheers, ho created
roars of laughter by turning tho tables
"Yes, hut progress Is not necessarily
forward," nnd then quoted figures
showing tho gradual diminution of
strength of the liberals in the com
mons from 370 In 1900 to 115 in 1922,
"And you only got bigger numbors
at tho last elections by appealing to
the voters to keep tho socialist party
Mr. Baldwin, in his speech, took tho
solo blame for tho protectionist policy,
which ho believed would solve tho un
employment problem. Ho paid his
respects to ex Premier Asquith, lender
of tho united llberuls, who had turnud
tho support of that purty to tho labor
Itos, by comparing Mr. Asquith with
"an obstetrician about to bring a child
into the world wllh tho intention to
smother it should It fall to meet his
expectations," and declared: "I think
Infant li-lilo is worso than suicide."
Ills government, ho snld, had been
accused of committing suicide, but, he
exclaimed, "there are worso crimes
than suicide!"
The primo minister predicted that
tho future lay between tho conserva
tives and the labor parly, and to ring
ing ministerial cheers ho added:
"Do wo look like a beaten party?
we lire ready to lako up tho challenge
from nny parly whensoever nnd by
whomsoever It Is thrown down."
In his general remarks about labor's
policy Mr. MacDonald declared thai
smliillsm had no hard and favored
doctrines. Tho man or nation that
found un easy way to lay hands on
capiUil for any purpose except specific
economic purposes, In his belief, was
going Into bankruptcy.
China's Downfall Laid to Man Jongg.
Chicago, 111. Mall Jongg is respon
sible for the present corruption in
China, the Iiev. (ieorgo Stens, a mis
sionary In China for 30 years, declared
Sunday at SI. Mary's mission house al
Teebny, III., where ho Is studying
American educational methods.
"Tho bandits who rob at night in
China gamble at mah Jongg by day."
ho mild, "tiovernment officials sit
through (he night playing with off i
cers, employes and underlings In of
fice. They lose in the end. Their
regular duties are neglected, and when
It comes to paying their losses they
resort to all kinds of rascality.
"hi China thorn Is a saying that the
victim of the habit can no longer be
trusted. I know men and women In
China who have lost their entire pos
sessions playing this game. There are
few lames so contagious and 1 am
sorry to see it getting mull a hold ill
Train Service Crippled.
London. Although thu strike In
am urated nl midnight Sunday night
by tin' member of the Associated So
cieties of Locomotive Engineers and
Firemen has failed thus far to tie up
the country's rail communication.!
enormous Inconvenience has been
caused to all classes throughout the
country. In London the situation was
aggravated In the afternoon and night j
by a steady downpour of rain. It Is '
difficult at present to ascertain to:
what extent the strike Is affecting the
general train services.
War DUred on "Fgt."
Sab in, Or.-l.otal police announced
Monday I hut nil aggressive campaign
iviill be launched here to enforce the
law prohibiten the ! of cigarettes
to minors. It was said thut this law
i has been violated by many tobacco
dealers In Salem, with tho result that
'numerous complaints have been filed
Ith the police department. Tho local
courts, It Is said, have promised to civ
operate wllh the police In enforcement
of the cigarette law.
Federals Allowed to Go Through
Two States.
Commander and 1500 Men Expect to
Re-enter Own Country by Way
of EL Paso, Texas.
Naco, Ariz. While hundreds o citi
zens of Mexico and the United States
looked on Sunday afternoon, Mexican
federal troops crossed the internation
al boundary at this little town, en
trained in special cars waiting for
them, and began their journey to
Juarez, Mexico.
There was no demonstration. Flf
toon hundred Mayo Indians made up
the command. General Jesus Maria
Agulrre, in charge, hoped to effect a
crossing of the border at El Paso,
Tex., under cover of darkness.
In their trip to Juarez, the Mexican
soldiers will cross portions of the
states of Arizona and New Mexico.
The troopers eventually will be sent
to Jalisco, Coahulla, where the forces
of President Obregon are battling to
quell the revolution.
A special train of the El Paso &
Southwestern railway carried the
troops. It left Naco at 1:15 o'clock.
United States Immigration guards
are accompanying the troops to El
Paso. Passago of the Mexican sol
dlors into the United States wag ac
complished in the presence of United
States immigration authorities. It was
a long, tiresome process. Each sol
dier was required to register his" name
as he entered the United States. More
than four hours were required to in
spect and register the entire contin
The Mexican officials desired to
send the troops across in a body, but
American immigration officers ex
plained this was impossible.
Most of the train which carried the
troops was composed of freight cars,
the officers riding ahead in coaches.
Fifty cars were assigned for the trans
portndon of the soldiers and 12 cars
for equipment. Tho officers occupied
the remaining two cars that made up
tho train.
Mexican officials announced COO
additional troopers will arrive in Naco
from southern Sonora in a day or two,
but the exact time of the arrival was
uncertain, they said.
Washington, D. C. Attorney-Con-oral
Daugherly has reversed the tariff
commission In Its first report to the
president under flexible provisions of
the tariff act.
In an opinion sent to the White
liouso, Mr. Daugherly had ruled that
tho commission's construction of the
section laying import duties on logs
of cellar, fir, spruce and western hem
lock was incorrect. The president
has returned tho commission's report,
with tho opinion, to the commission
wllh Instructions to "proceed in ac
cordance therewith."
Tho commission's action, which was
overturned by the department of Jus
tice, was taken Into in August upon
tho application of log buying Interests
of tho Pacific northwest, which sought
a reduction of tho full 60 per cent
permitted by tho flexible provisions
In tho rate of a thousand board font
on logs of tho species mentioned. The
law provides that the duty shall not
apply If tho nation, rrovlnco or po
litical sub-division from which the
commodity is imported has imposed
any restriction on its exportation
within 12 mouths.
Russia Buys Cotton.
New Orleans. The Russian soviet
government has purchased a small
quantity of American Cotton which It
Is understood Is for shipment directly
to Russian ports, according to cotton
factors here. Tho purchases to date,
so far us Is known here, amount to
around 20.000 bales. How much Amer
ican cotton the Husslans have received
through Germany there Is no way of
ascertaining, but it Is believed some
has reached the soviet republic.
700,000 Cargo Seized.
New York. Three thousand cases
of whisky, gin and champagne valued
at 1200,000; an ocean-going tug boat,
valued, at laO.000. and six men were
soiled early Sunday by officers of the
police boat Manhattan after a battle
In New York harbor that continued up
tho North Ulvvr to the foot of Cham
bers street. No one was wounded.
Police found that the boat, the Capital
No. 1, bad been captured twice before.
Something to
Think About
XI7HERE the oceans, seas and riv-
' erg are, where happiness dwells,
where progress wends Its way among
the nations, the tides are running day
and night in perfect harmony with the
mysterious force which is prompting,
swaying, driving and compelling every
animate creature to action.
Slowly we learn thst these unfore
seen tides which' seem so irresistible,
so destructive to our fondest drea-is
and aspirations, can be made tubse ri
nt to our wishes, and how by a stroke
or two we may swim strongly with
their currents and reach our goal.
To some of us the very thought of
the constant motion of these tides sug
gests that they are opposing us, seek
ing to sweep us under, when in reality
they are Intended to develop our prow
ess to keep our heads above the waters
and carry us safely on to our destina
tion In spite of ourselves.
We balk at doing this or that be
cause of opposition. We lack the cour
age to breast the flood. In a moment
of despair we feel that It is preferuble
to destroy our ambitions and forget
them than to make the fight.
It is pleasanter to sit by the fire and
picture castles In the air than it Is to
erect them on a substantial foundation.
And frequently, utile we are thus idly
dreaming, the tides pick us up and
whirl us off to some destitute Island.
If In out temporary Isolation we regain
our senses and see ourselves as we real
ly are, we summon our spiritual and
physical strength and strike out boldly
for the main land.
Whatever our sensations may have
been In the grip of such emotions, If
we have within us the right qualities,
we are likely later in our careers to
become more earnest, capable and pa
tient. The old egotism, narrow selfishness
and churlish temper, which were pull
ing us down beneath the waters, have
scurried away.
We have become more charitable,
more neighborly, more Inclined to pull
with the tides than to oppose them
when opposition Is of no avail. We
heed cheerfully the advice of our su
periors instead of rejecting it with
ugly words of protestation or rising up
in rebellion against well-meant author
ity. And this is as it should be. The se
cret of success is to know when to
buffet the tides nnd when to float com
placently with them.
(, III, br VoClura Newipaptfr SyndlcatO
O '
Has Anyone Laughed
At You
I You Ntver Break a Data?
"You are really awfully coin-
nionplace," "You ure socially i
J unengaged," "You seem to have J
' little work to do." Ail these I
l things have been fired at you,
teaslngly because you keep your
l dates 1 You are right to keep j
J your dates! Why should you J
i break this contract any mors ,
than any other kind of unwritten J
I contract? To be sure, you often
J get "left," but you know you J
I are right and that's a help, i
I Auyuow yuu uuu i uuve iv jieep j
"srurce to keep rare,
J Your get-away her Is
You've dons your best to mk !
J both end meet and If thty do
l not It's up to the other ftller. ,
( bf McClur N.w.p.p.r SyndloaU.) I
ll.. -tl
O .
His Choice.
Young Everbroke Say, dud, what is
a preferred creditor?
Old Everbroke It's a matter of
taste, my son. I prefer the easy,
good-natured kind, with short mem
ories. n
he Young Lady
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