The Ione independent. (Ione, Or.) 1916-19??, January 11, 1924, Image 1

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During The Year 1924, Patronize The Merchants Of lone. Mail Order Houses Do Not Help You When In Distress
Bank of lone
State, County and
City Depository
4 Per Cent
On Time and Savings Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes
New Cash Prices
In order to close out some lines, I
offer - -
$50 Duplex Howard Heaters at $40
$40 Duplex Howard Heaters at $34
New Cash Prices
In order to close out some lines I offer
$50 Duplex Howard wood or coal heaters at $40
$40 Duplex Howard wood or coal heaters at $34
$42 Regular Howard coal heaters at - - $37
$35 Regular Howard coal heaters at - $29
Our annual inventorie has been taken
and many odd ends have shown up
and those will be put onto a cash bar
gain counter, and first come gets the
choice bargains.
w As soon as time permits, all stock will be
repriced and cash customers will not be paying
for losses caused by unpaid credit accounts. .
School Meeting Proven Illegal
State Superintendent Upholds In
dependent Editor as to Law. .
The following letter is self ex
planatory and proves that the
editor of this paper was right in
his contention of an illegal school
meeting held here Dec. 27, 1923:
" Salem, Or.. Jan. 3. 1924.
P. P. Hassler, Editor.
My Dear Sir:
Repjving to yours of recent
date, will say that section 254 of
the 1923 edition of the Oregon
School Laws reads in partus fol
lows: "The estimates required by this
act, together with a notice of the
time and place of which such esti
mates msy be discussed with the
levying board shall be published
at least twice prior to the time
appointed for such proposed
Section 238, and section 227 and
228, aho govern the matter of
posting a publishing the notices.
The Attomev-General has ruled
that "the estimates required by
this act" means the call for the
meeting including the budget that
is made out by the budget com
mittee, and also the original esti
mate sheets.
. Yours very truly,
J. A. Churchill,
Supt. Public Instruction.
That the County Superintend
ent and the lone school hoard
made a "bust," is very evident
from the above. We cautioned
several members of the Board at
the time, but they deemed our
advice inexact. It wasn't smart
ness on their part, but lack of in
timate knowledge of the law, and
we pity them.
It is quite probable now that
nothing can be done to rectify
the blunder, and it may cost the
district money in the transaction.
The taxpayers of district No.
35, need not pay their school as
sessrnent tax unless they desire
to do so, as under the law there
was no school meeting, thus re
fuse to pay the tax.
It is up to the taxpayer now.
It is aso up to the school board
to hold a legal meeting if it can
be so arranged.
A friend at our elbow asks that
if the taxpayers refuse to psiy
their school assessment, will not
the members of the school board
be liable individually, to met
any deficit that arises from their
illegal action? We don't know,
but the law states a penalty in
some manner.
Rev. J. C. Austin has left the
po.siiion of Financial Secretary of
Linlield College to become serre
tary of the department of Stew
arship and Titingof the Michigan
Baptist convention. Rev. Austin
is well known in lone.
To Drill For Oil Or Water
Ike Howard who owns a 12
acre tract east of town is figuring
with outside parties, on putting
down a well not less than 2,500
feet, in search of artesian water
or oil. About all that is holding
op the deal is Mr. Howard's fail
ure in obtaining a franchise from
the city - council, and as soon as
that is complete and a few minor
details out of the way, they may
get together on the deal.
Watch for "Bearded" Stranger
The Condon Globe-Times says!
that J. Amprose Hepwing, the!
"bearded stranger" who bilked
Andy Gump out of $500,000, is
headed towards Condon in dis- j
guise. Uncle Bim has posted a
large reward for Hewing s ap
prehension, and it is possible he
may try to sneak thru lone dur
ing these nights without street
lights, so we advise our city
marshal to buckle on his armor
and keep his peeper's open for
this notorious crook.
Union Pacific Does Fine Act
The Union Pacific Ry. Co., done
a fine charitable act to a widow
in the state of Washington the
other day that speaks well of its
oflicials. A widow whose hus
liind had died leaving a tew pay
ments yet to be made, on a tract
ot land, was unable to make
further payments to the railroad i
I'ompany, ana when the situation
was brought to the attention of .
the company officials, they im-j
mediately gave the widow title
to the land without further pay
ments. Yet you will find some
who cuss the ruilroa-i officials.
Union Services at Christian Church
A pet together meeting was
held at the enristian church last
Sunday afternoon, when quite a
represenative of the different
churches of Ion--, w ith the pas
tors of each met in discussion as
to ways and menus of currying
on the work for the coming year.
Rev. Head, Cason Johnson and
Brown, gave very interesting and
instructive talks on the funda
mentals of the Bible. Evi ning
services were held at the Baptist
churce, Rev. Johnson delivering
the address from the much dis
cussed and made Hurt of topic,
"Jonah and the Whale," which
was ably handled.
The Harris Combine
You can cut your harvest expens
es if you use a HARRIS.
It will save the grain
For particulars inquire of
Lexington t-i --Oregon
jut YOUR DOLLAR will buy
more from my 1) illar Counter
than any place you can invest in.
Take a look at the goods and com
pare prices with any list you
please. Yon have been asking fol
low prices and they are here.
Bert Mason.
Radio on the Farm
Concerts, lectures, news bulletins, market reports
You should know the price of wheat, sheep and
cattle In Chicago and Portland every day.
Only the latest makes handled:
InJoor or Outdoor Aerial Dry Batteries
Prices from $10.00 up
Ask when our demonstration will be in your vicinity
Reduced for this week
Everything Electrical - Phone 472
Charter No. 144. Reserve District No. 12.
At lone, i.i the State of Oregon at the close of business December
31st, 1923.
1. I,oiiiih mill ilMcomiU, luelihllntf r-.-ilhtvoiiiilH Hliown In It
unil a 1, it any ....
2. Overdnilin -c.iiivil unit iiiimhmiiviI . . ,
3.1'. IS. government MecurltleH owned, Including tlione bIiowii
in Ileum ao mid :).'. II any ..... .
4. Other tmielH, warrant mnl -urltleH, IiicIikIIiu foreign
Itovenini'Mir, Mtiitc, municipal, eoiioraii-m, eic, nn-iienim
tliiwe hIihwii In Iti'inx :l I mnl -t.'i, II any , .
H. Stock". HceiirillcM, cIiiIiiih, IIi-iin, JiiilKiueiitH. etc.
tl. It.iiikliiK linn-. f.!; luniiliir- mnl lixturct, $ : . 1 7 J l
7. Heal cKtiitc owned iiiln r tlimi luiiikinu Imiiw
tl. lulu I'uhIi on IiiiiiiI in vault anl lile from lunik. Icitilrcr
mnl triit coinimnii-H ili-Hlguiitcd mnl iipjiruvcil reai-rv.-
iiircntH ol tliiM limik ...
II. n kM on Iuuikm oiiUMe city or lownof report liinlimik "ml
ot her ciikIi ileliiK , . ....
Tolnl ciinli mnl ilnc from imnkft, Ileum H, II, 10 , II
Total ...
X 1 I J f n m
Where the Sun Shines
Most of the Time
nml the very air seems to dispel worry
mid tone tip the nerves.
()ne enn pick oranges, climb moun
tains, ilimcu at fine lintels, bathe in
the ocean, visit old missions and play
golf all in one day, if desired; or
every day for months and each day
goincthilie; new.
4000 Miles of Paved Highways
The most wonderful system of
hotels, npartineiit houses, cottages,
hiinealows mid suites for the accom
modation of tourists in all the world,
and costs reasonable.
!teirueiitiitlvcii of th
wilt fcl'itllv ftirhkh lllimlrnlrd booklet giving
Knmiiii of li' WHt. lit thi-m tull nil about
J. W. II OWI, Agent
lone, Oregon
McMurray, Ceil. I'au. Auint, Portland, Or.
',s:l.T!i:..-r, ,
;i,i7.iu I
lo.iioii.fin ! i.'.'tt ;
li..Mi Ml
ja.ti' ni ;
New Pastime
Open For Business
New Tables
New Equipment
I1. t'npititl Htock palil In
17. Surlie(iiiiil lii.mM mi
is. tnl l.'inlivlileil prolltn .... - - I,.Vi.iU
Dkm ami Iii.i'iwith. other tlinn luniks. Miilijci t to reserve:
'1 llnliv l.luill ili-noxltN Hiibj.'ct 1 1 1 .'li- .-k . Ini'lil'liHK ilriiixIlN line
the Stall' ol I iri-Kon, eiiiinly, -llh i4 or ol licr piililu- fuinU . Pill,
U. Iiemmiil cerliliciiteH ol tli'ii.H, oiilxtmiiliiiar - - - ;
Total lieiiimiil ilcpiiHiu. oilier Ihmi lunik ilciollH, Hiilijei t
to rHMTVe, lleiiiH '.':!, !il, it"i. .'! $l'i'.l.7iW :i:t
TlMi: AMI SAVIMiH IICI OHI IK, Bllllject o rewr ve n ml pllj ll-
lile on ilciniiml or miliH t to notice:
Time Ci'fllllc lien ot llellllt OIllHtllll'lInu .... li.Ollll
Total of time mnl mivlnuH il 'p'inllH pnyiilile on il.-rno ml
or nilijei t to nutlce, liem 'Si mnl N, ;7.iH.II
:HI. Notcit mnl liilU nMllHcomit"il li -1 I i vc IhhiiIh or other Me.
curlilcM until iimler reiinrchai with cml iiniciit
liiiliilltlcM 1.1,2 '7 -VI
Tot ill ., iVl"...V
I will carry a complete line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
You should all attend the bit?
basket ball srame here this Friday
night between Lexington high
vi lone high. It's to be a hard
fought game.
Two sheep herders were fined
$500 and costs each, in federal
court at Portland last Saturday,
for driving infectel sheep thru
the Fremont national forest.
i m
. HMffH 1 TTfTll
Call and sec me
kixton McMurrey, Prop.
IiiiiI., ilo Holcinnly
I ol niy knowiil:;e
State ol Oregon. Couniy ol Morrow, hm.
I, I' It. i i i . -I . I.T ot (ii - nil iv" n i n -1
wear that tic iili ive Hiuti-iii--iit i true to the In
anil ln-lii-1.
, I'. It. (JiiiiwI. eiiKliler.
Sli rlli i niel wworn ti before m thin "111 iluv ol.l.i'iiiury. I'Ul,
Kiirle It. M. Wright, Nolnry i 'tl : Hi-.
CDKKKIT Atttut: My coiiiiiiIIoii explri-n 7-J.', I .'7-
K. I I'udlxrjf, M. H. Mvru'iii, c. U. liuiu-l, Oirectom.
I'refering the eh' Try comforts' Harrv Lindsey who won a suit
of the home to tint of the chilly! for $20,000 wainst an old man
atmosphere of I lie council chum- and his son for the affections of
l,er, Mayor Mason did not respond ': his dear wife at Condon some
I to th nleaiiinir tones of the lire! time ami, is here visiting his
bell Monday night lhe council mother north of town.
is to meet again Friday night
I deliberate over bills, etc.
I Mrs. E. R. Lundell ha been
sick the past week with lagrippa.