The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, May 07, 1925, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Dillard French was down from Gur
dans in Saturday and report condi
tion! food on th ranfa, with grain
coming along One. For nanjr long
years Mr. French hai been traveling
the road up Hog Hollow, comin' and
goin1 and he desries to live long
enough to aee the road on a standard
grade and macadamised. The pros
pecte are pretty good now that he
Mr. and Mn. Dwight Misner passed
through town Tuesday afternoon on
their return home. They have been
employed with their outfit of horses
in doing a lot of work on the ranches
of Bob Thompson and Cleave Van
Sehoiack in the south end of the
county, taking on this work after
finishing op their reneeding on the
Miiner farm north of lone.
Bert Johnson and his neighbor,
Geo. CarkhufT, were here Monday to
attend to business affairs. Grain is
coming along quite well out in their
neighborhood and the north lone
section is going to turn out a good
crop this season, providing the rains
do not hold off too long. The warmer
weather of the past week has been
quite beneficial.
Max Rogers was a visitor In Hepp
ner on Sunday. He is now located
with the state water department and
at present is engaged in the service
at Mikkalo. Max spent a couple of
years over In the Klickstat country
at Liberty Bond, Wuh, where he
assisted in the operation of a saw
mill and lumber plant.
- Charley Bartholomew was in from
Pine City Saturday. He is now en
gaged in the construction of about
two miles of county road leading to
the Antone Vey place on Big Butter
creek. As a road builder, Mr. Bar
tholomew is making a record for him
self. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Currin of Pilot
Rock were visitors in Heppner over
Saturday and Sunday, at the home
of Mrs. Currin's mother, Mrs. Jerry
Brosnan. Mr. Currin is a leading
rancher of the Pilot Rock country.
They returned home Monday after
noon. Lon McCabe was looking after busi.
ness matters here on Saturday. He
has finished the shearing of the Mc
Cabe A Olden sheep and the wool is
being delivered to the warehouse in
Oscar Keithley was an Eight Mile
farmer here on Saturday. He thinks
he will be In town the most of the
time when that market road is ex
tended out to the near vicinity of his
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Frieberg of Port
land were here to attend the funeral
of Mrs. Frieberg's mother, the late
Melvina Jane Clark. Mr. Frieberg
is a member of the Portland police
A red hot game of ball is in pros
pect here on Sunday, when Arlington
meets Heppner again. The fans will
get the big treat of the season, if all
the dope does not go awry.
Mrs. Mary Pearson was in town
Tuesday transacting business. Mrs.
Pearson is now living with her sis
ter, Mrs. Eva Pearson, on a farm near
Heppner. Echo News.
Jasper Crawford departed for En
gene on Friday, after having spent a
week here, operating the linotype ma
chine in The Geiette-Times office.
Mr. A. Rots and ton, who have
bB Ytiitinf with Mr. and Mn. L. L.
Punk tit th Curtisa eottag near Ce
cil for a few days I ft on Saturday
for their home in Waaco.
Elvin Schafer arrived at Buttt-rby
Plate on Saturday with a bunch of
horaei belonging to Hynd Broi. which
he was bringing from their ranch at
Jim Logan of Pour Mile wai calling
on Mr. and Mn. Herman HavLirost
at Rhea Siding on Sunday.
Cecil Lieuallen, state traffic officer
of Pendleton, wae visiting Mr. and
Mn. Jack Hfnd on Monday.
Mr. and Mra. Jack Hynd of Butter
by Plate apent the 'week-end at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Archie Ball
near lone.
Mra. Daisy Daly of Prairie City ar
rived in Cecil on Saturday and will
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wra.
Sexton at Logan cottage for some
Messrs. Krebs, Lowe, Pope and
Hirsch and Misses A. C. and M. H.
Lowe represented Cecil on Saturday
at the ElEs dance held in Heppner.
Dr. and Mrs. Walker and children
of lone were callers in the Cecil vi
cinity on Sunday.
Mrs. 0. Wiglesworth and Miss
Gertie Pettyjohn of Morgan were vis
iting Mrs. Pat Medlock at RockclifTe
on Monday.
Gene Logan, son of Melville Logan,
sheriff of Gilliam county, and his
cousin John Iopan of Four Mil de
voted Sunday to exploring the beauty
spots of Cecil and surrounding coun
Mrs. Wra. Dufur and children of the
Cot were vtaiting Mrs. W. H. Chan
dler at Willow creek ranch on Tues
day. Mra. H. V. Tyler of Rhea Siding
pent Sunday with Mra. Geo. A. Mil
ler at High view.
Mra. Karl Farnsworth and children
of Rhea Siding spent Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Oscar Lundell
near Rhea.
Jim Thomson, prominent merchant
of Heppner, accompanied by his wife
and family, were calling in Cecil on
Sunday. Jim was driving a fine new
Chrysler car which he bad recently
Mrs. Sexton and Mrs. Daly of Cecil
were visiting friends in Condon on
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Duncan and son
of Buwy Bee ranch left for Boardman
on Friday to take in the May Day
doings. .
lintel Yokum of Portland arrived
at the Curtiss cottage .during the
week and will visit Mr. and Mrs. L.
L. Funk for some time.
Mrs. Daisy Daly of Prairie City,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sexton and Miss
A. C. Lowe of Cecil were visitors in
Heppner on Thursday.
J. W. 0 shorn of Fairview was call
ing at Morgan on Friday. J. W. has
been busy reseeding and says pros
pects look good in his part of the
country, late rains doing lots of good.
Miss Violet Hynd closed her school
on Friday for the term and it down
on the farm once more.
Mrs. Karl Farnsworth and Miss An
nie Hynd rpnentpd Cecil at the
Lrrnr, c? Ill
Kenneth Harlan atarring in
Harold Bell Wright" "Recre
ation of Brian Kant",
wearing a Hardeman Hat.
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good looks but for proven qualities of
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Specially Built for Hillside Harvesting!
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Machine Will Level on Hillside
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Grain Is Delivered Direct From
Sickle to Thresher
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: iV:
reception fives by the Eastern Star
at Heppner oa Wednesday.
Cecil waa left entirely alone to the
wind, sand and jackjrebbits doring
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
evenings while "The Covered Wagon"
was shown in Heppner, every person
attending from this locality.
W. V. Pedro of Ewing arrived borne
Friday after spending several
days in Pendleton.
Misses Myrtle and Laura Chandler
of Willow creek ranch were calling
on friends in Cecil on Saturday.
1. 1. McEntire of Killarney was do
ing business in Arlington on Thurs
day. W. H. Chandler of Willow
creek ranch also was delivering a
truck load of produce from bis ranch.
Mrs. H. J. Streeter of Cecil visited
ith Mrs. Alf Medlock at the Pop
lars on Friday.
After EVery Meal (
Pass it around
after every meaL
Give the family
the benefit of Its
aid to dige-stloB.
Cleans teeth too.
Keep It always
in fit fuMisus
(i "Costs llttk-kelps mack " J
Neighborhood Items
It' a good thing thote Put
nam boy are going back to
tchool next week
T 7"0U heard the latest exploit,
Y didn't youT Left the water
JL running in the bath tub and
ruined the living room wall. Just
redecorated, it was, and Mrs. Putnam
knew she couldn't ask to have it done
over. But her cousin Jim, the decora
tor, said if the boys would buy the
Acme Quality No-Lustre Finish he
would do over the walls himself. Mrs.
Putnam says now she isn't sorry it
haDoened the walla are simply lovely
and she has learned something about
wall finishes she wishes she had known
years ago.
Jrw tvmlU, ceiling mnd wcWworA
f fuuNlS!
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tore. If you want to join everyone elw in
brlihtenin up the hontM in the nrinhborhood.
we ran toll you juat how to so about it, what
Arme Producta to uaa, and Bow to use them.
Coma in any time.
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. H' a
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Europeaa Training
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