The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, December 13, 1923, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Slat's Diary j
FRIDAY Wm t th ritcr.r r,ow
UmlU P brfun kolding m
bMaux I dropt T thwine G"m
the wl jut before He
et down. I r h
wood of fcn jwin yet
If I hHrint of turrest-
Cr;.'1 ed to him h hnddnt
J 'J oufht to let fokei ef
i hi Wrung op.
. S I Smerday They w
fneiborhood tonit. The
jror.f cuppl had ben ft
toir.r to rther for
over 10 year and ma
ed tht th woman in
Ith cmM trust of pot
tired seeing the feliow
of the oppoinr
much and marryed hira
eft ahut of him.
'Witrh it a pritty good
plan to paat on to the far aex name
ly Women.
Sunday They a neibor lad
In her at are hou this erninf and
ah it wry fat and hevy and they rot
to tawkinf about reduceinr ytir wait
and t and the ted the had tried the
fonograff method and wood of kep it
op only it wat to much trobbl to go
and wind np the fonosraff Try time
it runt down.
Monday Sine evrybuddy hat ben
a tawking of Dieting and reduceir.g
and te eetry. pa dessidfd to tee a
doctor and get him to lern him to be
he:thy and the dr. ted to work hard
and go to bed erly and get up erly
and not to eat only a little bit and
take a bath evry day but pa
WW th in of killinc jurtM.f jost
to rrl t a long tim nny way.
TJy WBt out t Mr. rd
Mrs. Rilloi tonit an thrt baby.
Thrjr hav had it mora a yr. now and i
it till looks nice. Mebby they will
trd it in on a new 1 they grot j
a rood chanc.
had a teson on trees and tht taehr
tried to make it plana by nameing
ach 1 of us kida after a part of tht
trea. Put wi the root and Blisters
was th bark and Jake was tht trunk
and Elftie the leafa and Sarah the
branches and it was a toss op among
Jane and me as to witch 1 waa to be
the Rap. I win.
Thursday Ant Emmys si stern law
ard husband has ben aavcing there I
au.ney to by a car. last week they got I
enuf saved but insted of tying a otto I
they went and spent it for a deforce.
DUSTRY. THE new Congress hae eonrened.
Will it consider the problems of
the people from the standpoint of the
public interest or will personal po
litical ambitions nd controversies be
allowed to sidetrack jaCtion on im
portant national matters.
lake the Muscle Shoals situation.
Representative Madden says that to
leaoe the properties to Henry Ford
it ii reie-sary for t1 government to
spent $3,500,000 on a steam plant and
$50,000,000 on dams. Opponents to
these large expenditures argue that
government property costnig 17 times
Mr. Ford's $5,000,000 cash offer, is be
ing given up.
So far as the whole Muscle Shoals
controversy appears to the public, it
seems to hinge around how many
million dollars the government is go
ing to spend in order to get somebody
j to lease the property at a very minor
pure, and not what the public is go
ing to get for the expenditure of its
tax funds or the granting of a 100
year lease.
The tanners have been led to br
ieve they are going to get cheap fer-
iter. what guarantee have they
got that they will get fertiliser, cheap
or otherwise? What guarantee has
been made to industries that they
11 get cheap power or any power at
at points where they might wish
operate plants near Muscle Shoals?
These are simple pointa that would
eel nitely decided under any lease
private property between Individ
s or corporations. Then why
cant politics be wiped out of the
present Muscle Shoals controversy
and definite promises made to the
public aa to what bene tits it, the pub
is to derive from the further ex
penditure of $50,000,000 on the Mus
is Shoals proposition? When states
and nation are trying to reduce taxes
hy put more millions into a relic
the war unless there are definite
vantages for the taxpayers in so
doing? The Manufacturer.
Will Ask No Increase
In Forest Grazing Fees
That the secretary of Agriculture
ill ask for no increase of grazing
fees on national forests during 1924
the information received in a tel-
gram by Mac Hoke, secretary of the
Oregon Wool Growers association
from Senator Charles L, McNary,
d published in Tuesday's Pendle
ton East Oregonian. It has not been
expected the increase would be asked
for before 1925, according to Mr. Hoke
but livestock men were already in
the saddle battling against the pro
posal to make the increase in 1925.
They contend that an increase will
be ruinous to their business.
Math ja,fwmumoMwt-'itvz&m
"Haunted Valley
By Herbert Robinson
Adapted from the Patheserial by
Frank Leon Smith
Copyright by Palhe Exchange, Inc.
For the convenience of the people
of Morrow county they should know
that there is an x-ray machine in
Her Wedding Night
Realization that she had lost and agined. -So you see my hands are
trust forfeit everytning was a ter
nlic blow to Ruth Ranger. Hcnr j
AUUinson mas calmness personified.
"Kuth," he said, '"marry me today
nd let me relieve you of your
"1 I will marry you one week
from today," the girl replied, "1
must go immediately to the police
iiaiion ana see Eugene Craig,"
Mallinson believed that Ruih was
sfill in love with Craig. "I be
lieve tiia! Craig won your con
lidenee," he sneered, 'to injure you
and your business."
Ruth turned to Weatherby. ' Ar
range to have the title to Haunted
Vailey served and the deed made
out to Mr. Mallinson," she said.
The girl then started for the police
Craig, being ignorant of the real
state of affairs, was delighted to see
Ruth. -Mr. Crawford and 1 started
from the dam with the check, but
were heid up on the road," he said.
"The police didn't understand so
here I am. If you hurry to Mallin
son w ith the check "
"It is too late. 1 must keep my
agreement and forfeit Haunted
Vailey to Mr. Mallinson "
"And marry him?" Ruth nodded
"But Mallinson is a crook!" Craig
ejaculated, "i am sure that it was
his men who held me ur.
"1 am beginning to believe that
you are the crook and not Mr. mal
linson," Rum returned. "How did
you come to be in Haunted Valley
the dav we first met?"
Cra.g was astonished. I can't
tell you now," he replied, evasively,
"but soon I will be free to exclain.
"Mallinson was right," the girl
persisted. "You won my confidence
to save your own ends I never
want to see you again !
With i sorrowful heart, Ruth
Ranter turned and left. A few
moments later, Eugene Craig was
set free.
As Ruth was about to step in her
car. she saw Mr. Crawford ap
proaching. He hastened to the girl's
side and toid her everything con
cerning the unfortunate event which
delayed the payment of the check.
"lou are very fortunate in nav
trig a friend as loyal as Mr. ura.g,
tied," he finished, "but you are free
to get the biggest story of the year
and and aiso can help me to pre'
vent this marriage.
And 1 have just a week in
which to do it," smiled Foster.
In the days tnar followed, Dick
1-oster never left Mallinson s trail.
Finally, one night in Haunted Val
ley, he managed to trace him to the
secret control room, but Foster was
a trifle too persistent in his efforts
to pry into the enemy s stronghold.
and was unmindful of the different
bits of mechanism inside. Aiaiiuv
son had not been without suspicion
and was aware that he had been fol
lowed. Consequently, the next
thing the reporter knew, he was
suddenly precipitated into the un
derground chamber.
itiis is quite a place you have
nere, Mallinson, ne saia calmly.
Clad you like it, for you 11 be
here a long time," came the answer.
Henry Mallinson tried in every
possible way to worm information
out of Foster, but he could not get
me young man to speak. And even
though Foster was a prisoner, he
was the most observant party ever
neia under lock ana key.
When the time came for Foster to
return and make a report to Eugene
Uraig, tne latter was again thrown
into the throes of dejection. He
knew in a moment that something
nad gone wrong, foster was n
only aid, and now he had disap
peared. Craig determined to do
something desperate to save Ruth
from the tricks of Mallinson.
Finally the night of the wedding
came. Ruth's only stipulation was
that the ceremony should be
private affair. She and her guests
were in the living room of her
house waiting for Mallinson to ar
rive. Weatherby was in constant
attendance, watching over the girl
like a father.
"With Mr. Mallinson allied with
us and with the million which you
didn t have to pay bac& to him,
comforted, "Ranger, Inc., faces
wonderful future."
Ruth was not so sure of this.
fad, she was beginning to regret
many things. Thoughts of Eugene
Craig were coming to the girl con
stantiy. bhe found it impossible
he finished. "He fought valiantly i drive his image from her.
to save the check from those ruf
fians." Ruth was again dismayed. Was it
possible that she had misjudged
Craig. In vain she had fought
against the thought that she loved
him, but even as Crawford had men
tioned the young man's name her
heart seemed to leap to her throat.
In the meantime, Craig had hast
ened to his office. That he felt
downhearted over the attitude of
Ruth was putting it mildly. And
yet, his hands were tied. He could
not speak out everything that he
would like to. As he entered his
office, a strange man waiting for
him made him start back in sur
prise. The visitor greeted Craig and
followed the young man into his
private sanctum.
"Mr. Craig." he began, "several
months ago we sent you here to do
certain work in Haunted Valley, i
understand that a ery attractive
young lady has caused you to neg
lect your work."
"You are wrong," Craig protested.
1 felt that if I first won Miss Ran
ger's confidence, tt would be a great
kelp in the Haunted valley case.
"Craig, we must have results in
Haunted Valley! Drop everything
and get busy!"
Meanwhile, the police report on
the million dollar check had caused
no small stir in Newspaper Row.
And this had brought Dick Foster
of the Morning Globe to interview
Craig and worm out what he hoped
would be a sensational story. At
first Craig was loath to tell any
thing to his visitor but the your:
min i persistence was smaing.
"Reporters are not just trouble
makers," Foster persisted. "Of
course I want a story, but in teturn
I nnv be ible to help you."
"Fair enough," Craig smiled.
"Then I'll tell you the entire yarn,
but I must insist that you will not
print a line of it until the story
really ends." And then Craig began
his inuring disclosure, that not
vea Ruth Ranger could have im-
At that
moment henry Mallinson arrived.
Ruin felt like a slave about to be
sacrificed to the highest bidder.
Mallinson was extremely pale.
Mysterious warnings had been sent
to him, indicating that somethin;
might happen any time. In fact, at
that very moment, Ruth's butler a
proached Mallinson and handed h;
a note. The latter took it and walk
ing to a window, read:
See me before you marry Ruth,
Ranger. I am wading outside.
Denslow! A shudder passed
tnrouen Mallinson. It was impos
sible! Denslow had been put away
at his orders on the Island of
Haraki. Mallinson paced back and
forth nervously. Several times he
started for the door, but each time
his cowardice got the better of him.
Finally Mallinson summoned all his
courage. He wanted to get to the
bottom of the thing. He walked to
the front door and threw it open
No one was in sight He stepped
out on the porch. A hand reached
out and pulled him to one side. Mai
linson found himself facing a figure
in a black cloak, a scarf covering
the man s entire countenance.
"I ,am real an.l I am a'tned," came
a low voice. lou tried to murder
me and get my share of Hauntei
Valley." The scarf was withdrawn
and .Mallinson beheld the pale face
of Denslow. in uiter panic, he tor
got everything and turned and fiei
towaid the street.
Ruth wondered what had ha
eencd to Mallinson. She 6aw t
the front door was open and ar
rived at the entrance to the hous
lust in time to see him lean into
car and speed away. As the stood
there, wondering what could hav
happened, another cloaked figur
seized her, clapped a hand over h
mouth and dragged her to the fid
walk where another car waited
Ruth attempted to cry for help but
oil In vain
(7o bt continued)
Krppncr, located in th Masonic
building. It is not necessary for tny
onc to tfo to the expense of a trip out
of the county to get an x-ray picture.
Adv. : t.
For Sale Rhode Island Red roost
or. Good stock. C. F. HEMRICH,
Heppner. Stp.
FOR SALE Italian prunss, 4c por
pound, any quantity, F. O. B. Yamhill,
Ora. Geo. W. Doney. tf.
WANTED A rod. steady, rntl-
manly aaltsnan to hacdla a Ward's
wagon in Morrow county. No axpor
inc aatded. For full particulars
wriU promptly to D. Ward's Medical
Company, Winona, Minnesota. Estab
lished 18M.
On account of my ranch Interests
in Gilliam county, will sell or rent
my Blackhorse ranch. All equipment
will be sold at private sale. For
terms and prices, see my foreman.
Mr. Stout, on the ranch. 30 head of
horses, mower, 2 plows, 1 drill, 6
wagons and racks, 3 discs, harrow,
weeders, etc. Te-ms will be given to
responsible parties. E. M. HULDEN.
Thoroughbred Bronie Turkeys
Toms, $10; hens $6. Mrs. Cora Bur
roughs, lone, Oregon.
For Rent Furnished rooms with
steam heat and bath. For particulars
phone 722. tf.
For Sale Good winter apples, $2.00
per sack at orchaid. F. BURROUGHS,
lone, Ore. tf.
Office on Main street for rent; in
Elevator building. See Harvie Young.
You will find some useful Christ
mas suggestions at Haylor's.
Notice is hereby given that there
will be a meeting of the stockholders
of the Lexington State Bank. Lexing
ton, Oregon, on the second Tuesday
in January, 1924, (January 8th, li24).
between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4
. m., of said date for the purpose of
electing directors and for the tran
action of such business as may legal
ly come before the meeting.
W. O. HILL, Cashier.
Dated this 13th day of December,
A thoroughbred barred rock
Spitzenbergs and Winter Apples, Newtowns
and Ortleys, for cooking and eating, at
80c A BOX
Hood River, Oregon
O. A. C. Short Courses
Intensive praetica. instruction In agricul
tural specialties varying from one week to
20 weeks as follows :
General Agriculture Jan. 2-March 19
Horticulture. .....Jan. 2-March 19
Dairy Manufacturing Jan. 7-Feb. 2
Herdsmen and Cow Testers.... Jan 2. -June 12
Farm Mechanics, Tractors,
Trucks, etc Jan. 2-March 19
Farm Mechanics (one wk)..Feb. 18-Feb 23
Third Annual Canntr'
School Feb. 4-Feb, 28
Land Classification and
Appraisal Jan. 7-Jan. 12
Notice is hereby gvien that there
will be a meeting of the stockholders
of the Farmers and Stockgrowers
National Bank of Heppner, Oregon
on the second Tuesday in January,
1924, (January 8, 1924) between the
hours of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M of said
date, for the purpose of electing di
rectors and for the transaction of
such other business that may come
before the meeting.
J. E. HIGLEY, Cashier.
Dated this 11th day of December,
Agricultural Economic
Conference Jan. 21 -Jan. 25
For further information regarding any
course address
Corvallia, Oreflron.
Notice is hereby given that there
will be a meeting of the stockholders
of the First National Bank of Hepp
ner, Oregon, on the second Tuesday
in January, 1924, (January 8th, 1!24),
between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4
n., of said date for the purpose of
electing directors and for the trans
action of such business as may legal
ly come before the meeting.
W. E. MOORE, Cashier.
Dated this 6th day of December,
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... . . . r. T JJI
A Carpenter
The young Carpenter of Nazareth was a
worker who loved joyousness and beauty,
even as His heart overflowed with sympa
thy for the weary toilers who passed before
His workshop door.
He may have been a man of many sorrows
but it is equally true that He was also a man
of many joys. They welcomed Him at wed
ding feasts; children went to him instinct
ively the common people heard his magic
words that lightened their burdens, and the
wise men listened to Him attentively because
he had a secret beside which their knowledge
was as dust before wind.
The centuries have rolled by and his com
mand survives to love one another. And it
was He who taught us that the greatest is
he who serves most.
Obeying these commands, let us all open
our hearts to the beauty in the world and
the lovableness and essential goodness of
the men and women in it.
May we learn that those who give most
and that those who offer themselves com
pletely in service to their fellows find their
hearts flooded with peace which passeth un
derstanding. On His birthday let each one of us dedi
cate our lives to carrying forward his mes
sage of peace on earth, good will to all men.
E. T. S.
Farmers & Stockgrowers
National Bank
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U. a. SWAUuAKT p
VAffn -rt a mn sT a sin urn nm Tnim
I 3
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Heppner, Oregon
Star Theater
Founded on the stories by Conan Doyle. Everybody has
read the Conan Doyle detective stories and have been
thrilled by them. The picture is even more entertaining
than the stories.
Felix "The Globe Trotter"
Pauline Gordon and Jas. Harrison in
A picturization of Ralph Connor's "Glenngarry School
Days," a delightful tale of romance, made in Canada,
guaranteeing the most beautiful of outdoor scenery. You
will like this one.
Haunted Valley and Pathc News Weekly
Richard Barthelmess and Dorothy Gish in
, "FURY"
A story of the sea and a good one, with some real
stars in the leading roles.
Pathe Review Screen Magazine
SUNDAY and MONDAY, DEC. 16 and 17
Richard Dix and Mae Bush in
Founded on the book of the same name by Hall Caine,
Whether you have read the book or not,
be sure and see this picture.
Story of the life of a railroad engineer. Better than
"In the Name of the Law" or "The Third Alarm."
Also Comedy.