The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, March 31, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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The Thing to Do Is to Adver
tise on A Declining Market
We have been suspicious for a
long time that the National Chamber
of Commerce was an institution that
to say the least is unprogressive.
Here and there we caught them is
suing statements and theories that
belonged to the latter part of the
19th century, indicating that this Na
tional Chamber is ruled to a consid
erable extent by the men who were
leaders in business and industry back
in the eighties and nineties.
It is not long since this same
chamber began a campaign for the
so-called "open shop," and. whether
the open shop is a good thing or not,
botched the campaign so badly that
the third decade of the twentieth
centurv is ashamed of it.
Now we find the said chamber
starting a survey "to the end that
operating costs shall be cut down
during the present depression by
manufacturers, jobbers and retail
merchants." Good thing. Very. But
the very first question asked is:
"What have you done to reduce
your publicity costs to a normal bas
is?" That is. we presume, to the
basis of the 19th century.
Evidently these people have been
sound asleep for years. Evidently
no inkling has reached them of what
the extraordinary use of advertising
publicitu has done during the past
five years. Probably the biggest re
tail advertiser in eastern America
is Edward A. Filane, of Boston, and
he savs that he will INCREASE HIS
MARKET in order to keep up his
profits. All over the country, in big
towns and little, important merch
ants are saying the same thing, and
acting on it, because they know what
advertising does.
The National Chamber of Com
merce should retire their old fogies.
' Think of It, America Ninth in
The announcement has just been
made of the rank of the different
countries as to education. The Uni
ted States stands NINTH. This coun
try, which we all claim to be so
great, so rich, so much better than
all others, is ninth amog nations
when it comes to the education of its
The news is astounding, stupefy
ing! And yet three years ago when we
entered the war twenty-five per cent
of the men who went out from a sin
gle state to fight the nation's battles
had to be taught to sign their namts.
And, mind you, they were not for
eignersevery one of these illiter
ate soldiers was an American born
citizen. Many more who could with
difficulty write their name and read
a bit were so poorly educated that
they could not study the common
manual of drill.
Yes, education is free in our rich
cities and in the well-to-do country
regions. But the time has come for
us to carry education common
school education into the moun
tains and deserts and other lonely
stretches of our land.
Ignorance is the greatest menace
of any nation. We rail at Bolshev
ism in America and denounce its fol
lowers among us, but forget that it
is nothing but ignorance, lack of ed
ucation. And that is our fault, not
cigarette. Flavor is
gealed in by toasting
extravagant waste of funds, the
treasury was now practically empty
and there are yet no roads to speak
of; that the policy adopted by the
court in the handling of these mat
ters was not the proper one, and that
there should be demands made for
a change in the policy to one that
will insure better return for the
money spent.
As to these things, we will not
offer anv suggestions at this time
It was along this line that much of
the talk was had at lone on Satur
day, and doubtless there was a good
deal said at the meeting that could
not be fully substantiated by the facts
and figures, for people are apt to
shoot a little wild of the mark on
such occasions. But we wish to say
that such meetings should be held;
that a fuller discussion of tax mat
ters should be made by the taxpay
ers themselves; that such discussion
should bring out the facts as they ac
tually exist, and the criticisms offer
ed should be of a constructive nature
and not lead to abuse of officials or
localities or resolve themselves down
to mere personalities. Anybody can
find fault; that's easy; but it is an
other thing to offer the remedy for
our difficulties.
We should say that it is now the
proper time in fact that time has
been with us for the past two years
to get down to brass tacks on every
proposition that is put up to us for
the levying of additional taxes. We
have been steadily voting a tax bur
den upon ourselves, and while times
have been flush and money was easy,
the taxes have been paid without
much fuss. Now the situation is dif
ferent and we are brought to the full
realization that it takes a lot of hard
dollars to meet our tax obligations
and the money is not to be had. Some
good, hard thinking and planning is
necessary, and in trying to get at a
solution of the case and bring about
the necesary reform in government
affairs of the county, let facts be;
brought out plainly and truthfully '
that right conclusions may be reach
ed, for a calm discussion of the ques- j
tions involved can not do other than
work reform. !
A recall election has just been j
held in Polk county at an expense of i
$300, and the present incumbent of
the countv judge's office remains on
the job. It is estimated that a re-
all of the public service commission
at a special election would cost the
state at least $150,000. This all
adds to tax burdens and the ques
tion is: Is the experiment worth
the price?
Slats' Diary.
By Ross Farquhar.
Friday I found a nickel on the
St. today & tuk it into the store to
"C"! by sum marbels. The
ZJr clerk secI "f wassent en'
j-O ny good as it was made
I out of led. so I went
1 nii'A it frt a MinH mart
which was begging on
the st. corner.
Saturday Over herd
pa & ma tawking about
getting ready to make
garden. That signifys
me. So I & Jake snuk
out in the country with
the dawg. Gardens is
sent enny fun. In the
Sundav pa had a narry exkape
frum burning himself. He tuk a bath
like he offen does & it was kinda
dark & he grabbed the talcum pow
der box which he has extrackted
frum ma's dresser & he started to
give hisself a cote of it. It stung
him & upon strick examinashun he
discovered he had picked up Lewises
lie by mistake.
Monday Jane & me is getting
real chummy now. We play marbels
after skool on our way home & as
long as she wins every thing is o k
And I let her win all the time.
Almost. She can spit threw her
teeth now. Good as I can.
Tuesday They was a fire at the
skool today, diddent amt. to nuth
ing. & I am afrade they will get it
all fixed up & we will hafto go back
agen. The teecher ast Blisters who
was Hamlet and he replyed & sed He
was a Great Dane who suffered with
Wednesday about all I heer is
wirk in the ole garden, it seems to
me that as high as meat is I shud
ort to be ketching fish. That is
; 1 thing pa and ma agrees upon &
that is I shud wirk in the garden and
ruin the summer.
j Thursday pa was a reeding in the
noose paper that they dussent seem
to be no demand for branes here
of lately, ma indicated that he shud
ort to do pritty well according to
that. But he diddent say nuthing
In another column we give a re
port of the meeting of taxpayers held
in lone on Saturday afternoon, to
which we call attention. It is not
in the spirit of controversy that we
would comment on this meeting, for
we feel that it was a proper thing
for the taxpayers to get together
and discuss the situation as it now
stands. There is indeed a very heavy
burden of taxes to be paid, and the
serious question is, where are we to
get the funds to pay with. There
is scarcely a citizen of the county
whose names appear on the tax rolls
this year but is confronted with the
fact that he is short of the necessary
funds, and many will be compelled
to face the penalty for nonpayment
until crops are sold in the fall. It
is perfectly natural, then, that some
very earnest discussion is going on,
that meetings are being called to in
some way devise means to meet the
difficulty in which taxpayers find
themselves, and that the fellows who
"pay the fiddler" are just a little
more anxious than exer before to
have an accounting as to how and
where the funds of the county are
being spent.
There has been much talk going on
during the past year or more con
cerning the spending of road funds,
many being of the opinion that the
county was receiving much less value
for the money spent than she was en
titled to; that there was being an
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y gmijTitrrrtVffi c
Meeting Your Expectations
When you deposit money
with a bank, it is with a certain
You expect that your money
will be secure.
You expect that it will be
available when you need it.
You expect further, to re
ceive interest on your money,
under certain conditions. The
real strength of a bank lies in
its ability to meet your expect
ations to perform continuous
ly and satisfactorily the duties
you expect of it.
You'll not be disappointed
Fir National Bank
Keep out the dirt and water
with a
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Battery Electric Service
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Here It Is!
Heppner bread is a FULL, FLUMP loaf, with the
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Does it go down EAST?
Better BELIEVE it does! Greatest domestic
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Marble and Granite
Fine Monument and Cemetery Work
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All Work Guaranteed
New Location
I have moved my office from the Slocum block
to the new hotel building where I will be pleased to
greet my old and new friends.
Real Estate and Insurance
White Wonder
Laundry Soap
An excellent soap for
laundry use.
4 for 25c
Phelps Grocery Co.
Phone 53
J ! Transfer and General Hauling
Get us on the street or by phone, No. 662
. v .. :J
This is the shell
that gets em
AS dealers in sporting goods, we want to do
fx all we can to contribute to the success cf
your hunting season. We want to do more
than sell you our good3. Wcwant you to
get your share of the game that is to be had in
this section.
For this reason we are recommending to your
use this season the famous Winchester Shells.
By the Winchester sys
tem of wadding, the shot
pattern is unbroken by es
caping gas-blast or pieces
of wadding. The pellets
cover a 30-inch target so
thoroughly at 40 yards,
that no bird could get
through without being hit
three or four times.
We recommend these
shells to your use with
the utmost confidence,
feeling that whatever the
weather conditions may
be, these shells will play
true to form and give the
best results that can be
had from any shell on the
Come in today and look
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Gilliam & Bisbee