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Easy Payments
$5 Down sue! $5
per R3onifi With
out Interest.
Local Agent
Gilliam, Sherman and Mor
row Counties
Best display of Livestock, Toultrj, Agri
cultural and Horticultural exhibits in
Eastern Oregon.
Running, Trotting, Ilelay, Hippodrome,
and Pony Express races; Trick Riding
and Broncho Busting each day.
Arrangements are I i:i g madeto secure
Arnold's Amusement Company for the
three days.
Music by two bands. Parade each day.
Big Dance each evening.
OCTOBER 15-16-17, 1912
Gilliam h, Bisbee
- - - 5
Th Heppner Cuatta, Eitabliihed March 30, 1883
Thalieppner Times, Establiihed Nov. 18, 1897
Consolidated February 15, 1912.
VAWTER CRAWFORD, Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Thursday morning, and entered at
the Postoffice at Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
One Year $1.50
Six Months, .75
Three Months 50
Single Copies 05
Display, transient, running less than one month,
first insertion, per inch, 25c; subsequent in
sertions, 12 l-2c; display, regular, 12 l-2c;
locals, tirst insertion, per line, 10c; subsequent
insertions, per line, 5c; lodge resolutions, per
line, 5c; church socials and all advertising of
entertainments conducted for pay, regular rates.
Thursday, September 12.'. . 1912
At Des Moines, Theodore Roose
velt said: "You will find long
before election day already
there are symptoms of it that
the old Republican party has been
swept aside."
What a strange statement from
the man who for eleven and one
half years has guided the Repub
lican party, seven and one halt
years as president and four years
by selection of his successor!
What a strange statement from
the man on whom the Republican
party has bestowed all the honors
it had to give!
What a strange statement from
a man who, but a few weeks ago
was asking a nomination from
the Republican party! Journal.
Fred Warnock has disposed of
the Silverton Journal to Mr. Ar
thur Barks, recently from Ne
braska, and a newspaper man of
much experience. The form of
the paper has been changed, its
patent "insides" dropped, and
marked improvement is made in
its appearance.
Fitzmaurice, of the Condon
Times, announces flat-footedly
that his paper stands for the
election of Taft as president, Ben
Selling as Senator, and N. J. Sin
nott as Congressman, because
they have received the nomina
tion of the Republican party to
these offices. There is no middle
course to pursue, and when the
multitudinons fads are all tried
out and we have free trade, single
tax, Cheap living, low wages and
a repitition of the hard times of
1893, he can have the satisfaction
of calling attention to his stand
in the present crisis.
In all his public utterances as a
candidate, Prof. Wilson is mak
ing it clear that he is a f ree-trad
er. The late house of represent
atives, strongly Democratic,
shows their unfitness for hand
ling the tariff question. Not a
very bright prospect for the busi
ness of the country should Wilson
win and the Democrats again
gain full control at Washington.
The safe thing to do is to re-elect
President Taft. He can be de
pended upon to hold the Demo
crats in check by the use oi his
veto power and prevent a lot of
bad legislation on the tariff ques
All those who are interested in
getting exhibits of oats, rye, bar
ley, potatoes, pumpkins, squashes,
cabbages, etc., should bring them
in to D. C. Gurdane and he will
prepare them tor shipment to
Pendleton. You have but little
time and all such produce should
be ready for shipment by Friday
of next week in order to get the
benefit of the reduced freight
rate. Mr. Gurdane is getting all
stuff ready for the Fair fast as it
comes in, and all these heavy ex
hibits should be ready for ship
ment by freight and save ex
pense. The Van Vactor home was the
scene of a very pleasant party on
Monday evening, the affair being
somewhat in the nature of a recep
tion to the students who are leav
ing this week to take up college
work. The party being of an in
formal nature, the evening was
spent in social chat, interspersed
by music and recitations by those
who could be induced to perform.
This was followed by a course of
watermelon. Those present were:
Misses Lilah Clark, Conifred and
Virginia Hurd, Elsie Young,
Florence Lusted, Minnalena Cam
eron, Virginia and Janet Craw
ford, Lula and Marie Hager,
Ruth Brown, Silvia Severence,
Grace and Rutn Van Vactor;
Messrs. Harold and Henry Cohn,
Arthur, Spencer, and O. G. Craw
ford Leroy Jones, Miles Potter,
Ray Rogers, Wm. Livingston, and
Robert Young.
Rev. McCaughey, of" Spokane,
will occupy the pulpit of the Fed
erated church both morning and
evening on Sunday. i
Banker T. J. Mahcney is in
Spokane this week on business.
a. D. Clark of Minor & Co. is
doing buisness in Portland this
Dist. Attorney Van Vactor and
Judge Gilbert W. Phelps came
over from Pendleton in Mr. Van-
V actor s machine yesterday at
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Sougkt
Signature f ffci
Harry Johnson is prepared to do
all kinds of work in the line of car
pentering. Contracting, building
and job work. . (Jive him a chance
to figure with you.. tf.
Report of the Condition
Of The Fiust National Baxk of
Heppner in the State ok Oregon,
at the Glome Af Business, Sept.
' 4th, 1912.
Loan 8 and discounts $416,050
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 4,!)07.
U. 8. Bonds 4o secure circula
tion 25,000,
U. S. Ho'oUb lo secure U. S. De
posit 1.000
Premiums on U. S, Bonds 231.
Bonds, securities, etc 8,044,
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 14,78(5,
Of her real estate owned 19,300
Due from National banks ( not
reserve agents) 3,978.
Due from State and Private
EanKs and Bankers, Trust
Companies, and Savings
Banks 5,009.
Due from approved reserve
agts 33,408.
Checks and other cash items.... 1,000
Notes of other National Banks. NSo
Fractional pnper currency , nick
els and cents 389.
Specie 40.S37.85
Legal tender notes.. 120 00 40,057
Redemption fund w'th U. S.
Treasurer (5 per cent of circu
lation 1.250
Total . 1577.514.86
Capital stock pidin 100,000.00
Undivided profits, less expenses
and Taxes paid 7,112.8
National Bunk notes outstand
ing 25,000.00
Due to other National Bunks . . . 5,245.91
Due to State and Private
Banks and Bankers. 787.41
Individual deuosit subject to
check 384,076.09
Demand certificates of deposit. 6,207.89
Time Certificates ol Deposit. . .48,359.36
Certified cheeks 200.MI
Cashier's f'lei ks outstanding... 374.22
Postal savings deposits 151.11
Total $577,514.86
Statu of Oregon, )
county of mokrow )
1, T. J. Mahoney, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
T. J. Mahonky, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 7th day of Sept., 1912
seal S. VV.Spencbr
Notry Public.
CokbEct Attept: J. B. Natter, Frank
Gilliam, J. H McHaley, Director.
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Supper
Stop that Squinting
Relieve your overworked nerve
from th wasteful strain of those
ill-fitting glasses and let us make
you contented and comfortable
with our new
The Fits-U Eyeglasses are made
for the man or woman who care
about personal appearance and
better eyesight. Will you come
in and see them
Jeweler and Optometrist
Heppner . - Oregon
School opened Sept. 3 with a full
Miss Nora Corey departed for Port
land Inst Sunday morning.
Air. Fred Croak, of Pendleton, Is
here visiting her sister, Mrs. V. A.
YVnl pole.
Miss Sue Park went to Hermlston
last Saturday, returning Sunday
morning on the local.
. Mr. nne Mrs. L. B. Kicker took in
the boat excursion to Pasco and Ken
newick last Monday a week ago.
Mr. Scarborough, the clothier of
Hefiniston, was In Irrigon last Sun
day, lie fitted several of the boys
here with nice HUlts for the winter.
The first coyote of the season met
his Waterloo lust Monday morning
at the hands of N Seaman, our sta
tlou agent. He was out duck hunt
ing but bagged the coyote Instead. .
Miss (Jolda Afuiuu, the music teach
er of Hermiston, makes her visits to
Irrigon on Saturdays now, because
many of her pupils find it inconven
ient to take lessons while school is In
session. She has six pupils who are
takinginstruct ions, namely: 1' ranees
and Ralph alpole, Cora and Gertie
Kicker, Eva Doblo and Miss Park.
The regular business meeting of
the local W. C.T . U. will be hold at
the BBptist Church Wednesday eve
ning Sent. 18th. All niempers are
urged to be present as it is the meet
ing for the coming year. It will be
necessary at tbis time to elect oar
delegate to the National Convention
which meets in Portland Oot. 19. Mrs.
Silbaugh will also be present and
address the Union. Mrs. J. McAllister,
Delinquent Tax List 1911.
Notice is hereby given that the
first half of the taxes for the year
1911, on the property hereinafter
described, which was assessed to
the respective persons herein named,
have been delinquent since the
First Monday in .April,
1911, that if said taxes are not
paid within six months from said
date, a Tax Certificate of delinquen
cy will issue thereon, as provided
by law.
A penalty of ten per cent,
interest at one per cent per
month and the cost of this
notice will be added to the
respective amounts as herein
Akers, Matilda, lone, tract
No. 1 11.00
Alexander, T J, et al nw sec
lti, Tp3n, r 27.'. 3.30
Austen. J N lot 4, blk 34 west,
sec 23, tp 5 n, r 25, e w in ... . 1.38
Baker, Leonie sese, sec 23
twJjHwK sec 24, and nnw
sec 25, all in tp 5 s, r 25 e w m 9.12
Baker. Ida senetf. sec 23, sl-2
m nl-2sw& sec 24 tp 1 n r2(J 8.20
Balfour-(Juthrie'& Co. ( A. F
Young, owner) esse sec IS,
tp2sr 23 7.05
Barlow, Mary E sej sec 2, tp
3 s, r 24 e w m 21.35
Barnes, D wight A scswl-4
sec 3, nel-4nel-4 sec 9, nl-2n w
see 10, tp 1 n, r 23 e w m 10.02
Barlow, 1) S n sec 3, uw)i sec
11, tp3s, r24;HKm w.
tn sec 22, wwftneft.
nvl-4swl-4 sec 23; nel-4swl-4,
nwl-4sel-4 sec 23; tavl-4swl-4
see 23, tp 5 s, r 20; s sec 34,
swl-4 sec 35. tp 2 s, r 24 e w m 148.33
Benson, Wm L nwj sec 32, tp
2 n, r 25 e w m 8.00
Bergeron, J A w. snel-4. n-wl-4nel-4
sec 30, tp 3 s r 23 e
w m 40.31
Beymer, Thos C Lexington,
lots 6-7. blk 5. Lots 9-10, blk 5 6.40
Bevmer, EflieB Lexington, lot
3, blk 16 9.00
Blalock Island Garden Co All
fractional sec 30, tp 4 n r 27 16.88
Brenner, Peter wl-2sel-4, nl-2
sec 19. tp 3 s, r 24 52.07
Breadlv, UV Lexington, Pen
land's add, lot 2, bin 26 80
Brlyles, Sarah Castle Rocfc,
lots 1-2-3. blk 10 .12
Brown, David nwl-4 sec 12, tp
2h, r26e wm 27.21
Brown, Chns L nwl-4sel-4, n
l-2awl-4, nwl-4sel-4 sec 15, tp
8 a, r 23 e w m 26.52
Brown, John w l-2seI-4 sec
18. nl-2nel-4 sec 19, tp 5 s. r 27
e w m. Heppner, part tract
Nn. 69 16.71
Buchanan. Afary E Irrigon,
lots 11 to 14 inc. blk 16 36
Brown, Eftie Miller nl-2nel-4
sec 21, nl-2uwl-4 sec Ti, tp o 8
r 5.1 win 10.14
Burriey. W. F. All of sec 16, tp
5s, r29e wm 35.84
Burroughs, French 8wl-4nel-4
Wl-2sel-4, 81-Z8W1 4, nwi--swl-4,
swl-4nwl-4, sec 24; nw
l-4nel-4, sec 25. nel-4 sec 26, tp
ln,r 24; nwl-4 sec 19, tp 1 8 r
25 p w m 117.83
Burroughs, 1). H. Irrigon, lots
1 to 3 inc. oik 6Z -i
'mnptcll, John A Bel-4 sec 3
nwl-4, nel-4 sec 11, tp 2 8, r 26
aw m 55.50
Cunipltell, Wm A wl-2 sec 16,
tp 4 n, r 2 e w in t.'ts
Clarke, N. A Si see 10,
bwH sec 11, sejne sec 24,
all in tp 3 r 34 w m.... 101.24
Clark, Leooa W)inw,
se'nw, awJineJi sec 14.
ne.'i tec 15, tp 8 a r 24 e
w m 40.71
Clarke. John Nine, sfne
ceo 23, nwtiir sec 24, tp 5
s, r 26 w m 7 67
Coihran, Alice lone, Clnff'e
6th add, lots 5 and 6, blk 1 16.150
Cole, Allen L gelwl sec 29,
ejufl4 sec 39, swjsw seo
28, tp 6 s r 25 e w m 10.24
Consor, Lillie Nisei, sh'
sec 86. tp 4 r 28 e w m
Hennner. lots 9 and 10, blk
7. u 27 ft lots 13 and 14, blk
7. N 27 ft lots 2 and 3 blk
14 18.97
Cook, Wm T Wl seo 16, tp 2
n r 26 a w m 14.08
Cox, Ed S lone, lot 6, blk 1 6.60
Culbertson. Geo D W, wl"!
snc 19. tb 2 s r 23 e w m. . . 43 90
Oummings, EH- Hepnner,
lots 9 and 10, blk 2, Loon
ey 's add ; all n creek, lot 11 ,
bit 2 ; Shioev's tidd, part 1
to 4 inc. bis 2: 5 to 8 Inc,
blk 3: 1 to 3 inc, bk 3 ;6 to
8 inc, blk 3; 7 and 8 bkl 2.. 20.30
Cyrus, Margarntte tf El wl
sec 4, tp 1 d r 28 e w m.... 6.36
Davidson, Jessie M lone, lot
5, blk 1, Oluff's 5th add 88
Deshon, H Hardman, lot 4,
blk H 48
Doan, J NwJ sea 8, tp 1 n r
25 e win 15.45
Eriokson, Chris, & M T Elliot
Swl seo 31 tp 5 s. r 28 e w
m 8.96
Ellis, O F Irrigon, lots 34 to
36 inc blk 25 2.07
English H S Lot 0 blk 15 west
sec 25 tD 5 n r 26 e w m;
lot 6 blk S3 east seo 21 tD
5 n r 27 e w m; lot 17, blk
37, Irrigon 4.14
Fairbanks. P II Heponer, lots
40 x 132 ft, 5, in blk (i; lot 6
in blk 6; Avers 2nd add; lot
in blk 2; lot 12 in blk 2;
Tract No. 11 17.50
Finley, A A E& sec 27, tp 2
n, r 26 e w m 25.85
Fleming, Walter W SJ sej
sec 19, nwnwl sc 29, eii
neJi seo 30, all in tp 5 s r
26 e w m 7.58
Frazer, R F WKsecl4;e
sei, 8wjsei sec 15: nwj seo
10, all in tD 3 s r 23 e w m 55.43
Freeland.E L HeDpuer, Ayers
2nd add: lot 3, blk 3; s 26
ft lot 4, blk 3; Ayers 4th
add, lot 2, blk 3 10.93
Furlong ; John Hardman, Fer
guson's add, lots 1 and 2,
blk 1; Adams add, Tract
No. 1 3.84
Gilbertson, Martin, Lot 11,
blk 23 east, seo 20 tD 5 n t
27 e w m 1.53
Gilman, Bertha D Heponer,
Ayers 4th add: lot 6, blk 1 72.80
Gist, J E All sec 3 to 2 s r
24; nnw sec 10 tD 2 s r
24 e w m 71.03
Gilman, D E N, seo 6 to 1 s
r 26: Re, sej nej sec 8 to 3
8 r 25; ylt BnV. less 106
A, sec 9 tp 3 a r 25: swli,
swJi bp sec 10 tp 3 s r 25
y, seswne sec 15 tD 3 8
r 2b; all except swsw sec
16tp3ar25: n, nsw
sec 22 to 3 s r 25; e' seo 17
tp 3 s r 25; ne, nejscj seo
20 tp 3 s r 25; n, except
ne ne, nsl sec 21 tp 3
a r 25; wlwl seo 8 tp 3 s r
2i; sec 4 to 3 s r 26:
8 se seo 6 tp 3 b r 26:
nine, nenwl-4 sec 36 tp 3
8 r 29 e w m ; Heppner,
Looney's add; pt lot 13,
blk 2 382.60
Green, J W , EleJ sec 24 tD 1
n r 26; ejej. awl-4sel 4 sec
17 tD 1 n r 27: sel-4, lots 2-3-4
sec 18 tp 1 n r 27; nel-4,
el seo 8 tp 1 n r 27: nel-4,
njsel-4, twl-4sel-4, el-2- s
wl-2. lota 2-3-4 sec 30 tp .1
nr27ew m 76.67
Grimm, R C, & P C Hunter
Tract 146 acrea sec 22 tp 5
d r 26 e w n 3.94
Grotkopp, ETC El-2 sel-4,
nw 1-4 89 1-4 less 4 1-2 rds,
iec 22; nwl-4 sel-4, sel 4
nw 1-4, e 1-2 sw 1-4 sec 24;
n 1-2 ne 1-4, nl-2nwl-4, less
4 1-2 rds, sec 25 tp 3 a r 25
sl-2swl-4 sec 10 tp 5 s r 27 ;
1.3 acres tract in nwl-4 nw
, 1-4 seo 33 tp 2 n r 23.. 40 61
Gunn Est., A M Heppner, w
lots 4 & 7, blk 2; Johnson's
add, lots 6 & 7 blk 1 .... 28.00
Haines. Etta Heppner, lot 2
blk 6 Ayers 5th add 42
Halvorsen, Matbias Sl-2ne
nel-4iel-4 sec 9; awl-4nwl-4
nwl-4swl-4 iec 10: sel-4
nel-4. el-2sel-4; swl-4sel-4
ec 10: n)fe'nw. swjnw. w
w. sel-4nwl-4 sec 14; ne
l-4nel-4. el-2sel-4, swl-4s
1-4, sel-4twl-4 sec IS; all
of seo 16; wl-2el-2. el-2w
1-2; swl-4nwl-4. wl-2swl-4
o 22; wl-2nwl-4. sel-4
nwl4, iwl-4nel-4 iec 28;
nel-4nwl-4. nwl-4nel-4 see
28; all In tp 1 s r 24 e w m.
lone lota 1 to 8 inc blk 2.
Lots 7 to 10 ino. blk 2.
Tract No. 25. Tract No. 3
B. Tract No. 2 304.95
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