The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, September 05, 1912, Image 5

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Local and Personal
Do you want buoka? See adv. of
T. F. Boylen,
Delicious sodas and ice cream sodas
at The Palm.
Dr. Bovden returned home from
Portland on Friday evening.
Oscar Schafer la over from Monu
ment to "lny In" some supplies.
SEED RYE For Sale Inquire of
A R Turner, Basey ranch, Clark's
Canyon. tf.
Hiahest cash prices paid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
, Milling 06.
A lady of experience wants place
us housekeeper for winter. Inquire
nt this oftlce tf.
Mrs. F. Luper will have her first
disday of fall millinery, Saturday,
Ssoemlier 7th.
Mrs. L. E. Oolin and daughter,
Glad vs. returned from Portland ou
Monday evening,
For croup or sore throat, use Dr.
Thomas' Electic Oil Two sizes . 85c,
nd 50o. At all drug stores.
Commissioners oourt wag in session
yesterday and today. Full aocountof
proceedings will appear in our neit
Mrs. W. P. Dutton arrived home
from Pprtland where she has been for
the past three months, on last eve
ning. .It may be to your iuterest to get
my prices before buylna watches,
clocks or jewelery. C. R. ( Johnson,
Jeweler. ,
Mrs. J. W. Rasmus came un from
Portland on Monday evening to join
her husband who has been here for
soma time.
W. 0. Bryant, an attorney of Moro.
was in Heppner on Tuesday to attend
to some legal business before the pro
bate court.
Harrv Johnson is prepared to do
.all kinds of work In the lineof car
pentering. Contracting, building
and job work. Give him a chance
to figure with you. . tf.
Uncle Jake WatUnburger is over
from' Echo with a wagon load of
honev which he will dispose of to the
people cf Heppner.
Dist. Attorney Van Vactor departed
for Pendleton on Monday to attend
the regular term of the circuit court
now in session there.
John Kinsman ot home from Port
land on Monday evening. He went
down the latter part of the week with
a car load of fat cattle.
The day of harsh physics is eone.
People want mild, easy laxatives.
Doan"s Resalets have satisfied thou
sands 25c at all stores.
Miss Elm'ra Brewer arrived from
Angola, Indiana, on Tuesday. She ie
one of the teachers of the Heppner
school for the coming year.
Mr. V. J. Patterson arrived from
Portland on Saturday evening, and on
Monday went oat to Lena where he
will teach a term of school.
Heavy rains of Friday night and.
Saturday forenoon had the effect of
layin off all the harvest crews of
the county for a day or so.
Earl Gordon returned on Saturday
evening fiom Middleton, Idaho where
he spent pleasant two weeks visiting
with his father, Wm. Gordon.
Do you contemplate having any
work done In the line of building?
If so give Harry Johnson a chance
to figure with you. First class work
and satisfaction guaranteed. tf.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W Smead and
Mrs. Dr. Winnard spent Wednesday
at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson Biyless on Rhea cieek.
Olsn Hayes arrived borne from
Portland on yesterday evening with
bis new Flanders. He has the agency
at Heppner for this machine.
Eczema spreads rapidly; itching
almost driyea you mad. .For quick
relief, Doan's Ointment is well reo
ommended. 60o at all stores.
Misa Virginia Crawford announces
that ahe is now ready to resume teach
ing. Those contemplating lessons on
piano can arrange with her to begin
at once. '
Miss Mabel Cameron is conducting!
the eighth grade examination for this
district at the Court House today It
is boned that all the pupils will pass
this time. .
W. E. White departed on Tuesday
morning for his home at Monument
after getting his family located in
Heppner where they expect to remain
for some time.
Miss Edna Woolery and Mr. Alfied
Johnson, au attornsy of Portland,
weie married at lone on Tuesday, the
3d int. The young people will male
their home in Portland.
Mrs. Eugene Noble ia visiting
with relatives at Monmouth. Oregon
and Vancouver, Wash. She will be
absent for some time. On her trip
below she was accompanied by her
niece, Miss Lillian Goodnight, of
Vancouver, who spent several weeks
visiting the Noble family in Heppner.
Rev. W. A. Pratt, pastor of the M.
E. Church at this point the past yoar.
bas received appointment at the hands
of the conference recently held at
Ellensbum to the pastorate of the
church at Bend. Oreuou This is a
new field and the M. E church has
just recently completed a new church
building there. Mr. Pratt will leave
for his new field of labor at onoe.
Marshall Phslps departed yesterday
moiaing for Bellevue. Neb. wher he
will attend school this winter. He
goes via Denver, and will try to see
some' of the wonderful sights of that
route while on the wav. t The school
Marshall will attend this yer Is pre
sided over by his Grandfather Phelps
and he will take a preparatory course.
The two warehouses atxHeppner ate
beginning to receive wheat quite live
ly but the real rush has not started
yet. Most of the wheat so far deliv
ered has been Eold and is being ship
ped out." .A shortagejot cars is loosed
for a little later and then the grain
will pile up in such quantities as never
before witnessed in Heponer.
E. O. Slocura now runs the "Slow
Train Throuhg Arkansaw" and de
livers the jpail to and from the depot
to the postofnee daily. Cnx & Beamer
refused to carry the mail any longer
for the price they were getting and
now Elmer is taking it to and from
trains until other arrangements are
made. ' i
R. J. Carsner came in from Spray
yesterday with a fine bunch of beef
cattle which were shipped out to Port
land this morning. At prevailing
prloes this carload of cattle will be
worth at least $2000, and some of the
steers will sell for above 170.
W. H. Bowman came in from Mon
ument on SundHy evening. He was
accompanied by Mrs. Roy Bowman
and son. They left on Monday morn
ing for Portland where Mrs. Bowman
ia taking her boy for treatment for
weak eyes.
Percy Jarmon and wife, of Butter
creek, visited friends in Heppner over
Monday. Mr. Jarmon says they are
experiencing a very prosperous year
on" the creek, crops of fruit, veget
ables, hay and grain being very abun
dant. Mrs. Henry Johnson was an over
Sunday visitor at Heppner, coming
up from Salem on Saturday evening
and returning on Monday. We are
informed that this family contem
plates returning to Heppner to reside.
wheat Is rolling into Heppner from
the near-by farms at a rapid rate
these davs, and the heavy-laden wag
ons look mighty good to the denizens
of this burg Henpner will matket
a large amount or grain this Fall.
Farmer E. J. Merrill was in town
from Hardman on Tuesday to get a
supply of the necessaries of life. Ed
says he has not finished putting up all
his hay yet, and is pretty anxious for
some giod weather.
Misa Glen Ward, of Portland, ig
writing upon an examination for a
temporary certificate today. She for
merly resided at lone and decided that
she would return to this county to
Dr. N. E. Winnard was called to
Hardman on Sunday to wait ot) Mrs.
M. E. Devore who was quite ill from
heart trouble. He left the patient
much relieved noon his return to
Rev. Wm. DeWeese, of Goldendale,
Wash. , will occupy the pulpit of the
Federated church next Sunday morn
ing! and evening. Everybody cor
dially Invited to attend the services.
Mrs. L. E. Colin invites the ladies
of Heppner and vioinity to the first
display of Fall and WinW millinery
Satardav, Sept. 7th. The new suit
and cloak samples are now ready.
Woman loves a clear rosy complex
ion. Burdock Blood Bitters is splen
did for purifying the blood, olearing
the skin, restoring sound digestion.
All druggists sell It. Price $1.00.
W. G. Scott wns up from Lexington
yesterday and states that wheat ia
coming into the warehouses there very
fast Numerous sales have been msda
but the market is off at present
A business meeting of the Library
Association will be held at the library
on next Wednesday afternoon at 8.
AU members of the Association ur
gently requested to be present.
AT THE BAKERY Get awaytfromJ
the heat ot baking by. buying your
bread. Cream loaf, plain loaf, whole
wheat and rye. Nothing better than
oar cream loaf.
S. W. Spencer and wife spent the
week en J at the home of John M
Spencer on lower Butter creek, enjoy
ing a f east of watermelons' and other
good things.
Wm. Beymer and wife, of Monu
ment, aro visiting at the home of
Mrs. Beymer'a parents. Mr. and Mrs.
0. E Farnsworth.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yen Have Always Eaught
Bears the
Signature f
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at LaGrande, Oregon,
July t9th 1912. Notice is hereby
given that George Penegor, whose
post-office address is 371 Cable Street,
Portland, Oregon, did on the 85th day
of September. 1911, file in this office
Sworn Statement and Application. No.
09812, to purchase the El NEJ, Sec
tion 7. Township 6 South Range 27,
East Willamette Meridian, and the
timber thereon. undr the provisions
of the act of Junn 3, 1878, and acts
amedat,orv, known as the "Timber
and Stone Law," at such value as
might be fixed bv anpraisement and
that, pursuant to such application,
the land and timber have been
appraised, at $332 00 the timber esti
mated 312,000 board feet at 50 cents and
ll.OOperM, and the land $40.00; that
said applicant will offer final proof in
support of his appilcation and sworn
statement on the 14th dav of October,
1912, before C. O. Patterson, United
States Commissiouer at his office at
Henpner, Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to protest
this purchase before eutry, or initiate
a contest at any time before patent
issues, by filing a corroborated affidav
it in this office, alleging facts which
would defeat the entry.
F. C BRAMWELL, Reigster.
A 8-0 10
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned administrator of the
estate ot Julius Keitbley, deceaed,
has filed his final account in the above
entitled estate and that the County
Court of the State of Oregon for
Morrow County has fixed Monday, the
7th day of Ootober, 1912, at the hur
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said
day as the time and the CoUDty Court
Room in the Court House at Henpner,
Oreogn, as the plaoe of hearing said
final aocount and objections thereto:
objections to raid final account should
be filed on or before said date.
C. L. KEITHLEY, Adminisrator.
S 5-0 3.
People wishing woodsawlng done
will kindly leave orders witlt Heu
drlesou & Gurdane at the Pastime.
lino. R. L- Mekkick.
Frederich The Tailor has the agency
for the celebrated International Tail
oring Co. Leave your measure here
and save $5 to $10 on every suit.
When preparing for a trip you will
find the trunk you need a the Case
Furniture store.
(S TT V 11
School begins, rain or shine, Monday morning, September
9th. The boys must have a new school suit. Aside
from our regular line of Knickerbockers, we are offer
ing a line of Straight Pants Suits at Real Bargain
We have placed on these suits a discount of 25 per cent to
50 per cent. They originally sold from $4.00 to
$6.00. Remember they are not old shelf-worn, moth
eaten goods, but Real Boys Suits in cotton mixed,
serge and worsted cloth.
Come in and look them over.
We can fit you out from the hat down to the shoes
ur merchandise is dependable
Past favors appreciated, future patronage solicited.
For chapped hands, face, sunburn, tan, etc.,
Guaranteed by
Pure Bred Lincolns, Cotswold and Shrop Rams from the best
flocks in the country. All orders promptly filled and delivered
at Heppner. If you have anything to sell in the Sheep line
send your list to me; I will find a buyer.
T. F. BOYLEN, Pendleton, Or.
At the Theatre Tonight
The Higher Toll A Romatlc Drama.
Swift Wind's Hekoism Pathe An Indian Story.
Captain Barnacle's Mkssmatk Featuring John Bunny, our
Friday and Saturday.
P ATI IK'S WEEKLY- Tarry town, N. Y. Powerful tug boats
breaking up solid ice.
Paris Franco A tailor, who Invents a parachute attempts to
Jump from Elfel tower; Is dashed to death on ground.
Davos. Swltscrland-Tlu" annual ski contest.
Houston. Texas The great n re. A loss of ..000,000.00.
Springfield, Mo. A passenger train suow bound 42 miles from
town for twelve hours.
Spkcial for Laimks Paris. France Advance spring stjles ia
walking suits and afternoon house gowus.
The Heart of a Boss Drama Lubin. .
The New Editor Comedy Edison.
Star Theatre.
Dont Put Off Until To
morrow What Should be
Done Today.
This applies directly to those who intend taking ad
vantage of the opportunity of placing their order early for a
new fall and winter suit or overcoat.
We are in receipt of about 500 samples of the very
latest patterns.
We are also in receipt of new samples from Perlberg
Co. and Universal Tailoring Co., Chicago's leading mail order
These should particularly appeal to those who desire
a good garment, perfect fitting and at a medium price.
Come and see the new Light Weigt, Waterproof
Overcoat now on Display
M. S. CORRIGALL. President
i. B. NATTER, Vice Pre
Vice Pres.
T. J. MAHONEY. Cahier
CLYDE BROCK. Ami. Cahier
We offer to the Public the services
of a strong and well equipped Bank,
with the experience of twenty-five
years in this community.
Accommodations extended to cus
tomers consistent with safety, and
balances carried with us.
House for Sale.
Owing to the fact that we expect to
move into our new home soon we will
sell the bouse and )o and three acres
inclndine chicken house and cow barn.
Near Bite of the proposed Catholic
Lexington and lone Congre
gational Services.
Preaching services at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. in lone on the 1st and 3rd
Sundays of the month : in Lexington
on the 2nd and 4th Sundats of the