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    Ice Cream Soda, Ras. Porter, Orangette, Red
i Lemonade
I Cigars and Tobaccos
I In fact everything good to drink and smoke at
i HENDRICSON & GURDANE, : : : Props.
Easy Payments
$5 Down and $5
per Month- With
out Interest.
Gilliam & Bisbee
O. - - -5
An ttachmentfor hoe drills as illustrated here
has two very valuable and impor ant features
which evc-v progressive farmer will appreciate t
once. They are made to tit any hoe, are easily
adjusted and answer the double Durpoteof regu
lating the depth of sowing and at he same time
presses the soil tirmly around the grain thus insur
ing immediate germination. ' !.,...
Splendid results are obtained from their use,
Manufactured by
Pendleton Iron
The Heppner Guette. Established March 30. 1883
The Heppner Timet. Established Nov 18. 1897
Consolidated February. 1012.
VAVVTER CRAWFORD, - Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Thursday morning, and entered at
the Pottoflice at Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
One Year, -S0
Six Months.
Three Months ?
Single Copies, OD
Display, transient, running less than one month,
hrst insertion, per inch, 25c; subsequent in
sertions. 12 l-2c; display, regular, 12 l-c;
locals, first insertion, per line, 10c; subsequent
insertions, per line, 5c; lodge resolutions, per
line, 5c; church socials and all advertising of
entertainments conducted for pay, regular rates.
Thursday. September 5. . . . 1912
ReDresentatiVR Mann, of Iilinlos, a
republican member of the popular
branch of congrtss, characterizes its
work this yeai as disorsanized, inac
tivp, inefficient and unprogresive.
The characterization is never?, but
study of the reco:d will convince the
country that it is not unjust.
An overshadowing question when
the session oueued last "December was
rhn revision of the tariff. The presi
dent last snmmer had warnpd congress
that, unless it based its future actinn
on the report;, of the tariff board that
it had itself created, he would repeat
his vetoes of hammer-and-hatchet
revisions made for politics only. But
consress this year repeated tna tarin
nerformancea of last year and the
president kent his promise to protect
American industries and wotkets fmm
the effects of icnorant an! partisan
dashing of schedules. The responsi
bility for obientionable schedules re-
mainine unrevised rests with the
Ihev also started with lofty pro
fessions of purposes of economy, but
this boast likewise went by the boura.
Thev passed the largest grant ot
money for pensions that has ever been
proposed and afterward abandoned all
efforts for economy. Ouiside of ex
penditures for the Panama canal,
which form special expenses, the ao
proorutions of this session of congress
exceeded those of the so-called ' 'ex
travagant" last session of the pre
ceriina republican congress.
This extravagance of congress was
balanoed bv refusals of appropria
tions absolutely essential for efficient
administration of national affairs.
The treatment of the nav.v is a cse rn
point, and the killing of the tariff
board another.
The lower house o-lsb tried to des
trov the merit system in the civil
service of the federal goverumeni, and
employed the trick of putting" riders"
on legitimate legislation tn an extent
never known before. Spokesman
Review. "
The Blue Mountain Eagle, of Can
yon City being somewhat agitated
over conditio'S in Grant county, has
this to say :
"Since Sheriff Collier has been in
office Albert Green was killed. He
was drunk. Oliver Snvder was killed.
He was killed by drunks. A Greek
man was killed at Dixie. He was
killed by a drunk. Sweek was killed,
and he was killed by a drunk.
Barnes was killed when both he and
his slayer were drinking Crowley
was killed. He was drona and was
killed by a man who was drunk.
There are five men, Elmer Shields,
Earl Shields, Bert Green, Ben Hinton
and Joe Oasseday in the penitentiary
for life, and they were drunk when
they killed Snyder. These men we-e
either heads of families, fathers, hus
bands or brothers, and those upon
whom the sorrow or shame fell rep
resent more than one hundred of
Gant county's citizens.
Gov. West Is stirring things down
at Portland and some of the
municipal rottenness is being
exposed. The governor may be
somewhat of freak, and his activity
in cleaning od some of the towns and
cities of the stat? is very much out
of the ordinary but be is showing
those who are elected to uphold law
and decency that there is something
for them to do, and he expects them
to do it. Portland rosjr not be as
bad as some other cities, but there
is certainly enough coming to light
down that way to show that things
are rotten enough. We can't help
but think that Gov. West is doing a
lot of good even though we do not
a't gether nlore h a methods. It
takes radcial movements of this
nature sometimes to arouse our
citizens, and if those who are elected
to enforce the laws in the local
communities will not do their duty
and allow conditioni to exist and
illigitimate businesses to flourish
in which it is provep tbey are profit
sharers, then it is time for some
higher authority to step in and call
a halt. The goveinor is "doing
things"to some of the smaller towns,
as well, and the crusade may not be
confined to just the large places.
Notice is served upon o Hirers that
they must da their duty or be re
moved by executive power, and not a
few have tilready stepped down and
out noon the rqueat of the governor.
Election returns from both Vermont
and California this we-k are strawn
sliowi:ig which way the wind blows.
The Bull Moosers were a poor third
in the former state, and in the latter
their hopes have gono down before the
big Taft vote. There is ro reason to
believe that Roosevelt will be any
wl ere near a wiuner in the Fall elec
tion. His attempt to wreck the Re
publican purty is doomed tn fail.
many Urlveu Iron Home.
Every year, in many parts of the
countrv, thousands are dm en from
their homes by coughs and lung dis
eases. Friends and business are left
behind for other climates, but this is
costly and not always sure. A better
way the way of multitudes is to
use Dr. King's New Discovery and
cure yourself at home. Throat aid
lung troubles find quick rolief and
health returns Its help in coughs,
oolds, grin, croup, whooping-cough
and sore lungs make it a positive
blessing. 50o and $1.00. Trial bet' le
free. Guaranteed bv Slocum Drug Co.
The Davis Lone Star Washer
Is now in your town. I want to
come to your home and do a wann
ing to show you the work I can do.
It has no equal. See it wash collars
and wristbands of shirt and bottom
of skirts without washidg other
parts of the garments. It will wash,
rlnce and blue from 3 to 5 dozen jar
meats In an hour; a quilt from 3 to
5 minutes. It speaks for itself; see
It wash and be convinced. Inquire
at Star hotel. J. E. Uibhs.
Farmers Attention.
I will represent the Pacific Coast
Elevator Co on the Heppner branch
this season. Please notify me when
you are ready to sell your grain. If
you haul to lone see J. A. Waters.
Heppner, Oregon.
No Wonder
That Friedrich The Tailor is busy
even this dull season,. Of course he
is turning out the best made and
shape-retaining clothes for less money
than any other concern. tf.
Lost, somewhere between the
depot at Heppner and Blackhorse
Canyon, a coat. Finder please
leave at this office. tf .
FOR SALE--A span of work
mares with colts. See J. L. Yea
ger. tf.
Notice to All Fruit Growers and
Dealers No scaly or wormy fruit will
be permitted in any market in Morrow
Fruit Inspector of Morrow County.
AT 1
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Supper
Oregon Agricultur
al College.
This great instiution opens its doors
for the fall semester on September
20th. Couises of instruction include:
General Agriculture. Argonomy Ani
mal Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry,
Bacteriology, Botany and Plant Path
olovg, Poultry Husbandry, Horticul
tuie, Etoniology. Veterinary Science,
Civil Engineering, Electrical Engin
eering, Mining Engineering, Highway
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
Domestic Science, Domestic Art, Com
meice Forestry, Pharmaoy, Zoology,
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics,
English Language and Literature, Pub
lic Speaking, Modern Language, His
tory, Art, Architecture, Industrial
Pedagogy Physical Education. MiliUry
Science and Tactics, and Music.
Catalogue and illustrated literature
mailed free on application. Address:
Registrar, Oregon Agiroultural Col
lege, Corvallis, Oregon.
BER 20th.
New Calcutta
Ready at PORTLAND.
immediate shipment upon
receipt ot order
Agent tor Importer
Imperial Hotel. PORTLAND. OR.
Writs) for Price
Delinquent Tax List 1911.
Notice ia hereby given that the
first half of thd taxes for the year
11)11, on the property hereinafter
described, which was assessed to
the respective persons herein named,
have been delinquent since the
First Monday in April,
1911, that if said taxes are not
paid within six months from said
date, a Tax Certificate of delinquen
cy will issue thereon, as provi.ded
by law.
A penalty of ten per cent,
interest at one per cent per
month and the cost of this
notice will be added to the
respective amounts as herein
Akers, Matilda, lone, tract
No. 1 11.00
Alexander, T J. et al nw sec
16, Tp3n, r -U , .. o.o
Ashbaugli, Henry Heppner,
Looney s Add, Jots I aim is.
blk 1. Ilnrdnian, Ferguson's
Add, lots 5 & ti, blk'4 38.5S
Austen. J N lot 4, blk 34 west,
sec 2!!, tp 5 n. r 26. e w m . . . . 1-58
Baker, Leonie sese, sec 23
swtfswtfsee 24, and nnw
sec 25, all in tp 5 s, r 25 e w m 9.12
Baker. Ida setfnetf. sec 23, sl-2
nwJ4, M-28WJ4 sec tp i n ro o.v
Balfour-Guthrie & Co, ( A. F,
Young, owner) ease sec 18,
tp2sr 23 7.05
Barlow. Mary E se sec 2, tp .
3 h, r 24 e w m 21.3a
Barlow, Oscar ( E R Huston,
owner) bhw see 20, nl-2nw
sec 20, tp 3 s, r 25 e w m o 63
Barnes, Dwight A seswl-4
sec 3, nel-4iH'l-4 sec 9, nl-2n w
sec 10, tp 1 n, r 23 e w m 10.02
Barlow, I) S i sec 3, nvr sec
ll,tp3s, r24;styieV. w "$
nv. sec 22, sw$ih snw ,
nwl-4swl-4 sec 23; nei -4s wl -4,
nwl-4sel-4 sec 23; ,swl-4swl-4
see 23, tp 5 s. r 26; sec 34,
swl-4 sec 35. tp 2 s, r 24 e w m 148.oJ
Benson, Win L nw& sec 32, tp
2 n, r 25 e w in 8.00
Bergeron, J A w, snel-4. n-wl-4nel-4
sec 36, tp 3 s r 23 e
w m 40-3l
Beymer. Thos C Lexington,
lots 6-7. blk 5. Lots 9-10, blk 5 6.40
Beymer, EffieB Lexington, lot
3, blk 16 9 0
Blalock Island Harden Co All
. fractional sec 36, tp 4 u r 27 10.88
Brenner, Peter wl-2el-4, nl-2
sec 19. tp 3 s, r 24 52.0.
Breadly, G W Lexington, Pen
land's add, lot 2, bU 26 80
Briyles, Sarah Castle Rock,
lots 1-2-3, blk 10 12
Brown, David nwl-4 sec 12, tp
2 s, r 26 e w in . "-21
Brown. Chas L hwl-4sel-4, n
l-2swl-4, nwI-4sel-4 sec 15, tp
3 s, r 23 e w in 26.52
Brown, .John W sl-2sel-4 sec
18, nl-2nel-4 sec 19, tp 5 s, r 27
e w in. Heppner, part tract
No. 69 16.71
Buchanan. Mary E Irrigon,
lots 11 to 14 inc. blk 16 .38
Brown, Eftie Miller nl-2nel-4
sec 21, nl-2awl-4 sec 22, tp 3 s
r23ewm 10.14
Burney. W. F. All of sec 16, tp
5 s, r 29 e w in 35.84
Burroughs, French swl-4nel-4
wl-2sel-4, sl-2swl 4, nvl-4-swl-4,
swl-4nwl-4, sec 24; nw
l-4nel-4, sec 25. nel-4 sec 26, tp
1 s, r 24; ,nwl-4 sec 19, tp 1 8 r
25 e win 117.83
Burroughs, I. H. Irrigon, lots
1 to 3 inc. blk 32 27
Campbell, John A sel-4 sec 3
nwl-4, nel-4 sec 11, tp 2 s, r 26
e w m 55.50
Campbell, Win A wl-2 sec 16,
tp 4 n, r 25 e w m 7.68
Clarke. N. A Si sec 10,
sw sec 11, Be.lne sec 24,
all in tp 3 a r 24 e w m.... 101.24
Clark-, Leona WJs'nwJ,
se!nw, swjne sec 14.
nei sec 15, tp 3 s r 24 e
w m 40.71
Clarke, John NJnei, sejnej
eeo 23, nwn J see 24, tp 5
s. r 26 e w m 7 67
Cochran, Alice lone, Cluff'a
6th add, lots 5 and 6, blk 1 16.50
Cole, Allen L seine J see 29,
elneJi sec 38, swiswi seo
28, tp 6 s r 25 e w m 10.24
Conser, Lillie Nisei, seisei
sec 86, tp 4 a i 28 e w m
HeDoner, lots 9 and 10, blk
7. n 27 ft lota 13 and 14, blk
7. N 27 ft lots 9 and 8 blk
14 18.97
Cook, Wm T Wi seo 16, tp 2
n r 26 e w m 14.08
Cox, Ed S lone, lot 6, blk 1 6.60
Culbertson. Geo D WJ, wjel
sec 19, tp 2 a r 23 e w m... 43 96
Cummings. E H Heppner,
lots 9 and 10, blk 2, ' Loon
ey's add : all n creek, lot 11 ,
bit 2 ; Shipey's add, part 1
to 4 inc. bis 2; 6 to 8 inc.
blk 2: 1 to 3 inc, bk 3 ;5 to
8 inc. blk 3; 7 and 8 bkl 2.. 20.30
Gyms, Margarette ri E w
tec 4. tp 1 n r 28 e w rn.... 6.S6
Davidson, Jessie M lone, lot
5, blk 1. duff's 5th add 88
Deshon, II Hardman, lot 4,
blkH -43
Doan: J Nl sea 8. tp 1 n r
25ewm 15.45
Dohertv. Julia M Lexington,
lots 9 and 10, blk 16 10.00
Ericksnn, Chris, & M T Elliot
Swi seo 31 tp 5 s. r 28 e w
n 896
Ellis, 0 P Irrigon, lots 34 to
36 inc blk 25 2.07
English H S Lot 0 b'k 15 west
sec 25 tp 5 n r 26 e w m :
lot 6 blk 1)3 east seo 21 to
5 n r 27 e w m: lot 17, blk
37, Irriaon 4 14
Fairbanks. P H Henoner, lots
40 x 132 ft, 5, in blk 6; lot 6 x
in blk 6: Avors 2nd add ; lot
1 in blk 2; lot 12 in blk 2:
Tract No. 11 I?-50
Finley, A EK sec 27, tp 2
n, r 26 e w m i-8j
Fitzgerald, Margarette Lot 7
blk 24 east, seo 25 tp 5 u r
27 e w m l-3
Fitzaerald, Josephine Lot 6
blk 24 east seo 20, tp 5 n r
27 e w tn 135
Fleming, Walter W S i sei
sec 19, nwjtfnwi sc 29, e)4
ne4 seo 30, all in tp 5 h r
26 e w in.. 7-58
Floren, Mary A SwJse sei
swi pec 15: nwi ne, nei
nwi sea 22 tp 5 s r 28 e w m 12.22
rrazer, R F W? sec 14; a
sei, swisei sec 15: nwi seo
10, all in to 3 s r 23 e w m 65.43
Freeland.EL Henpuer, Ayers
2nd add: lot 3, blk 3; s 26
ft lot 4, blk 3; Ayers 4th
add, lot 2, blk 3 10.93
Forlong, John Hardman, Fer
guson's add, lots 1 and 3,
blk 1; Adams add, Tract
No. 1 3.84
Gilbertson, Martin, Lot 11.
blk 23 east, seo 20 to 5 n r
27 e w m. 1-53
Gilman, Bertha D HenDner,
Ayers 4th add: lot 6, blk 1 72.80
Gist, J E All sec 3 tD 2 s r
24; nnwJi sec 10 to 2 s r
24 e w m 71.08
Gilman, D E N seo 6 tp 1 a
r 26; sei, sei nei seo 8 to 3
s r 25: sn, less 106
A, sec 9 tp 3 s r 25; sw,
sw-4 sei sec 10 tp 3 s r 25
selsvtinei sec 15 tn 3 8
r 2b; all except swjswi sec .
16 tp 3 s r 25: rs nswi
sec 22 tn 3 s r 25; seo 17
tp 3 s r 25; nei, nelsej seo
20 tp 3 s r 25; n. excert
nei nei, nsj sec 21 tp 3
s r 25; wjwl seo 8 tp 3 s r
26 ;)4 sec 4 to 3 s r 26 ;
swi sei seo 6 tp 3 a r 26;
njnei, neinwl-4 sec 36 tp 3
s r 29 e w to ; Heppner, (
Looney 'a add: pt lot 13,
blk 2 382.60
Green, J W EJeJ sec 24 tD 1
n r 26; ejej. swl-4sel 4 sec
17 tn 1 n r 27; sel-4, lots 2-3-4
sec 18 tp 1 n r 27; nel-4,
s eeo 8 tp 1 n r 27: nel-4,
nsel-4, twl-4sel-4, el-2-wl-2.
lots 2-3-4 sec 30 tp 1
n r 27 o w m 76.67
Grimm. R C. & P C Hunter
Tract 146 acres sec 22 tp 5
n r 26 e w m 3.94
Grotkopp, ETC. El-2 sel-4,
nw 1-4 sa 1-4 less 4 1-2 rds,
sec 22; nwl-4 sel-4, eel 4
nw 1-4, e 1-2 sw 1-4 sec 24;
n 1-2 ne 1-4, nl-2nwl-4, less
4 1-2 rds, sec 25 tp 3 a r 25
b1-2hw1-4 sec 10 tp 5 s r 27 ;
1.3 acres tract in nwl-4 nw
1-4 seo 33 tp 2 n r 23.. 4Q 61
Gunn Est. , A M Hepuner, n
lots 4 & 7, blk 2; Johnson's
add, lots 6 & 7 blk 1 28.00
Haines. Etta Heppner, lot 2
blk 6 Ayers 5th add 42
Hale Emma nel-4gel-4 sel-4
nwl-4 sec 85 tp 3 s r 26;
swl-4 seo 4 tp 6 a r 29. . . . 16.51
Hall, W E sel-4sw-4, swl-4
sel-4 seo 8 : ni-2nwl-4 seo.
17 tp 4 b r 29 e w m 8.96
Halvorsen & Mason lone lots
9-10-11 bit 3 447.48
Halvorsen, Mathias Sl-2nei
nel-4sel-4 sec 9; iwl-4nwl-4
nwl-4swl-4 sec 10: sel-4
nel-4. el-2sel-4; swl-4sel-4
sec 10: nnwi. swjnwj. wj
swi. sel-4nwl-4 sec 14; ne
l-4nel-4. el-2el-4, swl-4se
1-4, sel-4swl-4 sec 15; all :
of seo 16: wl-2el-2. el-2w
1-2; swl-4nwl-4. wl-2swl-4
eo 22; wl-2nwl-4. sel-4
nwl4, awl-4nel-4 sec 28i
nel-4nwl-4. nwl-4nel-4 sec
28; all In to 1 r 24 e w m.
Iona lota 1 to 3 inc blk 2.
Lots 7 to 10 ino. blk 2.
Tract No. 25. Tract No. 3
B. Tract No. 2 304.95
Hammer, S L Lexington, lot
3, blk 15. Lot 1, blk 18... 9 60
Hanson, Chas E Swl-4 sec 16
tp 4 n r 27 e w m 4.32
Harbka, Martha lone, Tract
No. 4 & 5 6.16
Harney, J N Lot 1, blk 2
east sec 80 tp 5 n r 27 e w m 1.62
Hsryu, Arvid Sel-4 seo 33 tp
6 a r 27 e w m 10.11
Hasbrook, Mrs L Irrigon, lot
14, blk 39 09
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