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    Liberty Meat Marker
B. F. MATLOCK, Prop.
The Best Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Sausage and Home Cured Meats.
HHt' ' ''''
City Meat Market
KINSMAN & HALL, Proprietors
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
GoodiLard, About 10 lbs. $1.50
Lowest Prices on Meat for Harvest.
Contracting and Building,
Painting and Paperhanging
Am prepared to do all lines of repairing and job work at my
shop in old Gazette Building on Main street, Heppner. See me
for any kind of work in these lines.
Fuel Dealer
Roc1 Springs Coal, Pine, Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
and they will receive prompt attention.
Heppner Garage
Bert Bowker, Prop.
Automobile for hire. Repair work of all kinds
done. Gasoline and oil for sale. Machines housed,
cleaned and oiled.
Agent for the 1912 FORD
HIKE HEALY, Proprietor
Livery Stable
5 Heppner's Leading Confection
is ery and Ice Cream Parlors
"X Can serve you now with nice, fresh Ice Cream. None J
J "etter to be had in the citv. Fine line of fresh Candies.
heading Brands Cigars and Tobacco
3 -
Wonderful Feats of the Zulu In Con
' veying Verbal Message.
The memory In savage or uncultl
vated peoples la often trained to a de
gree very surprising to those civilized
men and women who have grown used
to depending on the written much
more thnn on the remembered word.
Tke Undecorated Miniater Raalgnad
ana the Government Fall.
Many Interesting sldo lights on a
court and the unexpected trials and
troubles incident to it from which re
publics are free are given in William
Who Was It Wrote the Tragedy of
t "Troilus and Crsssida?"
.Andrew Lang has Just propounded a
puzzle in circumstantial evidence.
"Who," he asks, "wrote 'Troilus aiid
Cresslda?' " l'ou may answer, as you
7" ' "-' i oook or reminiscences please, Shakespeare or Bacon. If you
or his days as minister to the Spanish answer Hucon A nrlratv r.miir noimia
The transmission of whole epics, like court, "At the Court of Ills Catholic back with the query, "Would Bacon
nut a government should have said that Aristotle lived before
Til 1 1 n o f li rt t.,ii.. I . i i i
.t-au,i ui n riuoon nestoweu the Trojan war?" Bacon was too
the "Iliad." by word of mouth no
longer seems so Incredible when you
rend of the feats of memory of which
present day Zulus are capable.
These people, says Mr. Gibson In
"The Story of the Zulus," have no
writing and are accustomed to trans
mit messages and record events by
memory alone. This they can do be
cause their mental Impressions are
made especially distinct by reason of
their acquired or Inherited habit of
giving undivided atteutlon to the sub
ject In hand.
Communications between the British
authorities and the Zulu kings were
almost Invariably conducted by means
of verbal messages carried by natives.
A certaio ultimatum addressed by the
British to Cety wayo- was conveyed to
him, not upon paper, but In the brain
cells of the messengers whom he had
sent eighty miles to receive it from the
British commissioners.
Although the document contained
some 4.000 words and was accompa
nied by much comment on the state
of things It was desired to remedy, the
whole was repeated to Cetywayo with
perfect accuracy.
for a purely ceremonial purpose seems
rather absurd, but. snys Mr. Collier:
"It is a historical fact that not many
years ago a certain minbter of the ma
rine In one of the European countries
resigned because the ruler of a foreign
country, ou the occasion of his visit to
its capital, gave him a certain rank in
a certain order and gave a higher rank
to his colleague, the minister of war.
The minister of marine contended that
It was an insult to his country's wavy
and the fact that he received the rank
which the rule required in such cases
and that the minister of war had re
ceived a higher rank only because the
lower rank had been given him pre
viously made no difference to the ag
grieved minister.
"In his opinion his own government
In not demanding that the foreign gov
ernment give him also the higher rank
In this foreign order had permitted Its
navy to be Insulted, and so he resigned,
and the government fell. Thus does
the fate o natlous hang not on threads.
out on ribbons."
Why They Sometimes Show Wheels
Turning the Wrong Way.
Every one must have noticed that In
moving pictures the wheels of car
riages or automobiles often seem to be
turning backward instead of forward.
One puzzled person wrote to the Sci
entific American asking why, and this
is that paper's answer:
In taking a moving picture there are
perhaps sixteen exposures made each
second. If now the spokes of the
wheel of a carriage move with a speed
so that the spokes are in the same po
sition at each exposure, that wheel
will seem to stand still In the picture.
If the wheel is moving slower, then
the spokes will be seen farther back
ward in the successive views, and the
wheel will seem to 'turn backward,
while It will seem to turn forward
when the spokes move fast enough to
occupy positions further forward In
each exposure.
It Is a matter of the tnterrnptlon for
the exposure and the motion of the
wheel. If there are sixteen exposures
and the wheel turns through the space
between two spokes In one-sixteenth
of a second the wheel would be iu the
same position at each successive ex
posure and so would not s:em to move
at alL
Gymnasium Training.
Every person who has received gym
nasium training Is aware of the fact
that an exercise which calls for pain
ful effort on the part of the beginner Is
ofteu performed almost without any
conscious effort at all after a certain
amount of training has been received.
Again, it Is perfectly well known that
brute strength alone does not make a
gymnast and that even a simple exer
cise may offer great ditUculty to a mus
cular and well developed Individual
who has not been trained in the gym
nasium. The explanation for this Is
An Epicure's Dish and the Way to
Trap tha Makings.
The young man did not know what
he wanted to eat His appetite was
poor. His palate must be tempted and
tickled. lie scanned the menu card
again and again. Finally, with a sigh
of resignation, he said to the waiter:
"Bring me some fish feathers."
"Fish feathers?" exclaimed the as
tonished waiter.
"Yes; fish feathers! And I want 'em
tonlgtat. not next week!"
The waiter retired for a conference
with the chef, the captain and the floor
"No such dish here," was his report.
"There ain't any such thing. There ;
never was such a dish in New York." I
The young man arose and sighed '
"That's what I've been told by every ;
waiter in New York." he remarked sad
ly. "But If you will drop a line to the
commissioner of fisheries In Washing-
ton he will correct your mistake, en- '
lighten your ignorance, project a shaft
of thought Into that granite which
grows above your shoulders." i
He sighed a third time, stretched
himself slowly and added:
"The commissioner will tell you that
fish feathers are a delicacy. They are
taken from flying fish. You catch fly
ing tish with salt water on their talis."
Then he went gloomily Into the night
Popular Magazine.
learned a man to make such a mistake,
which would be as bad as placing
Abraham Lincoln among the signers
of the Declaration of Independence.
If you answer Shakespeare, Andrew
Lang shoots, another query at you:-
"Ihe author makes Ulysses and
Achilles quote 'an author' and discuss
a pretty long and strange passage
from that author, who was Plato.
How could Shakespeare have read
I'lato?" For Shakespeare knew no
Greek, aud in his day Plato had not
yet been translated into English.
It is quite concelvnble that Shake
speare might imagine that Plato and
Aristotle lived many centuries before
Homer, but It Is Inconceivable that the
erudite Bacon should fall into such an
Andrew Lang does not pretend to
solve the riddle. He frankly says, "I
give it up." New York World.
n Russia tha Government Opens All
8uspicious Packages.
Our own service of malls is well or
ganized. There Is little doubt In the
mind of the average person that when
be posts a letter it will reach its desti
nation. But in other Innds be might well fear
for its safety. In Russia, for Instance,
any letter or parcel that Is regarded
with suspicion Is immediately opened
and its contents noted. A clever ma
chine gums It up again, so that the re
cipient does not know that it has been
tampered with.
In Lapland the malls are carried In
sledges drawn by reindeers. In the
wilds of the Caucasus the postman
holds a post of danger. He must be
protected against brigands and against
Animals That Are Always Enemies.
Many animals are born with an In
herent antipathy for other animals.
The excessive fear shown by young
rabbits which for the first time smell a
ferret and of young turkeys which
hear the shrill ,ery of a hawk they
have never heard or seen before are
proved examples of the strength of
theso Instinctive antipathies. But the
caso of the weasel and rat is. perhaps,
more to be noticed because of the
greater equality of the antagonists.
The feud Is so bitter that a meeting le
tweeu them almost certainly means
death to one or both. Friendships are
not uncommon between the cat and dog
and have been known between a dog
aud wolf, but the mutual attitude of
the weasel and rat Is Invariably war-
war that Is waged to the death.
Great In His Line.
Robert Barr once showed a por
trait of Mark Twain to a silk merchant
of Lyons. "Tell me who that Is," Mr.
Barr said. The merchant gazed at the
portrait and answered, "I should say
he was a statesman." "Supposing you
wrong In that, what would be your
next guess?" asked Mr. Barr. "If he
Is not a maker of history he is perhaps
a writer of it a great hb torian, prob-
ably. Of course it is Impossible for me
to guess accurately except by accident
but I use the adjective 'great' because
I am convinced this man Is great In his
line, whatever it Is. If be makes silk
he makes the best" Mr. Barr told the
French merchant who the portrait rep
resented and said, "You have summed
him up in your Inst sentence." London
Gladstone and Grillion'a.
Mr. Gladstone's election to Grilllon's
club, which took place in 1840, was far
from delighting him at the time. He
declared It .to be "a thing quite alien
to my temperament, which requires
more soothing and domestic appliances
after the feverish and consuming ex
citements of party life, but the rules of
society oblige me to submit." Lord
Morley adds: "As it happened, so nar
row is man's foreknowledge Grilllon's
down to the very end of his life near
ly sixty years ahead, had no more
faithful or congenial member." Lon-
the weather, for he often has to climb don Chronicle.
mountaius more than 12.000 feet high.
Asiatic Russia, which is apt to be
marshy, has the buffalo post, and, of
course, the progress made is very
slow. Buffaloes are more powerful
than oxen, and they are also used In
Siberia for carrying the mail.
Other postmen in foreign Innds are
the swimming postman of India and
the skiing letter carrier of the Andes.
For the latter place the Argentine gov
ernment specially Imports Norwegians.
Swordsmanship Against a Tiger.
Sir James Outram. known as the
Bayard of India, was a "mighty hunt
er" and an accomplished swordsman.
He once performed the hazardous feat
of killing a tiger with his sword and
from the back of bis horse. General
Nlcliolson performed a similar feat
He rode round and round the tiger at a
gallop, gradually narrowing the circle
until at last he was near enough to de
liver his blow. He had only the one
blow and If he had failed would have
made In an article by Professor Du- j been slain. The explanation of the feat
bois Reymond In Die Umshau. who ( is that the tiger does not spring upon
points out that one of the essential the horseman during the circling nroc-
f unctions of gymnasium work is not
so much to build up muscle as to train
nerves aud nerve groups to work In
proper unison and co-ordination.
Flags at Half Mast
Ever since flags were used In war
It has been the custom to have the
tlag of the superior or conquering na
tion above that of the Inferior or van
quished. When an army found Itself
hopelessly beaten It hauled its flag
down far enough for the flag of the
victors to be placed above It on the
same pole. This was a token not only
of submission, but of respect In those
ess because he Is watching his opportu.
nlty. As the circle draws closer and
closer upon him he becomes bewildered
by the strange maneuver, so unlike
that of any hunter he has ever encoun
Mexico's Smoking Mountain.
In 18!7 I climbed two volcanoes In
Mexico, Po-wcatepetl. or "the smoking
mountain." about 17.800 feet aud Ori
zaba, the former the most famous be
cause within view from Mexico City
and thus a source of especial pride aud
admiration to 'the Inhabitants, who
have been loath to believe that any
other of their mountains could be high
er. Popo has a really splendid crater,
about half a mile across and 1.000 feet
deep. The walls are generally verti
cal, but In one or two places it is pos
sible to descend. When workers are
engaged in collecting sulphur machin
ery is used to hoist them up and down.
From Popo's summit there is a glorious
prospect not alone) of the immense
crater, but of the beautiful "White
Lady" (IztacclhuatI) reclining a thou
sand feet below, of Orizaba ou the far
horizon and of the charming valley of
Mexico. Annie S. Peck in Christian
Soon Remedied.
Irate Householder Why can't you
answer this bell sooner? The fire's out
again. Where have you been?
Maid of all work (resigned and leav
ing) I've been pnckln up my things.
I can't stop to do that It'll light Itself
soon. The 'ouse Is afirel" London
His Recaption,
Young Man 1 have called, sir, to re
quest the hand of your daughter In
marriage. Old Grumlelgh Has she ac
cepted you? Young Man Yes, sir.
Old Grumlelgh Then what do you
want to come round and bother me
with your troubles for? i
India Rubber Tree Fruit i
The fruit of the India lubber tree Is
somewhat similar to that of the Rlel
nus communis, the castor oil plant,
though somewhat larger. The seeds
have a not disagreeable taste and yield
a purplish oil. It is a fairly good sub
stitute for linseed oil. though It dries
less rapidly Mixed with copal blue
days when a famous soldier died flags , and turpentine, it makes a good var
were lowered out of respect to his
memory The custom long ago passed
from purely military usage to public
ilfe or all kinds, the flag flying at half
mast being a sign that the dead wan
vns worthy of universal respect Tha
space left above It Is for the flag of
ili- creat conqueror of all, the angel of
One Good Way.
"My wife." said Mr. Clarke, "sent $2
in answer to an advertisement of a
sure method of getting rid of super
fluous fnt"
"Anu what did she get for the mon
ey? Was the Information what she
wanted?" asked Mr Simmons
"Well, she got a reply telling ber to
sell It to the soap man." Harper's
nlsh. The oil may also be used In the
manufacture of soaps and lithographic
Inks The seeds are somewhat like
tiny chestnuta, although darker In col
or. The Indian girls are fond of wear.
Ing bracelets and necklets made of
Ha Guessed Right
"Ah, me." exclniuied Mrs. Nngget
-my shopping was most unsatisfactory
Huh!" grunted Nnrget "Trying to
L-et something for nothing. I suppose."
"Yes, dear. I whs iifier a blrthda
.in for you."-Phil;idel,hia Press
Quite a Change.
veil Ro. veil aocsn t speak to hi
Powell And I can remenibe
he thought li wns worth $1
few words t her by long dl
telephone. -J mire.
n fine thins to Know when to '
my a man hoxN on too long I"
rfi jump in-",nrd than to g"
with the slnkinf hip.
A Funny Misprint
One of the most ludicrous announce
merits that ever appeared perhaps was
made by a London newspaper In the
earlier half of the last century to the
effect that Sir Roliert Peel "and a par
ty of fiends were shooting peasnnts in
Ireland " The words misprinted, of
course, were "friends" and "pheas
Causa For Gratitude.
Willie Green --You city kids ought to
be thankful that your parents use gas
stoves, especially during the hot sum
mer City Boy-Why? Willie Green
Well, you never heard tell of a boy
splitting wood for a gas stove, did you?
Philadelphia Record.
Wellington's Integrity.
The Duke of Wellington was noted
for his rigid integrity. Here Is an in
stance which occurred in reference to
his large estate. Some farm adjoining
his Innds was for sale, and his agent
negotiated for him for the purchase.
TTaiHtifT r.nfln1fwt Ih. hnulnnafl ha
went to the duke and told him he had i " " ' ' l"K
,i ...ti .,, whof n I took out one. and that, made the box "a
A Tragic Possibility.
Uncle Leven. a grizzled old wood
sawyer, was told by a lady for whom
he had been working to wait In the
kitchen for hln supper. Aunt Caroline,
the oook, filled his pin te with choice
bits from the "great house" table, and
Uncle Leven fell upon them with rel
ish. Soon, however, a cloud crossed
his face.
"What all you. Unc' Leven?" asked
Aunt Caroline solicitously. "Is you
got er pain?"
" 'Talu't dat. Sis' Calline." said Uncle
Leven, "but I's feared I'll git filled up
befo' I eats all I wants." Youth's Companion.
A Cigar Lighter.
Glbbs I went a railway Journey the
other day and took a box of cigars
with me. Nlbbs Well, I suppose you
had a good smoke? Gibbs Aye, I had
that, but when the train had started
I found I'd no matches. Nlbbs No
matches, and yet you'd a good smoke?
How did you manage for a light?
made a capital bargain. "What do
you mean?" asked the duke. "Why,
your grace, I have got the farm for so
much, and I know it to be worth at
least so much more." "Are you quite
sure of that?" "Quite sure, your grace,
for I have carefully surveyed It"
"Very well, then; puy the gentleman
from me the balance between what
you have already given and the real
value of the estate."
Strong Circumstantial Evidanea.
A young wife was In tears a few
mornings ago when her mother called
When asked what was the matter she
replied that her husband was out late
the night before and had been to a
drinking party.
"What makes you think be had beeu
to a drinking party?" asked the
"He came borne." sobbed the young
wife, "wearing a phonograph horn for
a hat" Kansas City Star.
A Reversed Program.
"The stage should depict society a
It really exists." said the serious per
"Yes." replied Miss Cayenne, "but It
doesn't On the contrary, society tries
to Imitate the song, dances and dialect
of the stage." Washington Star.
A Changed Man.
Mrs. Knagg Yon were a different
man when I married you. Mr. Knagg
I sincerely hope so, for then I was
a foot Boston Transcript
More Careful Now.
The young wife hail given her hits
and a dance. "You've Improved won
lerfully. Jack." she said as they sat
town. "Don't you remember how you
ised to tear my dress?"
"Yes." he replied. "1 wasn't baying
'lem then." Boston Transcript.
The class In natural history being
iked the difference tiel ween a dog and
tree, the head boy answered. "A tree
covered with bark, while a dog seems
be lined with It"
Noisy Sleep.
Hub inngrilyi-Here: What do you
ean b waking me out of a sound
ep? Wife Because the sound wns
-i distressing.-Boston Transcript.
cigar lighter." London Tit-Bits.
Reports of 30,000 Cases of Kidney
Trouble, Some of Them
Heppner Cases.
Each of some 6,000 newspapers of
the United Stales is publishing from
week to week, names of people in ite
particular neighborhood, who have
used and recomirendei Doan's Kidney
Pills for kidney backache and nrinary
disorders. This mass of proof includes
over 30,000 testimonials. Heppner is
no exception. Here is one of the
Heppner cases.
A. S. Burob, farmer, Heppner, Ore-
son, says: "r or about five years 1
had gravel and kidney trouble. There
was much pain through my kidneys
and at one time I was laid op for two
weeks. The doctor's treatment helD-
ed me slightly, but it wag not until I
tried Doan's Kidnev Pills that I re
ceived any great benefit. Ibis prepar
ation has done so much for me that I
gladly recommend it to other kidney
sufferers. "
For sals by a deaers, Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milbutn Co. Buffalo. New
York, sole agents for the United
Slates. .
Remember the name Doan's and
ake no other.