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Local and Personal
AH kinds of good Ice cold sodas at
Tne Palm.
Delicloui sodas and ice cream sodas
at The Palm.
Go to the Bakery for your bread.
26 loaves for 41 00.
Banke T. J. Mahoney and wife re
turned from Portland on Saturday
Hishest cash prices naid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
Milling Co.
Attorney 0 E. Woodson" has pur
chased a Roo auto and will henceforth
travel in style.
Dr. Winuard has taken a oeoial
course on eve Jiseasand is prepared
to fit glasses properly.
0. G. Crawford returned on Satur
day evening frrnu a vacatiou oi a
month in the Willamette valley.
Mrs. Lillie Cohn and daughter
Gladys have gone to the Herriu mill
where thay will camp for the summer.
A new daughter arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Rhea, of
Rhea creek on Friday the 12th iust.
Born-On Thursday. July 11, 1912,
to Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Feldmau. of
Herpner, au eleven pound daughter.
It may be to your interest to get
my prices before buying watches,
clocks or jnwelery. C. K. Johnson,
Robt. M. Hart and family doparted
for Portland ou last Thursday to be
absent on a vacation of two or three
weeks at Portland and the coast.
T. J. Hnmohreys departed for Port
land and Willamette Valley points ou
Monday, expectina to be absent for
some weeks on an extensive vacation.
For dyspepsia, our national ailment,
use Burdock Bitters. Recommended
for strengthening digestion, purifying
the blood. At all drug stores. $1.00
a bottle.
AT THE BAKERY Getaway from
the heat of baking by buying your
bread Cream loaf, plain loaf, whole
wheat and rye. Nothing better than
our cream loaf.
Frank Turner returned from Lavina,
Montana Monday evening He says
the shearing season has not been as
successful as common this year owing
to the unusual rains.
"I have been somewhat costive,
but Doan's Regulets give just the re
sults desirel. They aot mildly and
regulate the bowels perfectly." Geo.
B. Krause, Atloona. Pa.
J. W. Rasmus ca ne nc from Port
land on Tuesday evening to remain at
Heopner. He has had enough of the
city and is well satisfied to return to
the old stamping around to live.
Jerseys to Sell-I have some
choice young Jersey milch cows for
sale at ranoh one mile below Rnea
Siding. Address O. L. Lundell,
Arlington, Ore., for further particu
lars. Rev. II. A. Van Winkle, of Sheri
dan, Oregon, held services at the
Christian church both morning and
eening on Sunday. He came with a
view to locating as pastor of the
church here.
J. B. Sparks returned ou Saturday
evening from weeks visit at Baker
and ohter outside points. He has
purchased a new motor cycle, a Mer
kel, and is now ready 10 "go some"
whenever he chooses.
Buy it now. Chamborlaiu's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is
almost certain to be needed before the
summer is over. Buy it now and be
prepared for such an emergency. For
sale bv Patterson & Son.
Those interested in, and intending
to join forces with the federated
Chucrh of Heopner, are requested to
meet at the Baptist churoh at 8 p. m.
on Friday evening. The plan is to
perfect the organization at this time.
W. R. Iiwin is confined to his bed
at Portland suffering an attack of
typhoid. He bas been under the
weather for a couple of weeks or so
but the physicians were not sure that
he was developing a genuine case of
Chas. Johnson, the jeweler, has
just installed a splendid new reaula
tor. It Is of the mercury pendalnm
style and adjusts itself to cold and
hest, and is one of the finest of the
kind made, and adds much to the
equipment of Mr. Johnson's lace of
During the summer months mothers
of young children should watch for
any unnatuarl looseness of the bowels.
When given prompt attention at this
time serious trouble may be avoided.
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
Diarrhoaa Remedy can always be de
pended upon. For sale by Patterson
4 Son.
In attempting to ride a vicious
brono at the Crump place on Monday
afternoon, Harry Jon s was thrown
against the coiral fence and sustained
a dislocation of the should r. He
was brought to town as sooi as Albert
Bowker could get out and baoa with
his auto and Dr. Boyden soon put the
arm in nlaoe again. Harry recently
came uo from Portland and is at work
in the harvest field for R W. Turner.
Having been raised on the ranch out
near Butter creek he was anxious to
try bis hand at bronco busting but
the horse was a little too vicious and
Harry came out of the mixup as the
injured party.
Louis Padberg began the delivery
of his new wheat at the Jordan ware
house yesterday. He is running a
combine and his wheat is reported to
bn turning out fine. From now on
deliveries will begin to increase at
the various warehouses along th
branch. There has been some con
tracting at lone and Lexington, wheat
selling from 70 to 75 cents. About
20,000 sacks have been sold at lone
and about 16,000 sacks at Lexington.
From the way the grain is turning out
the county should produce an average
yield of about 2a bushels per acre.
The old bui'dina used for years as
a warehouse by the several saloons
in Heopner and standing on the prop
erty of the Star Brewery people just
south of the Brewery building is be
ing torn down this week. The lot
will bo cleaned np and made to present
a more sightly appearance ' This is
a good move and should he followed
by many more old shacks disappearing.
Hepnner coald stand the removal of
a good many such buildings and then
only be in a fair way to start general
improvement work.
Word received from Prof. J. W. L
Kaufman, recently of lone, states that
he is spending the summer in Seattle
and he expects to go to his new" field
of labor at Blaine, Wash. , in about
a month. He is greatly pleased to
learn that our croo in Morrow countv
is turning out so fine this Beason, and
informs this paper that he is still a
booster for our section.
W. 1. Campbell was in town on
Saturday riding about in his new
Michigan. Billy has learned to keep
well inside of the speed limits when
he hits Heppner He is also getting
to be a good booster for better roads
and he is alad that thii farmers are
beginning to buy more automobiles as
their more general use will insure per
manent good roads.
Albert Bowker returned from Port
land on Saturd y evening, biinging
with him a new Ford five-passenger
car. He has the egei cy ior mis
little machine at Henpner, and it is
his intention to oush the sale of the
Fords here pretty lively this Fall.
They are ce Uinly trim little cars and
should prove to be winners in this
Dixie McCraw suffered the loss of
the end of the middle inger on the
right hand on Thursday Jsst. It came
in contact with a chain belt and
pulley on a combined harvester and
i he member was severed so quickly
that Dixie did not know for an instant
what had happened to him. It is get
ting along all rihgt at the present.
The big Oil Pull engine has been
busv this week propelling the road
grader just above town on Hinton
preflk. The road no that way is bing
rapidly pet in shspe and the damage
laused by the reoe t waterspout out
that way is being repaired. The en
gine does good work in hauilng the
big grader.
According to report received here
no less than 7 new cotrbne lave
been unloaded at lone during the past
ten days, and from there hauled out
to the grain fields In different direc
tions. The crop down that way is
inn ni1 the wheat growers are deter
mined that it shall be properly har-
Mrs. R C. Wills arrived at Hepp
ner this week from LaGrando, Oregon,
to remain for a short time. While
here she will look after the disposal
f her real property in thisoity. She
pill offer her property at a bargain,
and anyone desiring a home in town
should consult with Mrs. Wills.
Heppner Elks have all returned
home from the big round-up at Port
land the nast week, some getting in
on Saturday and the balance of them
on Monday. They all reoort the Pest
time of their lives, and the treatment
accorded the visitors by Fortland was
out of sight.
N P. Peterson, a wheat buyer of
Portland will operate on the branch
line this season. He represents M.
H. Houser, the biggest exporter the
oast vear from the Northwest. Mr
Peterson is in Heppner at present
oking up the wheat K'owers.
For soreness of the muscles,
hether induced by violent exercise
injury there is nothin better than
Chamberlains' Liniment. This lini
ment also relieves rheumatic pains.
For sale by Patterson & Son.
Mr. and Mrs. Hnry Blackman are
ud from Portland for a short visit at
tbe boas of Mr. and Mra. Phil Coha.
The Doses That Mankind Swallowed
Thousands of Years Aao.
It In admitted that the oldest medical
work known in the libera ptipyrus.
discovered by Georg Kbers In tita
Journey to Egypt In 1S72-3. It In a
scroll twenty yards Ioiik mid a foot
wide and has been studied and trans
lated by Von Oefele and reviewed by
Von Llppniuuu. it was written about
1550 B. C though some of the mate
rial of which It Is a compilation dates
back to ubout 3700 B. C.
The medical substances mentioned
Include copper once more costly than
gold and silver lend. iron, uiitliuotiy,
carbon. sulphur, salt. soda, gypsum
und other minerals; milk, fats from
many animals, wax. and the horn,
blood and other portions of douiesttc
and wild aniirmls: castor and other
oils, honey, raisins, grapes, tigs, dates,
wine. beer, linen, flax, lanolin, papyrus,
numerous resius. caraway, fenuel. dill,
nieliot. watercress, peppermint, cori
ander, lettuce, endive, absinth, pome
granute, calamus, aloes, safllower.
crocus. Indigo, henbane, mandrake,
opium aud other plauts and vegetable
In preparing drugs solids were grat
ed or powdered In a stone mortar
There were many processes ot treating
them, such as roasting, baking, press
lug. steeping, warming, boiliug in vari
ous substances, macerating with lye.
evaporating and fermenting with yeast.
Liquids were tillered and clarified.
Some recipes contain two or three In
gredients, but others have as many as
thirty-seven materials.
The "Key of the Mediterranean" Has
Had a Stormy History.
England has been in possession of
tbe rocky promontory of Gibraltar
since 1704. From that time to this it
has been a crown colony under the ad.
ministration of a governor. By reason
of Its importnnt strategical position It
Is called the "key of the Mediterra
Gibraltar hna had a stormy history
In 711 the rock was takeu by the Arab
chief Tarik. who called it Jebel-al
Tarik (Iliil of Tarik) aud built "a for
tresa on tbe promontory. Part of these
ruins are still extant. In 1309 it was
taken by the Castiliaus, only to be re
captured by the Moors in 1333. It was
held by them until 1402. Following tbe
taking and sacking of Gibraltar In
1540 by Barbarosso. extensive military
works were built there by order of
Charles V.
In 1704 the promontory was cap
tured by a combined force under Sir
George Rooke and the Prince of Hesse
Dnrmstadt. lighting for the Archduke
Charles of Austria. The moment it fell
into their hands the British admiral
threw on the alliance with the Aus
trians and took complete possession of
the works.
British possession since tbat time
has been unbroken, although it was
under a Spanish siege for nearly three
years and eight months, beginning In
1779. Twice the garrison was on the
point of falling because of the starva
tion of Its defenders.
Right on the Job.
At the time Dewey captured the
Philippine Islands there was only one
lighthouse In operation In the Philip
pine waters that on Cape Melville.
Bnlabac island, south of the Island of
Tula wan and marking tbe entrance be
tween the China sea and the Sulu sea
As Is tbe custom In time of war. the
Spanish authorities had ordered all
lighthouses to have their lights extin
guished when It was discovered that
an attack on Manila was threatened
by the American navy. It appears that
this order was carried out at nil other
places except at the lighthouse men
tioned above, where the order was
never received. The keeper of this
light kppt his light burning up to June
30, 1S99, without assistance, and was
paid for his services from May 1, 1899.
to tbat date by tbe Philippine govern
mentPhilippines Monthly.
Fourierlsm was a social system
founded by Charles Fourier, born In
France 1772. died 1837. Fourier advo
cated co-operative Industrialism, cou
pled with tbe idea tbat society should
be organized Into "phalanges." The
phalange was to number about 1,600
persons, who were to live In a com
mon building, with a certain portion
of soil for cultivation. Tbe staple in
dustry was to be agriculture, but tbe
various groups might devote them
selves to such as were best suited to
their tastes. Several attempts were
made to carry out Fourier's theories,
but the result In each case waa fail
ure. New York American.
His Motto.
"You go around borrowing money all
tbe time and yet you seem to be pros
perous." ,r
"1 am."
"How do yon manage It?"
"My motto Is, 'Always put o(T till to
morrow those you have done today.' "
Toledo Blade.
Lots of Practice.
"Jnnklns, your wife la tbe most bril
liant conversationalist 1 know ot"
"Well, she's bad lota of praetic.
Sbe goes to a theater box party two or
three times every week." Chicago
Calling a Bluff.
Father I never smoked when I was
your age. Will yon ha able to tell tbat
to your son? Willie Not and keep
my face aa straight aa you do, pop'"
Puck, ..
Knowledge Is mora than equivalent
to fore. Johnson.
Grocery Specia
First Quality Roast
Heppner Blend
Steel Cut Ground
First Quality Tea
Ridgeway's Black Tea
Best Baking Powder
Pink Beans
Small White Beans
Bayo Beans
No. 1 Japan Rice
Italian Prunes ';
Pickles, mixed and
Bacon, Pioneer
10 lb Rex Lard
Toilet Soap
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Scrivner and
son Clarence are visiting in Portland
this week.
Mrs. Mollie Johnson arrived from
Walla Walla ou Mondav evening for a
visit of ten days at the home, of her
sister. Mrs. C. L. Keithly.
The sixteen-months-oll baby of
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Herrin is very
sick with pn nmonia at their home on
upper Willow creek.
A babv was born to Mr. and Mrs.
K. W. Famsworth at the rieppnei
hospital cn Tuesday but its life was
of short duration. Mra. Famsworth
is getting along nicely.
Dvsentery is always serious and
often a dangerous disease, but it can
be cured. Chamberlain s Ooho, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy has cured
it even when malignant and epedemio
For sale by Patterson & Son.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Jenks of Mon
ument, are visiting with relatives in
Heppner this week. Mrs Jenks is
here to be near her daughter. Mrs.
Uarl Fernswortb who is very serious
ly ill at the Heppner Sanatoiium.
We insdvtrtantly overlooked the
announcement last week of the mar
riage of Mr. Jewel Hale and Miss
Pearl Eirkland. The wedding took
place on Monday evening, July 8, at
the home of Mr. ard Mrs. Ed Hale,
in Heopner, Judge J. P. Williams
Mrs. Mary Boyden, of Hepnner has
been the guest of her sister, Mrs. G.
P. Miner, a week or two. Accom
panied by Charles Heckart, Mrs. Boy
den left this morning for Newport,
where she will spend several weeks
ith Mr. and Mrs. Htckart, who are
spending the summer there. Mrs.
Boyden is an aunt of Mrs. Heckart.
Corvallis Oszette-Times, July 15.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind Yea Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature f
Lexington and lone Congre
gational Services.
Preaching services at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. in lone on the 1st and 3rd
Sundays of the month : in Lexington
on tbe 2nd and 4th Sundays of tbe
10 lb tins
lib tins
1 lb cartons
1 lb cartons
1 lb cans
2 1-2 and 3 lb cans
5 lb cans
15 lbs for
15 lbs for
15 lbs for -14
lbs for
10 lbs for . -per
12 to 16 lb
6 bars for
Hot: Lake
LjmeTf If 5 f F l' iUl F r f?i32"
Hot Lake Sanatorium orlers much
great lioilins mineral spring provides naturally medicated water and mini
containing medicinal properties of great value. The three hundred room
Hotel Sanatorium affords ample accommodation. Lse ot tne water is
prescribed according to the needs of the - patient, determined by skillful
diagnosis. The result Is. the Hot Lake Sanatorium is renllv a cure place.
Thousands who have suffered from rheumatism, blood, skin, stomach and
kidney disorders have found relief and permanent cure there. The rates
are made to conform to the requirements of all classes. Open the year
Hot Lake Sanatorium Is located in Union County, Eastern Oregon, in
the heart of the Blue .Mountains, directly on the main line of the Orfg'on
Washingtorx Railroad (Bt Navigation Co., lind can be convenient !y
reached from any railroad point in the Northwest. Special reduced round
trip fares are made from all points on the O.-W. K. & X. Write for five
booklet to
WALTER M. PIERCE, Pres. and Mar.
Are Your Eyes Troubling YOul
If so, see Dr. Herbert W. Copeland, of
Pendleton, who is now stopping at the
Star Hotel, for two days.
Consultation free during this visit. Pre
scriptions written for highest grade glasses.
See him to-day. Do not wait at the expense
s of your eyesight.
Notaky Public
Represents some Leading Fire Insurance Companies, including
The Home of New York. The Hartford, and The l'hoeuix ol
Ixmdon, nlso American Bonding Co. of Baltimore.
Office: Gazette, Heppner, Oregon
Any skin itching is a temper tester.
The more vou scratch tbe more it
itches. Doan's Ointment is for piles,
eczema any skin Itching. 50c at all
drag stores.
27 l-2c
- . 25c
to health n nil. rest seekers. The
Insurance Agent
A household remedy for 25 years in
America Dr. Thomas' Electic Oil.
For cuts, sprains, bums, scalds,
brnisea. 25o and 50c. At all dru