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?Ice Cream Soda,
Ras. Porter,
In fact everything good to drink and
1 lit rAj 1 IMH
9 0
Orangette, Red
Cigars and Tobaccos
smoke at
: Props.
' t
Stiff Hats
The Celebrated
Hard email
Soft Hats
An ttaehment for hoe drills us illustrate'! here
hxs two very valuable and impor ant features
which eve-y rrogresaive farmer will appreciate t
once. They are made to tit any hoe, are easily
adjusted and answer the double Durpoteof re'i
lnting the depth of sowing and at he aame time
f net-sea the soil (irmly around the grain thus tuaur
D immtdiate germination.
Hplf-ndid results are obtained from their use,
Manufactured by
Pendleton Iron
Liberty Meat Market
B. F. MATLOCK, Prop.
J The Best Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Sausage and Home Cured Meats.
Tor soreness of the muscles,
--wAaether induced by violent exercise
- tx-ifarj there is nothin better thau
-vCbaniberlains' Liniment. This lini"
t event slso relieves rheumatic pains.
J K?r sle by Patterson & Son.
'.fearing the summer months mothers
afcarg children should watch for
t. -gar annatuarl looseness of the bowels.
r'tw Riven promDt attention at this
i-iiMo serious tronble may be avoided.
( rWaiberlain's Colic Cholera and
r. ICarrhoae Remedy can always be de
; rzenled open. For sain by Patterson
nth Biur0
.- ,m -rr Krarft for Ciri-CHFS-TER'S
. MVUNS hkJkND PILL in KFD and
dc k M!V n lull r 1 1. La, for twrnty-6
"rnva rnrardrd aa Best. Safest, Alwar Reliable.
t-tmf rvrPYWUFRF T
Lexington and lone Congre
gational Services.
Preaching: services .at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. in Ioue on tbe 1st and 3rd
Sundays of the month : in Lexington
on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of tbe
At trie Methodist church next Son
day morning, after a brief sermon,
the pastor will give a talk on tbe Fed
erated church, and a vote will be
taken on the matter in the congrega
tion. The services of the church ars
held only in the tnorninc, tbe union
services being at tbe Sooth Methodist
church at light.
V. A. PRATT. Pastor.
M. e. curncH, SOUTH.
Sonday School 10 a m. Preaching
11 a. m. Union yonng people's nu?et
ing 7 p. m. Preaching at evening
t ervice ty Rev. Powell, of Lexington.
For Sale A low-wheeled, nar
row tire wapon, in good shape.
Now ready to set header box on.
Can be seen at the Samuel Leffler
place. Inquire at this office. 3L
The Heppner Caiette, Established March 30, 183
TheHcppner Time, Established Nov. 18, 1897
Consolidated February lf. .Z. .
VAWTER CRAWFORD, - Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Thursday morninsf, and entered at
the Post office at Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
. a
One Year L... $1.50
Six Month. ' .75
Three Months, 50
Single Copies, 05
Display, transient, running less than one month,
hrst insertion, per inch, 25c, subsequent in
sertiont, 12 l-2c; display, regular, 12 l-2c;
locals, first insertion, per line, 10c; subsequent
insertions, per line, 5c; lodge resolutions, per
line, 5c; church socials and all advertising of
entertainments conducted for pay, regular rates.
Thursday, July, 11,
In commenting on the nomination
of Woodrow Wilson the Salem Status
man ys :
In real progressive principles, that
make' for the development and sym growth of his country, and
for its higher place among worl
Downrs and for the onward ruaroh of
niank'nd as a whole, William Howard
Taft outclnsncs Woodrow Wilson
Mr. Taft is for international pcaoe
and has a definite program. He is for
the taking nf the taxill question ou
of the muddy slougli of party politics
and nlacing it on a business basis for
a tar. ft" commifsion to study every
phase of the malt r, all the time nnd
for amendina a schedule at a time, as
needed. Asrait st the rierindcal distur
birg ot business by appeals to preju
dices and sections.
In all the broad field of true and
conduct' ve statesmanship, Mr. Taft
is far superior in ability, eqaipmeat
and training to Wilson He ma
and will maka for this country a bet
ter cheif executive than Wilson.
If the people uf the United States
can be induced to lay aside prejudices
for reason, Mr. Taft will be reelected.
If this cannot be accomulislied Mr.
Wilson's chances for election in No
vember are good.
Washing on politicians are up :i
the air, rather badly, as to the poss:.
ble effect of the nomination of Wood-
row Wilson for President by the dem
ocrats. Being a prouressive, his vie
tory is bound to hurt the chanoes of
Theodore Roosevelt, who declares that
he is going to run as a progressive
Republican. This condition is bound
to react in the case of candidates for
state offltp, mmy of whom hve been
hohlug off in making their annouue-
tnnnt. As it looks now, there will
be three tickets in the field locally :
Republican, Democrat and Progress
iv. The ultimate result is one that
is giving rise to considerable specula
ton Washington Democrats have
declared their intention nf lining up
back of Wilson and Marshall, although
thev voted for OlramD Clark solidly,
until his defeat was accomplished.
riecpner's Fourth was quiet and
rane. Quite a contrast to former
venra when the neople of the town
were in fear of fire or other disaster
from the excessive use of explosives
and fireworks.
Different men have various wave of
accomplishing results and a method
that would apneal to one man would
be rejected by another. We have in
mind tbe crusade under way headed
by Governor West a crusade against
vice, disorderly saloons and road
bouses in which the militia of the
state has been railed into requisition.
It Icohs like taking an axe to kill a
fly. Not beiause we consider the
evils mentioned as small and insig
nificant, as the flv, but we believe the
Givernor is on the wrong trail. Every
ccuntv in the state has its peaoe
officets; every district its prosecuting
attorneys, sworn and raid to prose
cute violations of the laws. If the
Governor hts proof positive that these
officers are drawing their salaries and
at the same time shielding vice and
refusing to prosecute criminals aod
lawbreakers, then it would ceem to be
'he duty of the Governor to remove
them from office or prosecute and send
them to the penitentiary for neglect
of duty or violation of their oath of
office. A removal or two with a few
orosecutions would doubtless have
the desired effect. Oregon Messea-
W. W. 8mead and wife departed
for Portland on Tuesday morning to
spend the balance of the week in the
city. Wal'are took down with him
irme very excellent samples of wheat
and other grains to place on exhibi
tion with the various products from
other portions of the state at the
Chamber of Commerce.
The C'hlce ! a Hatkaai.
is too important a matter for a woman
to be handicapped by weakness, bad
blood or foul breath. Avoid these
kiil-hoDes by taking Dr. King's New
Life Pills. New strength, fine com
plexion, pore breath, cheerful spirits
things that win men follow their
use. Easy, safe, sure, 25o. at S locum
Drug Go.
Five Hundred More Sheep
Mysteriously Poisoned.
The sheep poisoning scoundrel, .who
hns been operuting his fiendish pastime
in tb a vicinity recently, got iu an
esoecially tell ng stroke day before
yesterday, whenas the result of Wa
nning fe sheep trails at the head of
JElk creok, eight or ten miles fiom
this oitv, 600 head of a baud of B000
ownod bv R. B. Stanfield, the well
known Stanfield, Oregon, sheep man,
wero poisoned, the greutor number
The band was in charge o! one of
Stanfield's men, who with a number
of herders was brineieg tnem from
Grunt county points to this city for
shipment. n No ill effects ver,i uoti"-
ed until the head of E1k creek was
reached, when a number of the sheep
began to act as if tiioy had gone mad.
They would suddenly start and mq
as fast as they could for sonV dis
tance, then would fall down and soon
die What the nature of the poison
is has not yet been discovered, but it
did the work thoroughly and well.
The remainder of" the band was driven
on to this citv and seemed to be all
right when 'shipped, so'it is evident
that they did not get any of the poison,
as it took quiet effect on theories that
The sheep po'soner, who evre he it
is certainlv meeting with much suc
cess in Ins nefarious practice, and
what should ba dina to him in cast
he is eaught is not on the statute
books of the state ' The Oregon Woo!
growers' Association, through Secre
tarv Hoke, and the state through the
governor, have each ottered $1000
reward for the apprehension and con
viction of the guilty pirtv or parties.
Shetp men in Baker and Union coun
ties the past few weeks have suffeied
thousands of dollars loss through the
sheep poisoner s operations, and are
bending everv effort to trace the iden
tity of the man. What his motive is
or the nature of the poison employed.
has not yet been determined, but it is
a long lane that has'no turn, nnd with
out doubt it is only a question of time
when he will be anprehetided and
made to pay the penalty of his crime
Buker Democrat.
Oreunn. For the first time in its
long and eventful history, it ia visit
ing its own state. Its arrival arous
ed great interest and big crowds have
beeu vUtiug this sturdy old fighter.
Surveys at the mouth of the Col
umbia River show that the eutrance
is growing deeper. The area of water
is growlug,' apparently through, the
action of the river current, which di
rected b the jetty, is scouring out
the channel to a greater depth
Meadily imnroved cuudidtions are
looked for at the mouth of the river.
particularly as work on the north
jetty progresses.
Sherman c unty farmers have come
to appreciate tKeir experiment farm,
located at Moro, Many at first doubt
ed its utility but such valuable helo
has been given in conducting inquiries
into better methods of agriculture
that thev are now thoroughly inerest
ed. A recent farmers' diy brought
hundreds of visitors to the siation.
Girl of Eagle . Ranch
is Coming Here
What maker a WoniunY
One hundred and twenty pounds.
more or less, of bone and muscln don't
make a woman. It is a good founda
tion. . Put into it health and strength
and she may rule a kingdom But
that's just what Electric Bitters give
hpr Thousands blesu.them for over
coming faintirg and dizzv suelis and
for dispelling weakness, nervousness,
backache and tired listless, worn out
feeling. "Electric Bitters have done
me a world of good," writes Eliza
Pool, Depew, Okla. . "and I thatiK
you with all' my heart for making such
a good mdicine. " Only. 50c. Guaran
teed by Slocum Drug Co.
Oregon has Chance to Cap
ture Big Wheat Prize.
Oregon should capture the prize for
tbe best five bushels of wheat grown
n the Amerftan Northwest this year,
but to do so will require careful s-
ection and indeed it may be necessary
to hand pick the wheat, it will pay
to do it for a prize of S5.00O is offeerd
by the Northwest Development Lesgue
for the best five bushels exhibithed at
the Minneapolis Land Show io Novem
ber. With the spienidd gram crop
ssnred for Oregon, this state should
have any quantity of fhrst class wheat
to enter at this show.
Cimmrecial bodies of the state are
howing an interest in the collection
f Oregon exhibits to be shown this
Winter at the land shows of the Mid
dle Wt-st. In response to a call sent
out by Manager Chapman of tbe Ore
gon Development League, many out
ide cities have been heard from, each
promisiug to collect samples of the
best products grown there this season
nd it seems a good, collection is as
sured. No locality should allow itielf
to be unrepresented.
One of the most pretentious produc
tions of border life, sensational, real
istic full or mirth , melody, pathos
and a few tears, strong in plot and
quick in action. The story deals
with life in the west, the incidents are
faithfully drtwn, a picture of the
hapoy go lucky, good natured and
brave cowboy is drawn tiue to life,
yet an atmosphere of culture and . re
finement prevails throughout the no
tion of the entire production.
- A whole car load of elaborate scen
ery and properties are used to give the
production. In this, great presenta
tion the Acme of success has been
attained, inasmuch as the play
throughout is one of class-and refine
ment. Prof. Cnpontie's Celebrated Mili
tary hand has been especially engnged
to furnish classical free concdrts every
evening and the augmented Hungarian
Orchestra will drive dull cure away
between the acts and accompany the
vocal and dancing numbers on the
program which, by the way , are man v.
The mamouth waterproof pavillion is
elegantly appointed ; the attaches are
polite and gentlemanly, tbe opera
chairs are comfortably arranged and
the welfare and comfort of our
thousands of patrons has been the
coveted goal we aspired to and have
reached and maintained through the
entire existence of the great McDonald
Shows. The Bbuve meritorious at
traction will give one performance
only at Heppner, Wednesduy, July
1 7th. Free street parade on day and
date of show. Show grounds at depot.
Mrs: Al Zink is ou the Blck list.
Ellen Marlnt was visiting in Lex
ington Monday.
Mrs. Jim Carty was visiting in.
Lexiugton on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Breshears attended
church at Heppner on Sonday.
Rev. and Mrs. Warren, of Hepp
ner spent Sundny in, .Lexington.
Mrs. Wil-not, of lone, visited bvr
daughter, Mrs. W. P. McMillan ever
the 4th of July.
Rev. Mr. Powell and wifo spent
the Fourth at Milton with relatives,
returning Saturday, '
Barnry Hanlon, the section foreman
has quit batching in the cars and is
boarding at Grandma Boohers.
Not much news with everyone away
lieadirg or harvesting but better
times are coming and more news.
Quite an enjuoynble dance was giv
en in the Attisan Hall on the night of
July 4 Everybody reports a splen
did time.
W. F. Barnett who is harvesting
and threshing at the asme time says
that so far everv thing is just working
fine, good success all along.
Vj.s. Mabel Maivel , .formerly Miss
Mabel Boone., ami living at Arlington
-visiter! her anut, Mrs. Thornburg
from Saturday till Monday.
This is cherry sf ason around Lex
ington and all kinds of cherries are to
be bad for 5 cents per pound. Cur
rants are 25 oeius per gallon.
Mr. and Mrn R A. Nichols, and
daughter Echo, formerly of Lexington.
but now of Dayton, Wn, , came in cn
Friday's train to visit with relatives
and friends, returning Monday.
Following its success of last year,
Port rford will hold another agate
carnival early in August. A big fea
ture of the entertainment will be a
reproduotipn of the famous Indian
fight of Battle Rock.
Cooos Bav claims the largest siw
log. The C. A. Smith Co. has sawed
giant spinoe log estimated to have
weighed over 18 tons, that scaled
9,600 feet of lumber. It was 75 feet
long, seven feet in diameter at the
butt and five feet eight inches at the
top. This is thought to be the largest
log ever hauled on a train anywhere.
Portland is ablaze with lights and
streaming banners of purpla and white
this week in honor of the grand re
union of the Elks. Thousands of vis
itors from all parts of tbe country are
here, and to mary of the delegates,
this is their first introduction to the
Pacific Coast. Oregon lodges are co
operating heartily to welcome their
visiting brothers from the Eastern
Moored in Portland harbor is the
old fighting machine, the battleship
Mrs. W. O. Mino, Mrs. Delia Hal-
look and Mrs. W. B. Potter were pas
sengers to Portland on Tuesday.
E. G. Noble went to Portland on
Tuesday where he will spend a few
days on business 84 well as enjoy some
of the Elks proceedings.
J. L. Wilkins and wife and R. A.
Thompson and wife were among those
going to Portland onv Tuesday to spend
the remainder of the week..
A household remedy for 25 years in
America Dr. Thomas' Electic Oil.
For cuts, sprains, burns, scalds,
bruises. 25o and 50c. At all drug
J. B. Hnddleston finished a contract
he had of putting a fence around the
Quaid property in North Heppner this
week. J. B. is a nobby workman on
a job of this kind.
"I have been somewhat costive.
but Doan's Regulets give just the re
sult desirel. They act mildly and
regulate the bowels perfectly. "Geo.
B. Erause, Atloona, Pa.
Frank Roberts came over from the
valley Moudav with a band of fancy
Jerseys which he is offering for sale.
He will be in Prineville a few days
and then go to to Heppner, Oregon.
Prineville Review.
Dysentery is always serious and
often a dangerous disease, but it can
be cured. Chamberlain's Oblio, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy has cured
it even when malignant and epedemio
For sale by Patterson & Son.
J. J. Murphy and Virgil Fisher of
Monument, went to Portland on Tues
day in charge of a U. S. Marshall.
These gentlemen have been accused
of bootlegging and will have to face
the charge in the Federal court down
at Portland.
Hi man H. Cohen, crop statistican
of tbe Oregon Journal visited Heppner
on Tuesday to gather up some statis
tics with reference to our present crop.
He is making the rounds of tha wheat
belt and is greatly pleased with the
outlook for Morrow, Sherman and
Gilliam counies.
Services at the Baptist church on
Sonday will be as follows: Bibl?
schoo 10 :00 a. ra. Tbe pastor, John
McAllister, will preach at lone both
morning and evening holding: commun
ion service at ll a. Tbe subject
for discussion at 8 o. m. will be
"Higher Patrloism." The public
cordially invited.
Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all out
standing Morrow County Warrants,
registered prior to September 1st.
1911, will he paid npon presentation
at my office. Interest on the same
ceases after this date.
Dated at Heppner. Oregon, this
11th day of Julv. 1912.
County Treasurer.
The Annual meeting of the stock
holders uf the. Moriow Warehcnte
Milling Company will be held on
Tuesday, July 16, 19)2, at 2 o. m. for
the purpose of eleoting dire tors for
the tnsning vear and fr the transac
tion of such other business as may
regularly come before the meeting.
House for Sale.
Owing to the fact that we expect to
move into our new home scon we will
sell the house and Io and three acres
including chicken house nnd cow barn.
Near site of the proposed Catholio
Money to Loan.
We have thousands and thoufandsi
of dolUrs to loan on farm land at fair
rate of interest, long time, privelege
naving any interest period. Garfield
Land Company, Garfield, Washington.
Any skin itching is a temper tester.
The more von scratch the more it
itches. Doan's Ointment is for piles,
eczema any 'skin itching. 50o at all
drug stores.
Rev. H. A. VanWinkle, of
Sheridan, Oregon, will preach at
the Christian church both morn
ing and evening on Sunday, July
14th. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to the public to come and
hear him. '
IT 13 a rrcnt cct'rsfaction to
enrry a vtc!i that always
fjives correct time. That is why
these zrz over seventeen million
Walthon Watches
in use. The ownrr cf a V.'altham can
r.lways rely upua L1j wu'j u Qcthini
llierc o:i t::::;. ,
"' litre ytri oJru:A c Valtham
TTe carry a comnlefe ttli rf Vt'ltSam
rwwmertv t mr.j i.i ij ' V114 14
Jeweler & Optometrist