The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, July 04, 1912, Image 5

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    Oiugou ilidtorical Koclet
Local and Personal
All kinds of good ice cold sodas at
The Palm.
Delicious sodas and ice cream nod as
at The Palm.
Red lemonade for the ktrfs on July
3rd and 4t h. H. & G.
Go to the Bakery for your bread.
26 loaves for 1.00.
You need not pav so mach for In
surance. Talk to M. E. Sinead.
Mr. Tom Hess, of Portland is In
Heppner visiting relatives and friends.
Why not select that carpet from the
new lines at Case's Furniture Store.
Highest cash prices naid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
Milling Co.
Mrs. Epplear Giesie Is visiting
with har parents , Mr. and Mrs. Jas
Wylaod, of Hardman.
Dr. Winuard has taken a oeoial
course on eve Jiseamsand is preoarefl
to fit classes properly.
Miss Mildred Frye, of Portland, 1
visitine with her cousin, Mrs. John
Kinsman in this city.
Will II. Dutton. of Portland, is
bDanding the week hero, visiting with
hi) uncle, Judge Dutton.
Libb McBee and wife, of Cecil
came no to Herjpner Monday evening
to attend the celebration.
Tho neatest thing in the refrigeatur
line is the "White Frost." Sold by
the Case Furniture Company.
Emery Slocum arrived from Port
land Monday eveninn and will spend
the ju miner vacation in Heppner.
Andy Rood, Jr. , Is confined to
hospital in Portland where he is taaing
treatment for hia rheumatic troubles.
The Pastime will open Ice cream
oarolrs for the ladies on the 3id and
4th. Don't forcet we keep the bast,
h. & a,
Frank Hamilton is up from Sutter
Calif. . where he has been living the
past year, and will remain until after
Chance Wilsnn and wife came over
from Monument on Satuniav to tako
in the Wild West show and remain
for Heppner's celebration.
A sood Di'ano to sell . or trade for
horses. This is a good instrument
in first class oondition. Inquire a
this office. , tf.
Chicken and Ice cream
will make anyone smile
on a hot Sunday.
Jerseys to oell-i have some
choice V0DH2 Jersey milch cows for
sale at ranoh one mile below Rhea
Siding. Address O. L. Lumlell
Arlington, Ore. , for further particu
lars, tf.
Howard Robinson, formerly of
Hepunor, but. latelv of Weiser, Idaho,
has returned to his old home here,
He intends to enter high school here
this fall.
AT THE BAKERY Get away from
the heat of baking by buying your
bread. Cream loaf, plain loaf, whole
wheat ard rve. Nothing better than
our cream loaf.
Dr. M. A. Leach and family will
speed a month at the Coast, leaving
Heppner about the 10th of July. If
you are in pain fiom bad teath, or
need any work along this line, you
had better come in at once.
For dyspepsia, our national ailment,
use Burduok Bitters. Recommended
for strengthening digstion. purifying
the blood. At all drug stores. $1.00
a bottle.
A. B. Stanley, for so many years
proprietor of the Lone Rock Mercan
tile Camoony, has disposed of his bus
inesi Uj Messrs. Stewart and Carrioo,
and these gentlemen will continue the
business under the old name.
J A. Vale, formerly of Herpner,
will leave The Dalles shortly for La
Center Wash., where he will engage
in business for himself. He will be
associated with Mr. Lasseter in the
general merchandise business at that
point. J
Rv. J. V. Crawford came up from
the Willamette Valley on Saturday
evening to remain at Heppner for a
week. He will return next week to
Oorvallis, exDeoiing to spena tne
remindei of the summer in that vi
cinity. The leading lady rider with the Car
ton ahow took away wih her one of
E. O. Noble'a finest saddles on Mon
day, and Gene received two other or
der for s.ddles he will manufacture
. for other members of the cowboy con
ing ent traveling with the ahow.
For exceeding Ihe aoeed limit, W.
T. Campbell, ex-county commissioner
and large wheat farmer of the Social
Ride country, was "hauled" bnfore
Recorder Williams on Saturday morn
ing upon complaint of Marshal Smith,
and given a fine of $50 or ten days in
jail. Mr. Campbell has just recently
become the owner of a new Michigan
car and made his first trio to town on
Saturday. In order to show what lie
could do as the driver of a motor car
and alo as a candidate for honors on
the racing track, Billy disregarded all
laws and regulations. The testimony
of some of the foremost citizens, such
as Gilliam, Mahoney, Clark and others
is to the effect that he was seen to
nasS np Main street at a speed all the
way from (10 to 120 miles an hour and
these men always confine themselves
to 'he truth and have a great reputa
tion for strict probity; in fact their
testimony would convict a man in
almost any court of the land and it
had much weight with Judge Wil
liams. Of course Mi. Camphell de
nied the allegations of the complaint
but this was of no avail agaiust such
preponderance of evidence. He had j
to take his mediciue, and upon prom
ise of never coming to town again at
such a rate of speed, the judge remit
ted the fine and imprisonment, and
Mr. Campbell hones to got even with
these fellows at some future date.
School Notes.
Br Notion.
On the 18th ult. , I visited the school
in Distriot No 60, which is presided
over by Miss Edna Carmichael. The
pupils were doing review work, prs
paratory to closing up the work of
rhe term. Everything indicated that
the term's work had been satisfactory
and that the pupils had made good
rroeress in their studies.
Pupils who nxoect to compete in
the school fair for the prizes for grain
selection should be making the selec
tions now. Within a few days har
vest will be in full progress and then
it will be too late to make these selec
tions. Those who expect to compete
for , the bust Blass of jelly and the
best can of fruit shond not lose sight
of those matters. The pupils who
expeot to trv breadmaking should
relieve their mothers hv practicing at
this art during the summer months,-
Mr. Bert Mason, of lone has taken
over the business of the firm of . Hal
vorsen & Mason and will conduct it in
the future. This is one of the best
mercantile businesses of the county
and Bert is in line to do more business
than for some time past. Mr. Hal
vorson is largely interested in land
near lone and wfM devote his tme
to looking after his farm Business
at lone is begi.inine .o nick up quite
livel? and the solendid crops about
there this season will help to restore
the Mttle titv to its former orestige
as the wheat shipping center of the
The water spout that struck in the
vioinity of the Jny Devin place on
last Wednesday caused no little dam
age to the premises of Guy Beyer and
N. S. Whetstone on Hinton creek.
At the Boyer place the garden was
destroyed and the splendid spring
washed away, and Guy has not been
able to find it since. These spouts
are a fright but there seems to e no
way of avoiding them and they are to
be looked for frequently seasons like
this. I
If you are a hoosewife you cannot I
reasonably hope to be healthy or beau
tiful by washing dishes, sweeping and
doing housework all day, and crawling
iuto bed.drad tired at niiht. You
must get out into the open air and sun
light. If yon do this every day and
keep your stomach and bowels in good
order by taking Chamberlain's Tablets
when needed, yen should become both
healthy and beautiful. For sale by
Patterson & Son.
The big rains of Sunday and Monday
caught a lot of wheat hay down which
will be injured more or less. . Many
farmers in the vicinity of lone were
ready to begin running their headers
and combined harvesters the first of
this week but the wet weather has
caused some delay. No damage to
standing crops will result from the
heavy rain.
State-Evangelist O. E. Williams,
of the Chrisitan church has been in
Heppner this week and held services
at the churoh each night. Mr. Wil
liams is a speaker of much force and
a verv successful evangelist. He will
remain over Sunday and the publio of
Heppner is invited to come and hear
Why does evrovbody want our ice
cream? Because it is made f'om pui.
Jersey cream, always fresh and aweete
H. & G. I
A handsome dinner set will be given
free with every range sold by us in
the next sixty diys. Call and see
both. Case Furaiture Co.
mall Carrier Will Fly.
This is an age of srreat discoveries.
Progress rides on the air. Soon we
may se Uncle Sam's mail carriers
flyinir in all directions transporting
mail. People take a wonderful inter-
I est in a discovery that benefits them.
I I hat's why Dr. King's New Discov-
rey for coughs, Colds and other throat
and lung diseases Is the most popular
medicine in America. "It cured me
of a dreadful coueh," writes Mrs. J,
F. Davis. Slickney Corner, Me. ,
"after doctor's treatment and all
other remedies ha-i failel. " Excell
ent for coughs, colds or any bronchial
effection. Price 50c and $100. Trial
bottle free at Slocum Drug Co.
W. P. Scrivner has on exhibi
tion at his shop one of the Rurhley
Oil Turn engines. These engines
are designed for all purposes,
stationary and portable in sizes
from 3-horse to 15-horse power.
He has the agency for this class
of engines as well as the Oil Pull
tractor. Any one interested in
small engines should call and see
this sample. He is agent also
for the Rumley line of Separa
tors. Any one having the. Gar
Scott machinery or the Advance
machinery should see Mr. Scriv
ner for repairs and all extras.
He can sell you any of these lines
of machinery.
Minor & Co.
Special Sale
We will be next to the dance plat
form whete you can get all kinds of
cool drinks and the best of ice cream
in town. Hendricson & Gurdane.
It may be to your interest to get
my prices before buying watches,
clocks or jewelery. C. R. Johnson,
' Tor Infants and Children.
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature f
To Threshermen.
About 400 acres of grain that party
derires cut with combine harvester.
400 acres m"re adjoining that can be
secured. Inquire at or write this
office. 3t
House for Sale.
Owing to the fact that we expect to
move into out new borne soon we will
11 the house and lo' and three acres
including chicken house and cow barn.
Near site of tbe proposed Catholic
"I have been somewhat costive,
but Doan'a Regulets give just the re
gult des-irel. They jaot mildly and
regulate the bowels perfectly." Geo.
B. Krause, Atloona, Pa.
JULY 4111.
9:00 a. m. Parade to Start from Commercial Club
9:30 Exercises at Stadium as follows:
America by Band and Chorus
Invocation by Rev. E. P. Warren
Male Quartet "Your Flag and Mine."
Band "Hail Columbia"
Reading of Declaration of Independence
Song "On to Victory" bv Chorus
Male Quartet "Flag of the Free"
Oration by Roscoe R. Johnson
"Star Spangled Banner" by Band and Chorus
10:30 Ball Game, Schcolhouse flat, Hermiston vs. Heppner
1:00 Horse Races at Depot
2:00 Bucking Contest
3:00 Ball Game, Schoolhouse grounds, Hermiston vs.
5:00 Hose Races on Main Street
7:00 Foot Races on Main Street
The foot races of the Third will be repeated on the Fourth,
with the exception of the ladies' race.
100 yd Dash free for nil. $7.50
(iirlH Race ."() yd Dash. $5.u0
ISoys Race 100 yd, $5.1X1
Rarrel Race 100 yd. not less than 4 to start, Jo.OO
Fat'iimn's" race 100 yds. 5.00
Ludics race, 1st ami 2nd money 1st. $fi.00. 2nd 4.00. 50 yds
Hose Rat e. 1st money 25 00, Second mr)ney $15.00
Rest Rider $20. Second Rent Rider, $10.00
A prize of 10.00 will lie given to the owner of the hardest buck ng
horse. on your bucking horxen and have them rode free.
For information about races and biickinjjconteist set' Dave MeAtoe
and Orve Rammis.
1st Race. Vt Mil,, free for nil. $.V).0O
2nd Race Mile Hash. $10.00
."nl Race Mile for Mnici4. winner of first day barnil, $10.00
4th Knee S4 M ile free for all, winner of .".0.00 race barreil, f 2."i 00
No entrance fees will be charged for any of these raes.