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    Ciegou jiuiurioal fcooiet
city nail y
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VOL. 29. NO. 14,
Heppner, Oregon
Flag Far Every Hy
and & BJssEEcSr I2--;
The family table will be set at
the PALACE HOTEL family style
with plenty of well cooked meats
and garden vegetables, in fact all
the market affords.
To the Ladies:
The parlor will be
furnished with plenty of
rocking chairs and loun
ges for you when tired,
and ice water when you
are thirsty.
Pure Bred Lincolns, Cotswold and Shrop Rams from the best
flocks in the country. All orders promptly filled and delivered
at Heppner. If you have anything to sell in the Sheep line
send your list to me; I will find a buyer.
T. F. BOYLEN, Pendleton, Or.
Hot Lake- Sanatorium
u www .wwir.!.rwA y. w imMwm.'
FIU ?M-5' 5 v f,-' -.- 'tr.: ;:,:-su ". f ;,-',
Bond Issue of
Cast, 243.
$40,000 is
Total Vote
Fur I ho past throe weekq Hepriner
has been somewhat agitated over the
propesitoin to bond School District
No 1 in the sum of 140,000 to con
struct a new school honsa.
There wore many who opposed the
bond issue and they out up a prettr
strong fight in snpport of their side of
the qnestion, and for this they are not
to be censured as tliev were no doubt
animated by honest convictions. On
the o(her hand those favoring a new
building were jnst i.s earnest in suo-
port of their tida of the question, and
a livelv little battle was carried on.
The election came off on Tuesday
afternoon, a large vote being' cast.
The quersticn was divided into two
propositions for the voters to decide.
One authorizing the dirt-dors to pur
chase the nedssary building site and
the other providing funds uecesfarv
to purchase site and erect a schrcl
house by bonding the district in the
im of $40,000. I
The election passed off very quiet-1
ly. One of the noticeable features be- j
inc. (he interest manifested fcy the
womn of the district who turned out
in large numbers to register their
voets in faor of the proposition, and
was no doubt Inrgelv due tn their in
terest that the election went su
strongly in favor of the new school
The vote stood on purchase of site:
Yes, 190: No, 52. On bonding the
district, Yes. 188; No, 5,".
This Is an endorsement of the new
school house that is very gra tifj-ing-.
indeed nnd it gives us pleasure to
announce to the outs'de world that
Heppner is stil on the map and is
ready to take a sctp in the line of
progression that will mean much for
the future of oor city. There is
tiling that could add more to
credit than tliij move.
Slow Games and small At
tendance are the Three
Days Features.
Hot I. ;ike Sanatorium oilers lunch to liculili .-mil rest seekers. The
great boiling: nunernl spriiiji provides nntunilly medicated water and mini
contnininir niedii innl properties of value. The three hundred ropin
J Intel Sana tonum affords iunple aei'oinmoilal ion. 1'se of the water i I the week
(iH'M l Mifii (HUM iiiii ill uit' iifi't's mi tin" iuil('lll, 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' i J 1 1 1 1 It I I i.V rhlllml
diagnosis. The result in. the Hot Lake Sanatorium is really a cure place.
Thousands who ha ve suffered from l liemna l ism. blood, skin, stomach nnd
kidney disorders have found relief and permanent cure there. The rates
nre made to conform to the requirements of all classes. Open the year
round. t
Hot Lake Sanatorium is located in I'liion County, Eastern Oregon, in
the heart of the Blue Mountains, directly on the main line of the Oreg'on
WesHington Railroad (EL Navigation Co., and can be conveniently
reached from any railroad point in the Northwest. Special reduced round
trip fares an; made from all points on the ).-V. I!. & N. Write for free
booklet to
Hail Injures Crops.
Abfltit 2500 acres of fine plain were
destroyed Wednesday afternoon by
hail, Comparatively sneaking the
storm covered only a small area but
where it did strike it was extremely
severe. Hailstones the size of eggs
were numerous and many were larger
while the wind made the damaes
much more than it would have been
otherwise. Where the storm struck
in full force the erain was battered
into the ground, chickens were billed
and much stook severely injnred. It
is esMmatea. tnat rarman tiros, are
tlio heaviflst. losers, having had ?")0
acres of fine grin totally destroyed.
Other heavy los' rs nre Phil Stnrr, W
N. Brown. Exrl Fromon. , W. O,
Echols, Claud Edwards, S. B. Barker,
and pos ib'v several othir. Hana
West and Wm. -Gross lost a few acres.
Pnrman Bros, expect to cava about
700 tons of hay from the palh of the
storm aud it is probable that tha others
will also be ablo to get scrao hav al-
inongn in some instances the grain
was heaten too badly to even moke
gnoi hay. In the remembrance of
the old-timers this is the second hail
storm of auy consequence. Condon
Martin Johnson is a frequent visib r
in Eight Mile thes nice summer davs.
C. D. and Ed Huston bought from
M. Hnninhrey a few work horses last
Frank and Howard Anderson or
dered a ncWjBest Combine the first of
the week.
Miss Ililma Bergotrom was sowing
for Miss Addie Anderson the first of
The bast-ball tournament held at
lone on Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day of last week waa not, a success.
l ins is due to trie ran tnat the man
agement was disappointed at th last
minute in securing outside teams to
participate. Heppner did not intend
to send a team to the "Chicken city"
but upon being made a liberal , offer
Manager Maddnck scrapid together
a bunch of pick-ups and went down to
carry away the prize morey.
The first jay resulted in a close and
interesting gamo. The score was
I to o in lone s tavor. This game
was one bin surprise to the Hfponer
fans, for they bftd no other idea than
that lone would win easily, for they
had be?n putting in some hard prac
tice. Hiatt and Halo, of Heppner
did the feature hitting in this came
On the second day much slower hall
was play?d, the arore being 9 to 10 in
favor of lone. The game on the third
day was called off in the firh inning
with the score of 1 to 0 for lone.
There is very little doubt that
Eleppncr would have won the series
lis d it hten possible io have sent all
nf the regular teem down. Rhea and
Rncd "came back" on the second day
and made a gnod battery f r Heppner
Sperry and Cushaw was Ione's bat
tery. Olin Hayes of this citv oeffiia
ted as umpire and gavo satisfaction.
Was Bm$&
Wliatmakera Woman?
One hundred and twenty pounds,
more or less, of bone and muscle don't
make a woman. It ig a good founda
tion. Put, into it health and strength
and ehe may rule a kingdom But
that's just what Electric Bitters give
hir. Thousands bles: them for over
coming fainting and dizzy spells and
fcr dispelling weakness, nervousness,
backache nnd tired listless, worn out
feeling.; "Electric Bittr have done
me a world of good," writes Eliza
Pod.Dcpew, Okla. . "and I thanit
you with all my heart for making such
a sood iifJotcine. " Only 50c. Guaran
teed by Slocum Drug Co.
In looking over our Spring stock which
has just been received, we believe we
have the best assortment of n-0ods that
has ever been shown here.
A Splendid Line
of Ladies' Waists, Collars, jab
ots, etc. They are snappy
just the style you want.
Good Time Enjoyed at An
nual School Meeting.
WALTER M. PIFRCE, Pres. and Mer.
Xotauy Public
IxsriiAxcE Agent
Bejiresetiti some fading Fire Insurance Companies. Including1
The Home of .New York, The Hartford, and The I'liieuix of
London, also America u Bonding Co. of Baltimore.
Office: Gazette, Ileppner, Oregon
The summerfallow wheat in Eight
Mile will yield rom 35 to CO bushels
per acre.
C. E. Jones and M. Ashhauh atten
ded the farmers meeting at Heppner
last Saturday.
Claud Keithley ig building a fine
house on his wheat ranch on the head
of Eight Mile,
A fine raiu we hod last Sunday, al
though it hindered C. E. Jones from
heading his early oats.
Ben Anlursno left last week for a
few weeks visit with his brother, Ed,
In Wallowa. But we suppose he will
call at Hood River also.
Ilardman, Ore , July 2, 1912.
To the Gazaitn-Ti-iies :
At the anriij-1 s"hon1 meeting, held
June 27, Si me of the people of Dis
trict No. 51, actio? on th suggestion
given by Fupt. Noisin, Lrni ght their
dinners and had a vtry tree lit' le pic
nic. Still ethers came after noon and
all enjoyed themselves visiting.
Dorini the me t ng it was suggest
ed that we have a box social to raise
money to pai it the i is da of the school
louse, vh h is ctrtiinly teedd, and
any money which might he left over
when this was areornrlished to go a fund which is being collected
to purchase an orgnn.
All were agreeably surprised at the
result; t'e snciil beinc on the evening
of the 29th, giving short time forpre-
naration, but nearly everybody in the i
district cpnin which shows that an in-1
t'Fest is tiunn in the school. SoO.lOi
was cleared from the saie of the bas-1
kets and a fishing po"id, the children, I
epecial'y, erjaving the latter, as did
also a few of the erevvn-uos. j
If any one wants pins, needles or
buttons , ask K. Mo. or G. C. fori
them. I
Mr. Severance hrrught his nhono-'
graph which lurnishod entertainment. J
All Feemed to enjoy themselves. It is !
rumored there is to he mother social j
later on, and here's hoping. j
This school is sometimes known as;
the Burton Volley school.
Here are a few of our standbys:
Banner Brand Waists, Underskirts & Dresses;
. Nemo and 11. & G. Corsets: Simpson's: Prints.
Amoskeag A. F. C. Ginghams. Bipplettes and
Galateas. lied Goose Shoes for Children. "Pa
cific and Swell Shoes for Ladies. Atlantic and
Senate Shoes for Men and Boys, Hansen
Gloves, Conqueror Hats, Standard SI i i its ,
Collegian Clothes, Boss-of-the-Boad Overalls,
,Ilo3al Club Canned Goods, M. J. B. Coiiee
Crystal White Soap, Fuller's Sheep Mark
ing Paint, Crisco, Easy Jell. etc. '. -
n nod
Leave Your Orders
C! o A IT 1? m
f; .t
i.-11 i 13 s-v
We have made an
M. E. riU HCH, SOtTH.
Sunday achool 10 a. m. Preaching
11 a. m. The pastor will preach for
Rev. Powell at Methodist church in
Lexington at S p. m.
Christian Church.
State Evangelist, G. E. Williams!
began a series of services last Sunday
morning and will continue till next
Sunday night. Mr. Williams bas
been in the field for three yaers and is
well and f3vorbly known throughout
Oregon. Ha has his stt rioptirnn
with him snd at eai h evening service
hsows many helpful end b-autifol pic
tures. You will be helped and blessed
to attend these services. Come and
bring a friend.
Any fkin itchina is a temper tester.
The more vou scratch the more it
itehes. Dean's Ointment is for piles,
eczema any skin itching. 50o at all ,
drug stores.
ments with Jas. Nunzmalizr,
Hood River to handle his fa
mous Royal Ann cherries.
The season is now at its
highth. Dont delay if
you want the best.
A. M. Phelps,