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To Attend The
PORTLAND, JULY 8 TO 13, 1911
Six days of fun and recreation. Starr right and get your ticket via
0.-W. R. N. "The Easy Way"
Final Return Limit, July 22. Dater of Sale, Jule 7, 8, 9, 10
HEPPNER to PORTLAND and return $7.80.
Train leaves Heppner 9 a. m. arriving Union Depot, Portland
5:30 p. m. For further particulars apply to
. B. HUDDLESTON, Agent, Heppner, Oregon.
fM. S. CORRIGALL, Prwident
J. B. NATTER. Vice Pre..
We offer to the Public the services
of a strong and well equipped Bank,
with the experience of twenty-five
years in this community.
Accommodations extended to cus
tomers consistent with safety, and
balances carried with us.
For the 4th of July decorations at
Leading Hardware Dealers
For Sale at
In Good Condition.
Inquire at Gazette-Times Office.
I u McHALEY, T. J. MAHONEY, Cashier
Vice Pre.. CLYDE BROCK, Ami. C.hier
a Bargain
Delinquent Tax List 1910.
Notice is hereby given that the last
halt of the taxes for the year 1910, on
the property hereinafter described,
which was assessed to the respective
persons herein named, have been de
linquent since the First Monday in
Ootober 1911 : that if said taxes are
not paid within six months from said
date, a Tax Certificate of delinquency
will issue thereon, as provided by
A penalty of ten per cent,
interest at one per cent per
month and the cost of this
notice will be added to the
respective amounts as herein
Gladys Akers, lone Halvortens
Add: Lots 7-8 Blk 2 3 06
E. T. Allen. Irrigon Lots 1-15-
17-18 Blk 16 44
Matilda O. Ayers, SWi NWi, 32.
1-N 28. S SEJi, NEi SE
20. 1-S. 28 5 82
Wm. Ayers Est, E NWJi, EJ
SW'i,4, 1-S, 28. SEi 10, 1-S
28 U 20
Fred W. Balsiger, SWi 81, 1-N,
24. TS. NWi beg llchs of SE
cor of the NE1 Sec. 5. West 11
chsN,20chs, East 1 chs.
SE terly, 21 ohs to bee, Sec 4,
1-S, Range 24. NEi, N SEi,
5, 1-S, 24 ....51 75
Melvina Brenner, NW, NEJ,
NEi NWi, 12, 6-S 25.
SEJ, 1, 6-S 25 16 54
E. S. Cox. lone. Lot 6, Bkl 1...9 18
Joshana Doan. NWi, 8 1-N, 25. .14 01
M. 0. Fuqua. SEi, 32, 3-S. 24.
NWi. 83, 3-S, 84. . ... . . . . .36 22
Grace G. Gill, SEi, 10. 4-S,
29. N SEi, 15. 4-S. 29 4 96
E. A. Hammer, NE NEi, 10,
1-S, 24. W, 32 Acres of the
NWM NW 11. 1-S. 24. M 38 11
O. O. Henkle, Lot 4, Blk 9, West
Irrigon , Sec, 24 5-N 26. Lots
3-4 S., NW Sec 2. 4-N. 26. .15 24
Hollie Leathers, SJ 3W, W. 30
Acres NWi SW, Sec 35, 4'S.
25 , 9 13
Shelby E. Lee, Lexington, Lot 3,
Blk 15 H 55
Littlehales & Roberts, Wl NEJ.
EJ NWI, 17 1-N 23. EJ El, 17,
1-N, 23. Lots 3-4, 19. 1-N
23 , 13 45
C. A. Lovegreen, Nw. SI SWi,
17, -3-S. 23. NE, El NWi,
18, 8-S23. NEiNE,19,3-S
23. El SEJi, 18, 3-S. 23. Nl
NWi, 20, 3-S, 23 55 20
Lincoln Maedor, Lot 2, Blk 15
West Irrigon, 1 65
George Miller, Lot 12, Blk L,
Looneys Add 16 10
Thaden Moore Heppner. Mt Ver
non Add, Lot 1, Blk 20. .... . A 71
Artie Morgon. Heppner. Ayers
5tb Add; Lot 4, Blk 2. Tract
No. 57 8 59
D. F. Kessler, Lot 1 Blk 20 West
Irrigon 1 77
W. T. McNutt SEi 84, 1-N, 24, .36 17
Lena Owens, Tract in SWi SWi,
35. 4-S, 25 .'...8 70
Frank W. Roberts, Heppner SI
Lot 5, Bkl 8. 83 X 42 ft off
W. end of Lot 5 Blk 2 244 75
W. A. Thomas, NWi, 2, 1-N. 23.
NEi. 6, 1-N, 24. E2' SWi,
34, 2-N, 23 32 77
C. D. Turner, Est, Lexington.
Lot 2, Blk 6 41
K. G. Warren, SWi NEi. Wtf
. SEi, 13, 1-S 29 4 20
S. O. Watkins, W NEi N SEi
19, 1-S, 25 9 60
R. O. Wills Est, Heppner, Part
Lot l.jBlk 9. 16 X 40 ft Lot
2, Blk 9. E. 30 ft, Lots 7-8,
Blk 9 12 69
A. F. Young, S SEi, 8.2-S.23.
Eli NE&, 17, 2-S 23 3 57
Cecil Young, EJ SWi, 29. 3 S,
23. NWi NEi, NEi NWi, 32
3-S, 23 5 09
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
The Western & Hawaiian
Investment Company Limit
ed, a corporation,
Benjamin F. Estes and
Ada Estes. his wife, J. Cy
Smith and Millie R. Smith
his wife, Eliza J. Wehb and
T. S. Townsend Creamery
Company, a corporation,
To Eliza J. Webb:
of Oregon. You are hereby required
to appear and answer the complaint
filed against you in the above entitled
init within six (6) weeks from the
date of the first publication of this
summons. If you fail so to do for
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to the Court for the relief prayed for
In the complaint, to-wit, for a decree
that plaintiff have judgment against
the defendants Benjamin F. Etes and
Ada Estes for Two Hundred Dollars
(200.) with interest from December
1, 1909 at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, and for One Hundred Dollars
(1100.00) with interest from December
1 1, 1910, at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, and Two Hundred Dollars
(1200.00) with interest from December
1, 1911 at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, Twenty-four Dollars ($24.00)
with interest from December 1, 1910,
at 10 per ofnt per annum, and Sixteen
Dollars ($16.00) with interest from
December 1. 19U. at 10 per cent per
annum, and Forty-seven and 78-100
Dollars ($47.78) with interest irom
January 20, 1912 at 10 par cent per
annum, and Seventy-five Dollars
(75.00) as attorney's fee, all in Unit
ed States Gold Coin, together with
the costs and disbursements of this
suit, and that the plaintiff have
decree for the foreclosure of the mort
gage described in the complaint,
which is recorded at oaae 148 of Book
"R" of Records of Moi teases of Mor
row County State of Oregon, and for
the sale of the mortgaged premises
situated in said County and State to
satisfy such judgment as plaintiff
may recover, siid premises being par
tioularlv described as follows, to-wit:
All of the Northeast quarter (i) of
Section Twenty-three (23) in Town
ship One (1) North of Range Twenty
five East of the Willamette Meridian
containing one hundred sitxy (160)
acres, more or lees and that plaintiff
have such other and further relief as
to the Court may seem meet and equit
able. This summons is published pur
suant to an Order of the Honorable G.
W. Phelps, Judae of said Court, made
and entered upon the 8 day of May,
1912. and the date of the first publica
tion thereof is Mav 16, 1912.
Attorney for flaintiff.
M 16-J 27.
Notice tor Publication.
Department of the interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
May 24tn 1912. Notice is hereby
given that James W. Waid, heir at
law of Joseph E. Waid, (deceased),
of Lexington Oregon, who, on Novem
ber 26th 1906, made Homestead, No.
15416, Serial, No. 04043, for SEi. Sec
tion 8, Township 1 North, Range 26
East, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make five year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before O. O. Patter
son, U. S. Commissioner at his office,
at Heppner, Oregon, on the 1st day of
July, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
A. ' A. Finky, W. B. Finley, J. W.
Siblev. ail of Lexington, Oreaon, P.
B. Dohertv, of Heponer, Oregon.
m30-j27 C. W. MOORE, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at LaGrande. Oregon, June
21st 1912. Notice is hereby given
that Joseph Doherty.of Heppner, Ore
gon, who, on April 1st, 1908 made
Homestead Entry. No. 150', Serial,
No. 05344 for Wl NWi, Wl SWi Sec
tion 8, Township 2 South, Range 29
East. Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final com
mutation Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before 0.0.
Patterson , United States Commissioner
at his office at Heponer, Oregon, on
the 10th day of 'Aueust, 1912.
Clament names as witnesses:
Phil Hirl, Arthur P. Hughes. Frank
McCabe, and Charles A. Hinton, all
of Heponer Oregon.
j 27-a 1. F. C. BRAMWELL,
' Resister.
Designated Act February 19, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, Percy Hughes, has been
duly appointed administrator of the
estate of O. O. Townsend, dceased,
by the County Court of Morrow Coun
ty, Oregon, and has duly quailfied for
such trust. All persons having
claims against said estate are hereby
notified to present the same to me
duly verified, at the office of my
attorney, Sam E. Van Vactor, in
Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon,
on or before six months from the date
of first publication hereof.
Dated and first published this 13th
day of June, A. D. 1912.
Administrator of the Estate of C.
C. Townsend, deceased.
Notice To Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appojnted by
the County Court of Morrow County,
Oreogn administrator of the estate of
George W. Goff, deceased and has
qualified as such. All persons having
claims against the estate of said de
cesaed are hereby notified to present
tame to me duly verified as by law re
quired at the office of C. E. Woodson
in the City of Heppner .Oregon within
six months from the date of first pub
lication hereof.
Dated and published first time this
6th day of June, 1913.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution and order
of sale duly issued by the Clerk of the
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
for tho County of Morrow, dated the
15th day of May, 1912, in a certain
suit in the Circuit Court for said
County and State, wherein T. J.
Mahoney, plaintiff, recovered judg-
meot against James Hamilton and
Harriet E. Hamilton, defendants, for
the sum of Three Hundred Fifteen
and 58-100 Dollars, ($315.53) with
interest thereon from said 15th day of
May, 1912, at the rate of eight Per
cent Per annum, and the sum of
Thirty and no-100 Dollars ($30.00)
Attorneys fee and, for the further sum
of Thirty-one and 94-100 Dollars.
($31.94) , with interest thereon at the
rate of ten per cent per annum from
the 15th day of May. 1912, and
the sum of Ten and no-100 Dol
lars. Attorney's fees and for further
sura of Fifty-four and 50-100 Dollars,
($54 50) costs and disbursements.
Notice is hereby given that I will
on Tuesday, the 16th day of July, 1912,
at 2:30 o'clock P. ,M. of said day, at
the front door of the Court House in
Heppner, Morrow County.' Oregon,
sell at publio auction to the hiahest
bidder for cash in hand, the following
described real property, to-wit: The
Norh-west Quarter (NWi) of the
South-east QuartreS the North
Half (Nl) of the Southwest Quarter
(SWi) and the South-west Quarter
(SWi) of the South-west Quarter
(SWi) ot Section Twenty-six (26) in
Township Une (1), North of Range
Twentr-five (25) EaBt of the Willam
ette Meridian, in Morrow County , Ore
gon. Taken and levied upon as the prop
eity of the said Jnmes Hamilton and
Harriet E. Hamilton or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy
the said judgment in favor of T. J.
Mahoney and against said James
Hamilton and Harriet E. Hamilton,
together with all costs and disburse
ments that have or may accrue
Dated at Heppner, Oregon, June 12tb,
Notice. of Final Settlement
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned Executor of the Estate of
Eliza Beaman, deceased, has tiled his
final account as such executor, and
that the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County has fixed
Monday, the loth day of August, 1912.
at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, as the time and the
County Court Room in the Court
House at Hennner, as the place, for
the bearing and settlement of said
final account. Objections to said final
account should be filed on or before
said date.
E. E. BEAMAN. Executor.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received by the City of
Heppner up and until 10 o'olock in
the forenoon of Saturday, June 30th,
1912. for the construction of a concrete
reservoir for the storage of water.
Such reservoir to be constructed in
accordance with the plans and specifi
cations now on public exhibition at
the office of the Cily Recorder of said
City. Bids to include all material
to be used in the construction of said
reservoir. All bids must be accom
panied by a certified check in the sum
of at least ten per cent (10 pre cent)
of the amount oi bid for faithful per
formance on the part of the contractor.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids.
City Recorder of the City of Heppner.
Registration of Land Title.
In the Circuit Court of the Sstate cf
Oregon, for the County of Morrow.
In the matter of the application of
1. W. Schultz to register the title to
the West half (1) of the
Southeast quarter (i) and
the Northeast quarter of
the Southeast quarter (i)
of Section Fourteen (14) Application
and the Northwest quar- No. 9.
ter of th Southwest quar
(i) or Section Thirteen
(13), Township One (l)
North, Range Twenty
six (26) E W. M.
Olive P. Brown, Ilattie
A. Henderson, A.G.Hen
derson, A. H. Praclit,
and Jesse Brooks and
all whom it may con
cern : Defendants.
To all whom it may concern:
Take notice that on the 22nd day of
May A. D. 1912 an application was
filed by Baid I. W. Schultz in the Cir
cuit Court of Morrow County for in
itial registration of the title to the
land above described. Now unless
you appear on or before the 9th day
of August A. D. 1912 and show cause
why such application shall not be
granted, the same will be taken as
confessed and a decree will be entered
according to the prayer of the aopli
cation and you will be forever barred
from disputing the Bame.
W. O. HILL, Clerk.
By A. M. MALLORY. Deputy.
(Seal) S. E. Notson and O. E.
Woodson, Applicant's At
torneys. When baby suffers with croup, bp
ply and give Dr. Thomas' Electic Oil
at once. Safe for children. A little
dom a loner wav. 25c and 50c. At
all drug stores.
Report of the Condition
Of The Fikst National Bank or
Heppnek in the State ok Oueoon,
at the Close of Business, Junk
14th, 1912.
Loans and discounts $361,450.05
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 2,633.28
U. 8. Bonds to sttcure circula
tion .25,000.00
U. S. Honda to secure U. S. De
posits 1.000 00
Premiums on U. S, Bonds 231.83
bonds, securities, etc 8,044.20
Banking house, furniture and -fixtures
Other real estate owned 19,350. 8
Due from National banks (not
reserve agents) 1 14,943.94
Due from State and Private
Banitsand Bankers, Trust
Companies, and Savings
Banks 11.5C0.39
Due from approved reserve
agts 109,428.73
Checks and other cash items.... 1,N1).(3
Notes of other National Banks. 7,51.".0(
r ractional paper ciirrency,mck-
els and cents lzt.vz
Specie , 30.WW.30
Iegal tender notes. . of 00 .io,7ol.0
Redemption fund with U. b.
Treasurer (5 per cent of circu
lation 1.250.00
Total $G1G,G1C53
Capital stock paidiu 100,000.00
Undivided profits, less expenses
and Jaxes paid ",-ni.ol
National Bank notes outstand
ing 24.300.00
Due to other National Banks. . . 3,172.94
Due to State and Private
Banks and Bankers. .. 1,486.07
Individual deposit subject to
check 412,72-).1S
Demand certificates of deposit. 12,3N3.l:f
Time Certificates ot Deposit. . .59.141.SO
Cashier's cherks outstanding... l,l.5N.4
Postal savings deposits 1.10
Tofal ;iti',()l(S.5;t
State of Oregon, )
1, T. J. Mahoney, Cashier of the above
named back, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
T. J. Mahoney, Cashier,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
thi20th day of June, 1912.
. bkal S. W. Spknckr
Notary Public.
Correct Attest. : J. B. Natter, M.S.
Corrigall, W. O. Minor, Directors.
The Bank of lone, at lone in the
State of Oregon, at the close of
business June 14, 1912.
Loans and discounts $3S 235 04
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 410 44
Stocks and other securities 7 000 00
Banking house 4 f00 00
Furniture and fixtures 1 723 90
Due from approved reserve
banks (1 4S5 71
Cash on hand 2 013 53
$00 974 02
Capital stock paid in
000 0
000 00
952 1!)
641 7
148 30
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid
Due to banks and bank
ers Individual deposits sub
ject to check
Demand certificates of
Time certificates of deposit
Bills payable for money
501 3.1
4 731 02
5 000 00
State of Oregon,
$00 974 02
County of Morrow )
I, J. I). Croimn, Cashier of the-above-named
bnnk.dosolenily swear
that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
J. 1). CKONAN,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 22nd day of June, 1912.
Seal Notary Public.
E. L. Tadberg, J. E. C'ronan.
Dave Brown haa been hauling hay
to town this week.
Miss Grace Stamn spent Sunday
with the J. H. Frads.
Miss Marv Dohcrty nturned this
week from a visit to J. Brosnan's
Mr. H. A. Delameter and his sons
left Wednesday to return to their home
in Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Edwards and
Mrs. Frank Turner and sou spent Sun
day with F. E. Bell.
Rev. Powell, of Lexington, conduc
ted church services at the Blackhorse
school house Sunday.
Miss Annie Kenny with Joe and
Cecelia paid a visit to J. G. Doherty
and family this week.
Miss Flora Mead and her sister Mrs.
Scott were at Amos Missildine's this
week, picking gooseberries.
Barney Doherty left Wednesday for
Portland where ha has gone to have
his eyes treated by a specialist.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moyers re
turned Wednesday from a visit in
Portland and the Willamette Valley.
For Sale A low-wheeled, nar
row tire wagon, in good shape.
Now ready to set header box on.
Can be seen at the Samuel Leffler
place. Inquire at this office. 3t.