The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, June 27, 1912, Image 1

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    Oregon Jimtorical Societ
city iuU y
ONE ' IRRIGON. Q tj jjj Q taiZZlQJ O ttfJiTw'" "n3 O
I A. O. Carle and family have gone Mr. Robinson, o! Umatilla preached Q , 0
onttotheGroverranch'to help Mr. here ajrain last Wednesday eveninc. vWritlTh ER(lKlffK ft
Grovrtr put up his hay. M, Har, cor new action foreman V El IMP LiUiLy f
W TIT 1 V m W m TT- M nF7 .MBHSnBH I
A Flag For Every Boy
and Girl Usdr 12
-Years of-Age.
The family table will be set at
the PALACE HOTEL family style
with plenty of well cooked meats
and garden vegetables, in fact all
the market affords.
To the Ladies:
The parlor will be
furnished with plenty of
rocking chairs and loun
ges for you when tired,
and ice water when you
are thirsty.
JULY 3, 4 & 5, AT
LdDNE KfflCK, dDa.
Horse Racing, Bucking Contests and
Bull Riding; fine camping ground and
good fishing; Big Dance at night and in
afternoon of each day.
A. O. Carle and family have gone
out to the Grover ranch 'to help Mr.
Grover pat up his hay.
ErneRt Higgs went to Portland last
Thursday morning. We hope jon
have a dandy time Erny.
Carl Beach, of Lexinetoo, was an
lone visitor Thursday of last week.
Come and see us again Carl.
Mr. Chas. Ritchie, who has been
out visiting with Sam Ritchie's folks
returned to lone last Saturday.
Lovie and Jimmie Warfield
nver to Moro last week to visit
their Uncle George for a while.
Harry Warren and mother returned
from Portlaud last Saturday night,
coing out to the ranch on Sunday.
Born, Snndav June 23 to Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Ritchie, a danshter.
Mother and child getting aloDg nicely.
Mat Halvorsen was a Heppner vis
itor one day last week, going up Wed
nesday and returning the following
L. P. Davidson and dannhter Delia
returned from Portland Monday of last
week. They report a very pleasant
Dot Ganger BDsnt a part of last
week visiting with her sister, Mrs.
Henry Clark ont on the Walt Smith
Charley Williams returned from
Cecil Wednesday of last week. He
has been helping Jack Hvnd put up
his hay.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot returned to
lone last Saturday night. Iiavina scent
a connle of weeks in and around
Mrs. Loren Hale, who lias been vis
iting here for a few days returned to
her home at White Salmon Thursday
of last week.
Mrs. L. P. Davidson went ont to
the lanch with L. P. last week to
anend a few davs and see how all are
faring out there.
J. II. Harbke and family came up
from Portland overland last week in
their Bnick. Thev are visiting friends
and relatives in lone. 1
Mrs. Newton, who has been visiting
with friends in and about Iune return
ed to her home at South Bend, Wash.,
Thursday of last week.
Miss Agnes and Linnie Pennington
returned Tuesday evening of last
week, having had a splendid visit
with relatives up there.
Miss Edna McNabb went to Hepi-
ner Tuesday of last week. We did
not learn what she went for but we
are awfnl good guessers.
Mamie Ely returned from Oolville,
Wash. , last week , where she has been
for the past ten months. She is vis
iting with her brother, H. O.
Miss McMurrsy, one of our vicinity
80I100I teachers was a Heopner passen
ger Tuesday eveninjj, where she went
to take the examination held there.
Had Kicliardaon and family have
moved out to the Knappenberg place
and will help Knappy care for the
many things to be done on the ranch.
Mrs. A. T. King, who has been
back East for the past six weeks re
turned to lone last Saturday niaht.
Yon ought to see lul smile these
J. H. Blake and family came up
from Portland Friday of last week.
They are going out to the Davidson
ranch to help care for the big crop to
be harvested soon.
Miss Edna Woolery returned from
Portland last Tuesday evening. She
was accompanied by Miss Johnson,
one of her friends. This is Miss
Johnson's first visit op in this part of
the world and the girls are certainly
having a good time.
John Harbke and E. B. Gorton and
families took an auto ride out to Jim
Hardesty's ranch last Sunday. While
the ladies visited, the men ran down
Eight Mile and shot a bench of bun
nies. E. B. said it was to D n hot
to be comfortable down in the sands
so they soon got their 111 of rabbits.
J. B. Sparks announces that he
has heen disappointed in getting
the film for Dante's Inferno for the
A good, sobor, reliable blacksmith;
must be a good horseshoer and gen
eral smith. Write or call on
J. IL WILT, lone, Oregon.
move On Sw
says a policeman to a street crowd,
and whacks heads if it don't. "Move
on now," says the big, harsh mineral
pills to bowel congestion and suffer
ing follows. Dr. King's New Life
Pills dont' bulldoze the bowels. They
gently persuade them to right action,
and heatlh follows. 25c at Slocum
Drug Co.
AT THE BAKERY Get away from
the heat of baking by buying your
bread. Cream loaf, plain loaf, whole
wheat and rye. Nothing better than
our cream loaf.
Merril Doble and wife are snending
several weeks in Echo. Mrs. Doble'a
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stockdale, are
planning to move to California in the
near future so they are making thein
a good long visit.
L. B. Kicker drove up to Hermiston
one day last week on a combined busi
ness and pleasure trip. He reports
that seotion as forging right ahead by
the undaunted spirit of those who use
the shovel and the hoe.
Mrs. L. L. Carson, of Hermiston
and Mrs. W. M. Castle, of Echo,
Grand Guardian and Clerk respective
ly of the local W O. W. logde were
down Saturday and Sunday to attend
the meeting of that society.
Irrigon is going to celebrate also on
the Fourth. Not all day with a
whooD and hurrah, but in a quiet way
from 6 p. m. to an indefinite period
that eveniog. The main feature will
be a big dinnsr and many goodios to
eat and drink.
For the next two weeks we will be
busy again shipping dewberries and
apricots. The dewberries never were
better and altho the wind blew off
over half the apricots there are still
nlpntv remaining, practically a full
crop. W:ll have
about two wees s.
Some strange things have come to
light since the storm of last wee and
of course in consequence of it: Mr.
Johnson, our ditch rider says upon
oath (and they all do) that it blew so
hard that it tore the epttrrup from his
saddle: Mrs. Doreing was seen sitting
on a bay stack in Mr. Egberts front
yard to which Mr. Egbert made ob
jections, but nnon investigation it was
found that it was ber own; Mr.
Seaman found a garter snake in his
money safe at the deuot which he tries
in some way to connect with the storm ;
Harry Minick says it blew the Lutton
Jnsout of his coat: , These and
many other marvelous things are the
results of the storm.
A birthday surprise partv was given
Eleanor Corey last Sunday by her
girl companions. It was cleverly
planned and Eleanor was most agree
ably surprised when she learned wnat
her friends had in store for her. It
was in the nature of a picniu t whi h
she was the guest of honor and a
suitable costume was provided for her,
Including a crown of roses. The
whole party then dressed uo in differ
ent costumes and formed a procession
which marched through town. Cora
Kicker was the fairy whose tresses
were borne up bv Master Roy, Francis
W. followed with a tvp cil Indian
costume. Minnie J. did justice to our
Japanise cousins, Gertie K. was Red
Riding Hood, Gertrude J. was God
dess of Liberty, and Birdia G. was
nlil Mother Witch, and Eva D. was
School Notes.
By Notson.
I trust that school officers will let
me know when they have secured
their teachers, for I have numerous
inquiries from teachrrs concerning
vacancies; some from our local
teachers, some from outside teachers.
If you have secured your teachers, I
need not refer auy teacher to you. If
yon are in need of a teaoher and will
notify me of the fact, the kind of
teacher preferred the salary you ex
pect to pay, etc , I may be able to
assist you in securing the right kind
of a teacher.
Teachers and school officers should
hear in mind that a valid contract
can not be entered into by the teacher
until the teacher's certificate lias been
registered for the year, beginning
.Tnnln 7. And teachers should re
member that the reading circle work
must be done before the superinten
dent can register your certificate. If
vou have not completed the reading
cirole work, you should use a part of
your vacation for that purpose.
School boards having employed
teachers from other States, should re
quest such teachnrs to find out at once
from the State Superintendent or "the
county superintendent what is neoee-
ssry to be done in order to put their
certificates in proper form to sustain a
valid contract If thpy wait until
they are ready to open school there
may be delay and additional expense.
A sprained ankle may as a rule be
cured in from thre to four days by
applying Chamberlain's Liniment and
observing the directions with each
bottle. For sale by Patterson& Son.
In looking over our Spring stock which
has just been received, we believe we
have the best assortment of goods that
has ever been shown here.
A Splendid Line
of Ladies' Waists, Collars, jab
ots, etc. They are snappy
just the style you want.
Here are a few of our standbys:
Banner Brand Waists, Underskirts & Dresses;
Nemo and II. & G. Corsets; Simpson's Prints
early peaches in 1 Amoskeag A. F. C. Ginghams, Ripplettes and
Galateas. Red Goose Shoes for Children, Ta-'
cine and Swell Shoes for Ladies, Atlantic and
Senate Shoes for Men and Boys, Hansen
Gloves, Conqueror Hats, Standard Shirts,
Collegian Clothes, Boss-of-the-Road Overalls,
Royal Club Canned Goods, M. J. B. Coffee
Crystal White Soap, Fuller's Sheep Mark-
Paint, Crisco, Easy Jell, etc.
!3 O G
13 O C
Leave Your Orders
I" " " 1 u " j " 1 :
For Canning
We have made arrange
ments with Jas. INunamaker,
Hood River to handle his fa
mous Royal Ann cherries.
The season is now at its
highth. Dont delay if
you want the best.
A. M. Phelps,