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Why Not
Before placing your
orders for harvest
machinery, consult
Heppner, Oregon
This engine will save all
water hauling; save team pulling separator; it will save fireman;
one span of horses one trip per week to the depot will furnish
fuel. When done harvesting it can be utilized in plowing all
your best ground, thereby saving about one-half expense over
1 r-. '-'irrdmMinr- .
i , i ii ii ii mi uiiiiii IU..ILM iM.ii.uin.ipm.ii nnmiui
l - ; i
Also agent for the Rumely Oil Turn from 3 to 15
horsepower stationary or portable
M. S. CORRIGALL, President
J. B. NATTER. Vice Prct.
Vice Pre.
T. J. MAHONEY, Cashier
CLYDE BROCK, Asst. Cashier
We offer to the Public the services
of a strong and well equipped Bank,
with the experience of twenty-five
years in this community.
Accommodations extended to cus
tomers consistent with safety, and
balances carried with us.
Liberty Meat Marker
B. F. MATLOCK, Prop.
The Best Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
X Sausage and Home Cured Meats.
fill Farm and
General Hard-
M-MA ware and Imple-ment-Store.
0 hkh
Seasonable Soft Drinks, Domestic'and Tropical
Fruits, Delicious Ice Cream
We maHe our own Ice Cream. It is a Morrow County
Confectiohery, Ggars, ToLacco, Pipes, Notions
Delinquent Tax List 1910.
Notice is hereby given that the last
half of the taxes for the year 1910, on
thn nronertv herelriofter described,
which whs assessed to the respective
persons herein named, have been de
linquent since the First Monday in
October 1911: that if said taxes are
not paid wilbin nix months from said
idate, a Tax Certificate of delinquency
will issue thereon, as provided by
I .
j A penalty of ten per cent,
interest at one per cent per
month and the cost of this
notice will be added to the
respective amounts as herein
J. A. & J. B. Adams, SEI SWJ,
SWJ-4 SEX ex sold, 34. 4-S,
25. NWi NEi, 3. 5-S 25. Lots
3 to 7, inc Blk O. Dairyville.S 9 39
Gladys Akers, lone Halvortens
Add; Lots 7-8 Blk 2 3 06
E. T. Allen. Irrigon Lots 1-15-17-18
Blk 16 44
Matilda O. Ayers, SWJ NWi, 32,
1-N 28. SX SE&, NEJi SE
20. 1-S, 281 6 82
Wm. Ayers Est, EX NWK, EJ
I SWM, 4, 1-S, 28. SEi 10. 1-S
28 U 20
Fred W. Balsiger, SWi 81, 1-N,
24. NX NWi beg llchs of SE
cor of the NEJ See 5. West 11
chsN,20chs, East cbs,
SE terly, 21 ohs to beg, Sec 4,
1-S, Range 24. NEi, HX SEi,
5, 1-S, 24 51 75
Sarah Basey, NX NX
SE& , NWi. 10, 3-S, 25. , 11 06
Mel vina Brenner, NW, NEi,
NEi NWi, 13, 6-S 25. SX
SEi, 1, 6-S 25 16 54
E. S. Cox, lone, Lot 6, Bkl 1. ..9 18
Joshana Doan. NWi, 8 1-N, 25. .14 01
M. O. Fuqua. SEi, 32, 3-S. 24. "
NWi. 33, 3-S, 24 36 22
Grace G. Gill, SX SEi, 10, 4-S,
29. NX SEi, 15, 4-S. 29 4 96
E. A. Hammer, NE NEi, 10,
1-S, 24. W, 32 Acres of the
NW4 NWi 11. 1-S, 24 38 11
0. O. Henkle, Lot 4, Blk 9. West
Irrigon, Sec, 24 5-N 26. .Lots
3-4 SX NWii Sec 2, 4-N. 26. .15 24
Hollie Leathers, Si W, 30
Acres NWi SW, Sec 35, 4-S,
25 9 13
Shelby E. Lee, Lexington, Lot 3,
Blk 15 11 55
Etta Morrison Lettel, SJ NEJ,
WJ NEJjj, 18, 1-N, 27 2 43
Littlehales & Roberts, WJ HEX,
Ei NWi, 17 1-N 23. Ei Ei, 17,
1-N. 23. Lots 8-4, 19. 1-N
23 13 45
C. A. Lovegreen, NW&. SiSWTi,
17, 3-S. 23. NEJi. Ei NWi,
18, 8 S 23. NEi NEK. 19, 3-S
23. Ei SEJi, 18, 3-S. 23. Ni
NWi, 20, 3-S, 23 .55 20
Lincoln Maedor, Lot 2, Blk ,15
Weit Irrison, 1 65
George Miller, Lot 12, Blk L,
Looneys Add 16 10
Tbaden Moore Heppner. Mt ver
non Add, Lot 1, Blk 20 ...1 71
Artie Morgon, Heppner, Ayers
5th Add; Lot 4, Blk 2. Tract
No. 57 .8 59
D. F. Kossler, Lot 1 Blk 20 West
Irrigon 1 77
Patrick McDaid W 24, 2-N.24.
All 25, 2-N, 24 35 37
W. T. McNutt SEi 84, 1-N, 24,.36 17
Lena Owens, Tract in SWi SWi,
35, 4-S, 25 8 70
Ida Reed Purly. Ni NWi, SEJ
NWi. NEi SWi, 13, 5-S, 26. . .3 45
Frank W. Roberts, Heppner Si
Lot 5, Bkl 3, 83 X 42 ft off
W. end of Lot 5 Blk 2 244 75
Andrew J. Shepard, NEi, 14,
1-S, 24 20 24
W. A. Thomas, NWi, 2. 1-N, 23.
NEi. 6, 1-N, 24. EX SWi,
34, 2-N, 23 32 77
C. D. Turner, Est, Lexington.
Lot 2, Blk 6 .....41
James A. Walker, N NWi. 29,
5-S, 25. EX HEX, 30, 5-S,-
25 6 61
Elzma Ward, Dairyville Lots 1
to 5 inc Bkl A 15.84
K. G. Warren, SWi NEi. ViX
SEi, 13, 1-S 29 4 20
O. Watkins, WNEiNSEJ
19, 1-S, 25.. '. 9 60
R. O. Wills Est, Hepnner. Part
Lot 1, Blk 9. 16 X 40 ft Lot
2, Blk 9. E. 30 ft, Lots 7-8,
Blk 9. 12 69
F. Yontg, SX SEi, 8.2-S.23.
EX NEa, 17, 2 S 23 3 57
Cecil Young, EX SWi, 29. 3 S,
23. NWi NEi, NEi NWi, 32
3-S, 23 5 09-
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
not now a resident of the state of Ore
gon. . . ;
Dated at Heppner Oregon, this 28
day of May, 1912.
3t. County Judge.
Stite of Oregon in and for Morrcw
In the matter of the Estate of W. R.
Eirdwell, Decease.
To A. L. Fisher. Administrator of
the estate of W. It. Biidwcll. de
ceased :
You are hereby lited to appear on
the 24 doy of June, 1912, at the hour
of 10 o'clock A. M. at the court house
in Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon,
to show cause, if any there be, why
letters of administration issued to you
in the atjove estite, should not be re
voked upon the ground that vcu are
The Western & Hawaiian
Investment Company Limit
ed, a corporation,
Benjamin F. Estes aud
Ada Eetos, his wife, J. Cy
Smith and Millie R. Smith
his wife, Eliza J. Webb and
T. S. Townsend Creamery
Company, a corporation,
To Eliza J. Webb:
of Oregon. You are hereby required
to appear and answer the complaint
filed against you in the above entitled
suit within six (6) weeks from the
date of the first publication of this
summons, it vou tan so to ao ior
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to the Court for the relief prayed foi
in the complaint, to-wit, for a decree
that plaintiff have judgment against
the defendants Benjamin F. Estes and
Ada Estes for Two Hundred Dollars
($200.) with interest from December
1, 1909 at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, aud for One Hundred Dollars
(flCO.00) with interest from Deoember
1. 1910, at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, and Two Hundred Dollars
(200.00) with interest from Dacember
1 , 1911 at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum, Twenty-fonr Dollars ($24.00)
with interest from December 1, 1910,
at 10 r)er cent per annum, and Sixteen
Dollars ($16. 00) with interest from
December I, 19ll, at 10 per cent per
annum, and Forty-seven and 78-100
Dollars (47.78) with interest from
January 20, 1912 at 10 per cent per
annum, and Seventy-five Dollars
(75.00) as attorney's fee, all in Unit
ed States Gold Coin, together with
the costs and disbursements of this
suit, and that the plaintiff have
deoree for the foreclosure of the mort
gage described in the complaint,
which is recorded at oaee 148 of Book
"R" of Records of Moitgaaes of Mor
row County State of Oregon, and for
the sale of the mortgaged premises
situated in eaid County and State to
satisfy such judgment as plaintiff
may recover, premises being par
ticularly described as follows, to-wit:
All of the Northeast quarter (i) of
Section Twentv-thren (23) in Town
ship One (1) North of Range Twenty
five East of the Willamette Meridian
containing one hucdred sitxy (160)
acres, more or less and that plaintiff
have such other and further relief as
to the Court may eeem meet and equit
able. This summons is published pur
suant to an Order of the Honorable G.
W. Phelps, Judte of said Court, made
and entered uonn the 8 day of May,
1912, and the date of the first publica
tion thereof is May 16, 1912
Attorney for Plaintiff.
M lfi-J 27.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
May 10th. . 1912. Notice is hereby
given that Ernest K. Wyland, of
Hardman, Oregon, who on Deoember
18th, 1906, made Homestead Serial
No. 04058, No. 15442. for NEi, Sec
tion 7 Township 5 South, Range 25
East Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final five
year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above desoribed, before C. C.
Patterson, U. S. Commissioner at his
office, at Heppner, Oregou, on the
18th day of June, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William T. Reynolds. George McDon
ald, George T. Harrison, Richard H.
Steers, all of Hardman, Oregon.
M 16J 13 Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon.
May 10th, 1912. Notice is hereby
given tnac James n. ivicuaiuei ui
Hardman, Oregon, who, on December
6th 1906 made Homestead, No. 15426,
Serial No. 04049, for NEi NEi, Wi
NEi, and NWi SEi, Section .Town
ship 5 South Range 24 East Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final five year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above des
cribed, before C. O. Patterson, U. S.
Commissioner at his office, at Hepp
ner, Oregon, on the 18th day of June,
Claimant names as witnespes:
Wililam T. Reynolds, Georee McDon
ald, George T. Harrison, Richard H.
Steers, all of Hardman, Oregon.
M 16-J 13 Register.
wherein The National Bank of
Jlenuner, Oregon, a corporation
Plaintiff, recovered Judgment anliiHt
Peter W. White and Mury L. White
Defendants, for the mini of Eight hun
dred Thirty Five and NO-100 Dollurs.,
with Interest thereon at the rate of
8 per cent, per annum from the 21st
day of February 1912, and tht'furtlier
sum of Eighty Dollars Attorney's
fee, and cohIh and (lisbnrHments tax
ed at Nineteen nml 50-100 Dollars, on
the 21nt day of Febuary 1912.
Notice In hereby given that I will
on Friday the "tli day of June
1912. at 2.30 o'clock P. M., of said
day. at the front door of the Court
lloune In Heppner, Morrow County,
Oregon, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, the
following described property, to wit:
The East, half of the North-east
Quarter, nnd the touth-west quar
ter of the North-east quarter, and
the North-west quarter of the Sou th
east quarter, of Section Twelve (12)
Township Six South (ti-S) of Range
Twenty Six (26), E. W. M. Contain
ing 100 Acres more or less according
to U. S G overmen t survey. Taken
and levied upon as the property of
the said Peter w. White and Alary
L. White or so much thereof as may
be necessary to satisfy the said iudg
ment In favor of The First National
Bank of Heppner Oregon, and
against said Peter W. White and
Mary L. White together with all
costs and disbursements that hnveo
may accrue.
J. C. HAYES. Sheriff.
By J. O. RASMUS, Deputy
Dated at Heppner, Oregon, April
8th 1912
Portland Bids You
to her
Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
liv virtue of a foreclosure execu
tion and order of sale duly Issued by
thet'lerkof the Circuit Court of the
Coiintv of Morrow, State (if Oregon,
dated' the Mh day of May 191-',
in a certain suit in the circuit
Court for said County and State,
Summons for Publication
in Foreclosure of Tax
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Morrow County.
W. R. Walpole, Jr.,
P W. Price
above named
To P. W. Price the
In the Name of the State of Oregon
you are hereby notified that W. R,
Walpole, Jr. , thi holder of Certificate
of Delinquency numbered 27 Issued
on the 8h day of October 1908 by the
Tax Collector of the County of Mor
row, State of Oregon, for the amount
of 75-lOQ Dollars, the same being
the amount then dun and delinquent
for taxes fot the year 1907 together
with penatlv, interest and costs there
on upon the real property assessed to
von. of which ynu are the owner as
arpears of record, situated in said
County and State, and particularly
bounded aud described as follows, to-
wit: Lots ' One (l) and Two (Z) in
Block Thirtv-six (36) of the Town of
Irrigon, Morrow Counly, State of
You are further notified that said
W. R. Walpole, Jr.. has paid taxes
on said premises ior prior or subse
quent years, with the rate cf interest
on said amounts as follows:
Yenr, Date Tax Re. Am. Rate o(
Tax Paid ceiDt No. ount Interest.
190S Feb 23, 1909 287 $ .33 IS percent.
1909 MarlO, 1910 708 .29 15 percent.
1910 Feb 27, 1911 199 .22 15 percent.
1911 Mar 12, 1912 687 .17 15 percent.
Said P. W. Price as the owner of
the legal title of the above described
property as the same appears of recoid,
and each of the other pereons above
named are hereby farther notified
that W. R. Walpole, Jr., will apply
to the Circuit Court of the County
and State aforesaid for a decree fore
closing the lien against the property
above described, and mentioned in
said certificate. And you are heieby
summoned to appear within sixty
days after the first publication of
this snmmons, exclusive of the day of
said first cublication, and defend
this action or pay the amount due as
above shown, together with costs
and accrued interest, and in case of
your failure to do so, a decree will
be rendered foreclosing the lien of
said taxes and costs against the land
and premises above named.
This summons is published by order
of the Honorable C. O. Patterson.
Judge of the County Court of the
State of Oregon for the County of
Morrow and said order was made
and dated this 15th day of Arjril 1912
and the date of the first publicator,
of this summons is the 18th day of
April 1912.
All process and papers in this pro
ceeding may be served upon the
undersigned residing within the State
of Oretron, at the adlrees hereafter
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Address Heppner, Oregon.
June 1 0-1 5
Tickets will be on sale
from all Stations on
O-W. R. & N.
June 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Notice tor Publication.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oretron March 22. 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Micheal
C. Marshall, of Willows, Oregon,
who. on March 18, 1905 made Home
stead Entry No. 1 1293, Serial No.
03519, for SWi SWJi, Sec. 24, Ei
SE'i, SEJ NEI, Section 2.1. Town
ship 4 North, Range 23 East, Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice of
Intention to make Final five-Tear
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before C. C. Patter
son, United States Commissioner at
his office, at Heppner, Oregon, on
the 20th day of May 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Jesse F. Deos, of Willows, Oregon
and Harold H. Weston, of Coyota,
al8-ml6 C. W. MOORE, Register
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