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Jeweler & Optometrist
C. H. Bartholomew made a business
trip to Echo Friday.
EL O. Robertson made a trip to
Hermiston Saturday.
W. E. Wiglesworth was a buisness
visitor in Heppner Friday.
H. G. Coxen took Miss Goodali to
Beppner Sunday evening.
Misa Ada Matthewa went to Pendle
ton Saturday for a short visit.
The Misses Matthews and Jones
ailed on klrs. R. F. Wiglesworth
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Neil went to Echo
i-Satmrday to meet Miss Viva Canniff,
trho will visit on the creek for a short
Messrs Coxen and White have fin
' ished jjiuwirg thier sommrefailow and
are row sittira in the door resting
their feet.
Th K'aes family hive moved
from Echi to their homestead on Big
Hotter cr (.k, where they will i-pend
the samo-.t r.
Mistes'iicby and Edna Ayers took
Ifita A-Ieiine to Echo Sunday.
Misa Lorcr bus heen visiting on the
creek for tome time
Mi8" Goodall's school closed Friday
nd she letf Monday morning for Oor-
vallis where l e will eDend the sum
aer witii litr parents.
Mi Leoy Matthews returned Idpb-
lay from Ctndleton, where aha has
ken vtsitng for smoe time. She was
aAccompanied by Miss Olive Jones,
bo remained until Saturday.
Mr Dan Smythe, of Pendleton and
Mr FVrJ Georee. of Echo, made a
tasine trip to the creek in Mr
Smit e' new Caiillac, arrarging to
aecure bin trt'.-p and spent Thursday
ight et B. F. Wiglesworth.
Thia losality was vii-ited by good
rains both Sunday and Monday, with
joit a little wind storm on Sunday
which blew down a wagon shed and j
aevert tieos for Mrs. G. W. Vincent. !
We did not hear of any oher datrage
being dme.
Delicious sojat and ice cream sodas
at The I'alm.
.. . . a f
THE LAZt I 1 1 " I I 111 tO .
Kl n-N'-I'ISS? .
Consolidated February 15. 1912.
VAWTERCRAWFORD. Editor and Proprietor .
Issued every Thursday morning, and entered at
the Poitoffice at Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
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Six Months Li
.. SI SO
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. .,,r,k oiTct. (
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irwala. tint insertion
per line, 10c; subsequent
insertions, oer line, 5c
per line, 5c; lodge resolutions, per
church socials and all advertising of ,
,ent. conducted lor pay, regular rates.
line. 5c: ch
,T OQ ,a19
Thursday, May 23 191
The Directors of school district
No 1, of Heppner, are facing the
necessity of making some quite
extensive improvements to our
school building as the structure is
inadequate, for the present needs
of the school. Besides, the
buildine is needing some repairs;
it should be painted inside and
out; the foundation is crumbling
in places, and in fact the build
ing is considered to be in an' un
safe condition.
The building was erected some
twenty years ago at a cost to
the district of S12000. It never
was what it should have been,
and the placing ' of the structure
way up on the side of that hill,
was a great mistake, that can be
testified to by the parents of
children attending, and sufficient
suffering has been caused on ac
count thereof. It is a pictur
esque sight but impractical, and
should be condemned
thorofni-o nnrwspfl tnUhinf? needed to 'feed -Oregon
the spending of one cent by the
Board on the present school
house, and strongly favor the
proposition of building a new
structure on more suitable
grounds. To be sure, a building
to meet present and future re
quirements of the district will
cost money and require the ex
penditure of perhaps $40000, but
it does not have to be paid in a
day, and by bonding the district
for a term of twenty years, those
to receive the benefits from it in
the future will help to bear the
So let us nrenare for a new and
up-to-date school building of suffi
cient size and proper equipment
for the growing needs of the dis
trict. It is a move in the direc
tion of progression, whereas,
every dollar spent in improving
the old building is so much money
Heppner will celebrate.
July 3 and 4 are to be big days
in Heppner this year.
It is going to be a bumper, this
1912 crop in Morrow county.
Rain. rain, and more grain.
It will now be a question of how
to take care ot the prospective
The Commercial Club of New-
berg began a contest for new
members 60 days ago and ciosea
with a rally meeting on Friday
evening, the result was the ad
dition of 193 new members to the
original number of 83, showing
what can be done by concerted
action. Newberg expects to
make rapid strides this summer.
According to complete figures
compiled by the secretary of
state's office, there were 2")99
votes cast in the primary election
for vice-presidenton the Republi
can ticket, Senator W. E. Borah
of Idaho getting the majority.
On the Democratic ticket, there
were 1482 votes cast, the majori
ty being for Senator Chamber
lain. There were 146 candidates
on the republican ticket and fifty
candidates on the Democratic
While it rained very heavy at
Heppner on Sunday afternoon
anrl Mnnrlnv PVPninC. Other DOr-
tions of the county received their
share as well. From reports we
get, Monday's rain was very gen-
orol onrl tfio fiislrla VinVP hpPTI
Uieauy iciicsiicu. uiom "
f t hp
reserve moisture in the ground
but the weather was turning quite
warm and there was danger irom
burning in some quarters owing'
t - tv.a i-onir irmwtK. All dancer
would seem to be passed at this
Tn rnnnv sections errain
heading and should mature well.
T-,nv a 40-hnshel (.TOP Will be
t'1"" - ' " , . ... j i.u.
harVCSted TtllS year, ailU U1C iai-
mers win again uc un ui j"
prosperity and plenty,
everybody rejoices.
The Oregon State Grange, in
its meeting at Roseburg last week,
; adopted resolutions strongly op-
nnaintr iha prmsn Mrmxion OT tne
nrn mira i,oneirt:: uuwscu tiic
. . J . U:il nl,Tninfa
hAnfUnff hill advocated bv
uiavv """""'ft , ,. , , "
QQW West for building 01 rOadS,
."4. , HJLt,, V,-
ing proposition. They also favor
K aufferatre arMj the enaction
of a law at the next general elec
tion giving to the , women of the
state the right to participate in
governmental attairs.
What is declared to be the
most valuable tract of farm land
in the state and probably in the
whole country, lies near leaver-
ton, in Washington County.
This fifteen acre tarm is oeaver-
Hnm land and has erown onions,
valued at $9,000 a year, for forty
years. The tract has produced
n total of annroximately SbU.UUU
Onions yield 400, sacks per acre
. 1 1 .1 J li-,-. . nl-. inn
on tnis iana anu its namcao
BPPms inexhaustible. It
tViontrht there is no other piece of
land in the United States that
can show a similar record.
The Country Life movement
throughout the state is making
twnrl. The idea is growing and
it is expected to interest 75,000
children m the worK. n
T.nnp rpnresentine the Depart
ment of Agriculture, has been
in the state during the past wee
trivinc nractical talks on the sub-
It looks like tne plan to
I , -
J w, . , 1
w,olra Civairnn eml nroriiiip PVPrv
j People will succeed
According to telegraphic report
President Taft has announced
his withdrawal from the race for
re-nomination, and recommends
rciihu Root of New York. The
nriman'ps in Ohio on Tuesday
went against the President and
this no doubt brought about his
decision to withdraw.
Free Lecture.
At the M. E Church next Sundiy
nie-ht. the nastor. W. A. Pratt, will
deliver his lecture on Abraham Lin
"oln. Tnis lecture has been deliver
ed in various other places and has re-
riivnit vnrv f avoral le comments. It
haa hrn a naid lecture: but he will
give it free. There will be an enjoj
able musical prorcam aUo. Every
body invied. Begins at 8 o'clock.
Eacapla An Awful fate.
2 A thousand tongues could not ex
press the gratitude of Mrs. J. E. Cox,
of Joliet, 111. for her wonderful deliv
erance from an awful fate. Typhoid
pneumonia had left me with a dread
ful conch." she wries. "Sometimes
I had such awful Roughing suells
thouarht I would die. I could get no
ho'p from doctor's treatment or other
medicines till I used Dr. King's New
niarnvart. But I owe mv life to
this wonderful remedy for I hardly
couizh at all now." Quick and safe
its the most reliable of alt throat and
lung medinines. Every bottle gnar
nted. 50o and 11 00. Trial bottle
free at Slocum Drog Co.
Memorial Services.
There will be Union Memorial Ser
vices at the M. E. church next Sunday
11 o'clock. The sermon
v dpl verpd bv the Rev. W. A.
Pratt. There will be Kpeoial music
The various lodges and churches are
invited to tal.e part in these services,
and th oeneral public is most cor-
dilly invited to be present.
There never was a time when peo
pie appreciated the real merits of
rhomhprlain'a Ronsfh Remedy moie
than nnw Thin is shown bv the in
crease in sales and voluntary testi
monia'.s from persons who have been
cured bv it. it you or your children
are troubled with cough or cold give
it a trial and become acquainted with
its good qualities. For sale by Pat
terson & Son.
Notice to Teachers.
Questions in theory and practice for
the cominir theachers examination
ations in a few other
subjects will be taken from Colgrove's
"The Teacher and the School. Un
i. a tparhrr is familiar with this
it hpr chance of passing the exam-
i - . , ,
1 fnations will be very materially lass
lened. Patterson & Son will make an
effort to supply tahers with this
oooK. vnTsnM
s- & 2tnOiN
mm d. l
Date for Fair at Condon
Fixed for Oct. 15, 16 and 17
Some Prizes Arranged.
On Monday last the officers of
the Tri-County Development
.eague were called to Arlington
by President George B. Dukek
to fix the date of the first tri
county fair to be held at Condon
this Fall, and also to arrange for
the premiums to be offered.
The meeting was favored by
the presence of Hon. J. N, Teal,
of Portland, and W. L. Crissey,
representing the Portland Com
mercial Club, and Prof. Orren
Beaty, expert agriculturist of the
Moro experiment station, who
came to lend their support and
assistance in futheringthis work.
October 15th, 16th and 17th
was Hprirlpn1 unnn as beine1 the
most favorable date for the fair,
bemer as nearly as possible be
tween harvest and seeding. Also
this date does not conflict with
rlatps of other fairs.
There will be $1700 worth of
premiums given to the exhibitors
at the fair, besides a large num
hpr of merchandise Drizes con
sistine-of silver cues and vases.
which are now on exhibition at
Condon, to which rilace Mr. Teal
and party went to look alter tair
A e-reat deal of enthusiam is
manifest in Sherman and Gilliam
ron nties over the Question of ex
hibits and nnzes and a splendid
showing is assured. Now let
Morrow county come to the front
with her products and the success
of the fair is assured.
A 'complete list of classes of
exhibits and premiums to be
awarded will be mailed to all in
terested parties just as soon as
they come from the printers.
It is especially desirable that
we as a countv make our best
showing at this fair as, where
permission of the exhibitor is ob
tained, the exhibits of fruits,
grains and vegetables will( be
shipped to the great land shows
of the East, for advertising pur
poses. In each instance the name
and address of the producer will
be attached so that interested
Easterners may communicate di
rect in looking for lands.
This is the opportunity lor
which we have been waiting.
Let every man in Morrow county
prepare at least one exhibit for
this great fair, thus proving to
the country at large that Morrow
county is on the map and is still
the Garden Spot ot the barth.
Director Tri-County League.
Throne-h the courtesy of Secre
tary H. F. Shanks this paper was
favored with a copy of the min
utes of the above meeting, and
these noted the presence ot the
folio wine- officers of the League
at Arlington on Monday last: Geo.
, Dukek, Pres.; rt. f . Shanks,
Sec. : J. T. Knappenberg, Direc
tor. . .
The following is a list of special
prizes arranged to date:
Sterlintr silver cup for best sow
and litter of pigs.
Same for best bushel ot forty
Fold wheat; same for best bushel
of Bluestem wheat.
Rams for best Duroc Jersey
boar under 6 months old.
Same for best bushel of potatoes
from upland.
Sterling silver vase for best
loaf of bread made by girl under
15 years of age.
Same lor best cane maae Dy a
girl under 15.
Same for best flisplay of pre
served fruit put up by girl under
15 years of age.
Short course scnoiarsnip ac j.
A. C. for best sow pig under b
months old shown by a boy or
girl under 18 years of age. Offer
ed by the Portland Union btocK
House for Sale.
Owing to the fact that we expect to
roova into our new home soon we will
it ik. hruiaa ami lo. and three acres
e 1 1 1
ir.Mnrlins chicken house and cow barn
Mr aire of the proposed Catholic
Fvii in ii'irii
Destroys 8a ee Kits. Squirrels, Gopher ana
&!rierDor Require. X&KTlL
tioo-Alweri ready for pe. Ieadlit o( alL
Vour money feack if not as cla-tnel.
CUkjtxa, WooBWA Ioo Co., Portland, Ore.
. -fa.. i J-- jsam.LJttafJMsTJaBMsMasMsMs
At the Theater Tonight
The Old Folha" Sacrifice Its tlfiiioimti-atlon In this touching oc
currt'iice of life's It-Hwcr triiffcillcH shoulu lie a warning; and a .Iohhou
to those who should profit by its portrayal.
A Fair ExchangeA picturesque coinedv-drama of New Mexico.
The New OfficerA Lubin comedy.
Tomorrow and Saturday
Rio dk Jankiuo, Bhazii. The dog show presents some fine specimens
of canine aristocracy.
Ai.DKitsiioTT, England An exciting experiment. Deflating a military
airship by means of the "ripping valve."
jKitsKvCiTY The paper stock in a paper box factory burns fiercely
for 24 hours.
Pathe'a Weekly offers something new this week in the comedy
line. The number is entitled, "The Question of the Day."
Billy the Coward-A Biogrnph production
Jimmie's Job The Irrepressible oflleo boy Is about the funniest thing
that ever happened. He gets in the national game at any cost.
We go right with him to a great baseball game, and see un ainus
ing picture.
Holeproof Hosiery
For Men, Women and
$IL5flD $2o0)O
Sold By
Occasions .
Funeral Work a Specialty
500 Clay St. uciPlr
IHeppner's Leading Confection-2
I IT Tl 1
i ery ana ice ream ranurs .
I Can serve you now with nice, fresh Ice Cream. None
J better to be had in the citv. Fine line of fresh Candies.
J Leading Brands Cigars and Tobacco
Try the
Cherry Phosphate
5 cents a glass
The Dalles, Oregon
New Drink