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VOL. 29.
NO. 6. HErrJNlUIi, UKUUUN. TllUlvoJJA Y, MAI 2, iyi2
Returns Show a Total of 419
Republican and 118 Dem
ocratic Votes Cast
The offiolal count of the vote of
Morrow county at the recent primar-
ies was finished during the week by
Clerk Hill, assisted by Justloes Will
iams and M. A. Bates.
We will not give a detailed vote by
precincts, but have tabulated the total
-vote received hv the various candi-
.daets on the republican and democratic
tickets. There was qoite a large
number of scattering votes for various
officos and these were duly counted in
'making up the summary of the vote
tcast ana appear on ire reeuius ui wo
Joflioial count, but our figures here are
.'those received bv tha candidates duly
'.printed upon the ballot and also for
(one or two offices written in. A total
'of 419 republican and 118 democratic
votes were cast or less than half of
the registered vote at the time. the
primary was held. Ihis illustrates
Uo a decree, the interest that tho
.'electorate eenerally takes in the nam
imr of candidates for office. As time
: goes on, however, the direct
iwill grow in favor and the
will take more interest in
, out a full vote.
" President.
Lu Follette 59
! Roosevelt . . .160
Taft , .181
"-' Delegate! to National Convention.
s'Ackerson .5G
Aoplegate V 6
Boyd ' 25
' Bynon i .' 48
: Cauiobell. . . .". . . .'. .7
uarey 14
i Ooe 38
Hail ...' 29
.Harris. 3
Huston; ......... 6
Jones 4
McCusker 10
Metsclian 61
Minto .1
Smith .39
Swift 25
Presidential Elector..
.McMahon... . 186
United States Senator.
Bourne 38
Lowell t 188
Morton 6
k Selling !..165
Cochran... 62
.11 ID .. I. I
Roosevelt 25
Ruak 59
Sinnott 121
Secretary of State.
Fields -...246
Olcott 11?
Justice Supreme Court.
Eakin 300
Dairy and Food Commissioner.
Cottell... ....103
Edwards 60
Lea 59
Mickle 112
Railroad Commissioner.
Aitchison 211
Soholderman 66
Stay ton 6l
Circuit Judge.
Phelps ' 310
District Attorney.
Neal 183
Steiwer 184
Stanfleld 313
Briggs 219
Hill 375
Evans 339
Notson. 368
Gilliam 359
Torner 338
Chick 51
Winnard 19
Commissioner. t
Bate 179
Kilkenny 186
Clark 6?
Harmon 8
Wilson 29
Delegates to National Convention.
Bennett. .". 47
Burke 4
Cola 1
Edmunson 1
Gobs 1
Holman 2
Holmes 6
Kadderly 1
Kinfg. 2
Maloney. .26
Mosei 2
Shehan ' "....23
Stevenson 1
Wise ...'.3
Presidential Electors.
MoLain 12
Peterson.... .61
Wall 9
Watson -.' 10
Whiten... 8
United States Senator.
Coshow 13
Lan .....37
Miller .6
Pieice J. 42
Oovey 63
Graham ; i .50
Secretary of State.
Ryan .91
Railroad Commissioner
Anderson 77
County Judge.
Patterson .99
Haves 100
Reid... 10
McElligott ,80
Justice, Sixth District. 1
Williams ,38
On the Demccartio county ticket
there were no nominees fur the offices
of district attorney, circuit judge,
clerk, suparintendent. treasurer or
coroner. It is rumored that Ed Hus
ton, of Eightmile. will present his
name for the office of clerk- and will
appose W. O. Hill at the Fall election
but just how true this is, we cannot
say. Ed is a good man. and quite
nopular in his precinct, and should
make a strong candidate. Whether
other places will be filled by petition
we do not know, but there will doubt
less be much more interest in the
general election, local lv, than was
manifested at the primaries.
To Handle Rusell Machinery
E. L. Berry, of Heppner has just
closed a contract with the Averill
Machinery Co.. of Portland, whereby
he is to have the sale of the Russell
engines and the new RusBell threshers
and repairs during the season in
Heppner. Any orders intrusted ,to
his care will receive his prompt at
tention, and any information desired
concerning the line uf machinery they
handle will be cheerfully furnished
by him. The A. II. Averill Machin
ery Co. have the entire sale of the
Russell line of goods on the Pacific
Coast and have established an evitable
repuattion for fair and honest dealing
with their customers and do doubt
they intend to secure their pari of the
machinery trade in this country.
They have shown excellent judgment
in selecting E. L. Berry as the local
representative, and the Russell ma
chinery can speak lor itself as it is a
line quite extensively used in this
county. The special traveling sales-
msn, Mr. Oliffoid Haroll, of Porland,
who was in Heppner a couple of days
last week, will be here from time to
time introducing the new Russell it
erator, a machine especially adapted
to this section.
John Irvin of Whitney, Found
Guilty of Murder by Baker
County Jury.
The trial of John Irvine' for the
murder of Jacob Allen McCraw, end
ed at Baker on last Tuesday , by the
inrv bringing in a verdict of second
degree murder. , ,
Concerning the trial and conviction,
the morning Democrat of Wednesday,
April 24, says:
"Guilty of murder in the second
degree," was the verdict returned by
the jury in the case of John Irvine,
on trial for killing Jacoh Allen Mc-
Praw. the report being made to the
court a few minutes after midnisht,
or about six and one-half hours after
retiring The verdict was a surprise
to all who have followed the case, a
disagreement being predicted by
manv after the first few hours.' The
jury reported about midnight that they
had agreed and Judge bmitb was lm
mediatey called to the court house,
hearing their report and discharging
them shortly after.
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Hugh Tallman. of San Antonio. "We
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New Life Pills surely put new life
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ney troubles. 25 cents at Slocum
Drug Co.
Church Announcements.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. ui. Morn
ing worship at 11:00 a. m. ; subject of
sermon, 1 lie pice m ine uospei in
the religious world. " Epworth Lea
gue 6:30 p. m. Evening worship at
7:30. Subjoct of evening sermon,
"Tha Great Wrestling Match." Mid
week prayer meeting, Thursday-night
at 7:30. Everybody cordially invit
ed to all our services.
W. A. PRATT Pastor.
Bible school, 10 a. m. Preaching
at Eight Mile school house, 11 a. m.
Preaching at Heppner. 7:30 p. m. The
public is invited to all of oui serv
ices. johx McAllister, Pastor.
Lame back is usually cauied by
rheumatism of the muscles of the back
for which you will find nothing better
than Chamberlain's Liniment For
sale by Patterson & Son.
The end of the trial and conviction
of the prisoner almost establishes a
local record for speed, in a murder
trial, for the case was taken up only
Moaday morning. The state's case
was concluded yesteiday tfiorning,
and the defense finished in the mid
dle of the afternoon. Judge M. D.
Clifford summed up first for the state
and John L. Rand and A. A. Smith
for the defense.. District Attorney
Levens concluded for the prosecution
and the instructions of the court fol
lowed imraediatey, the jury retiring
at 5:30.
. Eight witnesses, including Irvin,
who took the stand as the last wit
ness for the defense, testified yester
day. Hardly any two of them gave
the details of the crime alike. The
testimony of Guy Lockhart was
made the most of by the prosecution'
as it was he who was the only wit
ness to the shooting who had - not
been carousing all night the night
before. The self-defense theory was
held of no aocount by the state's
attorneys, in view of the fact that
McCraw made no attack on the mur
derer. , On the other hand the de
fense showed that McCraw had
threatened to prepare himself, and
Said he would return, with these
words: "I'll get yon or you'll get
me. Testimony diners on tois point.
Some say that both of McCraw 'a
hands were above the bar when the
fhtal shots were fired ; tome say that
his right hand was on his hip pocket,
as if reaching for a gun. ' In the lat
ter event the defense held that Irvin
was justified in shooting in self de
fense. As a matter of fact, a logical
deduction from the many stories was
next to an impossibility.
Irvin on the satnd proved an in
different witness. He testified and
was corroborated by others that he
had asked his victim to go away and
leuve him alone, and .had even gone
down cellar to avoid him. District
Attorney Levens in summing up in
timated that the witnesses were pre
judiced in favor of the prisoner and
against the dead man. they having
hnown the former a long time, and
the latter coming only a short time
before the crime in a capacity that
made him unpopular from the very
beginning of his residence in Whit
ney. Attorney John L. Rand, in pre
senting the case to the jury, dwelt at
length on the premises, that having
threatened Irvin and coming back,
according to his threat, his hand be
ing in the position of a man to, draw
a gun, the logical conclusion of pris
oner was that he was about to draw,
and that in purely self-defeuse he had
tired himself.
Effort was made to show the good
character of the murderer and the
bad reputation of McCraw, it beina
repeatedly stated that the latter had
been drunk all night, had abused all
with whom he cam" in contact, and
had insulted women at a danca the
night before.
During both days of the trial the
court room was crowded all the time
and the interest in the case was in
tense, especially among the people
from Whitney aud vicinity, where
the murderer had lived for a number
of years, and had many friends.
While it was freely predicted that
Tim Townsend, an Old-Timer
of Eastern Oregon, Expires
Alone In His Cabin.
After having been dead for at least
two days, if oot longer the remains
of Tim Townsend, an old-timer of
Eastern Oregon, were discovered ly
ing on the bed in his cabin just across
the creek south of the depot late Fri
day afternoon. It is hard to say just
how long he had been dead, but the
body Was in a bad state at the time
of discovery, and it is known that he
must have been dead for at least two
days, probably passing , off shortly
after retiring on Wednesday evening.
Some a'e of the opinion however
that he was last seen alive on Tues
day evening, but from what we are
aEle to learn he was up town on Wed
necday and was also over to the depot
the same evening at about the time
the train arrived.. He. was missed at
any rate after a couple of days, by
those who were in the habit of notic
ing him about the premises, and his
horses bad not been fed or, watered
so Dennis SniHans- decided to visit the
cabin and see if there was not some
thing wrong, when the discovery was
made that the old man was dead and
the body in a bad state of decomposi
tion. The report was sent up town
and District Attorney Van Vactor and
some others went down to investigate
the premises. 'Coroner Chick was also
in Heppner at the time and upon mak-
intr an "'investication decided that
death resulted from natural causes
and that an inquest was not necessary,
so the body was turned over to the
undertaker and interment was had on
Saturday in the Masonio cemetery.
Mr. Townsend had no relatives in
this immediate vicinity, but has rel
atives residing near Pendleton and in
other parts of Umatilla county. He
has. been a resident of Heppner for
about five years oat, living some of
the time with the family of Percy
Hushes, with whom he had been
acquainted for a number of years.
He came here from Grant county.
He was .an Indian war veteran, a
pioneer of Eastern Oregon, and known
to many .of the old-timers here. Hav-
ng met .with a good many reverses in
life ha was not possessed of much of
this world's eoods at the time of his
demise, but at one time was quite
prosperous in the cattle busires.
He was given to drink quite freely of
late years, suffered inucn from chron
ic rheumatism, aud as he bad not been
feeling wfll for s-me time prior to
his death it is thought that this was
the cause of his taking off at this
time. He was about 65 years of age,
and the most .of his life was spent in
this section of Eastern Oregon.'
r, t o )Oc)
the jury would either bring in a ver
dict in favor of the defendant or dis
agree, in view of the results it seems
reasonable to believe that it was ' not
the innocence or guilt of Irvin that
bothered the jury, but the degree of
the crime. In the indictment re
turned by the granl jury he was
charged with "murder in the first
dearee," and the verdict "of "guilty
in the second degree" gives rise to
the presumption that the long session
of the jurymen was taken up in fixing
the degree of the crime.
Helps A Judge In II a si III,
Justice Eli Cherry, of Gillis Mills,
Tenn. was plainly worried. . A bad
sore on his leg had baffled several
doctors and long resisted all remedies,
"though it wag a cancer," he wrote.
"At last I used Bucklin's Arnica
salve, and was completely cured."
Cures burns, boils, ulcers, bruises
and piles.
25 cents at Slocum Dru
E. Nordyke, prosperous farmer of
Lexington, was in Heppner, Monday,
and inoidenally poured a little oil on i
the G-T machinery. Mr. Nordyke j
was one of the early settlers of Mor-
row county and reports this the best,
spring of any during his residence,
here. J
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