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VOL. 20. NO. 2.
.Classy ;
07 ll1". 'WW i3'Wh
ior master
Ready-Tailored Clothes
There's no disputing the fact that
at present time there are more men
. wearing . ready-tailored clothes than
ever before. In
Ex-Marshal of Heppner is
Shot to Death in Saloon of
Baker County Town.
the great improvement in style, lit
and finish is particularly 'marked . . ,.
and there are comparatively few
men who can afford to disdain the
price-difference between COLLEGIAN
CLOTHES and equivalent. qualities
in made to measure garments.
Our Spring and Summer showing
far exceeds our best efforts of all
past seasons.
Prices range from
$15.0 to "$30.00'
Thomson Bros.
Friday and Saturd;
Pathe's Weekly
(12 Subjects)
Fort Wayne, Ind.IIeadon collision
of Chicago Flyer and a freight.
Washington. D.. C.
Lafferty of Oregon.
Paris, France The
in hair dressing.
latest fashions
The Ecaped Lunatic.
Proving His Love
The Star Theater
Heppner's Leading Confection
ery and Ice Cream Parlors
J Can serve you now with nice, fresh Ice Cream. None
better to be had in the city. Fine line of fresh Candies.
i Leading Brands Cigars and Tobacco
The startling announcement was
made at Heppner early Monday morn
ing of the killing of Allen McCraw
the (lav before at Whitney, Oreson. a
small station on the SnrtiDter Valley
raUroad some ten mile from Suropter.
Mn u pll anfheni icatpil rer.nrt nf lha
shooting reached Heppner, however,
until tha arrival of the remains on
Wtdnestlav evening accompanied by
the mother and a brother of the
j i
The following account. of the ehoot
irg is from the Morning Democrat of
Tuesday', mid contains, the facts as
gathered bv the Baker paper and fur
nished us by Mr. .1. R. McCraw, who
states that it is a fair account of the
shuoting and the events leading up to
it: '
"If yon are going to shoot mo shoot
now," were the last words ever spok
en by Jacob Allen McCraw for at that
instant a stiot from a S2 caliber Colt
automatic r volver in the bands ot
John Irvine piervd him in tho right
eye. two shots were hred into his body
as he fell and tho remainder of the
i (lumbers of the weapon emptied, into
hia body as he lav on the floor. Death
was caused bv the first shot.
The tragedy occurred in a Whitney
saloon Sunday forenoo.i, the murderer
being employed as a bartender at the
place. It followed an argument
between the principals, because Mc
draw had bought s drink and bad no
money to pay for it at the time, hav
ing gone out and borrowed the ciioe
and returned to the saloon where the
murder took phce. McCraw was a
Heppner man secured by the Whitney
authorities to act aa town marshal,
anl he came recommended by the
sheriff of Morrow county as a fearless
officer. He was to have assumed bis
official duties yesterday. The mur
derer is a lumberjack who has been
about Whitney md was sometimes
employed as a bartender.
f receding the last argument ' be
tween the two, they had quarreled be
cause MCoraw had admonished a man
for attempting to strike an old man.
The bangerson about the saloon twit
ted him with being a "hired watch
dog" employed to spy upon their ac
tions. McCraw was a man 28 years
old, 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed
235 pounds. "Yes," he is alleged to
have said, "I sot that fellow and I'll
get some others before I am through
with this t'.wn." When he onnie
back with the money to pay lor the
drink be had bought, Irvine refused
to take it, making insulting remarks to
the other. Throwing back his coat
McCraw dared him to shoot, telling
him he knew he had a gun concealed,
but Irvine did -not take the oare at
that time, but a few moments later
when McCraw tried his bluff again
he pulled his gun and shot him down.
It developed on investig.tton that
tha bad element in und arouud Wiht
ney had put several officers out of
business, and that MoCraw was hired
for the purpose of a general "clean
ins up," he having a reputation for
such work in Morrow county. He
was bluffing eood and strong when
tli e shooting tcok place and the mur
der was nothing more nor less than the
"calling" of the bluff. The murderer
is a native of South Carolina and the
en'iie tvpe of taciturn, sullen moun
taineer as Georse Setsor, the Ten
ner an who shot and killed John
Thomas in the Diamond bar.
After the booting Irvine called up
the sheriff's office, informe'I Deputy
MCord of the crime and asked if he
should come to this city to be
under arrest.
orncer. He left Heppner some two
months ago, going to Payette Idaho
and then to Whitney. He was a fear
less fellow, a little given to quarrel
someness especally when drinking,
but never carried a gun or made gun
plays trusting rather to his physical
j powers to take care of himself:
Funeral was held this morning at
1", under the auspices of Heppner
Lodge No. 06 I. O. 0. F. , of which
deceased was a member. The father,
mother, and several brothers of the
deceased were present aud attended
the last sad rites.
Clean-Up Day For Heppner,
Monday, April 22.
To tho oitizens of the City of Heppner :
By virtue of the power vested in uie
as Mayor cf the City of Heppner, and
acting m conjunction with the Com
mon Council of said city, I do hereby
proi-1'.iinj Monday, April 22, 1913, to
be Official Clean-Up Day for the Citv
of llepnner.
On this date let every man, woman
and. child join in to hflp carry out the
work of cleaning up the yards, vacant
lot,' bark alleys and streets of our
city thoroughly cleaning up around
tne pcnii fs and removing all trash
anil rubbish. Such as can be burned
shoe!'! be disposed. of in thw manner
and all other rubbish hauled to con
venient piles in the street whfre it
can bo picked up and removed by
teams that will be furnished for this
purpose by the citv, free of charge.
i I recoirrnend that th's day be made
a holiday; that tho public school be
dismissed, and that the citizens in
general of the town observe the day
as here sugeested, that our little city
may be beautified aud all causes for
sickness or disease be removed.
I also further recommend that this
matter have the earnest support of the
Commercial Club of Heppner, and
that that body in conjunction with the
City Council and other citizens of
Heppner, come together at ence and
maJe aoch plans as will insure the
soeedv and practical carrying out of
this order.
, Mayor.
Have you seen the new machine?
It is a dandv. Albert Bawker is
agent for this car t Henpner. Any
body interested in a car enn hve a
demonstration. Will also have a
car for hire at reasonable rates. Leave
orders at Palace hotel ard get prompt
First Game of Season Grab
bed by Local Team -Return
Game on the 13th.
Primary April 19, 1912
Ceo. T. Cochran
Progressive Republican Candi
date for Congress. I promise the
people "that their will shall! be
my sole guide."
Born in Union County, Oregon,
November 1, 1877. Educated in
the schools of Oregon. A gradu
ate of Stanford University.
Admitted to the Bar in 1901.
Four years in the Government
Service, Phillippine Islands.
Practiced law at LaGrande since
Elected Water 'Superintendent
for Eastern Oregon and knows
Eastern Oregon's greatest need
Favors: Presidential Primar
ies; direct election of senators;
320 acre homesteads with 3 years
residence and 6 months leave of
absence; Panama Canal free to
American shipping: efficient reg
ulation of trusts and extension of
Before a large crowd of students
and townfolk,the Heppner Hish school
baseball team dracged their oldtime
rivals, lone High', down to humilia
tion and defeat by the score of 13 to
at the local school grounds last Fri
day afternoon.
The game started off with lone at
the bat. The- "poultry city" lads
wpre unable to connect with the ball
effectively and went to the field with
goose' gg to : their credit. For
Heppner, Crawford was the first man
up and lind out a .two-basstr. He
scored on hits bv Vane Jones aud
Hal", who'als-O scored, waking a total
of three in the firpt canto.
In-the-second ' Heppner failed to
score, hut lone took a brace and ran
two men across-tre home phte. This
made the game Liven up to some ex
tent and put irKirq ginger in the play
ing of the' Hepnnerites. Jones set
tled down to some good steady woik
after that and with tho exception of
the sixth when the visitors ran in
thiee Ecores, lone didn't get much ac
auaicttd with the. homo plate. The
Heppner team did good work at the
bat, getting eevtral two-base hits and
Yeager's home run was the sensation
of the game. They led the lone team
on hits, runs, and stolen bases. In
the box, Jones had it over Rictman
while behind the bat, Young received
very nicely but could not whip the
ball to second as effectively as Uoch
ran. Some of the new members of
the Heppner team showed up very
nicely until it came to base running
and in that, judging from the actions
of one or two. it would seem appro
priate for the manager to provide
Jounces so the sleepy members could
take proper rest at the bases. Per
hapS these players will not be caught
dozing in the next game, but it might
be well for the management to make
some preparation for emergencies.
Heppner and lone will cross bats
again on the 13th inst. and lone will
do her best to get revenge. In the
meantime Heppner High is not rest
ing on ber laurels but is carefully
preparing to show lonw some more
points of the game at the next meeting
There was no lack of enthusiasm on
the Bide lines as the students and pupils
were thrre in goodly numbers and to
add 1 o the snirlt, a competitive "root
ing match" wis pulled off by teams
from the sixth and eighth grades
Manager Maddock had offered a pen
nant to the team displaying the best
rooting ability and the prize was
awarded to the team of the Sitxh.
Council is a Unit for Better
There was an interesting meeting
of the city council on Monday night.
All members of the counoil, excepting
C. A. Minor, were present, and May
or Van Vactoi presided.
Proper application was made and
the council granted renewals ot the
six saloon licenses in force the past
Bills against thg ci;y were presented
and allowed as follows:
Light & Water Co. , current for
ing tho city furnish the lumbor. it
was ordered that the city 'furnish -Mr.
Wilcox wiih not more than 00 feet zt
post lu liter to male the improve
mens nfc g ary on t'lis grsde.
The committee on fire and wnter
was instructed to continue its investi
gation of the proposition to secrre
water for street sprinkling purpose
with n view to lining up something
to brine relief in t'lis direction at aa
earlv data as possible.
Reaching the order of business com
ing undrr the head of streets and pub
lic property Councilman Currin nre
sented a clipping from n Portland
daily in whirh was dum'sid a new
kind of hard road surfuco that he
thought would be a fine thing for cur
streets, and this brought about n gen
eral discussion of the mutter of per
manent etreet improvements for Hepp
ner. 'Ibis is a subject that has btin
oh. the minds of the new crmnci! pnd
they have referred to it at other
meetings. After an expression from
the Mayer, in which ho tec out i.i.
reasons for -the-taking op as Bonn as
possible cf this wtru, and also'aiv-'tig
instructions as to how the same conld
he accomplished he called for a gen
eral expression of the - council niul
each individual member 'expressed '
himself as being heartily in favor of.
proceeding just as soo:i B3 pr&cticaMe
with permanent street improvements ,
taking Main street from the tiepet ti
the power house as the firBt to begins
on, and then proceed wiih tho sides
streets aod cross streets just as fast asr-
possible. Asa climax to the dis
cussion, it was decided to have the
Mayor make some investigations of
different kinds of pavements. May
or Van Vattor will take up thematter
witl; the Umatilla county road expert
at Pendleon next week and will also
look into the Samuel Hill method of1
road surfacing, which is now being:'
adopted by the town cf Goldeudale,.
and later on the road expert may ber
invited to visit Heppner and giv&
estimates on the improving of our
streets from the material that we
have on hand. In the meantime tb.
committee on streets and public pro
perty have been authorized to make
some very much needed temporary
repairs to our streets by ewcloyiKfr -the
county road grder and proceeding:
as their judgment" dictates.
The development of the street ira-
piovement question also brought out
other lines of civic improvement, not .
the least of which will be a "clean
up day" which the council have or
dered for Monday April 22ad. This
is fully set out in the mayor's procla-
mation to be found elsewhere in this
issue. And along this lino the city-
physician is instructed to make an in
vestigation of the sewage and cess
pools of the town and bring into thp
council his rerort concerning same, as
the health of the city is to be con
sidered along with all the other im
provements. It is especilly desirable
to have a report upon dumping of
sewage and rubbish into Willow creek
withiu the city limits, and the council
is determined that the law with ref
erence to these matters shall be strict
ly enforced.
The city council chambers were alsc
to receive attention, and the councU
have already made purchase of a tint
table around which that body can
gather, and expect to add new chiars.
paper and paint and do away with i ht-
benches that now grace tne side walls;
of the room. These are improve
ments long since needed, andne small
outlay necessary to bring them abcu
is certainly justfied.
Permission was granted to the Li
brary Association to place their bool:
case in the council room and to hav
the same open for the space of two
hours ore afternoon of each week.
The marshal was instruc.itd to mafc
an investigation of the condition c.'
March, 98 05; L. W. Br ggs, interest j tiues amj chimneys in the city
jurisdiction of Interstate Corn-
placed merce Commission :!monev system
Sheriff Rand, however, i independent of Wall Street con
happened to be at Sumpter so he went
to Whitney and brought the man to
this city Sunday afternoon. The body
of the victim was brought here last
evening following the inquest, which
was held by Coroner West at Whit
ney. The mother and brother, J. R.
McCraw, arrived here yesterday and
will leave lor Heppner with the re
mains of the victim thia evening.
An investigation of the crime mta
made by the district attorney yester
day and a number of wltnefses were
examined. They came to Baker yes
terday afternoon and will appear be
fore the grand jury which will take
op consideration of the case thia
Allen McCraw was marshal of Hepp
ner for number nf munths and nrov-
ed himself an efficient and fearless 6,058 acres.
There will be a meeting of the lone
Local No 52 of the F. E. & O. U. of
America, in lone on the 13th day of
April 1912. for the purpose of placing
an order for sacas. All members
should send in a signed order or be
present at tho meeting on said date.
We would like to have other Locals
place their orders with us.
E. L. PADBERG, Secretary.
Assessor Wells baa received an
abstrct from the U. S. Land Office at
The Dalles, showing homesteads
deeded, timber and isolated lands
bought in during the year ending
March 1, 1912. The list contains
on city bonds, 5450.00; Cox & Heymer,
hauling, 15 cents: Martin Rfid, lum
ber, $1.01; Wighnian Bros.. mlk for
nest house, $22 06; City Meat Market
for pest, house, fl.90;.E. E. Penman,
wood to pest house. J8.00: Minor &i
Co. , merchandise furnished pest house,
$21.80; Mack Smith, salary, $75 00:
killing dtig, !1.00, tundries, 00 cents;
J. P. Williams, salaiy, $16 05; L. V.
Briggs, salary, $3.33; S. E. Notson,
salary, $25.00; Henry Beglow, 7,'a
days labor, self and team, $30.00; Geo
Blahm, 7 days labor, 17..".0; First
National Bank, table, 100.00: Thos.
Brennan, sharpening picks. 50 cents.
The committee on streets and public
property reported the need of im
provements on the grade leading out
of town along the place of W. A.
Wilcox. -. The roost of the stock driven
to town for shipment comes in over
this road and are causing Mr. Wilcox
considerable damage at a point where
.the grade is.breakfng off on the lower
side. Mr. Wilcex agrees to do all
the work of repair necessary provid-
make his report to the council at
rest meeting.
Children fire much more likel ,
to contract the " contacious diseases
when the chi'd has a coll. Thjt is
why all medical authorities s:iy be
ware of tolds. For the quick cere ct
colds you will fii:d ne'bir,; 1 : t'er
than C'hamlerlaiu'a Cough lhr.i-. Jv.
It can be depended upon end is
pleasant to take. For sale by Patter
son & Son.
Only one week moro remains in
which to register. The last day iiv
which to register before the primaries
is next Tuesday, April 9th. Tho
following is a summary of the regis
tration: 500 Republican 146, Demo
crat, 13. Socialist,' 7 Prohibition, Vi
Independent and 8 No party. Total,
714. .
It may be to your interest to gel
my prices before buying watches,
clocks or jewele'ry. C. R. Johnson,.
Jeweler. .